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Short Sympathy Poems | Short Sympathy Poetry

Short Sympathy Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Sympathy by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Sympathy short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Sympathy poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

Nature's Sympathy

Nature's sympathy
is expressed by its colors
--for my broken heart

Short Sympathy poem by Gorlum Gorlum| Details |

Slaughter of the innocents

Millipede eating baby cockroach
An innocent victim
I feel no sympathy 

Short Sympathy poem by Tara Nelson| Details |


Silver sparkles 
Shivering softly 
Sounding sympathy 
Slowly stalking 

Short Sympathy poem by Contina Savage| Details |

Appear For You

Tap a Sympathy
Onto a bone
Of one nice person
In a higher day.

Short Sympathy poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

A Sympathy Card

My Candle Continues To Burn And Stay Lit Everyday,
In Honor Of Your Loved One, Now Passed Away.

Short Sympathy poem by tom bell| Details |

Roll'in Dem Dare Stones...

Wilfredo, hey buddy, I was thinkin' more along the lines of,"Sympathy For the 
Deviled Eggs"!!!  Regards,tom

Short Sympathy poem by Sharon Morken| Details |


Greed makes everything dirty from a nail to the moon
Life has no sympathy and will bring weak ones down soon


Short Sympathy poem by Marissa Faries| Details |


I’ve dug this hole too deep,
Laying here, and all I can do is weep.

Soothing sympathy is a rare thing for me
As I cry tears of sorrow and empathy.

Short Sympathy poem by Lori Lucas McClure| Details |

Inspiring Love

                          Love ennobles the soul
                    Exciting a tender sympathy 
                          Truly Promethean fire

Short Sympathy poem by Anna J Carroll| Details |

No Praise

Resistant to all
No love in my heart
No care for anything
I'm ripping apart
No feelings for anyone
No passion inside
No sympathy still
No remorse to hide

Short Sympathy poem by Justin Presson| Details |


i dont add
sincerly to end

not looking for condolences
or sympathy
just wish this larengitus
would go away

beware of dog
said the sign

Short Sympathy poem by Tara Shaw| Details |

no empathy, with sympathy

Out of the rubble,
And through trouble.
My hopes, doubles.
Weaving together,
This fair weather.
Evil dare tether.
In mental telepathy,
Feel no empathy,
With sympathy.

Short Sympathy poem by John Heck| Details |

Mogul Menu

Tea and Sympathy
met Days of Wine and Roses 
Old friends enjoyed brunch
with Arsenic and Old Lace
at Tiffany's for breakfast.

For Mr. Brian Strand's
Tanka Me contest

Short Sympathy poem by Steve Eng| Details |


The way to buy
The sympathy you lack 
Is but to die,
And hope her fickle eyes look back.

The way to live 
Is even easier:
You merely give
Her up, and be the man you were.

Short Sympathy poem by Shani Fassbender| Details |


Not an hour goes by without me
  thinking of something to share with you
We share advice, favors, laughs, and sympathy
And every day I spend with you,
  I find a little more of me

Short Sympathy poem by Ryan Stewart| Details |

With Love And Sympathy

I’m sorry for your lost
I know it can’t be easy
Losing the one you love the most 
There’s nothing I can do or say
To make the pain go away
I wish you the best
With love and sympathy. 

Short Sympathy poem by louzana nubani| Details |


i do not sympathy those asking for it, i sympathy those laying down the battlefield, 
their wounds dripping blood, not surrending...
i do not sympathy those i envy them for their greatness

Short Sympathy poem by James Fraser| Details |


Fabricated or Induced illness, elicit Attention seeker Sympathy drawn by Parent, guardian or spouse Munchhausen Syndrome

Short Sympathy poem by Ibrahim Lawal Soro| Details |


I Know Myself Better 
Than The Brothers Knows

I Found A Man 
That His Sympathy Flows

In The Ground Of Judge And Justice

Has Never Cheat

And Fraud,

A Righteous Has No Seat.

Short Sympathy poem by grace freeman| Details |

Family is

Family is love
Everlasting love
That binds us like a golden chain

Family is care
Always caring
That make all our minds one

Family is sympathy
Never ending sympathy
That gives us understanding

Short Sympathy poem by mourning mist| Details |

Unfounded Sympathy

Covered in pride and other tactics,
Self emerged on the highway of denial,
At any cost to man or pain that is left,
The pool drains the fluid of sympathy,
Until nothing more remains other then mourning.

Short Sympathy poem by Demeter Edwards| Details |


he hide his deep emotions in his fears,
sympathy crying in tears,
what should he do no one cares,
passion for peace disperse in him
nature depicts his happiness in burden
heart turn in a different horizon.

Demeter Edwards

Short Sympathy poem by Rocky Edwards| Details |


Almost taste, but not,
trying so to see,
angst to gain a upper hand,
a spot of sympathy,
query of some feeling,
be it loneliness or glee,
awaiting so, an answer,
under the boundless wonder,
of a star filled night.

