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Short Urban Poems | Short Urban Poetry

Short Urban Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Urban by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Urban short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Urban poem by Neelam Sangawai| Details |

Flourishing Urban Way

Spring arrived in yard.
To be nested and flourish
home waits vacations

Short Urban poem by Ngoc Nguyen| Details |


A homeless child wanders the urban wild,-- feels loathed...reviled.

Short Urban poem by Jen Franks| Details |

United Nations Plaza

Temperature dip
urban leaves turned
Autumn, sniffing around
for a place to settle
no Farmer's Market
in San Francisco today.

Short Urban poem by Carma Reed| Details |

Life's legacy

utilize life, not things, 
Be urban legend, characterize,
portray a legacy...
All Rights Reserved
Carma Reed 

Short Urban poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |

City Dweller

Quick, with gliding stride
Adapting to urban life
Coyote survives

Hard to believe..
but there are coyotes in San Francisco

Short Urban poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |

A Bit of Joy

Her tongue drips silver
Calling children of all ages
Walk in the spring brook

Soft pebbles tickle
Urban woes begin to fade
A small interlude

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Iron, Smoke and Steel

You can see
waiting in
the yard
Iron, Smoke and Steel
Our lives are played out
in the aftermath 
of that 
Urban creatures 
become one with
the city landscape

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |


Exciting visions
  of the urban scene
captured in music
    Joyous notes
that is Gershwin
   My father passed away 4 years ago
He used to thrill us with his piano 
   he played the jazz master's work 
miss the man so much    

Short Urban poem by Canny Amah| Details |


Violence in a lorry’s heart
The cruelty of a swoop-hawk
Afflicting along a highway
Of a rural-urban stray;

And drivers in endemic pipes
Of high-life tunes of our folks
The angry touts shout and curse
Passengers in and out of trucks!

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Saving Grace

Outside my room
The light of the moon
Autos on the street 
Create the urban beat

Eyes which crave peace
When all troubles cease
Light up again
Through the magic of a pen

We all seek a home 
Which we'll find in a poem
Let the magic start
We'll find redemption through art!

Short Urban poem by chris bowen| Details |

the drummer boy

the dumbest sports model
an open bottle and an NFL player
especially if they used to be a gator
come on steve spurrier
raise better babies
in my day they
thats what he would say?no way
cave urban myer
and say you paid marc richt
before i make it stick
knife point style

Short Urban poem by Matthew Miles| Details |

Urban Leaves

Urban Leaves,
Fall from the tallest of branches.

Industry Autumn,
Shaking off old to make new room.

Factory Fauna,
Once so green they have faded.

Urban Leaves,
They are left brown & shattered at the tree's base.

Poor barren tree, so many leaves leaped.

Spring soon comes.

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

A Walk on the Lower East Side

  Past the House of Sages 
       Past the Arab owned 
   past the Spanish people playing dominoes 
        Towards my home
  on the Lower East Side
   We on the Lower East Side 
are spending our lives 
    in the asphalt homelaqnd
while we make love
    to the urban landscape

Short Urban poem by romeo naces| Details |

Urban Soul

In the rhythmic swishing

   of the dawn's ebb tide 

      that hesitantly leaves 

         the soft, sandy shoal,

            something there hushes  

               down the cold turmoil, 

                  the trembling, the fear

                     of the weary, urban soul.

Short Urban poem by Laura Meese| Details |


Nine dozens of
Eight nothings
Veranda romance inside
Every man for no man
Running in place
Dearest husband
Or dearest wife
Urban legend
Brutal love
Tall tales
Hidden hate
Sex orgy
Three in a couple
Riot in the bathroom
Universal thought
Timeless fashion
Helpless god

Short Urban poem by romeo naces| Details |



in  this din of urban indifference
let me hear again the throbbing
        of a heart generous.

in the caves of calloused hearts
let  me  feel the  slightest touch
          of a hand caring.

in  the self- deifying worldliness
let  me rest  in a faith forgotten
         but never forsaken.


Short Urban poem by L'nass Shango| Details |


Shadows almost swift
Beyond learning's reflection
Quivered from the eaves

I thought thatch did smell
Strange upon the nose urban
And made words polite

Hanging on child's eye
Though the myth dead came to life
And blood shrivels still

What song when they're gone
Shall spread my relief like stars?
Bats drove black the sun.

Short Urban poem by M Nudelman| Details |



Urban myths,
He said, she said.
Truth or fiction,
Gossip fills the air.

