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Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

Desire love

Desire tender feeling you are my strength, when I am weak
You are my voice when, I'm stuck in my dreams
Powerful sky shine my heart in the clouds
Unwind my spirit in the mountains
Put my words in the ocean
Spread my love in the rainbow, so it may brighten the sky
Smash the yearning in my soul for temptation
Temptation for true love, in my sight
It so hard to believe, but it's all coming to me
Things I thought, I would never do or feel
Do and feel for you
For you true love, dear love
Is you

Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

Rubbing my body in passion

Come into my fantasy universe
My cavenest
I sit under a waterfall
Water splashes off my skin
He comes behind my neck
With a kiss 
Rubbing my body in passion
A nice gentle squeeze
My head falls back
My legs get so , so , so weak
He catches me with a kiss
Lays my body on the ground
Kissing each and every part
He could
Feel this excitement
I feel
This fairyland
I dream
The heat, I feel inside
Making love
Oh, sweet fantasy love
Underneath this beautiful, waterfall

Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

Broken soul

 You've caused me, so many tears	
That our home
Is flooded
                                                 You stepped on me, so many times
			 That my heart
			 Is flat

		                                              You have lied to me, so many times
		                                              That my soul
		                                              Is broken

Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

Daddies little girl

Belove,  my dear friend
Stand by my side
For I shall not cry
My sins, will go over the earth
Mountains shall depart
Father, I'm talking to you

I remember, dreams and memories
Times my soul was lost in the valley
And in your arms
In moments I open my eyes
I see your shadow on my curtain
Feel your spirit above my head
Feel the wind and sense it's you
Daddy, listen
I'm speaking to you

I never had a chance, to tell you
Give me your pain
Let me carry your weight
Drown your medication in my blood
Papa , listen to my thunder

I was only fourteen
In another state
Hearing, cancer was your case
Yet, it was a little to late
The day my ears heard
Your soul went to rest
Dad, come in this soul
Listen to my thoughts

I will never forget your face
My dear friend
I will keep you in my dreams
I will treasure our memories
I will always remember my soul in the valley
I will know, you are my father
By blood
Dear friend
By communication
By protection
Belove, shall always stand by my side
For, I shall no longer cry
Only stand by your side
In a beautiful lifetime
Daddies little girl

Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

Dear Love

I see your writing
Read your words
I don't hear your voice

Were did it go?
Did the wind take it away?
Is it floating in the air?
Is it rushing through the river?

Tell me what to do
I'll fly you a kite
Jump in a air balloon
Swim in the lake for you
Tell me love
My Dear Love

Do you hear my voice?
Hear it in the air,wind and river
Can you feel it in the heart beat  of the eagle?
Can you feel the weight?
The weight to love
Feel the vibes in the ocean
Feel all this love for you

Love so true
True love in my soul
Open this love letter to you
Hear the musical notes
Put my voice in one

Let me hear your voice 
Connect true love
In this musical love letter to you

	Written, ( Dear Love)


Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

Fear of Love

The shadow of the eyes
Is suffering of death
Through the vines, they grow
Through the fires I light
Through the winds I leave


Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

Angel dust

Angel dust, shower upon my head, so peace and harmony, may enter my soul
Releasing the thunder my dreams seem to scream, even while I see
For the beauty in your crystals, shine a magical dust, upon my heart
Taking devil dust, and dusting it away, so my lungs can breathe

Angel dust, if your list is long or your line has no ending
I wouldn't mind taking Aurora Borealis or a little Star dust
As, longest I'm on your list or at the end of the line
I promise to be patient, while touched by an , Angel
An Angel like you

Angel dust, shower upon my head, so peace and harmony may enter my soul
For the blessing you give, I will treasure each day, for you are my , Angel mist
Bad spirits they run, demons out the door, when they know your near
Angel dust, please don't disappear, for I will always keep you near

Delilah Ventura 
Mon, Oct 8

Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

I made myself cum

Is there something wrong
Grabbing my own, breast
Rubbing my kitty, cat, cat
Putting my breast, upon my tongue

Is there something wrong
Making myself burst
Making it flare
Vibrate in, my own fantasy
Feel the warmth, between my thighs
Making them shake

Is there something wrong
 Making my eyes roll back
Feel the wetness on my finger tips
Arch my back and explode

Is there something wrong
Baby, it isn't you
I didn't make cum
Or, is it so wrong
I made myself cum


Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

Shadow of Death

I walk with a Crow
Above my head
I leave it to a Crow
To be my eyes
Be my protector
Through these nights

Lets go down the streets
Block One
Look at the crowd
Very loud
Surround sounds
As I walk with my Crow

Next block
Very dark
No crowd
Not loud
A couple peeps
Nothing neat
Nothing clean
Look at the trash
Plenty cash
But not a pretty task
If you wanna ask
As I walk with my Crow

Next block
Busy street
Pretty clean
Has a crowd
Gas station or two
It's nothing cool
Once a bullet comes through
Halloween, is everyday
Walking these streets
You wanna see my eyes
Look at my Crow
Wanna picture
Look up a Crow
Look at the picture
Look at the eyes
Remind you of mine
Who wanna make the crime
Make a shadow of death
Through the eyes of my Crow


Details | Delilah Ventura Poem

Unborn baby, is dreaming

My unborn baby is dreaming, I feel the kicks
I can see the hand print, my stomach is moving
I wanna see your dreams, feel if your happy inside
Satisfy with all I do, on the outside, baby don't cry
My innocent, tiny beautiful soul, I holding your heart
Mommy feels you, while I sleep, and dream of you
Dreaming flowers and birds, so you may sleep at peace
I read you a book or sing you a song, so you may be at ease
Relax in your cascade, so I may hold you in my arms
Making your dreams, my dreams, our dreams
Unborn baby, is dreaming, I feel the kicks