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Short May Poems | Short May Poetry

Short May Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about May by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for May short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short May poem by Tavip Endro Yuwono| Details |

May I?

Hello Heaven!

May I sit down

beside you...

Short May poem by Sallam Yassin| Details |


Rest the rest
Long rest....
May to be no rest

Short May poem by timothy boswell| Details |


time fails to stop

off the planet i may


Short May poem by Lisa Lawler| Details |

Acrostic Poem

Vanquishing emotions with preposterous actions.

Short May poem by Guy-Adler Dorelien| Details |

A tamed beast

Only she may tame this, wildered heart of mine.

Short May poem by john loving iii| Details |


Sara May

cried today

her little kitten 

ran away

Short May poem by vince gullaci| Details |

End Of The Dream

So be it

as it may

it fell

on deaf ears


Short May poem by Brian Strand| Details |




then ignores-

what other's may


Short May poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

Breaking The Pen

You may break the pen, but not my lovefor poetry

Short May poem by Brian Strand| Details |




from the front-

may not be good


Short May poem by Edward Orozco| Details |

Pancho Villa


He died for equality

May be rest in peace

Short May poem by Brittany Moon| Details |

The Difference Between Freinds And Those You Love

Friendships may come and go,

But love endures forever

Short May poem by James Peranteau| Details |

Cease motion

Allow me please to convalesce butterfly so I may reappear

Short May poem by Marissa Faries| Details |

Thrive To Survive

Survive, for you are alive.
Thrive, so you may be alive.

Short May poem by Leigh Nickolyn| Details |


Slowing losing our mind,

May God have mercy on our soul.

Short May poem by BRIAN EATHERTON| Details |

Today And Tamara

I didn't see Tamara today

But I may see Tamara tomorrow.

Short May poem by Brian Strand| Details |



in Spring,

tops in May-

skipping ropes for


Short May poem by Brian Strand| Details |

fulton-MAY DAY

B   L   U   E

B   E   L   L

D   E   L   L

W   E   L   L

Short May poem by Jyoti Chaudhary| Details |


Any Competition ,

May kill all but not

Fasts and alerts.

Short May poem by valerie bellefleur| Details |

Trees of Maytime

Emerald frocked trees 

strut down 

May's fashion runway..

Short May poem by BRIAN EATHERTON| Details |

See Her

I didn't see Tamara today

But I may see Tamara tomorrow.

Short May poem by Eileen Ghali| Details |

Being Petty

it may be petty

reading and not commenting


Short May poem by Brian Strand| Details |




and done with-

may spring forth new


Short May poem by Anna J Carroll| Details |

Mother May I Haiku

Mother may I go
Mother may I sleep at night
Mother may I lay

Short May poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Search for Spock

more emotions
may cloud our logic
where are you Mister Spock?

Short May poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Haiku a Day

an haiku a day
may help keep despair away
may even bring joy

Short May poem by Charles Henderson| Details |

song of haiku

song of haiku

captured in the moment

sung forever

May cgh

Short May poem by Dan Prizner| Details |

Spring's news

A bee in a bud
A silent morn unfolding --
Robin's song singing

Short May poem by Wm Paul| Details |



May is gone

And June is here


This time of year.

Short May poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Love You

I say I love you
You may laugh or you may cry
You may run away

Short May poem by Lord Addo-Yobo| Details |

The Educated

Darkened by night,

He seeked the light,

That he may be right,

Short May poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

One Dance

my only dance
with all eyes on me
may I have this dance please?

Short May poem by chipepo lwele| Details |


Protocol may deny you opportunities,but arise to the challenge.

Short May poem by gary bechter| Details |

You may choose your own


creativity's birth-right,

color outside...lines

Short May poem by Benjamin Alexander| Details |


I am still a boy
I may look twenty one but,
I have much to learn

Short May poem by Nola Perez| Details |


Plucky flower may 
be plucked if someone 
has a little pluck.  

Short May poem by Betty Bateson| Details |

Into the Sunset

window bed for two
rapt audience of magic
lazy calicos  


Short May poem by Phyllis Babcock| Details |


a rainbow... may its colors bring love and laughter to the heart.

Short May poem by Celene Crescent| Details |

To all papas

Happy father's day,May God bless you everyday,Many love your way.

Short May poem by Effie Blake| Details |


this may help you fight

osteoporosis and

bring you a good smile.

Short May poem by Madelin Barton| Details |


The sins that once thrilled you
May be what later in life ills you

Short May poem by Vernette Hutcherson| Details |

Angel Pennies

Pick up lost pennies

You may get an angel kiss

It is worth a try

Short May poem by Mike Kostashuk| Details |

Bright Horizon

Although some steps
May be made in sadness
My journey is beautiful

Short May poem by kristi hayner| Details |

#26 angel card- TRUTH

yours and mine may not 

look the same karma 

will win in the end

Short May poem by Joseph Silva| Details |


Live only to die

Die only that you may live

Feeling is living

Short May poem by Christian Crosby| Details |

The all mighty

You may not believe 

But I am always with you

And yet you fear me

Short May poem by Daniel Corcoran| Details |

The World Ends With You(Me)

If you die.

It may not seem like it.

But the world ends with you.

Short May poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

Definition sans explanation

Words may be defined as little mules

that carry our verbal baggage.

Short May poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details |


~And, if indeed, lack of mercy is just, may we not know Why? ~

Short May poem by Typhani Roberson| Details |


Longing of what was

Obstruction of what may come

Progress impeded

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