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true blue

as gentle as a summer breeze
my love it begs you on it's knees
as soft as fur on those that purr
i whisper in your ear sweet words
as sweet as berries on your tongue
inside your heart a bell is rung
as sure as change is bound to come
an undying love my heart is won

as loud as thunder my heart wonders
can your love be really true
as vain as pain which i have gained
my worries about what she'd do
as wrong as sin not trusting begins
and rumors start flying from mouths of friends
as soon as one cracks with a terrible act
then ferocity and raging comes in

as you are standing on the side of me 
no distance is aware of my resistance 
as heart forgets its rhythm, my sighs do long to touch 
emotions prevail this longing unravels my senses 
as to, dare i say, how much a single touch awakens me? 
a love so pure as this I have not known 
as i trust your arms to teach me of this love 
i no longer hear the gossip or the whispers 
as you take my breath away on winds of change 
a true blue sky above the color of our love
as it casts a light into your eyes and anchor mine 
if this be sin then let me cast away my stone 
as for my soul it is willing to pay the highest price 
god has cast a dye our love is not to be denied 
come lover hold me tight, long into the night.   


Written by: Vienna Bombardieri & John H. Loving III Dec. 04, 2011  

Copyright © John Loving III

Details | John Loving Iii Poem |

sea of love

beneith the phantoms of the deep
a wretched grave yard where love sleeps
all but forgotten loves of time
covered in fiction, rumors and lies
decay did whither their werry bones
and unrest bothered their hearts left alone
suicide and murderous mist
malace and for thought of a poisonous kiss
for each they sailed the sea of love

clear skies and ocean above
below lost vessels that once rode the sea
smothered by waters that pulled down deep
trusting the ship they begged to sail
where calm sea's often become strong gails
and tossed are sailer to and fro
from the bow to down below
suffering what they didn't know
the sea's anger and ability to show

Is there a god to which can be prayed?
where is Poseidon, can he be paid?
for safe passage through the rocks
take from us this state of shock
where every wave would cover thee
and silence prayers and every plea
certian distruction awaits this ship
being torn asunder by natures grip

thunder peels across dark skys
like a truth it is a light
but darkness denies it's pressence still
lightening cannot change the will
where fears would scare, the sailor steals
tighten the ropes secure the sails
love demands the highest price
certian risk and sacrifice
the abyss has claimed a myriad of lives
who's death for love was satisfied

sailing on the sea of love
glimpsing the phantoms from up above
a sad sanity can calm the sea
and then rage takes over and destroys what be
we cannot hide from love what love see's
the bigger the ocean the deeper the sea
the deeper the love the bigger the greif
no matter who or what they be
the ship is the hostage of the sea
you can sink in it's depths or to its shore flee
there is always a risk when you tempt the sea
and there is always a grave waiting for thee

Copyright © John Loving III

Details | John Loving Iii Poem |

Locked in a Smile

locked in a smile
are secrets untold
reality waiting for love 
to unfold
anxiously waiting are words 
that are kept
inside my heart
to an unknown depth
for unto you i give my eyes
for my eyes there is 
no greater prize
for unto you i give my ears
for each utterance and 
every syllable it hears 

locked in a smile
are secrets untold
of lips that would kiss you
and hands that would hold
arms that would embrace
if you grew cold
to give you my heart
is my highest goal
a love everlasting
as we both grow old 

locked in a smile
are secrets untold
of love that reached
all the way to the soul
in you i'd place my loyalty
in you i'd place my fate
in you i'd place my honor
in promises and vows of faith
you are a restless spirit
a plague inside my mind
invading every inch
and every minute of time 

locked in a smile 
are secrets untold
of how you are my heaven
and how you are my hell
my mind paints pictures
of me loving you so well
yet i wait for the day 
when i'm brave enough to tell
wishing you felt the same
that would be so swell 

Copyright © John Loving III

Details | John Loving Iii Poem |

locked in a smile Part I

locked in a smile
are secrets untold
reality waiting for love 
to unfold
anxiously waiting are words 
that are kept
inside my heart
to an unknown depth
for unto you i give my eyes
for my eyes there is 
no greater prize
for unto you i give my ears
for each utterance and 
every syllable it hears

Copyright © John Loving III

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the hitchcock thriller

Some love too little, some love too long,
some they answer the riddle but fail to move on
some laugh and  others cry
when truest feelings have been denied
Some do the act with a show of tears,
surrendering everything showing their fears
And some without a sigh;
they just let their pride die
For some men kill the things they love, 
power given from up above
Yet each man does deny.
power from heaven they devise

