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Short Slavery Poems

Short Slavery Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Slavery by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Slavery poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Slavery poem by Olorunsogo David| Details | |

Predatory Prisoners


Short Slavery poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


cravings of the

Short Slavery poem by Canny Amah| Details | |

God-Fatherism: I

the cape of fanfare
vampires raw rampage
for a common slavery.

Short Slavery poem by Mark Halliday| Details | |

Maple Donuts

Those maple donuts
Surely will by my ruin.
Lack of self control.

Short Slavery poem by Mya Thein| Details | |

Nature's Living Slaves

“nature’s living slaves”           (Haiku Poem)

nature's living slaves
prisoners serving mankind
mighty elephants 

Short Slavery poem by Justin Debrosse| Details | |

The Habit Mind

The habit mind
Is the holocaust
Of technology automating
Rational enlightenment
For the slavery of time
And poverty of creation

Short Slavery poem by Duke Beaufort| Details | |

Hawaiian Tropic of Cancer

With visual field microscopic
Some utterly blind and myopic
Consume to the max
As a luxury tax 
On those needing help philanthropic

Short Slavery poem by john beharry| Details | |


Freedom! Glorious freedom The cry of the enslaved To break the bonds of oppression Freedom!

Short Slavery poem by John Goodman| Details | |

bird of freedom

globalization’s bird of slavery

migrates south for

capitalism’s winter

metamorphasizing into bird of freedom

which migrates back north

singing its tale.

Short Slavery poem by Charleen Martinez| Details | |


Grey faces
Diets high in fat
Days that turn to night
Red eyes
Longing for cheap pleasures
Slavery in America is different

Short Slavery poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Breaking Flesh And Breaking Bone

Fear is 
A cat-of-nine tails
She live on slave ships and
Colonial dry lands
Striking against the
Backs of Slavery
Yes, fear can
Breaking the 
Heels of your soul 
Breaking flesh and breaking bone

Short Slavery poem by jan oskar hansen| Details | |

civil wars

   Civil Wars 
A civil war lasts long in psyche of people 
Bitterness of having lost festers from one
Generation to the next and black America 
Are still victims caught in the middle of
The unresolved.  

Short Slavery poem by Kirin Lawrence| Details | |

Fat Cats and Lawyers

Sharp Suited Sharks 
Fervently Feasting, Foul Fiends 
Covetous Cuthroats, Cultured Convicts Convincing
Innocents Inked In Immensely Incurred Interests, 
Enslaved, Effaced Emotions, Exasperated

Short Slavery poem by Steve Eng| Details | |


Only dreams remain
Within Man’s mind;
To weave and wind
Patterns in a chain
Connecting brain to brain.

Only dreamers are
Untied and free:
Their slavery
Is to some faint star,
Enchanting, yet so far.

Short Slavery poem by mourning mist| Details | |

Enslaved By Darkened Feminine Race

Enslaved by dominance and shackles,

Submissively obedient in silence,

Femme fatales with their modernized slavery,

Man kneels and then bows,

Yielding to remain in servitude,

Controlled by the darkened dominant feminine race.

Short Slavery poem by Amaru Tupak| Details | |


Why are we stuck in slavery?
We all born and torn apart 
Cause of slavery
We jump outta frying pan into 
another form of slavery
We all have misery from slavery
It’s weird being in slavery
The worse slavery is being a 
slave Master

Short Slavery poem by Lynette Chachere| Details | |

Tree of Life

Tree of Life . . .
It Nurtures the Soul 
In a Time of Spiritual Growth
With a Soft Touch of Nature.
As a Reminiscence of letting us know;

"We all began Sprouting from Roots.
Proof that we are not Tools by Nature, 
But by Slavery."

Short Slavery poem by Just That Archaic Poet| Details | |


My Resentments are so ill-behaved
By and by- by them enslaved!
Was I made to be depraved,
(Just another Soul to save?)
Afraid to say or hear the Truth,
Cannot bear to see the proof
My life grows cold, alas! I'm old!
Oh, my God! Where went my youth?

Short Slavery poem by Sabina Nicole| Details | |


By Faces ,
Empty places,
I try to erase this.
Echoes... from these caves
Reminding me of all those slaves.
Dismembered operation,
On the stations.
Sexuality sold to thieves,
While snakes sneak up their sleeves.

By: Sabina Nicole

Short Slavery poem by Steve Eng| Details | |


I peer through mists of coming years,
The present disappears,
The crimson clouds of war blow past—
Utopia—world peace at last.

No famine, plagues or hunger then,
World law among all men,
Complete coerced security,
The subtlest sort of slavery.

Short Slavery poem by Steve Eng| Details | |


I peer through mists of coming years,
The present disappears,
The crimson clouds of war blow past—
Utopia—world peace at last.

No famine, plagues or hunger then,
World law among all men,
Complete coerced security,
The subtlest sort of slavery.

