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Short Simile Poems

Short Simile Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Simile by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Simile poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Simile poem by Crystal Mosier| Details | |

A Fond Memory

A dream on my mind.
A far distant memory.
A smile on my lips.

Short Simile poem by Lara Wash| Details | |

We have Something in Common

I love to smile
Because a smile is universal
It needs no dress rehearsal

Short Simile poem by Ngoc Nguyen| Details | |

'the sea'

(beautiful!) immense and Poseidon-like,--the sea washes o'er my soul.

Short Simile poem by Joseph May| Details | |

Kelsey Grammer - Clerihew

  Kelsey Grammer
 Drops the Freudian hammer
 As he deals with the insane
 As  Dr Frasier Crane

Short Simile poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


this is a treat
its get unneat
a taste
don't go to waste

Short Simile poem by Faleeha Hassan| Details | |


I know the meaning of Similarity  between
 (politics) and (onion) 
Both of them raise tears !

Short Simile poem by Michael Ward| Details | |

Silly thoughts

Short Simile poem by john beharry| Details | |

Love is Blind

They say Love is Blind Cupid's arrows hit Whoever they Find And put them In a Bind

Short Simile poem by Maurice Rigoler| Details | |


The government is like a laundromat
with this difference:
the people who work there are paid
to keep their laundry dirty.

Short Simile poem by Dr. Upma A. Sharma| Details | |

River walk

River walk

A riverside walk,
Water turbulent or calm,
Same as goes the life!

Haiku- 5/7/5
August 27th, 2014
For contest 'River walk'

Short Simile poem by Lauren Cavanaugh| Details | |


Your eyes twinkle, 
Like a star in the sky. 
You hair is curly,
Like the waves on the sea. 
Your lips are,
As soft as a baby's skin.
Your face,
Makes the world spin round

Short Simile poem by Justin Benassi| Details | |


Are we not all
The night sky for our atoms,
A brilliant display for our elements,
A grace for our composure?
All are vivid; All are rich,
But as with any star,
Dimmer with distance.

Short Simile poem by Ngoc Nguyen| Details | |

'--the sweat of lovers'

Fragrant, erotic, red and swollen, the rose smells like the sweat of lovers.
1.) poembender; 2.) Nature motif; 3.) for "Impress me with a small poem! (New / Old)" Contest

Short Simile poem by Emmanuel Fajutagana| Details | |


Struggles and success, Sufferings and happiness, Dreams and Goals building to life; Like colours of the rainbow making light.
A blessed day for you my dear readers :) Cheer Up, God bless

Short Simile poem by Cameron Hartley| Details | |

Sweet Dreams, Love

Watching you
Falling asleep's like
Watching day break
And stars fade
Into early dawn gray
It's as soft as the sunset
Sure as the rising sun

So sleep well
Dear i'll be here in the morning
I see those tired eyes closing
Have sweet dreams, my love
My dear

Short Simile poem by Giorgio A. V.| Details | |

Metrical Exactitude

Composing good
structured verse, 
is like piloting a
powerful racing car
in a tough and
demanding track.
Your functioning is
calculated with
and you are judged
according to that.

© 08-22-2014 G.
Venetopoulos, All
rights reserved

Short Simile poem by simon cooper| Details | |



Saturnine sleeper of the night,
Soaring slowly, out of sight,
Sleekly shadowing the gloom,
Silent harbinger of doom,
Innocent assassin, surreptitious, sly,
Stainless scandal slipping by,
Scything swiftly through the dark,
Hark the herald warning: Shark.

Short Simile poem by Andy Craig| Details | |


The stars seem hidden,

 yet I know they are

 out there. I have seen

 them on clear nights,

 bright wonderful twinkling

 starlight. It shows the

 vastness, the extraordinary

 feat of our Heavenly Father.

 It brings upon me a smile

 of delight.

Short Simile poem by Cameron Hartley| Details | |


A smile becomes too hard too hold
When waterlogged and under pressure
So my face crumples in
And folds up into new patterns
I've never never let you see before
Transparent as rice paper, delicate;
Not so graceful as a paper crane
Near as fleeting as a paper boat
Vanishing downstream

Short Simile poem by Cameron Hartley| Details | |

The Dawn Broke Like A Heart

The dawn broke like a heart,
In shades of violet deep as violence
That bled into the night...

The sun rose like a love affair,
Sky scarlet with a jealous blush
As the first light burned like lust...

The day came like a nightmare,
Drowning in a blue deeper
Than you've ever seen...

Short Simile poem by Karissa Kelley| Details | |

Parallel love

From afar I watch the sun 
That's setting in your eyes..
Shades of green melt into tangerine..
But I'm just a different hue 
From violet to pink and blue
We may never be intertwined..
For we are parallel dimensions 
Of the mind
But if I may say 
The vibrance in your eyes 
Is beautifully enchanting..

Short Simile poem by Andy Craig| Details | |

Waking beauty's

Missing you every day
like I miss the sun. I
miss the comfort of your
smile. Waking beauty's
you give me the strength
to make this life seem
more than worth while.

I  patiently await the sun
rise, like your sweet love
its beauty truly opens my
eyes. Reveals to me the
beauty right by my side

Short Simile poem by Andy Craig| Details | |


 Jokes and laughter,

 some ones patter.its

 all part of the banter.

 Crack a smile its been

 a while, have a laugh

 be all out daft. A sore

 side and tears, drawn

 from memories of ever

 lasting silly cheer.

 Laughter is the cure, its

 sure to turn that frown

 upside down.

Short Simile poem by Nasser Alabdali| Details | |


only you and I
Our season
That goes beyond the reason
Makes us sing 
And dance on our hearts-beating
Is it the moment
We've been waiting?
If so
Let's close our eyes
For, our love is the eyes
That will lead us to Paradise
No one could die
That's our life
That's you

Short Simile poem by millard lowe| Details | |

lessons in the circadian rhythms of life

     lessons in circadian rhythms of life…

in the crowd
of my thoughts

my mind 
weaves through
the present wave of time

shaping fragile realities
from the bitter sweep cup
of life’s circadian experiences

all of which
whose lessons
are yet to be discerned.

Short Poems