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Short Memorial day Poems | Short Memorial day Poetry

Short Memorial day Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Memorial day by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Memorial day short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Memorial Day poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Memorial Day

the crowds are coming
Memorial Day again
when summer begins

Short Memorial Day poem by Ann Roske| Details |

Memorial Day

worn headstone place a flag in honor memorial day

Short Memorial Day poem by Tyler Martin| Details |

Memorial Day

on Memorial Day
the flowers fill the grave yard
people reminisce

Short Memorial Day poem by Merle Manu| Details |


At the concert
Memorial day weekend
Lincoln centre
Water fountains
Love you. 

Short Memorial Day poem by Ed Coet| Details |


I hope you enjoy my Memorial Day poetry video tribute on YouTube below. Please copy and
paste the link below into your browser if it does not automatically link to the video:

Short Memorial Day poem by Connie Gildersleeve| Details |

Memorial Day

soldiers gave their lives-
enormous price for freedom
Gray clouds in morning

*An unofficial beginning of summer with a long weekend of BBQ's, beer and having fun, but 
we all should take a few moments and remember the real meaning of Memorial Day.

Short Memorial Day poem by Kim Merryman| Details |

Senryu 1

                                                       memorial day --
                                              soldiers stand at attention
                                                    a bugle plays Taps

For Black-eyed Susan's
1 Senryu any subject contest.

Short Memorial Day poem by cory long| Details |

heaven- memorial day

Home to brave souls, Entering a world of their own. Admiration shown to those who served with pride. Vets who died fighting for what they believed was right. Excited to have given freedom to our land. Nationally we gather to celebrate the lives lost and lives still here. Thank you to all our vets

Short Memorial Day poem by Charles Gragg| Details |

Onward and Upward

"Onward and upward"

the good men and women were heard to say

as they drew their swords to join the fray

The enemy was vanquished and did quickly give way

And peace was preserved in a grandiose display

Now for those that gave all we kneel and pray

So they will be forever remembered on this Memorial Day

Charles Hampton Gragg

May 27, 2013


Short Memorial Day poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

Memorial Day

As the sun rises orange
Casting purple 'pon the clouds.
This is a day to remember
Our soldiers and be proud.

Many have gone before.
So that we can have life.
Look at their graves, too young
To even have a wife.

As the Dove coos, "Mournful."
The cock crows, "Wake up, day!"
Take just a few minutes 
And be thankful before play.

Memorial Day May 27, 2013

Short Memorial Day poem by Katherine Stella| Details |

Prisoner Of War

                                                 prisoner of war
                                         captive combat soldier -
                                              longing for rescue

Tribute To
 P.O.W  /  M.I.A.
You Are Not Forgotten

Bring Em Home
Never Give Up Searching

Happy Memorial Day
Love Kathy And Jenny

Short Memorial Day poem by John Posey| Details |

What Would You Have Me Do -- A Memorial Day Tribute

Oh gallant sons of glory, Whose years were so precious few -- In payment for the debt I owe, What would you have me do? If only I could hear, What question would you ask? To pay this debt of honor, Just what would be my task? Could your immortal spirits Meet me face to face, What would you have me do To calm your resting place? Could I breach the chasm of death And ask you to answer true, In payment for the lives you gave, What would you have me do?

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