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Stale Mate

We are nothing but simple pawns.
We’re Pushed around by others it’s oh so wrong.
I look around with my eyes wide open.
All I see is humanity choking.
We are all lost destroying humanity.
The way we live is twisted insanity.
Let’s try something for a minute and turn to a friend.
Try asking, how have you been?
Or when they respond lets actually listen.
Its friendship and love we’re tragically missing.
Why must we be in a stale mate?
Stop what where doing and lose all the hate.
Let’s find ourselves we’ve been lost a while.
Its imperative we do this life’s not so vile.
We are all humans and all of us feel.
It’s simple, respect and everyone heals.

Details | Dan Maclellan Poem

That Very Kiss

You walk down the hall, your head feels light and airy. 
Your smiling and you’re not sure why. 
Then it comes to you, your love your life your all is waiting for you.
You run to the arms of your lover. 
You can’t help but feel the electricity run through your body. 
Your breath gets short and your lungs feel heavy.
You entangle your lives, your heart, your energy and your souls. 
That moment, that picture perfect moment when your heart races away from you. 
That very moment will be etched in our eyes and minds forever and always. 
This feeling is the feeling of a thousand lives. 
Many years you wonder if this is the one, the real deal the Twin Soul of life’s lessons. 
 In that moment, you know this is it. 
How can it be anything other? 
When your soul tells you with emotions never felt before, you listen. 
This is a love I’ve never felt, in all my years my lifetimes and trials.
 I now embrace in the one I love and can say with all my hearts true love.
 I Look forward to building a future and a legacy with the one meant to walk the path 
with me. All this from that very kiss.

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Lost Words

Speak the words that I so long to say.
They explode in a rush, my words fly away .
I left behind my previous worlds
I try to express to her, there is no words.
I look at that smile and her eyes don’t lie.
They dig in so deep I begin to cry.
Emotions run high like a million galaxy’s away.
She is my everything, my all that brightens the day.
When I go to bed and I lay there at night.
I feel her love and then grip it tight.
I drift of to sleep with her in my bed.
I know  I’ll be dreaming she’s all over my head.
I welcome these new feeling and let them show.
I promise you this I will never let you go.

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Reality Of Mind

The mind of the lost, is nowhere  inside.
Dreams of this twisted third eye.
Torturing images, no martyr could bear.
It's the craziness that evokes this primal fear.
Crazy in madness, a house of black cards.
A sand storm of terror, that pump the blood hard.
Fooled in this game, there is no win.
Welcome those feelings and let it all in.
How are you feeling? It's only inside.
How are you feeling? Is it burning your eyes?
How are you feeling? Lost and so blind.
How does it feel? In Reality of mind.
Chaotic is breathing, you feel yourself fall.
Slip from the grip of your reality's wall.
Awake in a nightmare, shedding red tears
Praying for sanity that no one will hear
Flesh is cold and dampened with sweat
your eyes in the demon are all that you fret.
Grasping at strings you pray that you'll live
The pay for you penance, one soul to give.
How are you feeling? It's only inside.
How are you feeling? Is it burning your eyes?
How are you feeling? Lost and so blind.
How does it feel? In Reality of mind.

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You can't shake this, bend or break this.
Write these endings, life's contention.
Breaks my spirit and make's me fear it.
Spinning dials, my lifes on trial.

Finding confidence, feeding  ignorance.
Find the reason. for your treasons
life it seems to be ,tragic apathy.
Its my own believing, is this my own demon?

Fearing things around , like I'm trapped and bound .
Give myself the slip, broken by razor whips.
Open my eyes, hiding inner lies.
Awaken my soul, buried in a hole.

Details | Dan Maclellan Poem

Waves On The Shore

The waves from the waters they wake the shores.
Just as you live, you learn and open new doors.
The game that is played you fight hard  to win.
You try as you may to live without sins.
We are all human and we make our mistakes.
Forgiveness and love is all that it takes.
Forget others faults and the things that they do.
Focus on yourself and believe in you.