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Short Thanksgiving Poems

Short Thanksgiving Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Thanksgiving by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Thanksgiving poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Thanksgiving poem by diane christian| Details | |




Short Thanksgiving poem by Carrie Richards| Details | |

Spaces: Too much of a good thing

Such a wonderful Thanksgiving

Hiding the bathroom scales

Short Thanksgiving poem by J B| Details | |


a Thanksgiving comes
and as the blessing is said
I offer my own

Short Thanksgiving poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

Thanking Jesus Christ

thanking Jesus Christ
a turkey on thanksgiving
why not everyday?

Short Thanksgiving poem by Jim Wilson| Details | |

Time On Their Hands

A cold cloudless sky,
Only 'Starbucks' is open --
Thanksgiving strangers

Short Thanksgiving poem by Marty Owens| Details | |

Form a "V" New Man To The Rear

Wishbone reunion,
Flying south this time of year.
Brings much Thanksgiving.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details | |

check out Micheal Benkhen's work

New artist among us, very good too
check it out on this Thanksgiving Weekend!!

Short Thanksgiving poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |

Pastoral poetry

When you wake up well 
from bed
Stand up and praise your 
'Cause He worth it.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Donna Jones| Details | |

Paper Turkey

his thanksgiving feast
the loved ones around him there
picture hangs on wall

©Donna Jones

Short Thanksgiving poem by Colin James Platt| Details | |

What is life

This is a 5-7-5 poem.

What is life to me? 
Life is adventure and free 
Seize the moment run

Short Thanksgiving poem by Virginia Mitchell| Details | |

A Sad Thanksgiving Senryu

Somber Thanksgiving- Hospital bedside mourning The turkey has passed

Short Thanksgiving poem by tom bell| Details | |

To All My Soupmates

Have a wonderful holiday.  Happy Thanksgiving!!!  Remember, the best things at 
the table are your family.   Tom

Short Thanksgiving poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details | |



Soul’s carnal thanksgiving 
heart’s spiritual aspirations!

© Demetrios Trifiatis
      22 MAY 2013

Short Thanksgiving poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |


Time spent in praise, thanksgiving, meditation, and prayer expands the hours left in a day..

Short Thanksgiving poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


 its not just for you
its for me too
and a few
more for to the door
it for all
and you sinner

Short Thanksgiving poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details | |

Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details | |


No eyes more beautiful 


Those the virtue of sight


© Demetrios Trifiatis

Short Thanksgiving poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


yes  feat
to the meat
my part is white
i eat at night
not that day
this i can say
the meal is complete

Short Thanksgiving poem by Joyce Johnson| Details | |

Thanksgiving ---Sad

Since February
When doctors removed his legs
He has not been home.
Coming home for Thanksgiving
Phone rings-- "Stan died in his sleep".

Short Thanksgiving poem by payam raouf| Details | |

Give Me

O Lord, give me a heart
I can pour out in thanksgiving.
Give me life
So I can spend it
Working for the salvation of the world.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


A Thanksgiving turkey fowl
Pentecost pancakes
Harvest jacket potatoes
A Holiday sundae
Fruitless Christmas cake
Easter egg

Short Thanksgiving poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details | |

The Puzzle

I don't have all the pieces together;
This puzzle is just too much,
But God already has it figured out
As He is solving this from above.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Jaafar Sadig El Waad| Details | |



An aqueous solution
Bound to dissolution
Whose only solution
Is meditation.

Dla, 12/11/14


Short Thanksgiving poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details | |

Everything Will Be Alright

In His Arms, He holds me tight
And whispers sweetness in my ear.
It's everything I've been longing to hear:
"Everything will be alright."

Short Thanksgiving poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details | |


Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

Short Thanksgiving poem by theresa stephens| Details | |


Roast turkey with all trimmings
Cauliflower cheese
Goose fat roasted potatoes
Crisp pigs in blankets
Cranberry Jelly
Candles lit

Short Thanksgiving poem by Glen Enloe| Details | |

A Cowboy Thanksgiving Toast

May you gather kin ‘round campfires
And give thanks to God on high—
May you feast and relish friendships
Before that round-up in the sky.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


  -Dharga Nagar Safa

All plants also tree,

Unfolding their hands like a V,

Praying for going green-

What a beautiful seen?

