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Short Symbolism Poems | Short Symbolism Poetry

Short Symbolism Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Symbolism by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Symbolism short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Symbolism poem by Arnab Mitra| Details |

Rite of passage

i journey chasing
imaginary wisps, in
reality bound.

Short Symbolism poem by Arnab Mitra| Details |


In the sunlit cove
a dreary soul cradles his
inner Achilles.

Short Symbolism poem by Arnab Mitra| Details |


Under starlit dome,
across the empty ocean,
I sail all alone.

Short Symbolism poem by JD DeHart| Details |


prosthetic faces

leading to plastic living

only the surface.

Short Symbolism poem by Mark Halliday| Details |

Spanish Gypsy

Guitars seduce me
With stacatto semi-tones
Spanish Gypsy scales

Short Symbolism poem by Arnab Mitra| Details |

waking life

When dreams in a dream
peel away like onion skin,
reality fades.

Short Symbolism poem by Kira Price| Details |

The Booty

Stop and stare

She gave them the check

men gawk at her derriere

Short Symbolism poem by Dylan Catalano| Details |

Empty walls

The hunters flood in

hoping to bag a trophy

to fill empty walls

Short Symbolism poem by Neelam Sangwai| Details |

GodMother or GodFather

a renown temple 

separate queue for Ladies

child cries for father

Short Symbolism poem by shane solomon| Details |

Talking in circles

No symbolism

Just straight talk of Mother-Earth

And her sacred womb

Short Symbolism poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details |

Stint five this land, we lived 
to see pharaoh and stars
in their origin...

Short Symbolism poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details |

Stint that end

... stint of adventure,
all in six sequential dream.
Odyssey complete.

Short Symbolism poem by jayachandran chakrapany| Details |


in the morning rain 
fountain of winged termites 
a fighting with fate

Short Symbolism poem by Neelam Sangwai| Details |

Natural-illegal waves

old pond calm waters

Wind creates natural waves

stones cause illegal

Short Symbolism poem by Shirley Candy| Details |

Broken Promises

On a clear blue sky

Two doves fly, sadly unpaired

Broken hearted love.

Short Symbolism poem by Dayneissa Byrd| Details |

Life inside

Suns ember through the tree.

Life inside.

Chakras blooming for spring.

Short Symbolism poem by Kira Price| Details |

The Only Voice That I Have

Money may not be
Key. But it speaks loud and clear.
The mean green echos.

Short Symbolism poem by Arnab Mitra| Details |

social cogs

In machine kingdom,
thousand minds work in chorus
smoothly like clockwork!

Short Symbolism poem by Arnab Mitra| Details |


The dark smoke bellows,
the fire dances to her rhythm
and humans watch on.

Short Symbolism poem by KAYOD5 Kayode| Details |

The peace sign

Hail all the peace sign:
Although at large a janus,
Monolith at spring.

Short Symbolism poem by Vanessa Bastos| Details |


Ruth by the window;

eating an  yogurt...

it's hurts the road of memory.

Short Symbolism poem by Xavier Keough| Details |


Black canvas, curved space
Yellow sun of evolved grace
Living strokes of light

Short Symbolism poem by Shirley Candy| Details |

Lotus Charm

<center>soft petals awake;

sacred gem of compassion

blossom into life</center>

Short Symbolism poem by Bozhidar Pangelov| Details |

The night is flexible

The night is flexible

the quiet willow

over a lake



Short Symbolism poem by Ngoc Nguyen| Details |

Yin and Yang

<center>Nature and God, God
and nature: mankind exists
in their Yin and Yang.</center>

Short Symbolism poem by Tranquil Bleu| Details |

Pretty Pennies

Pretty pennies dwell

At the bottom of the well

I must make a wish

~ Tranquil Bleu

Short Symbolism poem by Shirley Candy| Details |

Dark Beauty

<em>On a winter lake
black swan dance
requiem fulfilled.</em> 

*lune* 5/3/5 syllables

Short Symbolism poem by Colin James Platt| Details |

What is life

This is a 5-7-5 poem.

What is life to me? 
Life is adventure and free 
Seize the moment run

Short Symbolism poem by John Pen| Details |

To fellow writers

When people flash past your page without reading

Remember, pigs would never recognize diamonds

Short Symbolism poem by Suzanne Delaney| Details |

Blue Flowers

Blue flowers

Fragments of sky

Notions, emotions

Forget-me-nots sigh

Bring me blue flowers

When I die.