Assumptions and accusations,
Make believe truths.
 A little pixie throws fairy dust,
Leprechauns stir the pot.

The Jone's thrive on chaos,
Their skeletons locked up tight.
Hot today, forgotten tomorrow,
Life carries on....

Short Urban poem by Karin Edwards| Details |

Praying For Peace

As if the Community on VIOLENCE, has
signed a lease
Do our neighbors and Loved Ones, sense-
lessly, become decease
start to increase
Makes Me, South of the border, want to
flock like geese
Wondering when all this MADNESS, will
One thing's for sure, I'm Praying For

Short Urban poem by Jared Pickett| Details |

Urban Beats

Urban beats pound inside my car
The sound quality crisp and clear
People have gathered at the bar
Urban beats pound inside my car
Listen here, whomever you are
The sound drops harder from the rear
Urban beats pound inside my car
The sound quality crisp and clear

(rhyme scheme ABaAabAB)

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Sweet Songs of the Sabbath

Eyes which have seen sorrow 
    shall now taste 
the wine of life!
    Feel the soft echoes 
of an ancient time 
  in the familiar melodies 
      from the Middle East 
Let it be known to you that you
  can escape 
incessant urban struggle for money and power 
    for one evening and the day following 
Peace - Shalom - Peace

Short Urban poem by keith baucum| Details |

Chocolate Bunnies

In these streets on the hunt
for a chocolate bunny with a big butt
A brown cotton tail who keep her mouth
closed and won't tell
Sssshhhh be very very quiet I'm hunting
chocolate bunnies throughout the urban
jungle I'm hunting chocolate bunnies
written by Keith Edward Baucum aka The 
Green Poet aka The Brown Philosopher

Short Urban poem by Brittany Andrews| Details |

I Feel Like,,

I Feel Lost at Sea, Searching for an Answer, for Help.

Sinking like the Titanic, No Hope of Surviving. 

I Feel like an Urban Legend, never been able to be Discovered

To be understood...


(please comment and rate if you dont mind :) if you comment ill read your poems and comment on them :) well thank you for reading)

Short Urban poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

Choo, Choo!

Choo, Choo!

Go fast
People and goods
To diverse places
Where men have built the rails
Throughout countries of the world
Vacation tours on trains are fun.
Urban or rural, it matters not.
The Choo, choo, trains singsround the bend... Whooah! whooah!

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 24, 2010

Poetic form:  Etheree

Short Urban poem by Paul Powell| Details |


         THE PARTY

There's a party going on in my subconscious
There's a siesta in my head

if it wasn't for all this excitement
 i might as well be brain dead

There are fireworks in my motor area
New year in my cortex

in my cerebellum it's Christmas
who says all on my brain is sex

Da Predman powriginalpoems2makeu:)
Da Urban poetry collection 2002

Short Urban poem by Adam Piper| Details |

Change On A Plain

This small town
With all your idiosyncrasies
Change is already here
What's a small town to do?

Urban sprawl is gonna get ya
What are you going to do
When all the small town charm
Has been sold out of you?

No more vast corn strips
Instead it's, "Welcome to Wal-Mart!"
No more open airstrips
The next problem, "Where to put another Starbucks?"

Short Urban poem by Keith Bickerstaffe| Details |

Two Royals On A Mission - A Riddle

They parachute nude into urban New Jersey,
two Brits on a mission to claim their nobility,
a Prince and his Princess, infantile, ill equipped, 
out to reconquer America, their rightful home.


A synopsis of a novel written by a British author.
Have you heard of it? or better yet have you read it?

Hint: His initials are M.H.

Short Urban poem by Michelle Mac Donald| Details |

It's A Gas

Gas crisis and smog emissions
Coal war economy
Urban sprawl
Forcing rural withdrawal
While cutting down the trees.

Gas prices and tax submissions
Political parody
Fly to the moon
Live within a cocoon
But this trip will not be free.

Before technical transitions
Sublime ecology
Now it’s ride on a horse
With a meter of course
To measure flatulency.

Short Urban poem by Keith Bickerstaffe| Details |

Belmont Vista

Belmont wallows in westering 
twilight, sheep graze in cold 
pastures, hares scamper, 
ignoring a circling hawk.

Blackpool's urban sprawl crawls off 
up to the scarred horizon, the Tower 
pricks the heavens like a syringe, 
spilling the blood-red sun.