Short Thanksgiving poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details | |

By Our Side

By my side:
The tallest mountain,
The calmest pond,
The purest stream;
My hope and strength,
Faith and love;
The Lord,
Our God,
Always by our side

Short Thanksgiving poem by Perry McDaid| Details | |


spirit’s star blazes
angels slough caste to chorus
tongues of shepherds freeze
pride-twisted scripture withers
born clean is the King of Souls

Short Thanksgiving poem by James Horn| Details | |

My Thanksgiving Haiku

My Thanksgiving Haiku


This was Turkey day (5)

And I have heard many say (7)

Tums without delay (5)

James Thesarious Hilarious Horn

Short Thanksgiving poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details | |

Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Jack Clark| Details | |

Fowl Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving?  Oh no!  Not again!
I meet each one with chagrin

Such rejoicing, good fun
For everyone

Well, ‘cept me … I’m the Turkey, you see.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


It answered to my thirst from the top

When I watered a coconut palm root

My hands stroked his head's top

He kicked me in force with his foot!

Short Thanksgiving poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details | |

Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

Short Thanksgiving poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |

A Cue

To be recogonised...
Doesn't mean you are the best
...Now it should be clear. 

For you yet to win..
Mustn't stop you from dreaming
...belief in yourself.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Joyce Johnson| Details | |

Thanksgiving Dinner

Traditional roast turkey
only way for me,
with old fashioned bread dressing
and mashed potatoes.
Rich gravy over 
each savored


Short Thanksgiving poem by jordan brazell| Details | |

my favorite time

my favorite time

devouring the luscious fowl 

trimmed with great harvest

* Thanksgiving theme for "holiday haiku" contest

Short Thanksgiving poem by Cinda Carter| Details | |

A Walk With You

A walk in the woods...
The sun shines through the tree leaves...
My time with You, Lord...
Under trees, orange and yellow...
With the fresh cool breeze of fall...

Short Thanksgiving poem by Christy Hardy| Details | |


"Gobble, Gobble,
what's that you say,
I am on the menue,
for Thanksgiving Day."

"Oink, Oink,
ham is so good,
forget about old turkey,
I wish you would."


Short Thanksgiving poem by Jaime Ferreyros| Details | |


This special day
Your blessings
And pray
Each year
That goes by
We can celebrate
You and I.


Short Thanksgiving poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details | |


Vegetables are boring 'til they're drenched in cheese! Give them a calorie bump with a buttersauce - decadent, creamy, Thanksgiving dream!

Short Thanksgiving poem by Kevin C. Martin| Details | |

Catch My Fall

God, please heal this broken soul
And tell me where to go
Because I don't know where to go.
Into Your Arms,
I give my all
Because You're the Only One
Who can catch my fall.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Earl Schumacker| Details | |

Tanka Very Much

     Tanka Very Much

Thirst dries the desert

Drinking fills the passion depths

Girl trembles with cup

Water flows up from deep wells

More than thanks are on the lips

Short Thanksgiving poem by Laurie Ginn| Details | |

I'm Empty

It always comes
I lay down
Everything is quiet
And dark
I breathe in 
I breathe out
I wait
And it comes
Praises, requests, love, thanksgiving
It didn't come

Short Thanksgiving poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


listen to what i say
not just for usa
its for you too
no matter what race
 go back and traces
the food has all taste
for boys and girls

Short Thanksgiving poem by Suyash Saxena| Details | |


Allow me another moment,
A moment in your nostalgia,
The moment that stretches to eternity.

Allow me another mile,
A mile by your side,
The mile that transcends the dead-end.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details | |

- Sweet Potato Pie - Epulaeryu

Sweet potatoes, special cuts, Grandma's spices, nuts, Raisins cooked in every bite. Flaky crust baked light, Cool whip heaped up high. Thanksgiving – Pie!

Short Thanksgiving poem by Linda-Marie SweetHeart| Details | |

Season Finale

"Season Finale'" tangerine pumpkins tempt Thanksgiving turkey-fest holiday tree trim *For Black-Eyed Susan's Single Senryu - no Nature please Contest.

Short Thanksgiving poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |

A Soul Awakened

Back then 
No den

Right here
sound clear

Back then
No pen

Right here
Great share

Back then
Not ten

Right here
I rear

Dear zone
I own

This soul
Make roll

Rise soul
My soul.


Short Poems