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Short Memory Poems

Short Memory Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Memory by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Memory poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Memory poem by Wm Paul| Details | |


Sunny kiting
With a memory
Backdrop breeze.

Short Memory poem by Patricia L Graham| Details | |


Experience shared
Raises awareness
Lifts humanity

Short Memory poem by George Zamalea| Details | |

Mother's Smile

How lovely,
Through the vivid memory
The mother’s smile.

Short Memory poem by Wendy Meyer| Details | |


once upon a Christmastime dazzling across my memory

Short Memory poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


a kiss
an affair-
drowns into memory's

Short Memory poem by Merle Manu| Details | |


We call him
"Shorty" because
He's always
Shorting the market

Short Memory poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |

Victim of Fear

Growing up with beer
made me what I am today
a victim of fear

Short Memory poem by Kileem Al Lishmiin| Details | |

Love Stories

Tragedy and Comedy
Blended and Beaten
Memories last a lifetime

Short Memory poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


in action-
his memory 
clipped to a bedroom

Short Memory poem by Frank Polgar| Details | |

Senses Stirred

delicate perfumes
tickle my nasal passages
memory of past love

Short Memory poem by chamonique knowles| Details | |


I want to be more than a memory
but will you even remember me

Short Memory poem by Colin Coates| Details | |


Scorching Sun
Water just a distant memory
Hyenas on the prowl

Short Memory poem by Ashraful Musaddeq| Details | |

Haiku on Program

looking for program
over flooded memory
thinning and cleaning

Short Memory poem by Joseph Silva| Details | |


Gold fish swim idly
Thirty second memory
Forgive and forget

Short Memory poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details | |

You will have your wish

I initiate
I give
You will have a photographic memory

Short Memory poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

a beautiful mind

a beautiful mind
won’t put me in solitude?
memory of you

Short Memory poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Memory Laps

ran from town to town
around and around for you
again and again

Short Memory poem by Caleb Smith| Details | |

Summer Showers

rainbow's memory
shimmers behind morning rain
the sun is hidden

Short Memory poem by James Marshall Goff| Details | |

Dying Rose

Vanishing beauty
Your charms rest in memory
Altars chant her name

Short Memory poem by Dan Keir| Details | |

Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Storm Part IV

Culminates in a washout
Stuffed camels get soaked

Short Memory poem by Brandee Augustus| Details | |

Never Let the Outsiders In

stop interlopers
cling to love's first memory
avoid nay sayers

Short Memory poem by Michael Dom| Details | |

A poem of myself

My instinct comes heedlessly and ever leadless
Dances over memory

Short Memory poem by maggie huffman| Details | |

Why Did I Come In Here

Like a fleet rabbit
Memory runs from recall
Teasing from afar.

Short Memory poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |

Hurry Hurry

Memories in dust
stories being left behind
in this fast pace  life

Short Memory poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Memories await

twinkle of color
memories adorn each branch
stares await new ones

Short Memory poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details | |

In Memory of Koi

Claw needed to heal
A brownish snapping turtle
Ate up Momma’s koi

Short Memory poem by Dan Keir| Details | |

Haikus About God: IV

God made all people
But some better than others?
Stop being silly.

Short Memory poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


I kiss her beauty with delight-

mere words,cannot her memory cite

Short Memory poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


some or wide
moves side by side
some drip wine sip

Short Memory poem by Ron Porter| Details | |

Not Even

All the pain of missing you... 
Not a memory, when I am kissing you.

Short Memory poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |

Memory Lane

are you feeling down?
strolling down memory lane
may bring happiness

Short Memory poem by Jesse Jones| Details | |

Untitled #230 / Our final moments

Yet, in our final moments,
memory is all we have left
to hold onto

Short Memory poem by Jim Tidd| Details | |


My boys unwrapping
their presents is God's gift to
my best memories.

Short Memory poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |

Stint that end

... stint of adventure,
all in six sequential dream.
Odyssey complete.

Short Memory poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details | |

Love’s Dessert

Warm memory road
Granma’s friendship bread bestowed
Bananas explode

Short Memory poem by Timothy-Paker Nwaorgu| Details | |

Past Love

Embers of past love
Soaked in pale memory dust
Where love equals lust

Short Memory poem by Milan Georges Burovac| Details | |

D day

look where I am 
in the memory of a massacre 
human against human

Short Memory poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |


, one, two, three eleven, her son counts

Short Memory poem by Drake Eszes| Details | |


Violet tulips
Each petal flips, another
Memory of you

©Drake J. Eszes 

Short Memory poem by Cyndi MacMillan| Details | |


horse in field ~

wind stirs an old memory

lifting a shorn mane

Short Memory poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

River Of Blood

A river of blood.
The strong acrid stench of death.
Wartime memories!

Short Memory poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |

Death at Kent State

Four students were killed
On May fourth nineteen seventy
Antiwar protest

Short Memory poem by Theresa a.k.a. Reecie| Details | |


At this very time
Is when the world stands still. Just
Not for you or me.

Short Memory poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


trickles into
torrents,to flood memory's

Short Memory poem by Robert Candler| Details | |

Glowing Reminiscence

Basking in moonlight,
Old birds remember the nest.
Ruffles my feathers.

Short Memory poem by Anthony Pabon| Details | |


time flies very fast
like falling star in the heights
but your memory lasts

Short Memory poem by Katherine Stella| Details | |

Gone But Not Forgotten { Footle}

Laid Wreath
      Good Greif

In Loving Memory
Of Our Fallen

Short Memory poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |


Warm thoughts of fun times.
Smiles presented to others,
appear contagious.

Short Memory poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


he dusted the album-
a memory of love
trickled down his cheek

Short Memory poem by Paul Geiger| Details | |

Slim Gaillard Remembered

Cee-ment mixer, put-
ti, put-ti…one lunger sound
Built houses—I watched. 

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