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Short Racism Poems

Short Racism Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Racism by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Racism poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Racism poem by Cameron Hartley| Details |

To Be Muslim

I cover myself.

They ask, "Why, are you ashamed?"

I say, "No. I'm proud."

Short Racism poem by Jonathon Casteel| Details |


Anger and racism running through your soul,

will do nothing but make you lose control.

Short Racism poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details |

Zuit Suit Bigot

He is a billionaire in a zuit suit
who owns a basketball team.
Money cannot buy brains.

Short Racism poem by Sharon Morken| Details |

Paula Deen

Paula Deen, Paula Deen
I feel for ya' cooking Queen
Dramatic measures over a few words
Their actions seem far more absurd.

Short Racism poem by ... Gigno| Details |


UBC: United Brotherhood of Color

It is not a group but a movement

Working together for improvement

The color of skin is unimportant

Being as one to remain accordant

Short Racism poem by Cameron Hartley| Details |


When I close my eyes...

I can't see the 

Color of his skin.

But he feels like 

The color


Tastes like

The color


Sounds like

His breath is

The color of 


Short Racism poem by chipepo lwele| Details |

Mistaken Identity

They have been struggling for years 

with the tag of:


    beastiality,canibalism and satanism.

Truthful men won't be shaken by mistaken identity.

Short Racism poem by jeffrey dallas| Details |

my day

hey there, i beat up rihanna  when i play call of duty i only play on the map havana,my gurl aint from mexico, Los Angeles or Mexico she`s Americana, and goku goes kama Kama, and every story needs a comma PEACE OUT.

Short Racism poem by Julia Cheng| Details |

the teacher

drinks wine after school

has far too many

eruptions from

	small pitchers

	small bowels

	paper cuts

	budget cuts

	that	 	terrible mother

	racism filtered

	a 6 year old prism

and crayons

	all over

		the floor

Short Racism poem by Jeffrey Lee| Details |


Murderous crimes

Getting high









Being rude



Teen pregnancy


Social equality

Jaundiced eyes

Deceit and lies





Short Racism poem by Syed Imon Rizvi| Details |

Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther King, Jr.

When innocent dies,
Whole universe cries,
Even of dear earth,
We can hear, outcries,
But selfish human being,
Never even sighs.

All rights are reserved. Syed Imon Rizvi
From a book "Outspoken" - 2012
Available at

Short Racism poem by Nicole Sharon Brown| Details |

I Hate Monroe

I hate this place.

Man, I have to go.

I hate the racism.

I hate the haterism.

I hate not being heard.

I hate Monroe.

Man, I hate the word.

I hate this place.

And thats a fact.

Once I leave here

I will never look back.

written Summer 2004

Short Racism poem by Melissa Ross| Details |


I can only see,

What the physical world has taught me,

Corruption and racism,

Censorship and war,

My heart is torn,

My mind is worn,

In a world of hate,

Are there believers?

Believers still?

To quell the sorrows,

Of those whose pain,


Short Racism poem by Honestly JT| Details |

One World

Love is not a color,
No hue, neither a race.
All of our blood is the same, 
That runs deep within our veins.

If we could lift up each other,
And know that we all care.
If we help our sisters and brothers,
There's a bond that we'll share.

©2013 Honestly JT

Short Racism poem by Shanity Rain| Details |


Visions of old 
   Visions of new
coming silently
   begging through

Greed and power
   betrayal strong
refusing rejection
  motives wrong

unseen spirit 
  sends whispers
answers for hatred 
  lies within a narcissistic face

changing many profiles , going unnoticed, resenting , pretending.


Short Racism poem by Terry Burns| Details |

Where Does It All End

Idol Worship
Broken Promises
Where does it all end?
It ends Where Love begins.

Short Racism poem by charmika Banks| Details |

My wish

If I had one wish

It would be to

have world peace

no more killing each other 

no more suffering and pain

no more head and heart aches

no more wars

no more racism

no more crying

the sun will shine

Peoples' lives will be filed

with nothing but joy and happiness

If this could come true

The world would be a better place

Short Racism poem by Matt Ancient| Details |

How long

how long
how long must we suffer 
our life's in pain and sorrow
because we are black or white
we are blind by racism

for how long
how long must we suffer
because we are not Christians or Muslims
we are blind by religion

for how long
how long must we suffer in poverty
because of all these illusion
we are blind by misinformation

Short Racism poem by Roy Jerden| Details |

Enrico Fermi

The nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi
Left Italy when racism got squirmy
The Nobel gave him some satisfaction
And he had quite a sustained reaction

May 28, 2014

NB:Fermi led the team that designed and 
built Chicago Pile-1, which went critical 
on 2 December 1942, demonstrating 
the first artificial self-sustaining 
nuclear chain reaction.