Short Sympathy poem by Michi Watts| Details |


I am
I am
I am
I am death

Short Sympathy poem by Laura Breidenthal| Details |

Zero In

Anticipating, beckoning, casting demonic, enviable fury, gazing hungrily inside, jutting kerosene, littering masses never opted, putrefying quills, reverting sympathy, turning upside-down…vaccinating whim, x-raying yesteryears…zero in

Short Sympathy poem by Emmanuel Yeboah- Mantey| Details |

To Take

The cruel one he is
Comes to take away
Sneaks in but leaves a mess behind
Takes who ever he wants
Disrupts all activities
None he has sympathy on
Comes with a cruel heart
With only one aim
Take away what is
All without warning

Short Sympathy poem by Demeter Edwards| Details |


They worship the magnificent creator
prayers and souled cherished in blessings
to the heavenly father they confide
sympathy, pain, sorrow nothing they hide
they demolish their heart of sadness
and turn this passion in goodness.

Demeter Edwards

Short Sympathy poem by Teresa Harr-Pena| Details |

Corridor of Choices

Follow the corridor
It's long and narrow

See doors everywhere?
Plaques on the doors?

Hate, Love, Greed, Passion
Pity, Sympathy, Desire, Hope

Open a door
What do you see?

You, learning about the 
Corridor of Choices

You picked the door
I did not!

Short Sympathy poem by CHERE HEATH| Details |

self absorbed

this looming life of solitude
left listening to your woes
a dark depressing melody doth it compose
I whisper words that wander wearily
my voice escapes thine ears
solitary without sympathy
dealing in your reprimand 
my voice you hear
my meaning you do not understand

Short Sympathy poem by Ali Matheny| Details |

I Don't Know

I always remebered how we were together
And all those fights we had
You made it all bad for the little things we did
But I won't get fooled again by your fake sympathy
All the apologies you made,
All the cards you sent
You made the pain unbearable for me
To even breathe.

Short Sympathy poem by Bidhu Patnaik| Details |


There was a time,
for crying, now the tears have dried out.
With emptiness I look out,
for reasons in the unknown spur.

What am I waiting for?
not love or sacrifices,
no sympathy also.
But just to wait for time.

Where to go?
yet the adamant journey is on,
to travel to the end.

Short Sympathy poem by Juli- Michelle| Details |

Blue Melody

If this is another melody
A song of the sad and blue
It'd do no good to feel sympathy
The same really goes for you
My head is spinning softly
With words I can't comprehend
Thoughts I don't recommend
Memories I'd love to lend
My hands are moving swiftly
I just want the song to end.

Short Sympathy poem by Andrew Crisci| Details |


Underneath this smile
see my source of endless joy:
peace, kindness and love.

Nothing I will fear
believing in tomorrow,
to find a rainbow  
stretching over that green hill...
to imagine what's beyond.

Show your sympathy,
share my happiness revealed
underneath this smile.

Short Sympathy poem by Kathy Fretwell Gandy| Details |

Deepest Sympathy

I'm so sorry
to hear the sad news
that your loved one 
passed away.
My deepest sympathy
I send to you
as you grieve for them today.
I'll be praying
that your hurt will heal
as each day comes and goes.
Trust the Lord
to comfort you through this
For all about your grief He knows.

Short Sympathy poem by Uwe Stroh| Details |

Life Interrupted

When you can't relate any more
Your thoughts are out the door

No sympathy, no empathy
Stuck in a foreign embassy

Of a thought process strange
Clever shots are out of range

The drugs, the grog, the women
The warped sense of dominion

Are you stuck in my head
She said or are you dead?

She asked.

Short Sympathy poem by Lynn Black| Details |


I'm here all alone
I'm trapped in my world of woe
My sadness is hidden it is never shown
As i let my despair grow
Such great apathy,I don't need your sympathy
Leave me, don't try to fix me
This despair was meant to be
Leave me alone to cry myself to sleep
All this pain that i keep,
makes me die as i weep

Short Sympathy poem by David Bull| Details |

Sunlight Saviour

Heavy pouring rains of loathing self pity
Drowning in curses and obscene profanity

Surreal storms of cracking thunder 
Concealing false oaths and blasphemy 

Searching the skies for sympathy 
In unfolding horizons

Sunlight breaks through burning dull eyes
As it attempts to heal this downward spiral

Short Sympathy poem by miranda hay| Details |

Sacrificial Mother

Sacrificial Mother

I gave birth to you,
I sheaded blood and tears for you,
Nearly died trying to keep you from harms reach.
I gave you a warm home,
 on those cold winter nights.
I showed love and sympathy when others wouldn’t,
Don’t you soon forget child, 
Who was always there for you.
Love your Sacrificial Mother.