Evening falls, I'm all alone
and free to stare,  
a wondrous, star-flecked firmament
in phosphorescent flare!

Short Urban poem by Keith Bickerstaffe| Details |

Belmont Village

Belmont wallows in westering twilight, 
sheep graze in cold pastures, 
hares scamper, ignoring 
a circling hawk.

Blackpool's urban sprawl crawls off 
up to the scarred horizon, the Tower 
pricks the heavens like a syringe 
and spills the blood-red sun.

Evening falls, I'm all alone
and free to stare, a wondrous, 
star-flecked firmament,
a phosphorescent flare!

Short Urban poem by Kimmy Holmes| Details |

Dickson Street

And I was there

My Dickson Street ,now
is so urban, sad, bare
I miss my Nasty Dickson Street
where I roamed without a care

We hoped, knew not to hurt another
we were all hurt, in a way
Spencer, he drank coffee, drew my feet
He gave me love and a different way

I miss those times
almost jealous 
when I see 
My own child
with the same thoughts
of being me

Short Urban poem by Keith Bickerstaffe| Details |

Belmont Vista

Belmont wallows in westering 
twilight, sheep graze in cold 
pastures, hares scamper, 
ignoring a circling hawk.

Blackpool's urban sprawl crawls off 
up to the scarred horizon, the Tower 
pricks the heavens like a syringe, 
spilling the blood-red sun.

Evening falls, I'm all alone
and free to stare,  
a wondrous, star-flecked firmament
in phosphorescent flare!

Short Urban poem by Tim Ryerson| Details |

Cutting Up with Cut-Ups

(my name) or current resident
emergency dial 911 call police/fire/ambulance 
for pre-approved credit buy now pay later 
to show your stylish side we’re slashing prices 
red dot clearance get thousands off MSRP
useful numbers: a sh-it load
and Fingerhut sucks….

References: Phone book, junk mail and as a rather lame excuse for my shocking and somewhat foul language, Urban Dictionary...

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Silence in the City

     Imagine that 
all the sounds of
the city suddenly 
   become still 
               imagine that the 
entire city's 
population opened 
    their eyes 
to see the reality 
behind the shadows
of the metropolis
      between the sand 
     know that 
  millions of 
other hearts   
    beat to the 
soft drumbeat 
   as thousands move
    urban tapestry

Short Urban poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

A Voyage's End

Winds are billowing the sails of my ship. I am sailing back to my home port now. At last, our vessel can cut through the waves. I can just see the land off the port bow. It’s so close, I can smell it on the breeze. I will return to my waiting woman. Urban life will put my mind at ease. It would be so nice to see her again. This long voyage is coming to an end.

Short Urban poem by Steve Eng| Details |

Essential Persistence

The wisdom of the wind is motion,
Wandering ecstatic, yet sublime.

The charity of rain is laving lotion,
Cleansing residues of urban grime.

The genius of the sun is searing passion—
Violent, erotic rampant fire.

But cooling clay and earth we wear in fashion
Finally, when our hot hearts expire.

Our flesh erodes.  Our bones flake too.
But souls need neither…born, anew.

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Comic Book Tripper

     Dazzled by Superman, 
           and the Human Torch
She walked the streets 
    of the city
and was left behind
      by time
She saw  the gray urban environment
      and believed that 
superheroes  should spring
  from behind every door
No Archie here
       just a bleak
      until riotous colors 
explode - leaving behind a fistfull of memories

Short Urban poem by ... Gigno| Details |


He's an urban redneck
Likes his George and Madflex
He's country and what's next
Metropolis with crops

From barn to the city
Farming in the nitty-gritty
He's surrounded by concrete
Too many suburb plots

Sticking to dirt past
Agricultural for the future
He's certain who are unsure
Aware of hidden costs

Plowing his own stake
And modern, make no mistake
He's in tune to the horizon
Up until he drops off

Short Urban poem by Raghavendra Prabhu| Details |

The Urban Cry

Rain !!! Rain !!!  Please don’t come here again 

The city is flooded and needs a clean drain
Vehicles break down and to pick there is no crane 

The fly-overs and crawl-unders have put us in pain 
The council is sleeping and our cries have gone in vain

I know a place where surely people will gain
It's our Country side from where we get our Grain