Short Symbolism poem by M. L. Kiser| Details |


Cantankerous and



Preying on

Unsuspecting people;


Eat data and

Ruin the 


Short Symbolism poem by Kileem Al Lishmiin| Details |

Three inside a circle

Hand made skull
Elicits Death
More to see?
Ponder; and critique

   /      \
  | *  * |
  |   *   |

Short Symbolism poem by john beharry| Details |

Love is Blind

<b><center><em>They say
Love is Blind
Cupid's arrows hit
Whoever they Find
And put them 
In a Bind</b></center></em>

Short Symbolism poem by Jessica Thompson| Details |




 Little pieces on my chain

 each of them not the same.

5/22/14- Jessica Thompson

Short Symbolism poem by Jen Franks| Details |

United Nations Plaza

Temperature dip
urban leaves turned
Autumn, sniffing around
for a place to settle
no Farmer's Market
in San Francisco today.

Short Symbolism poem by Pandita Sanchez| Details |



<center>suspended in time, 
hourglass broken and forlorn -
past, present, future</center>

Short Symbolism poem by Pandita Sanchez| Details |

Lonely Girl

<center><b>Lonely Girl</b></center>

<center>wrapped tight in brown cloak,
flashing Mona Lisa eyes -
lonely lioness</center>

Short Symbolism poem by Ruben Hernandez Diaz| Details |

Out in a rainfall

Out in a rainfall;

Hopeful but woeful waters,

Pitifully falls...

Lightning wretchedly dances,

Thunders echoed and resound...

Short Symbolism poem by Joshua Outwater| Details |

Jesus Plastique

Does the Holy Ghost


in the walls 

of blinking light chapels?

Or in some type

of bobbing


dashboard symbolism?

Short Symbolism poem by Ruben Hernandez Diaz| Details |

A pulling abyss

At a cliff, hanging,

My grip starts going unwind,

Making me fall deep...

A bereaved forlorn abyss,

Comes pulling us to our death...

Short Symbolism poem by Rick Parise| Details |

Rain (The One)

Thy living water

a infinite gift , divine

cleansing all to pure....

symbolism of the One , a life of spirit , a thought , a word , a downpour

Short Symbolism poem by Kira Price| Details |

Home Sweat Home

A triangle top
A square foundation
A picketed white fence guarded 
two spotted dalmatians sitting on the
shaggiest rug that reads
"Home Sweat Home"

Short Symbolism poem by Karen Anglesey| Details |

Red Sun

Cleopatera was warned

Of the heated blood glowing

Reflections from River Nile

Red sun foreboding

Written 6/30/2013     For the " Red Sun" Contest

Short Symbolism poem by Derrick Shane| Details |


My notion at its most masochistic

The crowd, laughs, quite the kick.

I've never enjoyed anything more

The art is my greatest lore.

It's the only life I'd ever pick.

Short Symbolism poem by sima mittal| Details |

The African Beauty- Giraffee

<center>Tall, Spotty-Brown</center>
<center>Chewing Leafy Trees</center>
<center>Animal Dignity In Motion</center>

Short Symbolism poem by Suyash Saxena| Details |


Allow me another moment,
A moment in your nostalgia,
The moment that stretches to eternity.

Allow me another mile,
A mile by your side,
The mile that transcends the dead-end.

Short Symbolism poem by Andrew Crisci| Details |


Women who have style
attract with their fine attire,
smiles improve their looks.

Entered in Elly Wouterse's contest,
" A Positive Poem "
Written on 6/12/2014
by Andrew Crisci

Short Symbolism poem by Justin Benassi| Details |


Are we not all
The night sky for our atoms,
A brilliant display for our elements,
A grace for our composure?
All are vivid; All are rich,
But as with any star,
Dimmer with distance.

Short Symbolism poem by Ezra cook| Details |

Solemn's sin

As i sit here above the world

as i look at you

My thoughts are filled with solemn's sin

but i have no desire  to pick you my flower

ill just sit right here watching

you bloom 

Short Symbolism poem by Tobi Osunkoya| Details |

The Game

I played the game 
By the rules for too long 
Called them out
Said they were fools 
When they did wrong 

But whoever wins playing fair
How can you win 
If you dont take the Dare ? 

Short Poems