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P D. A He or a She?

Poet Destroyer, P D
has confided to me
that P D
is indeed
a She,
but then again, P D
may be screwing with me.
We shall see.
So I hope this anwers the question you all keep asking me.
"Is P D a He or is P D a She?"
It truly doesn't really matter to me.
Here on the internet we're all gender free
A woman I could very well be.
Perhaps I'm the widow of theKidster in reality
or his mother who still loves him very dearly,
still in mourning, unable to let go, keeping alive his memory.
Perhaps his already written poems he left behind I post for all to read
and the comments his work receives brings comfort to me.
Something to think about. Wouldn't you agree?

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Time 4 Some Honesty (about P D & Me)

It's time for some honesty about P D & Me.
I think I've taken this as far as can possibly be.
BILLYtheKidster, aka me
and the Poet Destroyer, aka P D
are both two separate individual personalities
NOT of me.
BILLYtheKidster is all me
and Poet Destroyer, aka P D is 100% P D He/P D She.
Poet Destroyer Is Not Me.
It was fun however basking in P D's glory,
however so briefly.
Thank you P D.
theKidster, Wild Billy

Well I guess that ends this little mystery
(but then again, I may still be screwing with all of you psychologically)
We shall see?

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I've Already Met You

The first date's the hardest. I never know what it is I should do.
I take you to dinner. You don't eat, you just play with your food,
and then it suddenly hits me.
This has already happened
and I can't believe
that it's happening again,
but I've already met you
and I don't mean to upset you,
but you're like my last girlfriend
and the girlfriend I had before her.

We go back to my apartment where I proceed to go south on you.
You tell me you're bored cause I can't find that damn guy in the canoe,
and then it suddenly hits me.
This has already happened
and I can't believe
that it's happening again,
but I've already met you
and I don't mean to upset you,
but you're like my last girlfriend
and the girlfriend I had before her.

You say I'm the one, the one you cand spend the rest of your life.
"When will we marry?" you ask, "When will you make me your wife?"
and then it suddenly hits me.
This has already happened
and I can't believe
that it's happening again,
but I've already met you
and I don't mean to upset you,
but you're like my last girlfriend
and the girlfriend I had before her,
and the girlfriend I had before her,
and the girlfriend I had before her.

Inspired by:
Well, some friggin song I recently heard but can't get outta my head.

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Angelus wasn't anyone special. Some might say that he was a loser.

He did more than his share of chasing women 

and townsfolk say that he was very much the boozer,

but beneath all of his irresponsibility stood a champion the purest of heart.

The Good was always within him. It just never seemed to get a good start.

Angelus was abused by his father. Conflicts arose between the two quite often.

His father saw his son as a family disgrace 

and wouldn't hesitate to get the whip and beat him.

"Why does my father hate me so? Families should love you no matter what.

How can I give my family what they desire 

when it's simply something that I just haven't got?"

Thoughts like this would haunt Angelus daily, leaving him in a very confused place to be.

"I love them! I hate them!" Angelus would cry. "I hate them for not loving me."

One evening he was drowning his sorrows. Suddenly this vision of loveliness appeared.

The vixen Darla then said as she ran her fingers through his hair,

"Such beautiful eyes should not be so filled with tears.

I too never knew the love of a family. I roamed this world living my life as a whore,

searching for the love of family in the arms of strangers 

who cared less after they had used me once more.

I can only imagine the pain that you suffer. 

I never knew my family and perhaps it's just as well,

because seeing you here now with your family and a family that doesn't love you

is so obviously a more painful and tormenting hell.

You've two choices before you Angelus my sweet.

End your life now and free yourself from this torment

or spend forever with me and together we'll seek life's bittersweet but eternal enjoyment.

If death isn't your choice then the answer is clear.

Say the words and I'll deliver you from all of this.

Close your eyes, say the words, you have nothing to fear.

Let me give you my eternal kiss."

He gazed upon her and thought to himself, "This one truly must be my salvation."

"I choose you," he then said as he closed his eyes

and so began Angelus's damnation.

She sunk her fangs deep in his throat and fed on his blood.

All of his Good, all of his Soul all disappear.

Angelus was reborn the most evil of evil.

He was the vampire all vampires would fear.