Short Racism poem by Alayande Stephen| Details |


Many are them in the diaspora

Wandering in other's wilderness

Laundering their battered image 

Conquering the world like a mirage

Mustering last energy for a return home

Pondering over the puzzle of un-uttered racism

Yet, dark in our black

Of the black origin

But not of the black brain.

Alayande Stephen T.

13th October, 2007


Short Racism poem by Aiyah de Torres| Details |



                       People holding hands of one another,

                             from different lands and races,

                                     break wall of divison.


* 3 lines

* 10/7/6

* unrhymed

SPONSOR:Debbie Guzzi

CONTEST NAME: Three Lines Are Fine

DEADLINE: 6/16/2014 12:00 AM

Short Racism poem by Alrio MIller| Details |

Parasitic Life Form

Its alive!
A life form 
Thriving on hatred
Reaped from societies
Greatest blunder 
Like lighting
Follows thunder  
We are following our ancestors 
Reproducing civilization   
Disregard the fact
That we are all human
our blood is red
I smirk when Im contented 
And shed tears when Im poignant
We are all equal
cease  this schism 
And trounce racism

Short Racism poem by Kiara Lowdog| Details |

Through my eyes

Through my eyes,

I see a country torn

Torn by racism

Torn by selfishness

Torn by friendships failing

Torn by no one loving thy neighbor

Torn by one kingdom upon the next

Killing and enslaving each other for reasons beyond what the mind could ever conceive

Brutally torchering for pure revenge

So..Through my eyes

I see this world... DYING!


Short Racism poem by mourning mist| Details |

A Deviant Devil 86

A deviant devil with the number 86 blog,

Deviant art with a deviant type of log,

Try to teach the bible to an angel with one hand,

But fingers dipping and licking satans' land?


deviant with his racism jokes that are crass,

Bothering good girls and and an angel lass,

Laughing bananas with a needle whore,

Not throwing the dark wolves out his door

Short Racism poem by Rob Carter| Details |

Justice is Colour Blind

A blot they want to wash, detergents do not work

Ineffectual, institutional and cover ups a stir

Excuses abound, squirming hierarchy found 

"Its just a darkie, why so narky"

The corridors would sound

It still goes on, gone several years 

Distrustful patronising leaders

A scurge we hope that does not surge 

To Nazi ways and olden days

Where races they would purge

Short Racism poem by Verlena S. Walker | Details |


[In High School, this took place].

The White Boy said (excuse my French), if I fall in love with Vlena, I would be a 
Vlena stated if I denied my love for Butch, I would be a damn fool. 

At once, both responded you are a racist.

{These are all lines from my Senior Play}.

     The Title
Penned on May 24, 2014!

Short Racism poem by Miriam Fredericks| Details |

Above Everything

Above racism, nepotism, communism, sexism,

ambition, pollution, domination, seclusion,

God reigns!

Way above segregation, self-promotion, 

physical illumination, elevation,

apartheid, genocide,  cyanide, religious pride

God abides!

Floating above Coptic, Catholic  politics,

toxic doctrine,  elitist foolishness, 

putrid imaginings,

God in His Omnipotent Majesty reigns!

Short Racism poem by Jessica Wong| Details |


Daily a victim of racism dies

While our government accuses them wrongly with lies

The air is punctuated by their screams and their cries

In response to their pleas we choose not to reply

They beg us for mercy, they beg us to try

But we simply say you're just another guy

They take it with courage but tears wet their eyes

For the world sits in silence and cares not for their lives

Short Racism poem by Kiara Lowdog| Details |



Is that what you think you are?


Because your skin is lighter?

Because your hair is shorter?

Because your life is better?

Because your voice is deeper?


I thought you knew

Knew about racism

Knew about sexism

Knew about how it is wrong

Knew how we all are the same inside


Since you are SUPERIOR,

We have no equality to you


Bow to the superior


Short Racism poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

The Price of Racial Equality


There was no true freedom in this nation. 

We were allowed to go with emancipation. 

However, we afterwards fought discrimination. 

Ubiquitous was racism and segregation. 

Often with the rising sun of the dawn, 

we would find a smoldering cross on our lawn. 

What has been the price of racial equality? 

