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Short Suicide Poems

Short Suicide Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Suicide by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Suicide poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Suicide poem by Milan Georges Burovac| Details | |


spin doctor
off spin or
spin gore

Short Suicide poem by Xander Nathon Joale Chapclik| Details | |

Tied for shortest story ever

Broken promises
Makes noose
feels regret

Short Suicide poem by chipepo lwele| Details | |

Never Give Up

Suicide is a sign of cowardice to soldier on __in life

Short Suicide poem by Tony Driskell| Details | |

Suicide Hot Line

Thoughts of depression
Dying is easiest when
Living seems hardest

Short Suicide poem by Larisa Rzhepishevska| Details | |

Lost a Hope

If you lost a hope
here is a nice fluffy rope
and a scented soap.


Short Suicide poem by Rick Eichelberg| Details | |


Rope around my neck,
I fall, waiting for blackness.
Bliss. Eternal sleep.

Short Suicide poem by Nikkia Roberts| Details | |


Blueberry-cream waves
make sweet this bitter journey
carry this load home

Short Suicide poem by Rick Eichelberg| Details | |

The very last cut

Do you see my wrists?
They cry blood when I do this;
Push the blade deeper.

Short Suicide poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |


The funeral of a friend
is a rude awakening
for a man contemplating suicide.

Short Suicide poem by Jade Celeste| Details | |

Direct Hit

It’s a direct hit
Going down in flames by you
Kamikaze: ME

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Short Suicide poem by DaQuan Bowrin| Details | |

I Hate My Life

I hate my life,
Because of all this
I just wanna take a
And end this life,

Short Suicide poem by Ryan McNabb| Details | |

Think about it

            A shaking razor
      A hand full of pain killers
            A life we will miss

Short Suicide poem by Jack Jordan| Details | |

Haiku 104

	Haiku 104 
	her eyes 
	are open yet don’t see 
	night arrives

Short Suicide poem by billy bier| Details | |

Only Choice

To the back or to the front

On my forehead or under my chin

To my temple

Out of my mouth, 

Or in.

Short Suicide poem by Jack Jordan| Details | |

Haiku 81

	Haiku 81
	yielding to the blade...
	arc traced on his left forearm
	surgeon’s staples

Short Suicide poem by Wilindean Inniss| Details | |


How do you expect me to be less of a pessimist and more of an optimist. When you’re pessimistic about my optimism.

Short Suicide poem by meagan sixx| Details | |

living in tragedy

Killing reality,
I'm living in tragedy,
Whimpers of cries,
Catches my eyes,
Fog up my vision,
I had made my decision.

Short Suicide poem by Teenage Frustrations| Details | |


This sadness is seeping
Leaking, spilling out
Of every cell in my body.
Craving a bullet
A rope
Or pills

Short Suicide poem by Orlin Collier| Details | |


The Roses are dripping red
The violets are fading to gray
Tell me something to make me stay
Or just forget about me and walk away

Short Suicide poem by Haile Tesfaye| Details | |

Raise Against

Raise against 
suicide bombers 
Resist racism and
ignorance but most
importantly keep 
away from self-harm
and derision. 

Short Suicide poem by Darcy Thomas| Details | |

Hang With Me Tonight

Hold my hand and tie a noose
Close your eyes and let hang loose
Watch the world fall out of sight
And darling, hang with me tonight

Short Suicide poem by nova teji| Details | |

Let me go

Let me go,
gently, into that sleep
where the noises cannot reach
and lies can not hurt.
let the ground covers me
with all my worries along

Short Suicide poem by Marissa Faries| Details | |

Dosage Of Music

Took a dosage of music.
Now shedding tears as my chest gently tightens.

Not enough to end me.
But just right amount to make me feel so numb.

Short Suicide poem by Jack Jordan| Details | |


Face down, dirty,
her damp hands 
flutter and stream
in memory of pure bliss’
hot breath of life,
her self-murder
a-way into
the shadow on her eyes.

Short Suicide poem by Mark J. Halliday| Details | |

Escape to nowhere

My reality sucks.
What's the point of being sane?
....................................................................................Can't escape myself.

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