So Rain Rain!!!  please don’t come here again

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |


Streetlights in the night air
Streetlights light up the city 
Underneath them youth yearn 
Teenage boys and girls embrace 
An old man passes by 
    Alone he heads for his abode
    Where he can sleep
Autos rush by 
their "whoosh" resounds in the urban evening 
    Gazing from my window I see lights 
all around the city 
   Streetlights - they guide you home 
   Your home in the asphalt homeland

Short Urban poem by Cesar Cantu| Details |

Watch Malfunction

Atomic blue 
O’ clock

Polyhedral bubble multiplication
Non-organic, viral blob
Imprecise labyrinth structure waves
Transversal jump into flesh
Devouring verbal traits

Thunderstorm restructuration
Polygonal invasion sucks chemistry dry
Suppress animal kingdom psyche
Urban complexity montage

Beeps over beats
Heatless synthetic lines
Vitality through codes

Radical being prototype

Short Urban poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details |

A Zoo Escapade

(I heard this story from someone and made it into a rhyming etheree, but for all I know, it 
could be an urban legend!)

The family had traveled to the San
Diego Zoo.  About what their son
did, they didn't have a clue!  He'd
stashed in his backpack something
on a whim.  Later, they
found the penguin he'd
hid the whole way
home in the 
bath with

For Barbara Gorelick's "Tales from the Zoo"

Short Urban poem by Allen Hackett| Details |


                                  Vanished (The Urban Wars Collection/copyright 2001)
                                   By Allen Hackett 










Check out our library of e-books @ in the kindle store, or

Short Urban poem by ilene bauer| Details |


Traffic and pedestrians
Perform a do-si-do.
Cityfolk, experienced,
Know just which way to go.

Every last participant,
Of flesh or chrome and steel,
Bows or curtsies to his partner
In this urban reel.

In and out they weave and turn,
Like threads upon a loom.
Out-of-towners watch in awe,
Anticipating doom.

At some point in this promenade
The music stops and then,
The dancers separate until
They’ll do-si-do again.

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |

Magic Show

Sunlight pours through
my window
    It's time for
the show to begin!
Trucks, cars, people
  Now we'll taste joy
In the knowledge that we're 
part of the Metropolitan machine
 We'll finish putting up buildings, churches,synagogues, parks 
and museums and the
       the beat-beat-beat of the asphalt homeland
begins to pound
          Such,such are the urban joys

Short Urban poem by Frances King| Details |

Cosmo Politan

The Urban Fox has come to town … 
Back gardens now he roams.

Away from fools in scarlet coats,
He’s feeling right at home!

(Here in England, fox-hunters wear red - or "pink!" coats and chase the fox on horses, with a 
pack of hounds. Hunting with hounds is now illegal, but most of the foxes have moved away 
from the country into the towns. They love McDonald's ...)

Cosmopolitan is a man about Town.

Short Urban poem by iolanda Scripca| Details |


Lost in an urban jungle...
Cannot see the gates to their soul
-to those metallic animals roaming
towards a fictitious destination...

A seagull disoriented
by skyscrapers' blue reflections
The ocean breeze is calling
The upwards is the only escape

Wings heavy with heat and smog
Slap Fate with willpower – mine
I will have to play the "Jungle Game" for now
So they won't steal my take off...

Short Urban poem by Matthew Anish| Details |


    Great feeling of relief
now that I have a break 
     from work
  Miraculous - I am O.K. 
Finally, it seems that trouble 
has left 
       the room
City lights sparkle in the shadows
   Gazing upon them 
                  I taste thoughts about 
all the urban dwellers 
       in this vast metorpolis 
this New York, home to 
  who move in clockwork 
    to the urban beat, the urban rythms

Short Urban poem by Carolyn Devonshire| Details |

Song of Native Americans

Take me to the hill from which the rainbow rises to pay ancestors’ tribute. Share the memories handed down by mighty chiefs, warriors who loved the land. Harmony once reigned between their tribes and nature until white men invaded. Interstates now run through our backyards -- urban sprawl. Endangered is our future.
*Entry for Chris's contest, but originally written for Rick's "Ancient Songs" contest.

Short Urban poem by Malcolm Dyer| Details |

Second rising

With the onslaught of hatred brewing.
The deceased abode is ready,
for its first viewing.
Hidden deep within the urban decay,
safe from political debates and heated frays.
The manner in which this manor was mantained,
shouts of moral abuse.
A century and a half young,
this steeple chase race has it debut.
In the anti masonic stature of youth,
dedcadent heirs fill its halls.
The manor prepares for its 
second rising

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