Short Sympathy poem by Juliet Ligon| Details |

A Compliment

 The cat drug me in from who knows where. 

 I look like a ball of knotted hair. 

 You compliment, and then stop to stare 

 at who? What? Here? There? 

 Is see maidens around much more fair. 

 Your taste in beauty is au contraire. 

 You must love the unsightly, the rare. 

 Thank you for your sympathy and care.

Short Sympathy poem by Anuj Ghimire| Details |

Dying mind

All alone on my death bed I lie
I’m the one dying, why do they cry
When I was living, nobody took care of me?
As now I’m dying, they all have fear of me

But it really does hurt, it’ so hard to die
Don’t even have strength to cry
People around me, they are feeling so high
The condolences and sympathy just a lie

Short Sympathy poem by Paula Larson| Details |


Somber readjustment's curve
lost sympathy, numbs the soul to serve,
that loitering giant, ridicule, its' verve
so filed away ~ injustice also swerve!

This parent of denounce,
who chanced God's word
still held onto a promise, her conserve
The Mother, soul's inclement meaning's nerve!

While modern image focused . . . . extraverts!

Short Sympathy poem by David Paquin| Details |


Holding a basket
Full of the flowers
That have grown from the blood of
Her forsaken ancestors

Bearing a smile
Charged with the sympathy
And lies
Of a hundred miracles
She laughs

A tired sun rolling over
This deceased horizon
To meet her innocent eyes

God has left us

Sleepwalking in a lost Eden
Innocence lingers

Short Sympathy poem by Adeleke Adeite| Details |

August's Aura

Alluring atmosphere announced Adeleke Adeite’s arrival
Under God’s unfailing, unadulterated, ultimate umbrella;
Given golden grains, grace, glee, glory and glow… gifted.
Understanding, unbelievably unashamed…unbeatable,
Sold to sincerity, soaked in sympathy, sings sweet songs,
Tested with thorns and thistles, trusted with terrific talents.

Short Sympathy poem by Asif Andalib| Details |

The Only Way To Peace

Please understand others
It is the only way to peace
Try to read their mind
And be kind
So that they reciprocate.

Please wipe out tears of others
And make more and more friends
So that they can feel
Sympathy for you
When you are in trouble.

Please stand beside the weak
And try to help them out
So that the earth becomes a heaven
For all of us indeed. 

Short Sympathy poem by Victor Chavez| Details |

Weep no more

Oh life,adventures of the soul and not
of body nor wealth, to you I submit
myself and now conform my humble heart
towards the truth, the world's reality
and to my conscience,which feels sympathy
for those in pain,and woeful loneliness.
May pain no more they feel nor sorrow nor
internal woe. weep no more my heart's love.
Weep no more my beloved. Weep no more.

Short Sympathy poem by Shawn Davis| Details |


chose poison wisely 

what you put in the body 

what you allow in the mind

labeling pysician micro mind 

drains the will out of living

and even dying becomes redundant

Mr p. doc. cash box plenty

insruance and foot ball

taxing his dollers away 

I have no sympathy

for such devils

to the pits with them 

and their mediocre dreams

Short Sympathy poem by Stacey Behal| Details |

The Bones In The Hole

As a star to a child,
Far from earth,
Born in the wild,
Nurtured from birth,

By an addict within,
Leaves behind a mistake,
Forgiveness for her sin,
Sympathy she'll fake.

Disbelief arose the town,
Betrayed by their own kind,
Picture torn down,
No more body to find,

The departure was planned,
By an indecisive soul,
A printed story to stand,
The bones in the hole.

Short Sympathy poem by Don Schaeffer| Details |


Nobody wants to hear it
when it's just about you.
Don't exaggerate
the effect of sympathy.
That's arrogance.
They want
pleasant tales of nature
with muzzy but congenial morals.
They want
tales of common spirit,
sympathetic, without faces,
token journeys through
foreign lands, told
like fairy tales.
Nothing should be
about you but 
the passing breeze.

Short Sympathy poem by Johnathon Souders| Details |

The Devils laugh

		The Devils laugh 

It has Its way
This  pistol
The iron cold always
Corners of the mouth
Cower to a kool frown
Arm extended straight 
That power separate 
Once pulled,
Consequences birthed with you
This Tic’s my clock
As gun is heaver it
Facing more in my direction
Seeing the many murders
Holding a doctors sympathy
As strangers talk about the weather

Short Sympathy poem by john loving iii| Details |

Phyllis is Synonymous

Phyllis with passion
of love not hate
Phyllis with joy
that words can create
Phyllis with love
being more than just kind
Phyllis with happiness
just like wine
Phyllis with compassion
for our fellow man
Phyllis with sympathy
so we will lend a hand
Phyllis with pride
so we will not stand aside
And Phillis with the Holy Spirit
so our God will be near by

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