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Set Yourself Free

Go now, rest your weary heart.
Against the soft moonlit night.

Walk into the valley of peace and tranquility.
Loosen those chains that bind your soul.

Let them fall to the ground, never look back.  
Let the veil of time lift you up.

As the last breath of life seeps from your lips.
Float out of this world and into the light.

Through the veil of time, go now, no time to wait.
For now you are free, free to be who you really are.

Imagine you flying against the golden sun.
Fly with the spirits who light the nights.

Go now to the world beyond time.
Worn out with lost dreams are you.

Go now and let them come true.
Set yourself free from these bones. 

 Feb. 29th  2012   leap year 

Copyright © Debbie Duncan

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Sweet Ecstasy

Dreams of you from far away 
Bring us closer  in  every way
My image and face come into view 
As I walk by You call out my name 
I turn to look at you , smile  

I know what you want 
And I like it that way

Flashes and thoughts of you 
Visions of us  touching bare 
The smell of your musky scent 
I melt into you without a care  
My fingers  run through your hair

You snuggling up close behind me
As though we were one heart beating
Rolling on blankets of heavy thick furs  
Caught up in this  moment of ecstasy 

Red flames burn in the hearth 
It may be frigid  cold outside
Though we haven't a care 

As we explore our bodies in time 
We take ourselves there
Until our bodies  are spent 
As sweet slumber comes 

Copyright © Debbie Duncan

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Fall From Grace

I watched angels fall from grace today
I wondered  how could this be
I looked to the heavens to  ask
How  could this have happened 
How could angels  fall so  fast 

I stood there I watched angels falling
I wondered how could this be 
 For aren't angels a part of thee
 He looked down at me and said
 "Yes my dear" indeed they are 

But you see I gave them free will
   When I set them free
Until they come back to me 
I felt a tear roll down my check
As I stood in silence and watched 

Then I laughed and I thought
HE should of chose  me
Then he would of seen 
That I would never  be 
An angel who fell from grace

I watched angels fall from grace today
 I ask myself how could this be
 Why would the powers that be 
 Ever let such a thing happen 

Then I looked up and I saw me
I was the one falling from grace
I remembered He once told me
You will have free will   "till "
you  come back to me 
So I'll  let you be

I watched an angel fall from grace today
But than I realized  that it was me
As I looked into  that mirror
I saw her starring back at me. 

9,13,2010  4pm Monday

 Since I was little I've thought about angels falling, must be the catholic church .

Copyright © Debbie Duncan

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Chocolate Covered Cherries

Under those wild blue skies.
Her favorite fruit was chocolate 
covered cherries.

As the skies fell somewhere in time.
He knew she came from the heavens. 
To be dropped into his arms alone. 

He always loved the way the juice  
dripped off her plump red lips .
As he caught the drips on his tongue. 

Capturing some unknown secrets.
As he licked her juicy red lips .
She felt the thrust of his lust in her.

He so loved that childlike wonder in her.
As he looked into her dreamy eyes.
The stars made love to the universe.

As the skies of blue drift over time.
The night stars formed a mystery.
They were full of love, beauty, and lies.

9/30/ 2013

Copyright © Debbie Duncan

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A Kiss

As you and I swim the same ocean 
I swim the vastness of it in search of you
There are no boundaries to what we can do 
If I love you and you love me

The hidden shores are awaiting us  
let us go then to paradise 

You bring me in like a love struck  dove 
sitting on her perch 

You have put a light in my heart that I 
never thought was possible 

Your love unwinds me like a ball of yarn
as we lay together as one soul

The love I have inside is just for you alone 
as I feel the softness of your words 

Your warmth fills my aching soul
I dream of your lips on mine 

I had a dream that we shared a kiss once 
It was a kiss that lasted forever

Copyright © Debbie Duncan

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Desire in the night is like
Rain splashing upon your face 
Thunder coming down from the sky
It comes when you least expect it
Forcing you down to the ground. 

Though you embrace it like 
There will be no tomorrow 
The desire that fills your very 
Soul is like a burning inferno.

There is no space or time
Swimming in your emotions
You are lost to the outside world
Every breath is burning with desire

It's like it has swallowed you up
And once more you are consumed
By the fire with desire in your heart.

