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Short Miracle Poems | Short Miracle Poetry

Short Miracle Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Miracle by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Miracle short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Miracle poem by Brian Strand| Details |


seek a
in the common

Short Miracle poem by Dalila Agtani| Details |


It is more than a mystery and a miracle… a commitment!

Short Miracle poem by Charles Melody Lightning Ink| Details |


Obstacle give way,
Miracle big conqueror,
List any,get solution.

Short Miracle poem by Kaila B.A| Details |


Being able to work
Is the precious miracle
that fills me with appreciation

Short Miracle poem by Shiki Remindio| Details |

The Inner Me

I clutch my knees
waiting for a miracle
killing myself inside.

Short Miracle poem by Margaret Okubo| Details |

A Miracle Indeed.

A drop of water
   little  stream trickles slowly 
      tumbling waterfall.

Short Miracle poem by Andrey Fisht| Details |


dancing cranes in 
cherry-trees in 
ocean waves-

Short Miracle poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Field of Play

A field of play… Intriguing words of life A miracle
Russell Sivey

Short Miracle poem by Steven Mossburg| Details |

Earth's Beauty

The earth
Warmed by the sun
Cooled by the golden moon
Everyday a new miracle
The earth

Short Miracle poem by E. N. Igma| Details |


Just four lines of simple verse.
For words to change the world
in the fore, a miracle,
forgive, forget; live.

Short Miracle poem by Greg Stanley| Details |

Childs Moment

Tearing paper to see the prize
Seeing the glow in my child’s eyes

By: Greg Stanley
Christmas Miracle Contest

Short Miracle poem by Catherine French| Details |

For Christopher

Oh, my handsome little boy
You are my heart
You are my joy
A miracle from God above
A perfect package of Gods' love

Short Miracle poem by Geoffery McHugh| Details |

On My Brother's Favorite Sandwich...

Peanut butter and 
Miracle Whip collide in coitus 
between two slabs of pumpernickel.

Disgusting eugenics!

Short Miracle poem by Gail DeBole| Details |

Life Oozes

Written by Gail DeBole 
on December 13, 2012

Thrust onto the ground -
Woven miracle of twigs;
The spilled egg cracks.

Short Miracle poem by Sidney Beck| Details |



Take your breath those colors fickle
In a  curving stroke of His wand
Rainbows are a miracle
From God’s creating hand

Short Miracle poem by Cynthia BuhainBaello| Details |

This Miracle

His grace

Unchained the grip

Forgiveness flowing free

His Love and Mercy's miracle

....Is me.

Cynthia Buhain-Baello

Short Miracle poem by Cameron Hartley| Details |

He is the Miracle

He is the miracle
That made an insomniac sleep
A broken heart dream
A quiet girl sing
With a voice she
Thought she'd lost
Long ago

Short Miracle poem by JACQUELYN STURGE| Details |


He turned water into wine
at the wedding feast
'twas not just any cheap wine
Jesus gave the best
His miracle wine
It was so
good !

Short Miracle poem by sidewalker 1| Details |

Poor Leech

To what do we owe the poor leech;
a miracle cleanser par bleach?
While a mucousy mess
It taught us to confess
The truth is so rare in the preach

Short Miracle poem by Anna-Marie Docherty| Details |

His promised portrait

A thousand jewels tumble from sunlit Heavens,
betwixt them a Creator's canvassed covenant.
Gentle revelation, another miracle of life - witnessed. 

Short Miracle poem by Carolyn Devonshire| Details |

A Blessing Bestowed - Shanzi

Curtain rises
A new life is born

Family smiling
Birth’s miracle

Hungry children
Each will eat less
Willing sacrifice

*Entry for Joann’s Shanzi contest

Short Miracle poem by Mike Trevino| Details |


Night,the 1st poem
Love,the 1st Song
Child,the 1st miracle

Rebirth,the 1st Dawn

Without antecedents
This matrimony of Souls and Time

Short Miracle poem by | Details |

Good deeds

Unrepentant remorse
For a good deed unnoticed
To take back a miracle
To wait for a crowd
Because if a tree falls in a forest
Can anyone hear it at all?

Short Miracle poem by Lambda XI| Details |

A Night In

Drink tea in space, listen to the moon baked.
Miracle rising, dopamine climaxing.
Interstellar weather, except in November.
Night sky indigo, beautiful vertigo.

Short Miracle poem by William MacEachern| Details |

Dianism religion,
Was not there
Until I met you
There wasn't
A prayer

Then the day came
A miracle too
Where Love 
And Religion
I Love You...

Short Miracle poem by jack horne| Details |

My Idea of a Miracle

The scientists would find a cure
For all diseases, ailments, ills,
So no one died before their time,
While taking the new wonder pills.

* For Carolyn's Miracle contest

Short Miracle poem by Merle Manu| Details |

She needs

Birthdays and bundt cakes
She needs a miracle
She thinks
Got one and then
Got them
by the dozen
But instead of saying grâce
She could just say thank you!

Short Miracle poem by Allen Braaten| Details |

Magnificent Moon

Full moon low in the evening sky

It seems as though it is quite nearby

What magnificent art formed during creation

Some day for us this miracle will become a realization

Short Miracle poem by Mystic Rose| Details |

The Miracle Of A Bumble Bee

The Bee Is the symbol Of accomplishing The impossible Aerodynamically, Its body Is too large For its wings, And should not Be able to fly But it does...

