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Short Sound Poems

Short Sound Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Sound by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Sound poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Sound poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


Wedding bell,



Short Sound poem by Jacqueline Rodriguez| Details | |

Night Sounds

The chirping at night
A relaxing soothing sound
Enveloping all

Short Sound poem by Holly Ward| Details | |

Summer Waves

Pirouettes to shore
Dancing in the summer heat
Awake and alive

Short Sound poem by Volodymyr Knyr| Details | |

It's a snap

It's also a snap
to break someone's nap.

Volodymyr Knyr 

Short Sound poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |


Patter bubble gum,
Bang a blow from the mouth blow.
A harlot patter.

Short Sound poem by Willow Lawrence| Details | |

Carolina Wren

On top of the fence
A Crisp and Dewey morning
Smaller than her sound

Short Sound poem by Kira Price| Details | |

The Only Voice That I Have

Money may not be
Key. But it speaks loud and clear.
The mean green echos.

Short Sound poem by Lauren Cavanaugh| Details | |

All is Silent

All is Silent,
Woosh, woosh, woosh.
It all happens again, 

Short Sound poem by LINDA JACKSON| Details | |

Jets over Loch

   blue grey clouds hang low;
   jets fly under cloud base
   screeching with joy

Short Sound poem by Earl Schumacker| Details | |

Achoo Haiku

      Achoo Haiku

Fever comes, covers 
Nature holds back flu, achoo!
Bamboo shivers, cold 

Short Sound poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details | |

Sleep Well

water drip- dripping soothing the beast robbing sleep floating with the rain

Short Sound poem by Steinar Gismeroy Olafsen| Details | |

The World Is Silent

all the big amplifiers 
are sleeping 
and the silence is resounding 
after the concert 
you would attend
is cancelled

Short Sound poem by Ruben Hernandez Diaz| Details | |

Out in a rainfall

Out in a rainfall;
Hopeful but woeful waters,
Pitifully falls...
Lightning wretchedly dances,
Thunders echoed and resound...

Short Sound poem by john beharry| Details | |

I Am Wind

I am Wind Blowing all Around Whispering through the Leaves Else I make no Sound

Short Sound poem by Anuj Ghimire| Details | |

Spoken silently the sound of love

Spoken silently 
The sound of love
And yet spoken loudly 
The sound of thought
Madness, as it’s been labeled
Mad, as I’ve been labeled

Short Sound poem by Douglas Dicketts| Details | |

Promises of Spring

Pit pat pit pat
Zoom slosh and soggy felt

Runny nose, midday doze
Aching knees steaming tea
Crackling logs, evening fogs

All promises of Spring

Short Sound poem by Richard Breese| Details | |

The Unfortunate Singer

My friend Quigley likes to sing
And really almost any thing.
Though once her high note
Caused a blackbird to float,
Back to earth less one wing.

Short Sound poem by Steve Malebranche| Details | |

Drip, Drip

Drip, drip is the sound of my tears 

When you lived out my fears

Drip, drip is the sound of your blood 

Before your body made that thud

Short Sound poem by john beharry| Details | |

The Sound Of Silence

the ultimate sound permeating all others the sound of silence
silence is the canvas on which all other sounds are painted

Short Sound poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


he is hop jump and pop
he is in controll
he's a danceing bowl
never have to reload
sucess is his goal
some callhin=m carzy
and silly

Short Sound poem by Jules M.| Details | |


Breathe in the sound
Beautifully rhythmic 
Music for my eyes
Gaze upon a joyous energy 
Touching your spirit
The passion you hold
Satiates my hollow dwelling

Short Sound poem by john beharry| Details | |


The hush of night
fills the land
I listen to 
the sounds of silence
where the mind plays tricks
upon feelings
Mesmerised in this state
I question reality

Short Sound poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

The Sound That Our Leaves Make

The sound of leaves
Whistling through
Tall green blades of grass
The sound of leaves
Singing hymns and
Praying that, we must abide
Oh, Lord, the sound
That our leaves make

Short Sound poem by M. L. Kiser| Details | |

Guitar Sings The Blues

Back in the blues funk; a lone acoustic, round top guitar sings.
The whining-twang-between-stanzas, slide-notes on lightly bent strings.
Fingers hammer out the timing on an, ebony fretboard.

Short Sound poem by Shana Clark| Details | |


The sound of you makes me melt,

The sound of foot steps in the hall,

The sound of the piano playing,

The sound of fire works on the forth July,

Thoese are the sounds of what he makes me feel,

I love!

Short Poems