Angelus's Revenge >

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The Poet Destroyer

First off Destroyer, you should thank me.
The fact that I've titled this in honor of you is going to bring you much notoriety,
not to mention your very much needed free publicity,
provided graciously for you in this Slam from Yours Truly.
Now, be a good little destroyer and listen to me. 
Throw in the towel now. Surrender this contest.
You Have No Idea Who You Are Up Against. 
I'll give you a hint destroyer: "I Am The Best!"
I Am Your Mentor and you, you are my better be grateful apprentice.
There's much I will teach you destroyer, being that I Am The Slamming Best!
So when you become big and famous make sure I get my share of the royalties
or I'll continue to SLAM you relentlessly.
Poet Destroyer, do you truly know what is your greatest fear?
I do. You fear that my relentless Slamming of you will never ever disappear
and I advise you wisely destroyer, That Is One True Likelihood To Fear.
Before I'm done with you, you'll be on your hands and knees
begging, "Please Kidster! Please! Stop SLAMMING me!"
Do you think that one day I'll lay off and stop slamming you?
Nothing could be further from the truth.
I've got tons and tons of precious free time
to make someone elses life MORE Miserable than is mine.
I'll SLAM you right into the middle of next week.
Hell, I'll SLAM you right into the oncoming years.
Before I'm through with you, you'll shed many, many tears.
I'll chew you up and spit you out like yesterday's phlegm
and before you revive I'll SLAM you again
and again, and again, and again my friend.
My relentless SLAMMING of you will never end.
I'll never SLAM dirty. If I did, This is what I might have said,
"The best part of you dripped down your mother's leg."
OUCH! I could never ever however say such a thing,
even when it comes to SLAMMING, I'm still a true gentleman,
and so I expect the same courtesy from you destroyer when your SLAMMING begins.
Your "Words" is what first attracted me to you.
I thought you were a bully. I've destroyed many of them too,
but I then came to realize that your just into some SLAMMING fun.
Well dear poet destroyer, Our SLAMMING has begun.
Tag! You're It!
Now do me proud my little poet destroyer friend
and SLAM me back with everything you've got.
I'll teach you well my little poet destroyer friend.
Only Because Of Me, Will You One Day Come To Be, 
The One And Only True Slam Champion!
(that is, IF You Can Take It my little poet destroyer chicken).

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I Feel Dirty

Why do I feel dirty all day and all night?
I bathe everyday. I do everything hygenically right
and yet 24/7 I feel like I'm all covered with grime constantly.
There's something definetly wrong with my mind psychologically.
It's probably best for all concerned to stay the hell away from me.

I know what you're thinking. This is all about guilt obviously,
but I can't for the life of me think of anything that should make me feel guilty.
Do you think this has anything to do with me slamin P D?...(aka also me)., hee-hee! < That's me, aka also P D
laughing Our/My brains out insanely., hee-hee!

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MPD is P D & Me

I am inflicted with MPD,
a mental disorder whereupon I live separate and unique individual personalities.
I am here to declare to all of you the truth (or I may be screwing with you maybe)
BILLYtheKidster is also The Poet Destroyer aka P D.
So in essence I CRUSHED myself basically.
I wonder what kind of comment P D, aka me, will leave yours truly, also aka me.
One thing's for sure, BILLYtheKidster, aka Poet Destroyer, aka P D
are all most certainly certifiably insane to a very high fun loving degree.

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Whenever I can't Rhyme

Whenever I have writter's block, whenever I can't rhyme
this is what I do to fill my writter's block time.
I go and I annoy P D most of the time.

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For Anne Lise Andresen

Min Perfekte Kvinne
Jeg møtte nylig min perfekte kvinne.
Vi var begge sinnssyke, så det var en kamp laget i himmelen,
men forholdet vårt var en illusjon.
Min perfekte kvinnen var en hallusinasjon.

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The Real CRUSH

He was BILLYtheKidster. She was P D.
My little Poet Destroyer she'll always be to me.
She CRUSHED me immediately. I didn't have a chance.
We engaged an ongoing passionate slamming romance.
Long story short, the Kidster and P D
went on to get married and raise a family.
After the children were all out of the house all fully grown,
the slamming couple's romance continued to continue on.
"My little P D," I said to she,
"Do you know why I allowed you to CRUSH me immediately?
I didn't surrender. That was my sleazy tabloid way of telling all about you for all to see
that "The Poet Destroyer aka PD, Has One Major CRUSH on the Kidster aka Billy."
PD turned to me, swallowed hard and then she said, 
"You have CRUSHED me Kidster. Now slam me and let's go to bed
Now you too Kidster have one major CRUSH on me apparently. 
Wanna tell me how you feel about that as you slam me in bed passionately?"
This couple's still slammin hard in their retirement years. 
Enjoying good slammin fun and laughter.
BILLYtheKidster and The Poet Destroyer Slammed Happily Ever After.

PD inspired me this little love story.
Don't know or care about the gender of PD.
None of that matters to me.
As far as I'm concerned, P D's just one big baby girl anyway.