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Short Social Poems | Short Social Poetry

Short Social Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Social by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Social short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Social poem by Christopher Ferguson| Details |

The Math Massacre

2 guns + 1 social reject = slaughterhouse

Short Social poem by Courtney Dyer| Details |

Avoidant Personality

Fears conversation
Elaborate avoidance 
Of social outings

Short Social poem by Judy Konos| Details |


Value poet names 
More than the contents within
Social hierarchy

Short Social poem by Haiku Dragon| Details |

What Does The Fox Say

facebook and twitter 
we love social media-
little bird goes tweet

Short Social poem by Anthony Souls| Details |

unnamed class remains

life's social classes
world dominated by wealth
Unnamed class remains

Short Social poem by Judy Konos| Details |

Hurricane 2013

To Identify
. . . . .Write Social Security 
 . . . . . . . .Number on your arm

Short Social poem by Vera Gold| Details |


sanity, the profane to my social alone,
zoom up the love my love,
my life's too hard to clone.

Short Social poem by romeo naces| Details |

Morals' Molars

graft, tough nut to crack

       needs no less than strong molars

                 of social morals

Short Social poem by michelle phillips| Details |


D ont ever do them
really can mess you up
understand their really bad
gives you bad judgement
social life no more

Short Social poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |



Vicious gossip reigns
Among lies and social games.
One thing man must change.

© August 13, 2010
 Dane Smith-Johnsen

Short Social poem by Gary Jones| Details |

The Social Mask

Brown-suited Indian


Pillowed refuge

To the

Unforgiving eyes

And the

Mynah Bird claws


Earthbound peoples

Short Social poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

False Friends

False Friends

Admiration reigns.
Social gains replace honor
Where, false friends frolic.

©  Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    1/ 5/ 2008

Short Social poem by William LameBull| Details |


rubble of social dysfunction
spilled from the lip of time
shards of humanity’s decay
sleep in layered mounds
beneath eternity’s cold moraine

Short Social poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |


"I'm anti social to an extent, but you should also be aware
that I'm probably the most social of all the anti social out there."
 - I said that.

Short Social poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |


Little dark haired beauty, delicate features
Energetic, frowny face
Intelligent, social creature
Loving, and needs love
Angels keep you in Gods love

Niece of ours

Short Social poem by Jared Pickett| Details |

Random Thoughts *21*The Tyburn


Two of us Grooving, social Drinking.
Exotic Dancing, equal Yearning.....

Jared Pickett

Short Social poem by Alex Brown| Details |

Elegy For My Social Life

You'll be missed,
You will always be remembered.

All those good times
I had because of you.

I regret this loss
More than any.

Goodbye, social life.
You'll be missed.

Short Social poem by Greg Jenkins| Details |


You have the right to remain healthy,
anything you say or do ...


   Modern Social Interaction is a Contract with the Devil

Short Social poem by Melissa Ross| Details |

A Loner

Such a soul I was,
Sulking in corners,
On my lonesome,
Part of me relished it-
The other despised,
Social tendencies-
A bit different,
Why yes,
I’ll forever be a loner.

Short Social poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

Man Mocks

Man Mocks

Walking in streets, hungry, hopes in dumpsters.
Social storms, norms… man mocks like monsters. 

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 21, 2010

Poetic form: Crysalline

Short Social poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details |

Old Age

old age startles the youthful heart with cold hands

Short Social poem by Nicole Sharon Brown| Details |


Kind, she is always,
And stays in step.
Yes she’s a socialite in the making,
Lively and living life to the fullest,
A well mannered, that will be greatly missed, social princess.

Short Social poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |


I put up a good front when I have to be
mingling around others socially.
The truth is I'm not what I appear to be.
I'm not a social people kind of person. 
I live very reclusively.

Short Social poem by Adeleke Adeite| Details |

Endeavor to be Emollient!

Why should your poetic voice be violent?
If you can’t sing a sweet song… be silent.
     Respect is reciprocal,
     It’s sweet to be social,
Poets should endeavor to be emollient!

Short Social poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |

Judger's Pass

Judger's Pass

Home in streets, hopes in dumpsters, life caste.
Social storms, norms strained… judger's pass. 

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 22, 2010

Poetic form: Crysalline

Short Social poem by Just That Archaic Poet| Details |

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Everyday, to God I pray
For answers to Life's enigmas
Patience lays in wait to stay-
To cleanse our Social Stigmas
We pass the time in our idle Dreams:
Like fallen Stars in singing streams

Short Social poem by Erika Siegel| Details |

You drunk mess.

Drunkenmess is like the turning tables of your childhood that you conviently forgot was good.
Regretably misbehave
you dig your own social grave.
and forgivness is only waiting from God.

Short Social poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

Which Would You Prefer

Which would you prefer, the rungs that reach
to social prominence, or are you content rather
to remain where you're at? If given the choice,
which would you prefer – the former or the ladder?

Short Social poem by George Zamalea| Details |


Despite their voting
On the Voting Right Act of 1965
People of this notion
Are still so confused at heart;
Loss of this angry sea,
I the neutral and what I dare 
Above the last cry of Social Rights.

