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Short Vanity Poems

Short Vanity Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Vanity by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Vanity poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Vanity poem by Bishop Ezeh| Details | |

Life Struggle

Slaving all life to attain
Lost once found

Short Vanity poem by Bishop Ezeh| Details | |


Stockpiled beyond limits
Yet, what do I see?  

Short Vanity poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |


If call to service
And fire is on the mountain
The Lord is his stength

Short Vanity poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

Boogie Town

Boogie downtown gal.
Slip on a fancy outfit.
Dance the night away.

Short Vanity poem by Jim Tidd| Details | |


Tell me what it is  
about people that makes them
take one more selfie.

Short Vanity poem by Verlena S. Walker | Details | |

having sex - footle

buck wild
rodeo style

Short Vanity poem by David Meade| Details | |

Haiku Red

fiery red the leaves
shout -- look at me but wind and
rain just smile goodbye

Short Vanity poem by Emenaha Godwin| Details | |


I have a lot on my mind
To bother me than death
Cause am more afraid
Of life than death...

Short Vanity poem by Vee Bdosa| Details | |

Quoth Vee Bdosa Number 157

Quoth Vee Bdosa 157

I do not have enough time
in my life
for the things
that I do not
have time for.

Short Vanity poem by J. W. M. Earnings| Details | |

Rest in Peace, Dear Friend

Flowers wilt
Dead carcasses are buried
Loved ones mourn

Rest in peace,
Your life on earth is no more…
Farewell, friend

Short Vanity poem by Carrie Richards| Details | |

Drat My Footle---A Fat Kaboodle

reduce caboose
___________________________ 8/18/14 For Andrea's Contest: "Let's Keep Footling Around"

Short Vanity poem by marinescu victor| Details | |

favorable climates

everyone in the legs of the soul
have the earth
and from the earth
are growing tall trees 
no one knows
why in their mess
and I
a fit of madness.

Short Vanity poem by Kelly Deschler| Details | |

Beauty Within

    I can see
a beautiful soul
 lies within me.
    no mirror
   can reflect
who I really am.

For Giorgio Veneto's contest - "Laconic Verse"

Short Vanity poem by Lauren Smith| Details | |

Count on Thin

Calorie counting
Overly aggressive
Never satisfied
Thickly disgusted


Ticking time bomb
In secret
Now a days

Short Vanity poem by Leo Larry Amadore| Details | |

The Soup

Unconfounded by a doltish lack
of general public adoration,
our poetry we'll offer here --
and bend each other's hungry ears
in supportive, negotiated pacts
of (mostly) mutual appreciation.

Short Vanity poem by marinescu victor| Details | |

The intimate structure of becoming

I get out in the street and 
in this this strong light
I can see the muscles of the men
looks like their intoxication
just like me 
always with something new
something else
near to one day.

Short Vanity poem by Franco Gonza| Details | |

Peacock---Visual 2

He strides
In jeweled plumes,
Flaunting majestic trail
To court a maiden of his dream,
and reel!

Contest :An American Beauty
Write Like Adelaide---Andrea Dietrich
Jan 19, 2015


Short Vanity poem by Nurudeen Olaniran| Details | |

Waste of time

Life is a waste of time
Why Life?
If a flowing river is not ready to still
A falling rain shall stop
If a blowing wind shall disturb
A breathing man shall live
An ambitious man shall die

Then, life is a waste of time.

Short Vanity poem by Ammy Avocet| Details | |


Remember that time
you bought a gallon
of cherry juice--

And didn't
have the decency
to pour it into
a cup

Of course-- it fell

From the hand less bodies

-- amiss

I couldn't help but notice..
all the cracks it filled. 

Short Vanity poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |


...Formidable treat he stress
At the early hour of this day.
No pain, no gain- All is still well.
Centenary dream is a luxury few can reach.
Yours truly, let your fate decide. 


30th of April, 2013.

Short Vanity poem by Joyce Johnson| Details | |

A Plea To My Mirror

Mirror, mirror on bathroom wall
bring back the face that I recall
when I was young, full of vigor
and was happy with my figure,
before all of me needed a big overhaul.

By: Joyce Johnson
For contest:  Reflections of a Florette   9/5/14

Short Vanity poem by Don Schaeffer| Details | |


I get up on the stage
do my act.
The rest is 
up to the audience.

When I die
I will face the Judge
salute and say the lines
Don Schaeffer reporting as ordered
Sir. The General will turn
in an abbreviated answer to my salute
and dismiss me.

Short Vanity poem by rachel blake| Details | |

Through You

I can see it now
sweet curve of a smile
matching the one of her hip

the light in her eyes
and the feel of
skin on skin

the way you stare
the smirks
your silence screams

I can see the way you
love her
adore her

need her

I can see it now
i can see me
through you

Short Vanity poem by David Brown| Details | |


Reflections are like a drug 
to her brain, shooting
through her eyes 
like pure cocaine 

She's drawn towards
each visual echo, as a
flame draws a moth 
in their deadly ritual

What will be her flame,
her Nemesis,  will it
be this vanity, this pride
that menaces?

Short Vanity poem by Don Schaeffer| Details | |

Cosmetic Dentistry

My signal 
is made with my mouth
where I eat
and where I kiss.
I say yes around my lips,
biologically I may
suck in or
disembogue here.
My smile is
the main
face of my yes,
eight teeth
I keep fresh and
well shaped.
My smile is
more important than
my soul.

Short Poems