Short Miracle poem by Bobbi Day| Details |

The avenue is clear

Walking and deliberating
seeing and arguing
smelling and accepting
Believing in those who come before us
knowing that others will come after us
a Miracle of the avenue .

Short Miracle poem by jayachandran chakrapany| Details |


She resides in a cave 
Made of her tears 
Only darkness there 
Smell of her tears everywhere 
I lighten the cave and 
Appealed her to get out 
Waiting there , expecting a miracle. 

Short Miracle poem by Sidney Beck| Details |



Love  is  a life-light.
Know this is good,  and right,
A daily miracle -
Like new-open buds  or a baby born.
A rare intensity and beauty, a dawn.

Short Miracle poem by Black Eyed Susan| Details |

Greatest Holiday Gift

The greatest gift I ever received, 
Was hearing my mom was Cancer-free.
She was able to spend Christmas with us,
And we rejoiced in the miracle that it was.
A gift from above.


Short Miracle poem by David Byrne| Details |


I want to say something simple
Like stand up and walk
Condense the essence of everything 
In an instruction

A miracle to fill the void
Arise and be changed forever!

©dbyrne Sept 2013 

Short Miracle poem by Andrew Crisci| Details |


Christ ascends into
Heaven...making His risen
body seen by all.

Miracle-stroke they were
to have witnessed ascension,
my faith needs no sight...

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Short Miracle poem by M. L. Kiser| Details |

Gods Messengers

Gods’ Messengers; light beings are always around when needed.  
Feather-light wisp of winged energy; a miracle prayed for;  
These beacons never leave us; always stay right by our sides.

Short Miracle poem by Ruben O.| Details |

Hidden and Forgotten (Tagging the Soup's Sweetest Chocolate)


After the egg hunt hens cluck dancing in circles Dark Sweet Miracle
Carol tagged Sara; she tagged me; and I tagged you...Charmaine! Happy Easter, Soupers!

Short Miracle poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Mine Eyes Lied

Looking out the kitchen window
What is that mine eyes see
Pale Pink Running Rosebud looking at me
Let me look close at a miracle spied
Oh! White bleached dead leaf 
How mine eyes have lied

Short Miracle poem by Paul Russell| Details |

The Proposal

I looked into her dazzling eyes
and on my knee I knelt
I took her hand and with mine I felt
I asked her to marry me and to my surprise
She said "Yes" so lovingly
'twas a miracle in disguise

Short Miracle poem by Jas Regan| Details |

Circle of Life

Circle of Life

I see them running around
In their little circles
Blank pale-white faces
Hopelessly searching for places
Again and again
With no traces
Just a circle
Waiting for a miracle.

Short Miracle poem by Rick Parise| Details |

Something So Special

~ There once was a love so true a miracle shared only by two forever she was mine my sweet valentine each moment a loving debut... ~

Short Miracle poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

A Pig's Viewpoint

Said a pig: I'm so relieved when Easter passes.
I count it a miracle that this year we survived.
As for next year, I'm praying we will have died.
How else can poor pigs like us save our asses?

Short Miracle poem by john beharry| Details |


a slight breeze and loosely packed snow on yonder branch comes tumbling down in myriads of tiny snowflakes each flake becomes a miracle glistening in the streetlight like a diamond

Short Miracle poem by Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein| Details |

Back to Birth

Subject Orpheus,
Nation Earth,
I'll bypass the system,
climb back to birth,
to calm youth,
where, each day,
by the rolling wave,
the subject lived held
and with warmth loved,
as a miracle of the womb

Short Miracle poem by kash poet| Details |

How to do the miracle

It will do miracle sure.

Can you give some clue?

How to do?

© kashinath karmakar( 12th July 2011)

Placement:9th;(July 2011)


Sponsor:Dr.Ram Mehta

Short Miracle poem by Jane Bowen| Details |

Whispering Wind

Whispering wind through the trees

Blowing comfort amid your breeze

How you dilute ones misery 

Surely a miracle one could agree

Fill me up with serenity

Take your time …drift through me

Short Miracle poem by POET. UNDERTAKER| Details |

Though nothing is a miracle

Once there was a man called Uncle Miracle
This fellow's intellectual awakening is no miracle
though nothing is a miracle
though everything is miracle
bloody miracle is for believers! right Uncle?

Short Miracle poem by Elly Wouterse| Details |


winter tucks in meadows 
with thick blankets of snow
and sun drenched diamonds
two huge swans swing passion

wings' sing muted echoes 
invisible chateau 
a miracle beyond
eternal adhesion

©Ellie Daphne

Short Miracle poem by Paul Curtis| Details |


It has been said that the miracle of aviation
Is that the aeroplane is nothing more in interpretation
Than 50000 components flying in close formation
And hopefully all bound for the same destination

Short Miracle poem by Alex Roth| Details |

The Angel Leans in the Breath

the angel leans in the breath
of a miracle second, babies coo
and feathers fly down and smoo
-th birds of trees sing liturgies
to the psalm that anoints your head
red flesh the secret flown through

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