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Short Mythology Poems | Short Mythology Poetry

Short Mythology Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Mythology by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Mythology short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Mythology poem by Susan Mills| Details |


Greek mythology
Orion the hunting one
Second brightest star

By Susan Mills

Short Mythology poem by jack horne| Details |

Thread of Life

As the rest of the crew had been lost,
I, alone, was afloat on the sea;
I believed it was thanks to the Fates,
and the thread of my life* - I was free.

*Greek mythology

Short Mythology poem by Brian Strand| Details |


of Oisin
a translation or
Jamie Mac's imagination ?

Note:James Macpherson author in 1762 of Fingal(Finn mac cool) epic on the 'White Stranger'
of Irish mythology and Giants Causeway legend.

Short Mythology poem by Yoni Dvorkis| Details |

Chaos Myth

Knew that
Chaos was
Mythology, that all things are
Strictly predetermined, I would not want to hear that
My power of observation determines the course of reality as it comes.

That would be too convenient.

Short Mythology poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Historical Doris

D aughter of Oceanus and Tethys, in Greek mythology
Of the sea, Mother of many
R oyal naval vessel, British HMS Doris
I owa-Doris, Doris, Greece, Doris, Asia Minor-Dorians one and all
S ea nymph, goddess of the sea, wealth of the sea

Short Mythology poem by Charles Fuller| Details |


Thundering down Olympus
Treads Ares 
The battle master
Piceous clad
Against midnights cloak
Returning human spirit
To the heavens
For upon drowning
Within his crimson gaze
Do we understand
That in faith
Lies divinity

Note: In Greek mythology Ares is the God of War.

Short Mythology poem by M. Teresa Blaylock| Details |

The Moth

Through tomes of strange mythology
   Floats music sweetened by the gods;
And secrets wrapped in mystery
   Dance daringly where knowledge nods.

My very soul I'd gladly sell
   (Were there a devil in a hell)
To learn the truths within that tune --
   But tiny wings can't touch the moon.

Short Mythology poem by Kenneth Melvin| Details |

Emergency Boredom

Distress travels instantly through me, A samurai sword, Greek mythology, Zeus gulped kingly ideas and in his breadbasket he stored, reminiscent of the ancient times, emergency Er Hoard, feels like a billion increased/decreased Forbes, a penniless fellow hustle in no way can be bored.
- Loverboi

Short Mythology poem by Terry Cunningham| Details |

The Numb

Please accept my apology,
 my life, 
has been more like,
Accept that, I do not understand;
 Accept, that I can no longer,
 play this hand...
Punish me, 
do not condemn me..
Allow me the light,
 Another chance;
 Different sight...
This myth that is I;
 This vision,
 I cannot hide..
Accept me as I come,
 Recycle me,;
 Take away,
 The Numb...

Short Mythology poem by Gabe Shelly| Details |

Violence is Violence

Violence is Violence--
It need not be a battle in war,
A fight to the death,
Only something to hurt that life-giving breath--
To start loosening that thread before you should be dead

(In Greek Mythology, people's lives were as a thread in the hands of the Fates, immortal beings who would control a person's destiny. They would end a person's life by cutting that thread.)

Short Mythology poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Defining Phyllis

Phillida a variation of Phyllis, defined as a green leaf.
In Greek mythology Phyllis is the daughter of Lycurgus, king of Thrace and wife of Demophon 
king of Athens.
Goddess of spring, trees, wisdom, geneitc knowledge contained in seeds and women's 

Another famous Phyllis Brooks was born 1914, and is an actress who starred in Old Chicago.

From wikepedia

Short Mythology poem by Harry Laner| Details |

Brewing Evil

Evil Kanievil wasn't really evil.
In fact, in mythology, women were meant to brew evil.

It started as a punishment,
and led to an imprisonment.

an imprisonment of constant lies
that hook our wome to evil ties.

but nowadays no one hates, 
we've even learned to appreciate.

The love, the work, the glistening beauty,
Even the harshness of their parenting duties.

Short Mythology poem by Robert Pettit| Details |


Dear maiden Andromeda up in the sky. I gaze upon you on a clear, starry night. What a beautiful sight you are to my eye. For ages, you have been a cosmic delight. You were named for someone in mythology. The stars outline you, and display your beauty. Your brave hero Perseus will come your way. He is strong and mighty, and will save the day. Robert Pettit for Nette’s Sexy Poem contest

Short Mythology poem by romeo naces| Details |

This Atlas Grins (for Hannah & Sean)

Riding upon my shoulders, 
     innocent glee,
giggling and humming nursery tunes 
they bounce and they dance 
     with the purest of joy;
they shriek and they laugh, my toddler 
     girl and boy.