Short Slavery poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

In The Belly of Slave Ships

The road To slavery Shall die This Profitable enterprise So full of lies Someones property or Human chattel Chained in the Belly of slave ships, Side-by-side The rights of men denied Lord, we curse the vipers, The maggots and The flies

Short Slavery poem by turrner bodeen| Details | |

taming flowers

there's not a flower
can't grow wild
thrive neglected and ignored
but how much better
some can do when caged
tied to stakes
and pruned
their buds collected
to encourage growth
the sun, the rain, the earth
and care and harvesting
no less important
to renew the bloom.

Short Slavery poem by John Pen| Details | |

I am a slave

My message lies not in the sentence
If you learn to read between the lines
You will hear stories in my silence
My life is not about roses and wines

I look strong on the exterior
But I am weak on the interior
I may be smiling on the outside
But I am hurting on the inside

Short Slavery poem by Victor Chavez| Details | |

Lifeless hiring centers

Lifeless hiring centers
look upon papers and not people
Hated for not having a coin,
who you are is ignored. 
Your family hates you for being poor
rather than loving who you are.
The soul despised society does oppress.

People's eyes blinded by greed does bind them in endless slavery.

Short Slavery poem by Rixa White| Details | |

For What's Worth Breathing

Look at me
I am the life in a wasteland

Look at me
I am the slavery through the ages

Look at me
I am the mirror of the world

Look at me
I am the illusion I’ve fought for

Look at me
I’m still loving you

and I keep being here

for you, for me,
and for what’s worth breathing

Short Slavery poem by Jacqueline R. Mendoza| Details | |


The most important name of God in the Old Testament (Ex 3:14)
It can be translated “I AM WHO I AM”
For Jews as well as Christians
It designates the one God of the whole world
Their creator. Preserver
Covenant partner, liberator from slavery in Egypt
Judge and Savior.


Short Slavery poem by Just That Archaic Poet| Details | |

To Do List

I've a million things to do today:
Like save the world, and cure the sick,
Feed the starved, and free the Slaves-
Sustain the Poor, my stars predict!
A home for all, the naked clothed,
And make the water clean to drink
I bring them Peace, and save their Soul;
I do, I do! Just ask my Shrink!

Short Slavery poem by Terry Burns| Details | |

Where Does It All End

Idol Worship
Broken Promises
Where does it all end?
It ends Where Love begins.

Short Slavery poem by Trisha Sugarek| Details | |

Memories of the South

Memories of the South

spanish moss shimmers
slave ghosts of days long gone by
hanging from the trees

stain on Old Glory
dark time of subjugation
when man enslaved man

memories forever
then bodies, now gray moss hangs
tears, blood darken roots

Trisha Sugarek from
The World of Haiku 

Short Slavery poem by Tara Shaw| Details | |


Forward and directly
From me
Error made in rage
Cage this stage and page
But believe boldly
I equal this sequel
Slanders slivering toung
Will seal to slavery
That woman is dead
So are the rest
Best for pity
Puts lack
Into fact
Whole I am to you all,now.


Short Slavery poem by Yolanda Jones| Details | |

freedom from jane doe

desperation and solitude 
freedom of self expression 
sent me into modern day 
slavery a victim of plagery 
I began using my slave name 
kinggirlchild I found my way home 
empty and shallow my heart
racing I fell to my knees crawling
with pages in hand in this fair land
oh how grand an American poet survived

Short Slavery poem by Just That Archaic Poet| Details | |

Nothing Can Stop Me Now

I changed the Game, it isn't the same-
I am free of the Guilt, free of the Shame
Released from my shackles, freed from my chains-
My Life has become the sum of mundane
A quiet Life, it is, indeed
The only thing I have wanted
To be alone, is all I need
To seek my keep henceforth undaunted


Short Slavery poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

A Sad State Of Affairs

He robbed a bank,
His armpits stank,
He ran a scam,
He screwed a lamb,
He is a drunk,
He has a pet skunk,
He cripples nuns,
He stole some funds,
He spits on graves,
He owns some slaves,
He cheats on his wife,
He kills kittens with a knife,
He pissed on a pew,
He laughs at me and you,
He is a politician.

Short Slavery poem by chandra MT| Details | |


Poetry is slavery,
Not physically but mentally,
How far will we all go,
To make sure we know,
Even though it may sting,
Our hearts may dream,
So it may seem,
That it is love,
Your heart is the power above,
Neither you nor I can say,
That we'll meet another day,
So lets enjoy this hour,
Our love is our power.

Short Slavery poem by ollakunle campbell| Details | |



Sited around the fading fire
With broken wills and glowing shame
They walk the  darkness
Burden with stiffened hopes 
They trudge ahead 
With a shorten vision
They soon lost the sun
With no dazzling rays 
And no mingling heat
They settled in a long struggle
Amidst so much trouble
They miss the days’ future 

Short Slavery poem by kayzen daramola| Details | |


Miles apart from the 
lost,stages in ages 
seeketh thy merry in a 
Victory won in a longest 
losted battle,a stripe 
healeth thee,

Merry days,slavery 
gained,by His blood 
cleaneth we-e...

