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Short Teenage Poems | Short Teenage Poetry

Short Teenage Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Teenage by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Teenage short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Teenage poem by emily humphreys| Details |

teenage hearts

These teenage girls and teenage boys
play with each others hearts just like toys.

Short Teenage poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Dance craze
Jive,skip hip-hop
Twirl,forward,jump and stop,
Through the legs,over  the back,to

Short Teenage poem by Brian Strand| Details |

Footle-Teenage moments quaternion

back chat
off pat
his beau
lips meet
so neat
must part

Short Teenage poem by harry horsman| Details |

Steps in Time

What is an old head
to do when reeling in love
with a renewed heart,
might of her adrenaline
flows through teenage affection.

© Harry J Horsman 2013   

Short Teenage poem by Kacey Greenlee| Details |

Capture Of Love''

Truth told of a teenage love affair.Took on form in the fifteenth year.Lovers
young,feeling so sincere.They gaze into twilight with no despair.                        

Short Teenage poem by Alisha Bradley| Details |

I Was

I was just just minding my own business when it happened 
I was a teenage girl with problems and had nobody to talk to
I was so depressed, sad, and unhappy.

I was........

Short Teenage poem by S.Jagathsimhan Nair| Details |

Play ball

Delight. Teenage
 Passion . Parents’ worry.
Fame and bucks for a chosen few.
Play ball.

S. Jagathsimhan  Nair,
01 aug 11,
Contest : Debbie Guzzi’s  ‘play ball’

Short Teenage poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

Fashion Trends

The fashion trend these days
with teenage boys is to wear
pants in daring ways their fathers 
never did: well below the waist,
exposing underwear or none at all, 
ass the case may be.

Short Teenage poem by erica buckner| Details |

No longer

From a glance
to a smile.
From a yes
to a hug.
From a kiss
to a forever.
From a cheater
to a hearbreak.
From a hurt teenage girl
to a stronger mind.
No longer depending on him.
No longer crying.

Short Teenage poem by Katherine Stella| Details |

Heartbeat Is A Love Beat { Broken Monku }

<                 seventh grade third hour spelling teacher

                                    heartbeat is just a silly love beat

Tribute To
Teenage Crushes
On Teacher's LOL

Short Teenage poem by Jaime Ferreyros| Details |


Woke up,
Collection of poems.
9: 01 AM
Somnolent wife lies 
To my left,
Relives me her dream.
Teenage son sleeps party 
In another room.
Outside it rains,
God is in the house.

Short Teenage poem by Peter Dome| Details |

Make Me Feel Like A Teenager Again

Cherished memories
pull at the heartstrings
for a time back when
teenage first love and romance
was so sweet and new

Oh how I wish someone could make me feel
a teenager again.

Peter Dome.copyright.2013. Dec.

Short Teenage poem by tom bell| Details |


Fourteen a tender age,
Teenage angst the rage,
And parents are so stupid
Yet fourteen more years go by
And oh, my, my!
How much it seems they've learned
Our diary jokes of old,
You can truely be told,
Now we wished we'd burned.

Short Teenage poem by Paula Swanson| Details |

Memories of Us

Shy, uncertain, a kiss begins 
Timid hands seek out to touch 
While heat unknown grows within 
Truly caught in passions clutch 

Not much longer they succumb 
To a need that feels so right 
Their future now has begun 
Teenage lovers in the night 

Short Teenage poem by shane solomon| Details |

Ain't Got the Slang But You Got The Face To Play The Role Ode To Kings of Leon

Backstage and waiting
For my favorite 
Band to just show up 
Has got me dizzy

Heavy songs like: "Milk"
and "McFearless"
Here's my respect 
For your music;

On God, Life 
Teenage sex,
and "Tranies"



Short Teenage poem by Elton Camp| Details |

A Teenage Kiss

A Teenage Kiss   
A Teenage Kiss 

By Elton Camp 

Jason on young Susan had his eye 

To give her a big kiss the boy did try 

She wore braces as did he 

Didn’t expect how that could be 

So their interlocked wires they had to pry 


Short Teenage poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Crochety,crusty and cross,
ever at a loss;
testy,touchy and huffy,
full of fickle fears,
impulsive teenage years.

Sulky,sullen then glad
faddish,fretful or sad;
tense,dejected and downcast,
each day changing fast.

Like a chameleon cast
by teens that,oh so slowly pass.

Short Teenage poem by Steve Eng| Details |



The grave is the adolescent goal,
Death’s the teenage cult,
Byronic, the melodramatic role,
With suicide, oft the result.


