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Short March Poems

Short March Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about March by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short March poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short March poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


of March-
plot thickens

Short March poem by Uwe Stroh| Details | |

March Fly

At Dead Horse Gap
Lightning strikes
like march flies.

Short March poem by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO| Details | |

Super Moon: March 19, 2011

Contractual agreements with publisher caused DELETION

Short March poem by Judy Konos| Details | |

Call Of Duty

When time has come   
We march from home
Where some will die

Short March poem by chris bowen| Details | |

imitation white girl

they march from egypt
pain and contempt?get real dude

Short March poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

For The Colony

Army green spring--
In columns of two
Ants march across stars

Short March poem by Rick Zablocki| Details | |


Shattered eggs
Fluffy corpse
Tooth Fairy in custody

March 10, 2013

Short March poem by Robin L. Gass| Details | |

Is it Spring Yet?

The March madness ends
I am just an April fool
looking for sunshine

Short March poem by Melani Udaeta| Details | |

The Winds

Hair blows around
blustery March winds
Can you warm these gales up?

Short March poem by Cesar Cantu| Details | |

The Hall

Fruit-colored cubes
Vertex-based orbital spin
March to the kitchen

Short March poem by Raul Moreno| Details | |

Cloud Soldiers

A legion of clouds,
March across blue battlefields:
War rumbles ahead.

Short March poem by karen croft| Details | |


the ides of March cease
April, May, June, july gone
soon fall will be here

Short March poem by Kim Hilliker| Details | |

Waiting for Spring

An awakened Earth
Lovely March, April and May
Dormant seeds will thrive.

Short March poem by Jeremy henderson| Details | |

different drum

i march to my drum
much different then what yours is
so dont fall in line

Short March poem by Bri Brown| Details | |


joyous music plays.
It can all change abruptly.
Now the death march plays.

Short March poem by Nick Bagnall| Details | |

Army of power

The iron men march on
Rending the earth from the sky
Landscape despoiled

Short March poem by jack horne| Details | |

The Moon is my Muse

full moon a werewolf howls

6th March for Russell’s Moon is my Muse contest

Short March poem by David Whalen| Details | |

Haiku of Spring

March and April play Chameleon games…always Change…yet stay the same

Short March poem by Brian Strand| Details | |

Cinqku 1( Ides of March)

rooks among
the bursting buds-
stick by stick,Ides of March

Short March poem by Gert W. Knop| Details | |


Bright sunny day in March
Snow-drops and crocuses flower
On luscious grass

Short March poem by Brian Strand| Details | |

March on standby

trees statuesque

flowers icily still-

March on standby

Brian Strand 28 Feb

Short March poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

Protesting Geishas

Geishas on the march.
Protesting we know not what.
They really look pissed.

Short March poem by Abe Lopez| Details | |

Spring Snow

Blooms in early March 
A pear less fruit tree awakes
Bringing the spring snow

Short March poem by Steven Clark| Details | |


    Ants marching in line
Summer's army on the move
    Winter's here to soon

Short March poem by Adeleke Adeite| Details | |

5th of march, twenty eleven

August's aura arouses...
Arresting alluring angels
so blue, blissful & bright.

Short March poem by Isaac Tschampl| Details | |


End the winter's chill
Spring is here yet so the snow
It's warmth to freeze to

Short March poem by Cynthia Alvez| Details | |

Flying High

shimmering in sky
solitary black bird wings
singing of lost love

March 25, 2009

Short March poem by Andrew Crisci| Details | |


Bright and calm March sky,
eagles take the swiftest flights...
butterflies follow!

Short March poem by Carol Fillmore| Details | |

Sunday, March 6

gray day, drizzle falls
snow melts makes slush- cars splashing
stay indoors and dry

Short March poem by Ph.d Volo Von Wolfenstein| Details | |

Spirit Coast: March 1st 2011

Ghostly galleon
Drifting with old drowned sailors-           
Swallowed by starlight.

Short March poem by wala na| Details | |

damselfly dancers

damp soil swirls 
liquid disco drumbeats....
damselfly dancers

March 2, 2011

Short March poem by JSLambert Mister ROBOTO| Details | |

Dime Pieces

beautiful women walking fast in rows of ten March of Dimes, ya' heard

Short March poem by Rick Richardson| Details | |

Celestial Bear

Big Bear swims tonight
    Stars reflecting on water
    Painted by van Gogh


Short March poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details | |

two rare beauties

two rare beauties
curiosity united

© March 22, 2011
Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

Short March poem by jay del fierro| Details | |

Armies raising Cain...

         Battalions march
on blood soaked darkened red sand,
         Able tears to wash...

Short March poem by Michael Benkhen| Details | |

March Satyrus

There lies march resting,
it's bed odorous and philanderous,
and spreading sniffles abroad.

Short March poem by Cynthia Alvez| Details | |

Storm Clouds

threat of pending storm
changes quiet sky to rar
mountains and sea moan

March 13, 2008

Short March poem by LINDA JACKSON| Details | |


       march winds gust -

       gorse clings on tightly
       whilst daffodils sway

Short March poem by LINDA JACKSON| Details | |

Hardy Daffodils

    march winds toss  
    pretty yellow heads -
    daffodils bend in wind 

Short March poem by Paddi March| Details | |


An empty bottle
leaves twenty percent guilt
and ten percent regret.

Paddi March

Short March poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

The Battlefield Sings Out For War

the cannons and the guns that march towards the battlefield sing out their tunes for war

Short March poem by Gail DeBole| Details | |


a startled sun -
elephants on the plain;
the families grieve

Written: February 1999
Updated: March 19, 2012

Short March poem by Brenda Victoria Northeast| Details | |

The sprung

The spring has sprung
And oohh - my back aches
I need a new mattress

© Brenda V Northeast 28th March 2012

Short March poem by Pastor Isaac| Details | |


let me be
as sweet wine
that pours into
your cup
and fills it to the brim
with love.

(11 march 1980)

Short March poem by Caitlin Essenburg| Details | |

Requiem of the Rising Sun: March 24

Tattered sun
Waving in the wind
As the lives of thousands rush past with all the mighty terror of the ocean.

Short March poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

The Clouds Shall March

Awaken Caspian Sea,
The clouds shall march
Into this storm
Then, we shall move
Through the
Voice of God

Short March poem by Adam Giammarusti| Details | |

Spring Time

The temperatures are falling
The snow is stacked high
When can it be spring
Can't the cold just pass on bye

Short March poem by Jonathan Medida| Details | |

Fragile Heart

Carrying a fragile heart
In sea of sorrows we march
Hold it dearly 'til you gasp
And its fall will be its last

Short March poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


am smart
cloths or starch
i love to march
for whats right
black or white
my love is free
be glad

Short March poem by Modupe Sefunmi| Details | |

Moon is My Muse

budding poems hatching, the moon is in bloom

7th March, 2013
for Russell Sivey's Moon is My Muse Contest

Short Poems