Some kill love when in their youth,
some kill with abuse
And some when they grow old;
in the end the scam unfolds
Some smother with the hand of greed,
turning away from the hand of need
Because of lust for gold;
the way of love had turned old
The evil use their tongue because,
of vengence to discover
It takes love where it’s cold
and evil thought it mutters

But men who kill the girl they love,
and claim a passion from heaven above
have a story to be heard; 
lets not listen to one word
Some do it with a callous look
with a  wisdom from the good book
Some with a bitter word;
and with some with passion never heard,
The tyrant does it with his fist,
and serial killer with his list
The weak man with a sword.
a genious that was bored

(A collaboration by Elizabeth Wesley and John H Loving III)

Copyright © John Loving III

Details | John Loving Iii Poem |

you don't love me

ever somewhere in my soul
 it burns
the lashes of the whip
 that forces me to learn
that i had touched
 the thorn of your rose
the puncture was deep
 and the sting still grows
part of my psyche
 tries to forget
but the sting of the incident
 is like the lash of the whip
into my ears the 
 loud pop went
when ever i'm reminded of the
 message you sent
in shame i cannot look 
 into your eyes
they won't tell the truth
 they'll only tell lies
how can i reclaim 
 my wondering soul
that refuses to leave you
 even though i'm gone
and your soul that i thought 
 i had in exchange
suspiciously missing
 isn't that a shame

Copyright © John Loving III

Details | John Loving Iii Poem |

three years ago today

three years ago today
i still regret you went away
though tears have dried
and crying stoped
you seemed to live within each drop
the words i use everyday
three years ago from today
i cry for you this very way
today's no different from anyday
i mintioned you on many days
and touch the things with death
you gave
i wish the wish i always have
to be with you as i once had
i haunt the places you use to be
how i got there is a mystery to me
not by my power but maybe Gods
these three years have been real hard
beggining with you my greatest loss
what could i gain that you it cost
today is the day i could go mad
and tell them all that i was sad
today a day to destroy myself
but concentrate on something else
today's a day for me to use
to show the world my bitter blues
but prove a fool for love sake
as if three years it did'nt take

Copyright © John Loving III

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My hurt that can't be seen
The pain that came
At the end of my dream

It's presense, a horrible thing
I want to let go
But it just seems to cling

It's maker, still walking around
Unaware of my worries
How hard I feel down

I need to hate
But love gets in the way
It holds my rages and makes me to 

Am I the fool
That you want me to be?
It isn't cool what was done to me

What should come 
At the end of a dream?
When the star has been broken and 
ruined the theme

I will survive
But just this one thing
I'm letting go if you can't fix this 

(Dedicated to Colleen Bono)

Copyright © John Loving III

Details | John Loving Iii Poem |

a tear

What counts as a cry
Is it screaming yelling
Or just a tear in one eye
Memories recall a day gone by
Principles and traditions record 
Something why?
Something small but small things
add up. The moment comes
when we count the stuff.
And were captured by emotions
deep inside
And the present makes connection
in our lives
When we notice the price 
that was paid
To see the precious thing
that one gave
To hear the tale
Or wittness the facts
The silent resolve
of one sacred act
By a mother
or a would be wife
We know the implications of life
The sacrifice that was made
for none other than you
Over a life time
Or one single use
Then comes the realization
that screams so loud
One single second
in a silence slowed down
A look with an unseeing eye
Something that bloomed
in the mind
A simple reminder
of a very old sorrow
In life is happiness but sadness
surely follows
Then it rings like a bell
With one single tear
that fell
a cry starts

Copyright © John Loving III

Details | John Loving Iii Poem |

Discribe the World

Were not men strong
and women beautiful
Children adorable
and old men wise

Were not tyrants evil
and angels good
Dogs faithful
and prophets misunderstood

Were not the stars named
and world divided
Hearts claimed
as God decided

Were not the races proud
and thunder loud
Hearts broken
and the valued stolen

Was not the world wicked
and entrance, a ticket
Hopes shatered
and time a barrier

Were not words wasted
and defeat tasted
Dreams untrue
and offers with drew

Are not ledgends taken in time
and hero's made slaves to wine
Certian disasters
and life no longer mattered

Are not moments made
and powers magnificently displayed
Salvations delayed
while the guilty repaid

Were not inventions made so fast
and made obsolete in recent past
Invention oblivion
they were newly made but didn't last

And did not time travel slow
measured by faces that turned old
Death decays
as the trees of our generation sway

Were not we all given a choice
to listen to that still small voice
Discision made
ignorant or proud all that you 

Copyright © John Loving III