Mercy  and grace 
runneth from THY 
throne,by His blood our 
sins are no longer 
known... Alass

Short Slavery poem by Jerry T Curtis| Details | |

Little Black Box

Little Black Box
Where You lie Sleeping
Little Black Box
Your Secrets Keeping
You'll Never Talk
In That Little Black Box

UnMarked Grave
Where You Are Wasting
UnMarked Grave
In Soil Basting 
Just another Knave
In An Unmarked Grave

Barren womb
Just Like A tomb
Barren Womb
Life exhumed 
We're all Doomed
In A Barren Womb

Short Slavery poem by sekitto kisakye| Details | |


Slaves ,slaves , slaves
slaves in the world,
working  for sugar,
food and tea.

Slaves in the world,
working day and night,
but nothing they get
from their sweat.

Slavery in the world,
it's some thing wrong,
the source of cry
among human beings.

We should a void it,
the world is for all,
the poor and the rich.
Jesus died for us.

Short Slavery poem by Chelsey D Moore| Details | |


As I stand in a empty street,
Uncontrollably out of my mind.
As the demons rise,
Returning to take back there,
So called pride. 
Don't see why I even tried.
There all way to fried ,
In there own state of mind.
Stepping into the shadows ,
As da voices get louder ,
Waiting for reality ,
To come back together ,
Shortly after I seem to 

Short Slavery poem by Marie/Ismarili Gardener/Isreal| Details | |

Heart Ache

Heart ach comes daily
No words are true
What you chice to believe
Is completely up to you
Love your life
Seek for the truth
Hold on to your youth
For it is not yours
It's all a demise
Lost in the hands of others
Before our own eyes
It's time to wake up
It's time to realize
That your stilling slavery
You are locked up
Your just asleep
Running with your eyes wide shut

Short Slavery poem by Cona Adams| Details | |

Wong Road Taken

(With apologies to Robert Frost)

Four feet to the sky, he lay
in an attitude of surrender
confessing his sins
of hunger, of greed
of slavery to his quest
for surprise, for enchantment
around the next bend.

The Armadillo found
that life sometimes slings
death and destruction
and the road not taken
would have been the right one
had he known.


Short Slavery poem by Mustapha Mohammed| Details | |

Behind These Prison Walls

I prowl the days within myself
To heal these battle scars
But days at times unwrapps itself
With binding sturdy bars.

That holds me back from freedom's grace
From the man I'd hoped to be
Often scans my troubled face
In search of empty glee.

All my days since life begun
The constant fight appalls
Often glows what strength has won
Behind these prison walls.

Short Slavery poem by Sarah Muldoon| Details | |


Desire, an ever burning coal within us
awaiting to be fuelled by a lover or 
fame or money for others 

An unquenchable thirst for touch
and breathless acts of pleasure
Desire, the dreams of devils and angels

A driven force un-yeilding to so many pleas
An urge that can tear us in half
or simply make us whole

Desire the brilliant and dangerous 
wishes from the soul...

Short Slavery poem by danny grantham jr| Details | |

Slave To The Unavailable

With eyes closed
And arms open,
Unbalanced conjoinment leaves souls hungry for that which they so deserve
Yet do not receive
This starvation 
Blended with desire and need
Creates false perception
That lives hidden still-,
When eyes open
And arms closed,
Emptiness and anger inundated by fatigue fuel this hunger
As the balance slowly returns
And the slavery comes to an end.

Short Slavery poem by Mark Crone| Details | |

And the Devil replied

To look into my eyes , 
Is to see a normal man , 
But try to understand me , 
Your soul will drown in the sea of sand , 

For I am nothing you could know , 
Nothing you have ever seen , 
It was I that took the Christ child , 
And did feast upon his screams , 

I care not for your life ,
Yet I hunger for your soul,
Forget not that I own the bridge , 
And your life is but a Toll .

Short Slavery poem by Rachel Kovacs| Details | |


Among us.
Not alien
But more
Like us than
You will ever know.
They are
They live
Next door
Behind walls
Not of stone
But of fear.
They are
Ad dictions
Flesh from
They are
They are
But not

Short Slavery poem by Rebel Poet| Details | |


Streams of words I observe,
In rivers of information in which many are submerged,
Benevolent urge there is,
No room for reason in this pool of treason,
Exotic light so hypnotic it changes by season,
Widely appeasing, commercially right,
In the majorities sight, 
Victorious in each and every fight,
Over your psyche,
If you can not resist then you might be,
Addicted  to this tube just like me!

Short Slavery poem by Folito Gaspar| Details | |


This poem
Is not a poem?
the poem
of the poet
chained in slavery
this poem
was taken from us
by you
this poem
be divulgated
this poem
talks about slavery boats
this poem
was never written
never thought
this poem
is for the people
my people
not your people
it talks about Africa
this is a poem
full of this
this is not this

Short Slavery poem by Alesha Roche'| Details | |

A Black Queen

A black queen knows how to handle her castle, her kingdom
Miss queen of the mile beautiful as she walks down the isle
A queen of the mere year coming and going
A black queen knows nothing of any slavery
A black queen of the wheather 
A queen like no other
There are no rainy days in her world
A queen so great she is the sun, moon , stars, night, and day
I'm proud to say that queen is my MOM

Short Poems