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Tree Swing

Swing, swing, swing your feet
Then you point your toes
Lean, lean, lean on back
Pull your legs in close

Hold, hold, hold on tight
Tightly to the rope
Grip, grip, grip it right
Never let it go

Spin, spin, spin around
Pull your feet back in
Slow, slow, slow it down
Point your toes again

Smile, smile, smile real wide
Swinging on your swing
Laugh, laugh, laugh inside
Life is but a dream

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Roses of Red

:::: , : - -:- - : , :::::
:::: ) ` - : : - `(:::::
::: / : : : :`\: : :\ ::::
::: |: : : : : |: :  :| :::            redness has grown full
:::: \ : : : :/ : : / :::::
:::::: `=(:/:)=` :::::                  bee upon bee visit me
::::::: `-;`;-’ ::::::::
::::::::::: || / , ::::::              sweet is the nectar
:::::::::\\ ||_-’| ::::::
::::::: |\\ || : / ::::::
::::::::\ : || :; / ::::::
::::::: \ : || : /:::::::
::::::::: \:|| : /::::::
::::::::: \:||:/ :::::::
::::::::::::|| :::::::::

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Buried Alive

Alone and detached
void of all feeling
I ponder the past
that caught me at last
crumbling bones 
darkened cold stones
crushed by gravity
falling apart
divided ten fold
memoirs of horrors
delinquently paid
dying this death
lying to fate
haunting seeps over
my ghostly gasps
this coffin of roots
choking my cries
clawing at rocks
ghostly visions
creeping close
screaming inside
I curse the dirt
my mouth
fills with

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Color Blind

My first crush seemed like a box of Crayons
Hot Magenta was tugging on her nylons

She dyed her hair like the Florida Sunrise
Her Cool And Crazy words just mesmerize

Cotton Candy eye shadow with every blink
She kissed Wild Strawberry that tattooed my cheek

Her Midnight Blue eyes, that just sparkled within
That Glossy Grape dress, gripped her like sharkskin

We shared a drink, it was called Lemon Lime Zing
This long story short, Atomic Tangerine

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Jackson "worst poem ever"

That summer day was cooling down just right
We kind of borrowed his dad's custom van
But Rick didn't care he said " it's Friday night"
He punched the gas and headed for Jackson

Determined to party, we had beer on ice
The sun went down just when we got to Main
A quarter mile long, so we ran it twice
Nothing going on, this was getting lame

He swung the van around with a big moan
Cranked up the stereo and yawned real wide
Two girls were standing there at the pay phone
We never did stop, I yelled "want a ride"

Someone did said something, so we backed up
We ended up talking about a double date
The pizza parlor across the street, duh
And just thirty minutes later, well we were late

Pam had this gorgeous sun bleached golden hair
Maria was.. Maria was perfect for Rick
We took off for just about anywhere
The lookout point seemed to do the trick

The love that grew between us was so strong
We got married in Jackson, my Mom's plan
I'm a grandpa now, just where I belong
Late, but he did make it, Rick my best man

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Holding on (Homeward Bound)

To the tune of Simon And Garfunkel's "Homeward Bound"
for the music

When I asked you to the County Fair
You had just rolled your eyes and twirled your hair
Got down on one knee to plead
Come with me, baby, pretty please
We'll have a ball, I'm begging you
I will get you back, by your curfew

Holding on
I needed you
Holding on
Hold, back my tears from making
Hold, back my heart from breaking
Hold, back the time from taking
Taking you from me

Smiled like I had passed the test
You helped me up and whispered "yes"
We kissed so hard that I couldn't see
Why a girl like you, wanted me
You kissed me every car we passed 
Then we made sweet love, at last

Holding on
I needed you
Holding on
Hold, back my tears from making
Hold, back my heart from breaking
Hold, back the time from taking
Taking you from me

Our first ride was the Ferris Wheel
I rocked the chair until you squealed
Kissed every time we went around
That balloon we lost, never found
That big old Teddy Bear you craved
Merry Go Round rings, that we saved

Holding on
I needed you
Holding on
Hold, back my tears from making
Hold, back my heart from breaking
Hold, back the time from taking

Taking you from me
Taking you from me

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"Does my butt look big ?"

I was with my girlfriend at dinner
With each bite she took, she got thinner
Until she was just skin and bone
I blinked twice and I was alone
I then woke up, lying next to her

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warm breeze

bee's knees

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Jack Frost

Winter days grow short
Jack Frost enjoys making snow
Perfecting Christmas

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What would Jesus buy?

I don't drain my bank account each and every Christmas
Only the ones who are close to me are on my short list
I get bombarded by Christmas adds day and night
There's buy this and buy that for a twelfth of my life

Is that the same woman that cut me off in the parking lot?
I had to park at Taco Bell, it made for quite a walk
I gave her a glance as she hurried along three kids
She was telling them to behave or they wouldn't get gifts

I caught them at the door and said "Merry Christmas"
She returned an evil stare and replied "Ya, is it?"
I watched her put them in the Santa Clause line
She bolted towards Macy's, as she shouted "quit whining"