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Short Song Poems

Short Song Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Song by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Song poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Song poem by Chase Rhinehart| Details | |


Hybrid affections,
Mesmerizing melody;
Aquatic goddess.

Short Song poem by Volodymyr Knyr| Details | |

A voice

A voice makes noise 
when it annoys.

Volodymyr Knyr

Short Song poem by Jade Celeste| Details | |

Unsung Hero

The unsung Hero of the universe: Jesus: the song of my life

Short Song poem by Mark J. Halliday| Details | |

Spanish Gypsy

Guitars seduce me
With stacatto semi-tones
Spanish Gypsy scales

Short Song poem by Raul Moreno| Details | |

Evening Waltz

The cicada's song,
Rouses the shadows to dance:
Swaying silhouettes.

Short Song poem by Dan Keir| Details | |

All About the Music: Bodies

Blundering bodies
Find fulfilment in rhythm;
Let the Music in.

Short Song poem by Reynaldo Mast| Details | |

Bird Song

The birds sing a song

On a tree that is very high

Music fill the air

Short Song poem by Robert Candler| Details | |


Words said, sung, written
Bred man's civilization. 
Words made us human.

Short Song poem by Marty King| Details | |

sixties garage songs haiku

sixties garage songs
play like the blues of my life
am yearning for more

Short Song poem by Raul Moreno| Details | |

Singing Cascade

The mountainous spring,
Flows its liquid lullabies:
As ancient banks sleep.

Short Song poem by Lynne Hanson| Details | |

morning arrives

song breaks the stillness
calling the sun from slumber
dawn chorus begins

Short Song poem by Faire Lucas| Details | |

Songs Always End

Off in the distance-
A song can be heard, silence!
The song is over now...

Short Song poem by James Dooney| Details | |

Sakura's Song

Blossoms bloom on trees. 
Sakura's songs bless my ears. 
Lilting melodies.

Short Song poem by Michael Newman| Details | |

haiku martins

martins in mud cups

morning song of birds echo ~

priest saying Matins

Short Song poem by Sharon Gulley| Details | |

The River

Rapid moving water streams
forest song sung melody 
peacefulness within me.

Short Song poem by humble b| Details | |


Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

Short Song poem by arthur vaso| Details | |

Swan Song

She was the frog
I was the swan
She was the beauty
I, drowned in the pond

Short Song poem by Dan Keir| Details | |

All About the Music: Sole On Soul

Click clack; Sole on soul.
Swaying shoes to the rhythms 
The beat makes you whole.

Short Song poem by Valerie Staton| Details | |



Green katydid plays
cool songs by rubbing its wings
"insectious" tunes!

Short Song poem by J B| Details | |

my heart needs a song

can you sing one just for me
a song of promise
a song of passion
a song about you and me

Short Song poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

Funny Girls

Cyndi sings that girls just want to have fun.
All the ladies I have met
tend to be serious.

Short Song poem by LINDA JACKSON| Details | |


       rich voices sing out

       from  chapels each Sunday;

       welsh valleys resonate

Short Song poem by Earl Schumacker| Details | |

Bird Call

       Bird Call

Changed sun, day song flies

Nightingale, leaf, storm forward 

Fall silent to noise

Short Song poem by Earl Schumacker| Details | |

Kabuki Bizarre - Haiku

     Kabuki Bizarre – Haiku

Long red gown flows wild like swans
Girl drinks tea and sings

Short Song poem by Cherie Gozon| Details | |

Sad Love Songs

One note
One word
One tune
One line

Brings smiles
Brings tears
Brings joys
Brings pains

Still, I listen.

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