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Angels are all around they can be anything holding your hand when life looks glum when feeling as though you want to give up Many things changed when you passed on alone, scared by myself I will be your Angel
By P.D~
Angels are among us~ walking side by side! Giving us strength to believe in. As the day draws close my breath is overwhelmed by beauty. The beauty I find divine when it comes to our friendship'' I open my mind to the flight of your wings. The fascinating way your innocence sings. Hopefully you are that angle I lay my trust in too..
A collaboration with *Cory Long ~My collaboration contest~

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Love story

As a child I would sit and cry. Pray to God for a way out at night. Along came a boy who changed my world. I knew from the start you were the one. Everyone said it was not love We were too young to know of that. I was 16 and you were 18, we were just children running wild and free. Spending every minute together, Felt Like I was living in a love song. With every beat of my heart our love grew strong. We became one on that faithful September day I took your hand and knew everything would be ok. You were my rock and I loved you so much. Nothing would have torn us apart. Years have passed by and times have changed. I went my way and you stayed the same. Feels like we are living in two different worlds. Never did I see this coming down the road. Always thought we would love forever When will our hearts collide again? When will we feel like more than friends? I hope this isn’t the start to the end. I hope we can find the love we once had When that boy came along and changed my life Sweeping me off my feet on that warm summers night. We cuddled under the stars so bright. Holding tight hoping for the night to never end As we became more than just friends.

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Fly Greek protector of the forest. These great and powerful creatures will roam. Step softly on the grass, no noise was heard. A unicorn appears when all else fails!

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A boys story

Everybody is unique in their own way. Please don’t judge me. I may not talk, but I know what’s going on. I may sit in the corner and rock all night long. But that’s no reason to judge me. I may act out in a public place. But in fact I’m a good kid. I’m smart as a whip excelling in math and reading. Lacking is my communication. I may even invade your space. When I get mad, I lose it. The emotions I’m feeling have me over whelmed and confused. I hit other kids, but it’s not deliberate. They make me mad and I flip. To look you in the eye is almost impossible. So please don’t think I am cold. The hand I was dealt wasn’t pretty. I’m just a kid living with a disability. So, please don’t judge me because I am autistic. I have had enough of it!

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My hope for you on this day Is that you walk in your fathers grace. That you follow and not lead. That you understand the lessons God has to share That you hold his words of wisdom close to your hearts. To not believe the misconceptions this life leaves. Never stop searching for the truth. Seek out the understanding of his unconditional love. Walk the journey he has paved for you. Always know that when you’re in trouble and need a hand to hold He will never leave you alone When you want to give up And the world has turned dark and grey All you have to do is stop and pray. Pray to wash the sins away. Pray to show your love for him. Pray anytime and anywhere. He hears all your prayers. He sees all your tears. He will forgive you for all your sins Some things you may never understand but know that god has a plan. My hope for you on this day is to never lose faith in the unseen. To challenge yourselves in all you do. Stand your ground and be proud of who you are. You are a child of God. My hope for you on this day Is to accept your mistakes as a lesson instead of a failure. To hold great pride in all your accomplishments achieved Always remember no dream is too big, No obstacle is too great, Anything is possible if you believe. With faith in your soul, Love in your heart. You will become anyone you want.

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A Table of Four

The time has finally come
I get to compose with the great ones.
I am so excited to finally meet
through more than just a computer screen.
With all the advice we shared online
to all the great writes that have been commented on.
Here I sit gathered by friends
to start a  journey we did not in tend.
Poet destroyer on my right,
carries with her a pen to write
Linda Marie to my left.
Speaks  with a soft elegance of love
 Carol Eastman sits across from her.
releasing creative images for us to explore
With talents like ours
there's  one thing left to do
write a collaborative piece for you.

table of four contest
poet destroyer
Linda Marie, 
carol Eastman

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In My Dreams

In my dreams we sing and play, Chase each other like we once did. lying on the hill at night we would dream about another life. A place beyond the stars, a place that only we knew of. We grew up and our priorities changed I never expected our paths would not cross again nor did I picture bars separating us. In my dreams is where we meet It's the only way to touch your face, see your smile and hold your hand for we are living in different lands. You are my brother and brother you'll be and I will see you again in my dreams...

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Are you afraid to die

Are you afraid to die? To lay there alone in a box covered by dirt and rocks. While others shed a tear and weep. Not knowing where your journey will lead. Will you go to heaven or hell? Are you afraid to die? As they close your eyes. folding your arms across your chest. As they lye you to rest. Painting makeup on your skin to hide the grim colors of grey and blue. Are you afraid to die? Never saying another word Never taking another breath. Never will you feel another touch. I am afraid I will not lie I am afraid to die

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Battling Addiction

I was all excited when I heard you were on.
I sent you positive things to decorate your wall.
I gave you pictures to remember the loved ones lost.
We have chatted and started to catch up.  

 You told me something that broke my heart.
I can’t believe you are willing to go back.
What do you miss about the place?
The waking up and going to bed in a cage?
Walking the same corridors wearing the same thing as everyone else?
Being alone while your thoughts beat your mind up day and night?
Having no way to call to say hi?

Your decisions run your life here is your turn to decide.
Chose wisely from here on out.
Say no to the games the devil plays.
Remember the devil took 5 long years away.

Believe in your father and defend his name.
He will forgive you for all your sins
He will show you a love you’ve never known.
He can open doors for you to walk through
He can open windows for your spirit to fly through at night.
He will send angels to guard your dreams from the demons you fight.

I have learned a lot since you have been gone.
I was at a fork in my life where I needed peace of mind.
I turned to my father in the sky for guidance to get by.

He sent an angel to guide my way
Someone to help build up my confidence and trust
My foundation is firm and my faith is strong; my spirit grows with a deeper love.
I see things others don’t see.
I understand things others long to know.
I am one with my world
I am a child of god’s love this I know.

I will never need or want again.
My lord has already accepted my hand.
He will provide when he feels fit
And hears every one of my prayers I say.

I understand you only know pain.
But don’t you get sick of the struggling?
The way you battle yourself inside?
 I know it ate me up at night.

So do me a favor before you have that drink?
Remember all the promises you have made.

Go out and help someone in need
everyone needs help back to their feet.
I will be here to listen to you,
I will be here to help you through.
But I can’t make the decision for you.
It is you choice so decide.

What means more a drink or goodbye?
You have one chance left please choose right
or off to jail you go for the rest of your life…

I LOVE YOU!!! Don’t drink please 


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By cory long
Inspired contest 

Waves come in capturing your attention. Releasing your thoughts.
See visions feeling the sensations run through your bodies core.
Close your eyes hear the sound of peacefulness.
Drift Away for A minute Open your eyes ready to write again.