It has been a struggle as tough as can be.

inspired by another member's poem


Short Racism poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Racism Persists


It has been a century and a half since emancipation. 

However, stubbornly persisting is racial discrimination. 

Despite many anti-discrimination laws today, 

people are still breaking and ignoring them anyway. 

Racists from all over are continuing to disobey. 

The situation is just too perplexing to me. 

Why can't we ever learn to live in harmony?

inspired by another member's poem


Short Racism poem by jay del fierro| Details |

Seperating Wedge.....




                  the point

                  social bias

                  we fall into place

                  Indoctrinated system

                  -ism's become a wedge

                  classism a form of racism

                  minds eye trained toward color

                  gold and green....bold with greed....

Short Racism poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Basketball is for Everybody


Telling blacks not to come to a basketball game.

That is such a racist remark and a shame.

Making such a comment is an absurdity.

In the professional basketball community,

African-Americans make up the great majority.

Those words said were a public disgrace.

Everywhere in any professional sports place,

room should be made for any color and race.

from a news story found on


Short Racism poem by William MacEachern| Details |


Inhumane was said 
Six million dead 

Inhumane we dare 
At Jeffrey Dahmer 
Kidnapper, killer, evil embalmer 

Inhumane it read 
Black man dead 
Dragged by the feet 

Inhumane we say 
A young man who's gay 
Left dead in the hay 

Inhumane we cry  
So many die 
In burning buildings 
From terror in the sky 

I hear say 
And only humans 
Act this way

Short Racism poem by Joshua Agler| Details |

Dark Light

The light is always there to help the forlorn. However what about the Dark Light. 

The Society of Light caught in the darkness. On the surface all is calm and quit. 

But underneath is chaos and pandemonium. The Dark Light will control the 

world if we just stand by and watch as it passes us one by one. We must put a 

stop to all the terrible wars and racism in this world. Otherwise, the Dark Light 

will consume us all.

Short Racism poem by sekitto kisakye| Details |


My dear friends,

it's me a blind guy,

and some times wise

to write what you need,

and sharpen your brain.

My topic of today,

it's to warn all of you,

to fight for peace,

rights and  racism

to avoid future wars.

My dear friends,

the whites and the blacks,

unity is the key,

to develop the world,

and keeps it's joy.

Unite as one,

and work as one,

the world needs peace,

unity and love,

the gifts from God.

Short Racism poem by Kat Crane| Details |


When the world runs out of tears

When every lie has been told

When all the bullets have been fired

And theres no more homeless in the cold

When all the landfills have been emptied

When all the species again thrive

When all the starving have had supper

And in no more pain we writhe

When all our children have loving parents

When all racism has been hanged

When we finally pull together

We will reach our promised land

Short Racism poem by Hector Leyva| Details |


Different people, 

Different races.

Different customs,

Different faces.

One world with many,

Many races, one species.

Differences are plenty,

But only seen by dummies.

Differences make us unique,

Yet we are the same.

Each other we critique,

Based on differnces in physique.

Snowflakes are beautiful,

But yet no two are the same.

For our differces we should be greatful,

For hate and racism we should feel shame.

Short Racism poem by Joshua Butler| Details |

The Stereotype

Live by Stereotype,

Die by Stereotype,

Living superficially with double standards,

Racism, sexism, Haters,

Hating on who you want to be,

Who you were,

and who you are,

Biasing opinions on bad examples,

Not wanting to learn the truth,

The truth silently hiding behind the exterior,

The reality,

Blind to looks,

Based on actions, attitudes, and personality,

Based on honesty, pride, and intelligence,

Based on...

The truth...

Short Racism poem by Moses Samandar| Details |


Rebuild Peterborough

Create festivity

Increase funding

Increase interest

Increase the life in the small city

The city everyone forgot

The city with multi-cultureleness

Stop the racial tension

Stop the racism

Stop the crime

Begin a new age of Peterborough

With trendy life

A life of happiness

A city of peace

A city of worship

A city of life

Stop racism

We can work together to make this city better

For a new Peterborough

Short Racism poem by Sherwin Balbuena| Details |

Pagkamakabayan: Patriotism

'Tis intangible
Unlike the spears and the guns
Of the daughters and the sons
But partly they symbolize
Its abstraction ere our eyes

The time has passed by
And the world has also turned
From chaos into concord
Now we say goodbye
To old discrimination
Racism and commotion

There's a new picture
That appropriately depicts
Our genuine love and respect
For our own culture --
Raising our right hand to pledge
And doing our job with badge

Short Racism poem by Yasmin Ilahi| Details |


Over paid and over rated
over sexed and disgraced

Role models? cheating on their wives.
they get paid an sickening amount of money for kicking around a ball.

