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Short Wife Poems

Short Wife Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Wife by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Wife poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Wife poem by Troy Jeremy Nelson| Details | |


shell shock

Short Wife poem by Charles Henderson| Details | |

her letter

the smell
of ivory soap
her letter

Short Wife poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


Every road a bar,
Every house a bar!

Short Wife poem by das wanderlewis| Details | |







Short Wife poem by RobertHenry Poulin| Details | |

a rusty gate locked

twisting vines lock
the rusty gate
WWII widow

Short Wife poem by jack horne| Details | |

Solomon's Song

My love will grow
As I know you
So show me love

Short Wife poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


in arm-
clinging o
the life raft of

Short Wife poem by Vernette Hutcherson| Details | |


Dear wife
I love you
You don't love me

Short Wife poem by Aron Jacob| Details | |

A Wedding Vow, Too

To be but also being too
To being two or to be one, too.

Short Wife poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

Her Tears

Her tears
So salty,
I don’t let her

Short Wife poem by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO| Details | |

My Love---a very special original Japanese poem

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

Short Wife poem by Rob Carson| Details | |


Two people	
Animal lust
A firm embrace 
A kiss
My wife

Short Wife poem by Pepper Jones| Details | |

The Mall

My wife

Exuberant spending

Conjoined stores

The mall

Short Wife poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |

Haiku Greeting

A haiku greeting
to my one and only love
seasons' greetings love

Short Wife poem by karen croft| Details | |

define love

love is a hunger
a pounding of heart muscles
two people can fill

Short Wife poem by Tom Wright| Details | |


A faithful partner
Wedded forty-seven years
Still my lovely bride

Short Wife poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

Night Autumn Psalm

Night autumn psalm:
firefly glows, my
wife is calling

Short Wife poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Memory Laps

ran from town to town
around and around for you
again and again

Short Wife poem by william martin| Details | |

to the love of my life

rose are red
violets are blue 
your are so beautiful
and i love u

Short Wife poem by Leon Stacey| Details | |

Out of Gas Again!

My van is on push!
Can I borrow some money
To fill up the tank.

Short Wife poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

Like A Woman

Painting is like a woman
Waiting, to be adorned...
By your love!

Short Wife poem by Mark J. Halliday| Details | |


In the afterglow
Her head upon my shoulder
Hearts beating as one

Short Wife poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Every Angle

Years of the same view
Focus becomes more refined
Each lovely angle

Short Wife poem by Leon Stacey| Details | |

Water into Wine

The best wine at last
Out of clay jars of water
His first miracle

Short Wife poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Honey Dew

women plant the seeds
two by two of honey dew
men balk as rows grow

Short Poems