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God's Strength, God's Word, God's Love

 trijan refrain 

The heart half full means something’s wrong -
the Spirit’s flame burns low.
When emptied, broken, we are strong
refilled, and ready so -
God’s strength can fix a heart gone dull
our selfish contents He can cull.
       God’s strength restores
       God’s strength restores
each day to keep our mark on full. 

The heart half full means needs may go
unmet by God’s own grace.
We’re called to let our fellows know
that they can win this race.
God’s Word abounds with help each day,
it must be read to find the Way.
       God’s Word abounds
       God’s Word abounds
to fill the empty hearts who stray.

The heart half full calls us to prayer,
it’s time to take a break.
Engaged with work, no time to spare
another’s thirst to slake.
God’s love pours forth when we look up
and ask for wisdom in our cup. 
       God’s love pours forth
       God’s love pours forth
enough to share, our neighbors sup.

written by Reason A. Poteet
posted September 19, 2014
for Giorgio's Structured Verse, Iambic Forms II contest

**I realize this is a combination of iambic verse in tetrameter, trimeter, and dimeter but that is the requirement for a trijan refrain, a variable line length. If it does not meet the rules of your contest, I will understand.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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 dramatic monologue 

come quickly 
come, spotless Bridegroom

come, Lord
come fill our thirst 
come, gift your bride with peace

come and conclude your covenant
come, declare your earthly kingdom
come, show your power over death

even so,
Lord Jesus, come

written by Reason A. Poteet
3 Sep 2014
using anaphora, a poetic device

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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Strange Beauty

 sijo (Visual 4)    

Tolerance and empathy between people of opposite stance
could take a lesson or two from the English countryside.
There single hedges fuse the best of holly, hawthorn and yew.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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Spider's Purse

a dizain

Admire her casting, lines of silky floss;
survey as artist drafts her masterpiece.
Enclosing space invisibly across,
then single-handedly, she will increase
the center parts to form unseen valise.
A purse of unsuspected, vicious taint -
its straps in hand, she naps - a wily feint.
Artistic beauty flows, but will soon ebb,
when tender insects clutter her restraint.
Artiste awakes to wealth within her web.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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Wasted Leaves

Sadly, no quantum leaping beneath
our huge red oak tree's autumn sleep.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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Beautiful Grace


Unmasking hope
where some may grope
for means to cope,
New eyes can see.

Grace, God’s pleasure,
sharing treasure,
in bold measure
grace is beauty.

5 Dec 2014
by Reason A. Poteet
for nette onclaud's Desiderata contest
quote # 3, 
“With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.”

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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Break Your Fast

Quaker’s best is steel-cut oats. Raisins drift like boats on a melted butter moat where rich almonds float in brown sugar coats. Dive in and gloat!

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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A Settled Sweetness

  two septets with rhyme  

At long last, my friend, I bear no shame.
I spent a year seeking a soul-mate.
Your eyes obliged my life to claim,
yet you could not, you would not propose.

Our calm ship was headed aground
for months I kept it together -
an ocean of hope, my playground.

Fisherman's widow!  At long last
I reeled in and quit my searching.
I found my reach exceeds my grasp.

Two smiling faces fade from sight, 
we travel on very different waves.
Feeling free, all alone tonight,
the settled sweetness of farewell.

inspired by a quote from Andrea del Sarto byRobert Browning, 
"Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp,"

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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Springtime with Gramps

The death of winter carries varied sights.
In April, when dandelions roar, “It’s Spring!”
green yards transform by magic overnight.
Gramps had sprayed his lawn, but in ours weeds bring
an old game for kids as they dance and swing.

Small windmills in disguise, children spread seeds
giving Grandpa a cause for some dismay.
He is no grouch,  fence conversation leads
to friendly talk of butterflies at play -
riddles about what nature does in May.

The kids amazed, watch squirrels building nests,
questions evolve about the birds and bees.
Gramps calls them varmints - Mother's Nature’s pests.
“Ask your folks”, he replies with cough and wheeze.
In naptime dreams, he aims a gun at trees.

Gramps takes a walk, golf umbrella hovers
for spring rains do not announce their coming.
A neighbor lady hobbles to cover.
Listen, his cane on her sidewalk - drumming,
sweet songs of spring love, two voices humming.

written May 7, 2014, edited on May 25, 2014

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet

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Eve Unearths Eden

Beyond is Jordan, past the great Red Sea,
a distance cov’ring awesome, frightful years.
Invisible her pathway leading home
our Eve awaits the target of her soul
through dark, dry deserts, wand'ring back again
she learns the whereabouts concerning God.

Complaining, fearful, time and time again.
she starts to question what she called her home.
Her feet have tread on alleyways for years.
The place prepared by her omniscient God
has boulevards of gold awaiting, see
no sun is needed, Christ will light her soul.

The Holy Spirit is her breath from God.
She praises Him for giving eyes to see
for granting ears to hear Him once again.
He’s been her Shield throughout these many years
since Satan threw his darts upon her soul.
She’s found wherever God is, that is home.

She trusts Him for the distance and for years
has lived with hope down deep within her soul.
Is Christ the link that joins her life with God?
Creating in her heart the will to gain
sweet fellowship with Him who wants our home
to be with Him well past this earthly sea.

Through endless years here crossing o’er the sea
Eve bares her soul and finds the perfect home
Almighty God prepared her to regain.

written by Reason A. Poteet, adapted for Giorgio's contest (Fictitious Character Sketch).
What was a sestina in iambic pentameter, I have reduced by twelve lines
to meet the 20-28 line requirement. The whole sestet I posted elsewhere on the Internet, 1 Nov 2014.

Copyright © Reason A. Poteet