3 / 8 / 1999   12 midnight 

Copyright © Debbie Duncan

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Beauty of Poetry

Giant blowing winds like slabs of butter.
Melt down like frozen cubes of ice.
Leaves blowing around as trees go bare.
I plant my garden of words and watch them bloom. 
From the beginning of time people spoke their thoughts.
Where words are spoken, people gather round to listen.
People have always come to listen to the songs of poetry. 
Humans have always been fascinated by the power of words. 
Never has there been a civilization without poetry of words.
Poetry comes from something deep inside us all, raw emotions.
Words sometimes get bloody like the dying of a red rose.
Oh, but isn't a red rose lovely even with all her thorns?
Why are some quiet, while others throw words across the winds?
Why" for others to read, find pleasure within their soft petaled words.
The infinite power of words ring out like heaven to me at dusk.
Like blossoms on a beautiful tree, words fall like ecstasy.
The love of words has always come so easily to me. 
Confused, but, not for long as our words turn into poetry.
Words are the silver lining like piano key's, in praise of poetry.
Words to me are like beauty and strength coming together.
As we put our words together into songs of poetry.
Let us fly along with ancient dragons, and dance among the skies.
As PAN comes out to play for us, and we dance the night away.
And mingle among the stars and sing our songs to light the night.
As she breathes her last breath, it is in the form of poetry.  
Abandon yourself to the moment, it will become a beautiful memory.   

12:55am  4/ 5/ 2013

Copyright © Debbie Duncan

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 Hello love
I seen you there 
As I was walking through 
And I really must say 
You are the form of true beauty
As I whisper my prayers to God
I whispered for someone like you 
I see Him there in your eyes
If you take that chance on me 
I would fall to my knees for you
We could truly become something
 As the angels whisper in God's ear
I can see my future in  your eyes
We could be the start of something 
To last us a life time or two 
No doubt there are many who 
Want to get next to you 
I'm also sure you can pick 
And choose whomever you want 
You are classic beauty personified 
Angels were singing as God molded you 
God colored outside the lines this time  
Some would say you are the spark 
That lights up the fires within 
For God must have sent you to bring 
The light with you for all the world to see
I hear the angels sing as I look into your eyes
I could hold you in my heart for a lifetime or two
You are a dream coming into my life just for me
A tall glass of water on a parched throat you are
Can you tell me do you feel as I do ~ can you love me too !

Copyright © Debbie Duncan

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Flickering Shadows

Sunshine streamed in through 
the windows on a slant.

As she flipped long curly 
red-locks off her shoulder.

She took the other road
most often. 

The road less traveled. 
Why ?

Because that's how she liked it.
Only because she liked the curves
in the road.

There was a time or two she wondered 
about the light flickering at the other end.

But she always had hope in her eyes.
At times it did not matter whether or not
someone was by her side.

Though she did prefer to be connected.
Alas,  it couldn't be with just any soul.
 She's always been a free spirit.

Such as the gypsies of old.
Coming in with the autumn leaves.
Just as she left on a summers day.

In the quiet of her flickering shadows 


3 / 3 / 2014   Monday

Copyright © Debbie Duncan

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Market Place

When I am a afraid 
I close my eyes 
I hear a sweet symphony 
A thousand music tunes 
All at once coming through
Young girl in the market 
Yes, that's me , all alone 
 Eyes all full of mystery 
As I sing away the loneliness 
They say the most awful things 
But I hear violins when I close my eyes 
As I fly off to the center of my sun 
So I cannot be hurt by anything 
This wicked world as done 
Young boy in the market place 
He's taken by the men 
As he wakes, can't remember anything 
 They break the most beautiful  things 
But I hear violins when I shut my eyes 
And fly off to the center of the sun 
So I cannot be hurt by anything 
This wicked world has done 
As I look into your eyes 
I'm at the center of my sun 
The boy in the market place 
Sees the girl all alone 
Have you lost your way home?
I look up, I hear his voice singing.
I hear sweet symphonies in his words.
As I look into his eyes 
I'm at the center of my sun
And I cannot be hurt by anything 
Of what this wicked world has done!

11   12    2012      10pm   Monday

Copyright © Debbie Duncan