Transcending malaise is the urgent task,
Evading those marble tombs;
Your soul in Sonlight beams must bask,
Defying Death’s crypt-like gloom.

Short Teenage poem by Steve Eng| Details |



The grave is the adolescent goal,
Death’s the teenage cult,
Byronic, the melodramatic role,
With suicide, oft the result.


Transcending malaise is the urgent task,
Evading those marble tombs;
Your soul in Sonlight beams must bask,
Defying Death’s crypt-like gloom.

Short Teenage poem by Stacy Gibbons| Details |

Teenage Pain

a teenage girl
with so much pain.
insane thoughts running through her brain.

she reaches out
but no one sees.
this girl im describing
is really me.

no one listens, to numb to feel
wondering if heartache
can ever heal.

will have to wait
and hope it will.
teardrops falling on my windowsill.

Short Teenage poem by Jovita George| Details |

Leave love to the brave

LOVE shoves us into glistening meadows,
Of unimaginable warmth, where ecstasy glows
LOVE also leads us to teary graves,
Of uncontainable darkness, where pain enslaves
So, teenage girls trotting over,
To find the four leaf clover
I say, leave love to the absolute brave
‘cuz, It’s more than just a fluttering rave!

Short Teenage poem by randy johnson| Details |

That's gotta hurt!

(This is a fictional poem)

When I wouldn't buy my teenage daughter a brand new car, she kicked me in the 
From now on I'm not taking my eyes off my testicles, I'm keeping a twenty-four 
hour watch.
It feels like my balls have been smashed by a brick.
I'd give a million bucks if my daughter had balls to kick.

Short Teenage poem by Pavitra Muthiah| Details |

It's a teenage thing

Being a teenager,
Isn't the easiest thing,
Struggles and defeat,
Surrounds our everyday life.

Eager we are,
To get out of this hell hole,
Thinking it'll all get better once we're out,
A relaxed mind,
An easy life, 
Not aware we are, 
Of the greater struggles ahead.

Then shall we know, 
The glory of the teenage years. 

Short Teenage poem by chrissy stimens| Details |


With a heavy heart I sigh
as my teenage years speed by
friends and lovers flash before my eyes 
their faces are familiar but names not remembered
time is in fast forward
i am an adult before i am ready
responsibiltys and burdens are heavy
please take me back
to when i was young
because im not ready for this
im too young

Short Teenage poem by Joe Flach| Details |

The Teenage Runaway

She left her troubled life behind
The teenager turned runaway
Hoping a better world to find
Free of the monsters she left behind
Molesting her body and her mind
It would be her end were she to stay
No turning around to look behind
The tracks run forward for the runaway

by Joe Flach for the "In The Afterglow" member contest.

Short Teenage poem by Asantewa Darko| Details |

Life must move on

Life must move on I guess
Yes we all had that before we met
And we made the two one
No more me no more you there was an us

Life must move on I am sure
Teenage dreams and desires must be put on hold
And welcome the realities of truth

Life must move on though it hurts
If we are meant to be for sure
I will be waiting at the other side.

Short Teenage poem by romeo naces| Details |

Twin Bullets

            My teenage son proudly wears a Che Guevarra beret

         and belts out liberation songs from Bob Marley's reggae,

                                       as he fixes the sink

                                     I hum along and think:

           freedom, duty, twin bullets in life's most deadly roulette!

Short Teenage poem by Tuti Wales| Details |

Will they ever see?

Will they ever see?
The pain and agony
Will they ever see?
A life of misery
Will they every see?
A teenage tragedy

Will they ever see?
The real, real me
Will they ever see?
What my life could be

I don't know why they can't see me cry?
But will they ever see?
When I'm feeling low
Will they ever see?
I guess I'll never know

Short Teenage poem by chipepo lwele| Details |

Dumped Baby

One day, one of our daily papers carried a story about a teenage girl who 
dumped a baby;after carrying the baby for nine months in her womb.
And nowadays,it is common for teenagers to throw their babies in pit latrines,
 drainage,and rubbish sites;
Why acting in such a manner when barren women are cying for babies and 
 orphanages are around us?

