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Short River Poems

Short River Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about River by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short River poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short River poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


Sea is kissing,

The mouth of the river!

Short River poem by Bogdan-Ioan Vaida| Details | |


Drop of water
In the river -
Sound of joy

Short River poem by Alon Calinao Dy| Details | |


Deep cuts skin, sips the river parts of my 

Short River poem by Annalise a.k.a. Audrey Haick| Details | |

In My Shoes

With these shoes
Cross that river
With a paddle

Short River poem by Matt Caliri| Details | |

Morning Imagisms

I am my thought.

Mercenaries on the River Language.

Short River poem by Luke Irwin| Details | |


Canyon widens
River nearly dry
Are you in love with her?

Short River poem by Shannon O'Leary| Details | |

One rock...

One rock drops.
Many ripples
spread across the river.

Short River poem by James Marshall Goff| Details | |

Yellow Throat Warbler

wild river perch
songs Grandmother heard
caress my heart

Short River poem by Shani Fassbender| Details | |

God's Love

A river flows through golden radiance...God's love abounds

Short River poem by Patricia Sawyer| Details | |


fisherwomen tramp
along river's berm
we picnic

Short River poem by Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein| Details | |


Vertical river-
Naked glass parading down,
In a waterfall.

Short River poem by Teddy Kimathi| Details | |

Walking Under Water

enchanting journey;
beauty on river's
feeds my soul

Short River poem by Elaine George| Details | |

Change of Seasons - Haiku

crying a river of  tears
for winter has died

Short River poem by James Foulk| Details | |

Waterfall Smirking

Waterfall smirking
at the river

wrote 9-20-08

Short River poem by Asif Andalib| Details | |

The Padma River

The Padma river
Is dying – not too long ago
It was gigantic!

Short River poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Moonlight From Her Mirror

Fresh moonlight
Leaks from her mirror
Into the River Jordon

Short River poem by jeanine dejesus| Details | |

No Escape

Next to the river
Two foxes stalk a rabbit
As snow is falling

Short River poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

---black-eyed susans

black-eyed susans
root on the river bank---
yellow jackets hum

Short River poem by Barbara Washington| Details | |

Haiku: The River

The river runs free
between sunrise and sunset
into waterfalls

Short River poem by Raul Moreno| Details | |

Liquid Lovers

Intimate waters,
Ocean enters river’s mouth:
Osculating waves.

Short River poem by Sara Giroux| Details | |


God is with us now
in the trees,land,river,air.
Nature testifies.

Short River poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

---serpentine river

serpentine river cleave the forest of pine-touch the sunset mount

Short River poem by Zac Thraves| Details | |

short lines on love

the river that flows
is your singing heartbeat
signalling my soul

Short River poem by David Ehrgott| Details | |


The people know from one little teardrop can a mighty river flow.

Short River poem by Ann Roske| Details | |

Waterfall in the Sky

steady soaking rain
waterfall in the sky
the river jumps her banks

Short River poem by Loren Park| Details | |

Ebb of Tide

Glittering aqua
Deep hues, light twinkle, shimmer

Short River poem by Belly Bell| Details | |

River Walk

no one dares 
falling, along the river 
stepping stones 


Short River poem by Matthew Anish| Details | |

Lighting the Night Sky

Air full of color 
Lights over the East River
A fantastic Fourth

Short River poem by Dave Will| Details | |

Far Away

far away awaits
follow season's longer days
river flows to north

Short River poem by Daniel Corcoran| Details | |


The river roars over the falls.
Hear how joyfully the water calls.

Short River poem by Daniel Corcoran| Details | |

The Swift Arno Rushes Strong.

The River Arno.
Trees at the edges.
The Ponte Vecchio-Old Bridge.

Short River poem by Marty Owens| Details | |

River Memories

Scaley River Birch
Stands regally by water.
Watching life pass by.

Short River poem by William Robinson| Details | |


Across the river,
The world is forever green.
I wish I could swim.

Short River poem by Joshua Burke| Details | |


The river runs free

The water is very clean

It is time to swim

Short River poem by Daniel McAdams| Details | |


The current runs down
The river wide flows on by
A leaf floats along

Short River poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

River Know Thy Name

if this
soul has 
then let 
this river
know thy

Short River poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Let The River Know Your Name

if the
soul have 
changed inside
let the river
know your

Short River poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details | |


calm moonlit river
one arrow in her quiver…
wind brings a shiver

Short River poem by Kyle Hammer| Details | |

A Grizzly's Supper

A raging river,
The bear stands in deep water,
Looking for supper.

Short River poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Hands of The River

Give nothing
To the
Hands of
The river or
Let it
Call your name

Short River poem by Daniel Corcoran| Details | |


Waterfall cascades-
To the river deep below.
Rainbows in its wake.

Short River poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Bridge to Nowhere

Bridge to nowhere
If you speak to river
Who is the king of nothing

Short River poem by George Zamalea| Details | |


Along the river back
Now I sit. A wonderful
Unspeakable past glows.

Short River poem by Marty King| Details | |

river flows freely haiku

river flows freely
like time when it is careful
my mind is now free

Short River poem by Sara Giroux| Details | |


Summer's heat has come.
Steamy,sultry,lazy days.
River's cool relief!

Short River poem by Ismael Nieves| Details | |

The Nile

Torrent streaming up
the land of the Africans--
Egypt's river Nile.

Short River poem by Luke Irwin| Details | |


Heaving salty neck,
Pulse, raging like a river,
He will be home soon.

Short River poem by Jyoti Chaudhary| Details | |

Haiku: A Girl Sitting At River Bank

Rhythm of river
How much similar to the
The curls of her locks

Short River poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

Fear Not The River

fear not the river
bridge, if, you do want to go 
to the other end

Short River poem by denis bruce| Details | |

Styx in my mind

Behold the river
Where Charon plies his grim trade
Ferrying the dead

Short Poems