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              really long hair
     running through the blowing wind
       excited to prance in the yard

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Apples are delicious
and crunchy too.
When you drop it
on the ground
It rolls around
and then it gets
all bruised
It makes me happy
when they are 
so shiny and brand

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           Flipping in water
   Jumping so high in and out
          Many kinds of fish

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I'm sorry

I'm sorry
I almost hit you
On my dirtbike
I didn't see you
I laughed
But I didn't
Mean to
It was just
So funny
I promise
It won't
Happen again

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Just Because

Just because I am short
                             Don't make fun of me
                                  Don't think I am not fun
                             Don't think I am weak

Just because I am short
                                  It doesn't mean that I won't grow
                      It doesn't give you the right to not include me
                   It doesn't mean that i can't be bigger than you someday

Just because I am short
                                 Still be friends with me
                                   Can't wait til I get big

Just because I am short...just let me be!

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Marched in
With the bright, blazing sun
It takes away the cold
And slips in
The warmth
It tiptoes around
On the hot, burning ground
But it doesn't gallop away
It stays there
Till summer fades
Then it sneaks 
Back in the cold, dampness
And limps around
In the snow
Till it melts 

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I Don't Know What To Write

I don't know what to write
I stayed up all night
Instead i flew my kite
The wind was just right

I like men in tights
At least thats what they say
If you call me that, be ready for a fight
They call me that all day

They call me a boy
Cause i ride dirtbikes
But really their just saying that because they only have a toy
Or only have a bike

So there i came up what to write
There's nothing to do
I wrote this all day and night
This story is so true

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Friends are like Colors

Some are yellow like the sun,
To brighten my day.
Some are as black as night,
And just fade away.
Some are blue and bring me down,
Like a clown with a frown.
Some are green like the leaves in spring;
And happiness is all they bring.
Some are orange and make me happy;
Like i am a little girl, never unhappy.
Some are red like a fire;
Bright and fierce, never tired.
Some are purple, like a violet;
Or like a mouse, always quiet.
Some are pink, like an exotic drink;
They are the missing link.
Some are white, and pure as snow.
Wherever they are, that is where i'll go.
This is my rainbow of friends,
As you can see; all their colors,

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In the City

In the city
I feel so small,
Looking around at the buildings,
So slender and tall.

Ouch, the noise is overwhelming;
So loud in my ears;
I fear they may explode
And bring me to tears.

The streets are tired 
They begin to break,
Soon the bridges
Will quiver and shake.

As day day turns to night
The lights begin their sweet dance,
Oh, what a beautiful sight.

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We make choices
Every day,
Whether they are
Small or large.
They affect our lives,
In some way.

So, if you are ever in doubt,
About what to do;
Ask a parent
Or a teacher
And they will help you decide,
The perfect road to choose.

Just from making a decision,
Will make a difference
In whom you are today.