Short Teenage poem by Amanda Mae Hammons| Details |

Im scared and pregnate

I bringing a new life in the world 
bu ti dont know what to do im 
scared what my familys going 
do with me and what i done 
with the decision i made at this 
age im 15 and pregnate and 
the one i love aint here by my 
side no matter what the decision is 
in my life im just the godmother of the baby 
and my (BFF) is going to a mommy in her 
teenage years

Short Teenage poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

A Shrink to a Patient

Given the fact that you’re unsure
of who you are, or why,
and that you fear the world’s 
not far from ending,
and your wife, allegedly,
is having an affair with a teenage boy,
and you’re in doubt
about your own sexuality –
still, with all that against you,
I’d say your neurosis
is sound and healthy. 
As for your state of mind,
I don’t have much hope for.

Short Teenage poem by Sofia Shteyngolts| Details |


It's as if a million butterflies are all around me.
As if all my worries have been lifted off the ground,
As if life is actually on my side for once.
As if gravity stopped working and suddenly, 
I'm weightless, under your spell.
For once, my life isn't a lesson or a test,
It's magical.
Everything in my life is perfect.

(Teenage girl: 1 Gravity: 23030) <3

Short Teenage poem by Liz Ruddy| Details |

Unreciprocated Adoration

Father’s first love.
Whipped spirit nurtures new life.
Unreciprocated adoration.
100 kisses of a tickling ‘stashe. 
Mother: face down, step forward.
Feel pain, never expose.
Teenage sweetheart.
Stunted growth.
Teenage father.
Juvenile protector.
Baby crying.
Nothing in focus. Thick smoke.
Another blow-up.
Develops a reflex.
A broken heart still Beats. Beats. Beats.

Short Teenage poem by michelle phillips| Details |

My teenage daughter

 I've watched her grow from pigtails to makeup, from crayons to dressup.
 From playdates to real dates. How can this be, suddenly she's turned into miss popularity.
Prom dresses and pictures tears and confusion, was her just being a little sweet girl just an 
illusion? Suddenly i have become unpopular with her and popular with Dr. phil now i'm 
thinking i need to get my daugther on the pill.

Short Teenage poem by Robyn-Jade Hosking| Details |


In a small green tent I reached for midnight
Above our stoned embrace my lies
Emptied in an indifferent trickle of desire
We giggled, fingering each other’s faces
The strange familiar- absurdity
In the doef-doef music and the scale of my fish-nets
Two teenage screw-ups, a clichéd poem already forming
On lips bruised with vampire kisses
With which I stroked your smile, coaxing truths on which to feed

Short Teenage poem by Greg Easley| Details |

To Ocean Floors

you’re freezing feet and most admired
drizzling cityscape so tired
of boring through the screen
the saddest such machine

with eyes as dead as cellar doors
and sunken blue to ocean floors
why won't you sing along
this cemetery song
is yours

what ancient ground in time recovers
brittle hearts of teenage lovers
and tried without a trace
no other pearl to place
above hers

Short Teenage poem by Teddy Topper| Details |

The One Emotion of a teenage Rebel

Blood is heated 
Anger fueled
By lust of an enemy dueled.
By ever taunting
Make it stronger
Before it’s free, won’t be much longer.
Rage released
Hatred free
Venting leads us to believe.
The clout of anger
Dwells hereafter
In souls divided by screams and laughter.
The laughter mocks
The heart of man
As only enraged mortal can.
Keep at bay 
These fits of rage
All it is, it’s just a stage.

Short Teenage poem by Matthew Anish| Details |


Streetlights in the night air
Streetlights light up the city 
Underneath them youth yearn 
Teenage boys and girls embrace 
An old man passes by 
    Alone he heads for his abode
    Where he can sleep
Autos rush by 
their "whoosh" resounds in the urban evening 
    Gazing from my window I see lights 
all around the city 
   Streetlights - they guide you home 
   Your home in the asphalt homeland

Short Teenage poem by cameron guernsey| Details |

A pity

You’ve seen it before
Never spoke of
The hapless Individual
Helpless in principle
Mercy, out of sale
Withered broke frail
Teenage angst
Hand me down hate
Weaken by the irate
A sitting bomb
Counts and waits
One last push
To the point to agitate
And detonate
An unjust fate
Could have saved 
Should have stayed
Didn’t manage a role
Hunting pack cruel
Achieved enlightenment
Silent excitement

Short Teenage poem by randy johnson| Details |

You are too young to get married

You are happy because over the threshold is where you'll be carried.
But you are too young to get married.
Marriage is a very serious step to take.
You are sixteen and this is a mistake.
Your parents signed the papers but that was the wrong thing to do.
They shouldn't have done that, that would've been best for you.
You better listen to what I'm about to tell.
Seventy percent of teenage marriages fail.