Racism and swearing, and think their above the law.

Ryan Giggs now don't get me started.  The youth of today all want fame as Jessie j stated 'it's all about the money money!

Football in my opinion it's overrated.  Not like back in the day when it was for the love of the game not the fame.

Short Racism poem by chipepo lwele| Details |


Colour me,yellow,white,black, or red,dont
discriminate me,
For my blood is same like yours!
Just do enough to stamp out,
racism,intolerance and xenophobia.
Respect all nationalities,religious backgrounds,
sexual orientation and ethnic origins.
None of us chose their skin colour,
we found skin colours on us.
They were given to us by the Almighty,
why judging me because of my skin colour;
No one is good or bad on the basis of skin colour.

chipepo lwele

Short Racism poem by Sarah Schnatz| Details |

The Color Of My Skin

The color of my skin helps me

I can get out of speeding tickets

I can have a fair education

I can laugh without fear

I can be here

I can be there

I can do anything

The color of your skin hurts you

Justice is not on your side

education is a joke

Your laughter is hidden

You can't be here

You can't be there

Your dreams are oppressed

What can I do?

What can't I do?



Racism; are too strong

I can be your friend

Short Racism poem by Rodgers Roger Carter| Details |

Samba Samba

The roaring gun that knew no owners

The ghost incarnated in a metal 

groaning in the Pearl of Africa

Terminating the blood f cattle keepers

Hurtling the flesh of land tillers 

Tormenting landless hunters

Scaring away lions of Mburo

And leaving Mbarara homeless 

Samba Samba

The gun of a dictator

The gun that killed Ugandans

The gun that liberated Ugandans

The gun that we know better

As close friend and closest enemy 

The gun we still carry

Short Racism poem by Donielle Smith| Details |


I wish that there was peace on earth

Silencing crime, war, and racism

Other than holidays, wedding days, and birthdays

I wish that we could all get alone

Tranquility, happiness, and joy

In a world full of turmoil

It seem to good to be true

As long as we are living 

There will never be true peace on earth

Only when we close our eyes

And depart from this place that we call home

Will we truly know that our peace on earth 

Was nothing but a temporary loan

Short Racism poem by Gavin D.S.| Details |

~Intermission~ from "DoJez's Unjust"

This is one of the poems from my new novel "DoJez's Unjust"

"A feeling phased by color. 

A talent despised by others.

Man flawed with "Brothas?"

A time that's stormed with thunder.

The pale insisted manner.

Ignorance accusing the matter.

Will man question this matter?

Or just say it doesn't matter?

Simplicity raged with infurity.

Complexity disturbing purity.

Racism is crimson to the ability,

The ability to confide humanity.

But yet, it's still here."

Short Racism poem by Julia Cheng| Details |

mom versus the gym teacher

I don't know racism
but I do know

that woman
in my face

well, I didn't stand for that
even if I had to grab 
the neighbor's kid
to translate for me

that woman
looking down
on my Chinese face
I had Julia write 
a Formal Complaint
the principal agreed
and did nothing

a weak woman
just imagine if I knew english

the hardest thing
was letting them walk on us
timid and quiet Chinese


no Chinese in government
no social services
no translators
I came too early

Short Racism poem by Christopher Coke| Details |

Quarreler's Question

Quarreler's Question

A Follower's  Confession

Tommorow is a blessing

Today a test and yesterday a lesson

Yet to say a session of depression

Creates an Aggression

A life quest can be so complicated

can seem so less than

Addressing problems with a question

Can bring an answer to mention

Or do I have to bring it to attention

Poverty, Racism, Hunger is all a stressing

More is there,

Couldn't calculate a dimension,

This land is so corrupt

It's like Freedom is at detention

Short Racism poem by Vicki Waterhouse| Details |

Why Must The Sun Shine So Bright

If the sun must shine, why so bright?

Are you happy with the world?

Think again.

There are murders, famine, poverty.

There is racism, bullying, torture.

Are you proud of this? 

There are beatings and abuse,

There are wars and disastors.

Why must you beam gayly?

So when you shine so brightly,

look down on our world.

See the pain.

See the suffering.

Your rays cannot change it.

Your smile only makes me cry.

I have to stay here and watch.

Whilst you live in ignorance. 

Short Poems