And I, like Atlas of old 
must carefully carry a fragile 
by the world on his back 
     he is burdened;
by these kids whom I carry, 
     I am gladdened.

Short Mythology poem by Patrycjusz Kopec| Details |


Spring on the woods has befell 
The sea of flowers blossoms as if by a spell
The old oaks have secrets to tell
As cold winds soft spring breeze will expel

On the open field iris grows tall
In mythology Iris with divine connects soul
She has rainbow under her control
And she is wonder to extol

Smell of the iris can make one feel
Beyond divine dream beyond surreal
In the essence of ideal
The secret and sacred universe it will reveal 

Short Mythology poem by sarojkumar khan| Details |


I am blind.
 Poems only can find.
 See Beauty of poetry.
Most of my thyme of poetry is my life history.
Can not say it is autobiography.
But my poetry keeps mythology.
 Try to keep Charity and prosperity.
Find only readers poetry.
Poetry is my wife.
Wherein keeps only wonderful beauty.
I am blind
 But blind is not my mind.
Poetry is now my wonderful tree.
Where my flowers, leafs and skin are to be gifted to readers free.
Saroj khan[sakha]

Short Mythology poem by Poetry Is It| Details |

Gossamer Shroud

Gossamer Shroud  


  Finery most precious.
Whimsical silk and all it's tales.
More than deep mythology.
So that woman may go naked, 
while clothed.
Wearing nought, 
but bright colored clouds.
Almost religious, 
sericulture of it's knowledge.
Volunteering, I live to do so, 
'Standing' guard over this secret.
Even today, being windy it is so.
And it is, 
ever so much cooler because of it. 

Is It Poetry 

Short Mythology poem by Anna-Marie Docherty| Details |


Gratiae - the three graces, mythology of Greeks.
Considered daughters of Zeus and Eurynome
and yet said of Dionysus and Aphrodite,
or Helios and Aegle. Human creativity and fertility.
Goddesses of charm, beauty and nature
Usually by three in numbers; - Aglaea - Beauty, 

Euphrosyne - Mirth, Thalia - Good Cheer.
Part of the underworld - the Eleusinian Mysteries.
For centuries song, prayer and poetry -
has worshipped their celebrated mysteries.

Short Mythology poem by Sharon Morken| Details |

Galaxies Apart

Hurting you wasn't my intention
For me to keep sanity
My spirit halted me with an intervention

You're a shot in the dark
Our minds are galaxies apart

Too much conflict
While I disliked it,
You seem to be an addict

I'm more content
Finding less and less to vent

My battles are fought by me
Your battles are an Odyssey 
Clash of the Titans, Greek mythology

Too much drama for me
I'll retreat while you cry to your momma
Hopefully peace and happiness find you tomorrow

Short Mythology poem by Amy Green| Details |

One Kiss Bliss

Secreted are we
Our bliss every night one kiss
Meet at Mt. Uka*
As O-Kuni-Nushi and
Suseri-Hime once did 

Escape jealousy
Our bliss every night one kiss
A dearth show of love
For now it must be enough
Our rapture depends on it

Foresight favors us
Our bliss every night one kiss
Sapient virtues
Chaste restraint, infinite wait
Choice removed- prorogued passion.

A. Green-
O-Kuni-Nushi and Suseri-Hime (lovers in Japanese mythology)
build their palace at the foot of Mt. Uka. 

Short Mythology poem by Goode Guy| Details |


the eloquence of -  
the song of the syllable
the tone, like solemn Gregorian chant, 
tympanically resonant to hear
beautiful as deep-red Tiffany glass
stoned echo of Morpheus 
a Morpheme of the god of dreams
the language is a beautiful thing
to hear - enunciated, emancipated,
softly muscular moves,
especially whispered into ear

© Goode Guy 2013-02-04

Short Mythology poem by Matthew Ainscough| Details |


She protruded from a background well-versed in mythology
Riddled in metaphors
Steeped in false parameters
Yet gifted in iambic pentametre
She coughed a bloodied bee onto her lap
and let the sparks fly.

She married a beekeeper in two syllables
And bit her tongue
Whilst the lines absolved her dichotomy of life
She tripped over her song's rhyme
She whistled a white-hole onto the page
And dropped herself inside.

Her jar will always be half-empty, with complete thoughts.

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