Short Teenage poem by Joe Murphy| Details |

Passion Fruit

Hidden treasure waiting
Vibrant pink
Juices on my lips, nose, check
Nibble, inhale 
Suck, swallow, savor 
Enfold, engulf, enflame
A taste
A scent
A smile of sated satisfaction. 
Forbidden fruit 
So called 
Because the danger of one taste
One touch
Grounds but gives us wings
A sense of times long past
In recessed rooms of teenage dreams of
What could be. 
Could never be
No never
Not for me. 

Short Teenage poem by john freeman| Details |

Sly Fox of Chigger Hallow

In the foothills of the Ozarks Arkansas
 Those mountains a calling, come and play the game
   From prison came Joe to see his ailing pa
    Furloughed from prison won notorious fame

    Frances met him  in their secret rendezvous
  Sweet blonde Frances Standridge, eyes of baby blue
 Her lover the sly fox of Chigger hollow
Taught her teenage virtue a newfound shallow 

For and in Honor of Dr Rams Contest

Short Teenage poem by Kelsey Kopec| Details |

Teenage Lust

Taken in by peoples charm 
Innocent flirting, causing no harm, 
Until it leads to something more deep 
Where I dream of him in my sleep. 
Outside beauty, inner disgust 
This fling is nothing but teenage lust. 
Means more to one than the other 
I guess I was just another sucker. 
For his charm and sweet smile 
Now I see that he is nothing but vile. 
And I’m just the fool 
A fool for being taken in by you. 

Short Teenage poem by randy johnson| Details |

Sniffing glue

A teenage boy died after he sniffed glue.
It was a really stupid thing for him to do.
His parents rushed him to the hospital but it was too late.
That poor boy was doomed, it was truly a horrible fate.

His parents said goodbye to him and then he died.
Sniffing glue is idiotic, that can't be denied.
He sniffed it because he wanted to get high.
Don't ever sniff glue or you may also die.

(This is a true story.)

Short Teenage poem by Amanda R| Details |

My Baby

Infant crying in the night
Restless mother can't sleep so tight
Her life of ease taken away
By just one of those simple mistakes 

Dirty diapers in a bag
Now all she can afford is dirty rags 
Tears have fallen so many nights
Only after she turns out the light

So strong, she tries to make in life 
But for a teenage mother the load isn't so light
Pushing and pulling never a rest
Always feeling she is to fail the test

Short Teenage poem by shannon lotterer| Details |

Emo Teenage Soul

So cold
So sad
So broken and alone
Just wondering
If I'd ever be in your arms
Still wondering
If you are too
Do you miss me as much as i miss you
I think the permanent damage done to my skin
Will convey the thoughtful sin
Depression stuck to me
With super glue
Does anyone know
What I am about to do
No, no one does
I don't think they ever will
What does it matter
I'm just another emo teenage soul

Short Teenage poem by CAROLYN OCLAIRE| Details |

Foolish Dreams

Stand down and let go...
You no longer have control...

It is apart of the past...
It was never meant to last...

Move on with the life you have been given...
Go before they find out the secret life you been living...

Stop holding on to what could have been...
It was never suppose to go beyond friends...

Stop it right now with these silly hopes,
With these teenage dreams..
It's time you come clean...
Face it, it's nothing but a dream...

Short Teenage poem by Jessica Wong| Details |

Parking Lot

It's not the same concrete parking lot that it was years ago.
Eternally characterized by the graffiti decorating the cold stone.
Those stiff business people aren't like those that populate it after dark.
Hardcore music used to echo around the underground haven
while teenage miscreants and outcasts ignored the rising moon and passing 
Those kids grew up too long ago
The parking lot's abandoned now, and it'll never be the same again.

Short Teenage poem by Sidney Beck| Details |



Love is  shining  new, and is always  first :   

A mother  loves  each baby’s golden   life;

And each  teenage  crush  is glass at its worst. 

Each time the silver light falls on my wife  

Her smile is pearl  and  my heart  nears to burst.               

Adorned thus,  in  feelings constant and  rife,       

Like  Prince Paris  for his  Helen of  Troy

I’m dressed brightly in  finest  silk-spun joy.          

Short Teenage poem by Jessica Carr| Details |

Just a girl

Who am I ? 
               ill tell you this im just a girl with in a girl, hidden behide layers of my self. I am 
selfish and cruel , beautiful and charming. i'm the girl next door with hidden lies. I'm a sister 
and a pretend mother..
                i'm just your average teenage girl, but i have pores and deep lines etched with in 
my soul. Of course im not perfect but i never said i was.
                                        i'm just a girl.

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