Short Social poem by Shay Funk| Details |

power clique

You know who they are
The people who run
Your social kingdom
We are built on them
The groups of people who are the
Power clique 
But you still are just you
And you want the
Fame that they have

Short Social poem by Sizo Hlophe| Details |



This lad
He walked towards time
Knew little of societal squabbles
He struggled on for social acceptance.
Welcome this guest of honour
Show him enormous love
A well rounded 
Smart being,    

Short Social poem by daphne moran| Details |

nhs sos

Snitchy, *****y boss climbs the ladder to sucsess
Several years mis management meen the workplace is a mess
Outcomes the Social Enterprise to take up all the pain
And snitchy, *****y boss climbs up the ladder again

Short Social poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |


i think we all swore, way back an before, it was time to get us some manners, the 4 letter words don't bother the birds, just upsets the sad social planners...Don re: Sara Kendrick "Young Man and the Older Man"

Short Social poem by Carolyn Devonshire| Details |

Security in Jeopardy

The Social Security system

Is struggling to find a sound rhythm

     If Grandpa survives

     Past Age 65

Will Feds send a posse to kill him?

*For Deb's "There once was a man from Dunkirk" limerick contest

Short Social poem by John Goodman| Details |

humanity unsung

until day when children from all social classes
and backgrounds
walk hand in hand
and justice sings
throughout all lands
we’ll know humanity has won

until that day
hearts bleed
bodies suffer
and humanity’s song

remains unsung.

Short Social poem by Jennifer Kruvalis| Details |

the carebear

I really like the carebears  I really think that this hurricane everything will be alright. I know 
a lot of people and  am popular.  I know a lot of people.  I live off of social security.  I have 
a brain disease.   I take care of it good.

Short Social poem by Jeffrey Lee| Details |


Murderous crimes
Getting high
Being rude
Teen pregnancy
Social equality
Jaundiced eyes
Deceit and lies

Short Social poem by Brian Strand| Details |


Hetty,loved by simple Adam Bede
Yet her heart felt another need
Her head was turned by the fickle squire
With many a' consequence so dire,
Her actions set the village life afire.

George Eliot's novel of 19th century social realism-Adam Bede

Short Social poem by Vennie Burns| Details |

What I Like

Summer breezes
Ice cream social meetings
Kids laughter at any time
Shopping with enough to buy
Men who know who, what, where
A girl friend who keeps flare
All the new 
Leaving behind the old
Trips on planes and trains
Long drives with you in mind

Short Social poem by Veronica Joseph| Details |

Sallie Mae

papers folders everywhere
social numbers
paper clips
last years folders
phone numbers
financial aid forms
work receipts
how many more years do I have to be
best friends
with Sallie Mae?

(and Dear God how will he ever pay back the loans?)

Short Social poem by Emily Marks| Details |


Of Solitude
As she drifts 
Over mountainous cliffs
Into the atmosphere

Wake her
Shake her

Falling from the skies
Eyes swell over the rim
As she cries
Feeling overwhelmingly grim

Even the social outcast
Yearns for a companion

Short Social poem by Bobb Marly| Details |

Electronic visit

5 March 2013 12:01 PM

Posting this posting that
passing on jokes and little known facts

Giving praise and request for prayer
reaching out to loved one through the air

Thank you Father for social machines
and let us not forget the blessing
a real visit can be.

Short Social poem by Jim Tidd| Details |


Once again our hearts are broken, 
similar words President spoken,	
another loss to demon rounds	
this time on Navy Yard grounds.
We usher victims to next stop,
hope their deaths are not a prop
to justify this or support that,
in ongoing trial of social combat.

Short Social poem by john freeman| Details |

"The Cellulite, not so Tight"

Pouching out in all the wrong places
Changes expressions on people’s faces
   For sugar sweet on your lips
   Puts cellulite on your hips
Never to win, swimsuit’s social graces

For: Battle of the Bulge Limericks
Sponsored by: Carolyn Devonshire
Placed # 6

Short Social poem by john bernard| Details |

Won’t you agree

In my hyper activity
I try to gain validity
With rampant veracity
I search out social equality
I do all this so readily
And always politely
Do not go out blindly
But will go out bravely
Even when blustery
Will always go calmly
I can be so silly
Won’t you agree

Short Social poem by mike harms| Details |

two rr's

My father was a gambling man when the odd chance he did win before they could pay 
they needed his social security number and his name he'd give them a random number 
and say his name was Joe Petzavoka they would reply "CAN YOU SPELL THAT" he would 

Short Social poem by William Masonis| Details |

Word Impression Poem 7: Constult

Heights there are,
Which no intelligence, perhaps, may reach,
But when the foolish conspire together
They fall, entwined, into a bottomless deep.
Bad enough to drift in our lone delusions
But when leaders gather and constult,
Social decay should be the expected result.

Short Social poem by Daljit Khankhana| Details |


S: stability
I : in
S: Social
T: transformation
E: engagement
R: recommendations.
Sister, a kind hearted and best supporter.
Always Faithful in crisis and brother’s devoter.
Unbreakable relationship a graceful matter,
A linking bridge, painful and happiness potter.

Short Social poem by saleem durrani| Details |

My Thoughts

Our life's are not complicated, but our social behaviour has made our thoughts more complexed. We tend to be in a state of absence, but our actions have become our very own enemy, and when we thrive to survive the possibilities, all we have is our own thoughts surrounded by delusion.

Short Social poem by Mark Peterson| Details |

The Social Implications of Special Relativity

Relativity’s science has its place, yet surprises us with social rhyme. For if you say you need your space, then be prepared to give me time. For if expanding space for you then contracts your time with me, perhaps we'll need to soon undo our bonds of relativity

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