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Short March Poems

Short March Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about March by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short March poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short March poem by Steven Clark| Details | |


    Ants marching in line
Summer's army on the move
    Winter's here to soon

Short March poem by Adam Giammarusti| Details | |

Spring Time

The temperatures are falling
The snow is stacked high
When can it be spring
Can't the cold just pass on bye

Short March poem by john beharry| Details | |

Hello and Goodbye

Hello and Goodbye The final story of Life As Time marches on Its irreversible path That can never be erased

Short March poem by Cynthia Jones| Details | |

Butterflies Flutter -Palindrome-

Butterflies fluttering -*- fluttering butterflies Wonderous colors -*- colors wonderous Breeze along with they float -*- float they with along breeze They are beautiful creatures -*- creatures beautiful are they Copyright © Cynthia Jones Mar.23/2005

Short March poem by Michael Dom| Details | |

Inspired by Debbie Guzzie's sonnet March Goosebumps

March brushes past us, in its blustery haste

And we, who stand where Winter’s chill once laid waste,

Watch in awe, the breath of Spring ignite the earth.

Around cold Winter’s girth, warm Spring wraps its mirth.

We know, after every death, there is rebirth.

Short March poem by Sarah I| Details | |

Nagaski Marching

Marching to the death of soldiers
Marching to the death of the innocent
Marching to the death of the guilty
Marching towards the unknown
Marching towards unforgiving
Marching towards unfeeling
All who march, march to their own death
All who march, march to suffering.

Short March poem by Cynthia Jones| Details | |

Alone In The Snow -Modulus 7-

She's all alone in the snow caught her off guard scared she's trying to find her way home storm causes whiteout she's cold should have thought twice before leaving yard in the forest, she's caught screams for help. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Mar.28/2008

Short March poem by MC MC| Details | |

Catholics and Protestants Unite !

Catholics and Protestants unite 
it's time to join the fight 
as we march on toward that light !
It's our job to question the mob ,
as we march on toward that light !
They think it's a game
to dish us the same,
it's our job to question the mob,
as we march on toward that light ! 


Short March poem by Kyle Carlson| Details | |

One Thousand Dead Businessmen

One thousand dead businessmen
Zombies of emotionless regimen
Sharply dressed
Black suit and tie, freshly pressed
Leather briefcases, to seem professional
This march of skeletons is quite exceptional

Burst into dust and wither away
Corruption and greed let them die 
The next thousand corpse march includes you and I


Short March poem by RUDOLPH RINALDI| Details | |

Emancipation Proclamation

Close your eyes
Open your left eye
Then your right eye
Count forward to one

Now close your right eye
Then your left eye
Count backwards to fifteen
Go past that number to sixty-eight 
  and then proceed  backwards to it

Open both eyes
And see the world 
In its totality
Count to twenty-nine

Open your heart 
You are now ready 
To conquer the world
Free at last!

Short March poem by Glaze Twist| Details | |

March On My Mighty Hoopers

March on my mighty hoopers march on indeed.
March right on the court with heads held high.
March on my mighty hoopers march on through the night.

March on my mighty hoopers stomp those Eagles with all your might.
March my mighty hoopers march on with heads held high.
March my mighty hoopers march on over the mountains till the break of dawn.
March on my mighty hoopers
March on my league champions

Short March poem by Cynthia Jones| Details | |

After The Storm -2-

After the storm is over you hold me in your loving arms, we watch the sunset it leaves behind God fills the sky, with His loving charms. The water is so calm now not like it was before, the sky is painted so beautifully but it's you, that I adore. The mountains, have been kissed with snow and you let your loving show. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Mar.5/2008

Short March poem by Michael J. Falotico| Details | |

Sounds of Rain

On this cool March afternoon the
sounds of rain play songs in my head..
Some are upbeat and set the scene
for a smile and something sweet to be said..
Other drops of rain play a chorus of 
faded dreams and missed open doors..
And yet another ballad could be heard
as the splashes dance on the floor..
On a late winter day in March where only quiet 
can be found , I sit and watch the sky and here
music all around..

Short March poem by Sam Raj| Details | |

Self Destruction

Having surpassed the ides of March. 
Denounced the the baneful glare.
Yet my grief befriends Sanity.
Doctrine of hate preached from
Pulpits and podiums.
Marathon of the arms race.
Humans of another race are dispensable. 
Creation of art in flesh and blood.
My heart is compelled to dwell.
In poems that rhymes life.
In a compassion that flow.
Into a stream of peace and tolerance.
Creating in my mind another alien world.

Short March poem by Ndaba Sibanda| Details | |

A Dance A Flow

I try to follow the flow
though your move is slow
I seem to be falling behind
falling falling behind 

I like the cadence
of your language 
it gives me a dance 
I love that beat that dance

give me that cadence 
that balanced   rhythmic flow
because l want to dance and dance
without feeling wrong or slow 

your voice dances its way
marches into my soul in that way
as it gently rises and falls like that
please don`t stop l adore  that…

Short March poem by mazhar butt| Details | |

One Foot at a Time

One foot at a time One foot at a time
Move ahead but in rhythm and rhyme
The path is wet and slippery with slime 
One foot ahead One foot at a time 
Will lead you out of life's grime
One foot at a time will make you tread
Distances which are far ahead 
But I know you wouldn't often  stop
Like a Kangaroo on your feet to  hop
That's good for him but not for you
One foot ahead at a time would do
Traverse the path of destiny 
Firmly, safely and happily!

Short March poem by Treasa Jarvis| Details | |

For the Brave men and women who fight for us everyday

There are  brave men and women somewhere tonight
standing in alert and ready to fight.
I send a simple prayer 
as they bravely march on through
defending the honor of the Red, White and Blue.
No air conditioned condo's and fine dining in their ranks.
They march on foot, or cargo trucks, in flight or Army tanks.
For all of us you risk your life, and your world is upside down.                                
I believe in heaven there's a jewel in your crown.

Short March poem by Cynthia Jones| Details | |

Baby Hugging Bunny

The Easter Bunny tries to hide toys under the baby's bed, the baby started giggling when he knocked him over the head. Every Easter that goes by the Bunny runs into this, poor little bunny just wants a break maybe get a hug and a kiss. The baby looked at the bunny so very serious, he was, he reached out and picked the bunny up squeezed him tightly with a hug. Copyright © Cynthia Jones Mar.23/2008 I wrote this while looking at a picture.

Short March poem by randy johnson| Details | |

Joe Besser

This wonderful man was a stooge many years ago.
He starred in the Three Stooges and his name was Joe.
Joe didn't like to be hit by fists or with pies.
He was a great comedian and that's no lie.
Sadly he died in March of 1988.
A date that his fans would hate.
He outlived Moe and Larry by thirteen years.
People laughed every time he appeared.
He may be dead but he can never be replaced.
This funny man was a credit to the human race.


Short Poems