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Short Little Sister Poems

Short Little Sister Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Little Sister by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Little Sister poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Little Sister poem by Frances King| Details |

It's How You Look At It ...

Im afraid! Its dark!

Close your eyes, little sister.

You wont see it then 

Short Little Sister poem by Jesse Jones| Details |

Untitled #209 / Nancy Wilson #1

Nancy Wilson!

How could I have forgotten you!

Because youre the little sister!

Because youre so down to earth!

Short Little Sister poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


we when  to a new land

we had other on hand

by right just me and wife

they carry on

didn't won't be left  at home

so we



Short Little Sister poem by Allan Granstrom| Details |


I love my sister

The way she smiled with her eyes

She smiles for the Lord

My sister Kathy passed last night.

Rest in peace little sister.You 

were too good for this world. 

Short Little Sister poem by Secret Poet| Details |

For my Sister

A baby through her infancy searching for her lifes path, the next stop childhood but this would be her last, never to reach adulthood or to even have a past, my innocent little sister stolen by the stars.

Short Little Sister poem by Josh Nipper| Details |

Little Sister in Front of All

She sits in front of them all.

Her nerves eating her alive.

The butterfly's in her gut are trying to carry her off.

She wont back down though.

My little sister stands out there alone.

She stands out there with the world to prove.

Short Little Sister poem by Dr. Upma A. Sharma| Details |

My sweet sister

HE then granted my wish,
Little sister in my lap would swish,
As if an angel stepped down the heaven,
Diamond of my eyes, sparkles to ravish ,
Born today, day and month both seven !

Written on 7/7/14
For my sweet little sis on her birthday

Short Little Sister poem by Christina Williams| Details |


Priceless pearl
my hidden diamond
love's sweet jewel

Heaven sent
Angelic countenance
Beauty so pure

Lovely daughter
your character delights
my devotion forever

Heartbeat on screen
My unbelief ceased
the moment
first squeezed my finger

Short Little Sister poem by Rhonda Osheim| Details |



My little sister,

My toddler baby.

Nibbling, Munching,

On rubarb.

The other one sitting there,


I pick her up,

I read to her,

And tell her it will be okay.

My little sister,

My baby darling,

Patty O.


My sisters!

Short Little Sister poem by Brian Kilpatrick| Details |

Little Sister Do You Remember

Do you remember 

When the moon

Danced with sun

On an early spring morning

When we use to rise

Like eagles in the sky

When we skipped

Like an otter in the sea

When butterflies

Multiplied in the fields

As we walked

Hand in hand to school

Little sister do you remember

Short Little Sister poem by Twelve Noon| Details |

My Dearest Little Sister

My dearest little sister, who I adore..

God blessed me with you, forevermore.

Side by side, we will always be..

Through tears and heartache, I will never leave..

Through life's trials we will work them out together..

What I am trying to say is I will love you forever...

Short Little Sister poem by Kevin Potter| Details |

Home Sweet Home

There is a place that I call home

my little sister's hair I do comb

I help my mom cook dinner

my little brother says its a winner

We all go walking in the park 

until the sun goes dark

I never have had the nice cloths or gear

but in this home all I need is love no fear

Short Little Sister poem by Fiona Hauber| Details |


all this hurt thats building up inside

is caused by you

all these tears that i cried

Are caused by you

i remember 10 years ago

when i was sitting at home

waiting for you, my little sister

to arrive

now my insides died

as i sit and wait

but only to wait for you to not arrive

Short Little Sister poem by Jonathan James| Details |

To my little sister on her wedding day...

To my little sister, on her wedding day...

well, what can I say?

As you don't need any help from me,

you have a man who loves you dearly.

But if you ever have a problem - big, or small

you can always give me a call - 

although you won't have the same name as me...

my little sister, you'll always be.

Short Little Sister poem by Rebecca Workman| Details |


A girl as lovely as a rose

With the face of a angel

The spirit of a dove

And a heart full of love.

As beautiful as a sunset

With hair that waves

Her beauty comes along

With her childish ways.

A kid that has it all


All of an angel

She's my little sister

A precious one at that.

Short Little Sister poem by Edward Hill| Details |

Brother and his newborn sister

For the very first time

He discovers a new face

As he stares into her eyes

She drifts off into space.

This is my little sister?

He questions the man above.

Why she is very beautiful.

Pure as a heavens dove!

For the very first time

He held her in his hands

He too, then drifted off

Now he understands.

Short Little Sister poem by Veronica Aicher| Details |

A Tribute To My Sister

I had a little sister
Who grew up to be my friend
I thought we'd always be together
Until the very end
We shared so many memories 
Of times we were young and carefree
Even though she is no longer here
She'll always be with me
Day after day year after year
I will always remember her with a whole lot of laughter
And few little tears

Short Little Sister poem by Heather Burt| Details |


I am so torn , 

Every since you were born , 

Watching you grow up , 

From a little pup , 

2 years later , 

You have gotten much greater,

3 years after that , 

I turned into a little brat , 

5 years later and your ten , 

I am not like I was then ,

I am just torn . 

                            ( Dedicated to my little sister Shalleigh)

Short Little Sister poem by Gwendolyn Coffey| Details |

Remembering When

I remember when...
We'd run around the yard.
And play 'til the sun set.
We had so much fun.
Never had any regret.

I remember when...
We had all those fights.
With every word that was said.
I wish I could take it all away.
No longer feel this dread.

I remember when...
We use to be so close.
When we had it all.
Let's forget the past.
Our love was never small.

Short Little Sister poem by Renee Simmers| Details |

I Love You (Lil Sis)

I never realized just how much i loved you,

until that very day.

the day you had to leave me alone,

the day you wanted to throw your life away.

you as my little sister,

the person ive know all my life,

had to go somewhere special.

all because of a knife.

i love you so much an i want you to know,

that i will always be here for you,

&& i will never ever go. 

Short Little Sister poem by Kacey Greenlee| Details |

''Myself as a whole''

Lost at times.I feel movement but, mind is still.Haunted by memories of my mother.God rest

her soul.Longing for my little sister Nicole.Where have you gone?I miss you so much.I wake

up to baby,his soft skin I touch.Housework,and books most of my day.I can't stop writing,I

can't put my pen away.Passion in my heart floods,like a river rising.Every day is

new,always surprising.

Short Little Sister poem by Catherine Trout| Details |


     I tried to drown my sorrows, but they learned to swim.  Which taught me you can't run, you can't hide from our less than perfect side.  Even though the dog paddle is all you know.  Try hard to swallow your pride.  Because sorrow is along for the ride.  Sorrow teaches us to realize and appreciate the times that don't bring tears to our eyes~~Blessings  Catfish      3/17/2014

Short Little Sister poem by Anonymous Ah| Details |

Little Sister

Little sister's seen it all happen to you
She's been exposed and could not care less
Get in the car, open up, undress
Little sister, she's no fool
She's seen it all happen to you

Hold it in, tuck it in, behind teas and cakes
Does she really learn from your mistakes?
Will her innocent face take the blame?
She's done bad, bad things compared to you
Slicker, smarter, crazy little fool

Short Little Sister poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Good Morning Joanie

I just woke up and what should I see?
Its another cold rainy morning in Milwaukee.
Hello Shortcake.  Going out in the rain will get you wet.
A cold or the flu is something you can easily get.
Thats not the way to start the new year.
Here, put on my warm leather jacket I have here.
Being Richies little sister, you are somebody I like.
I really like you as much as my bike.

Short Little Sister poem by Louise Riveiro - Mitchell| Details |

My Little Sister

My little sister so wild and free

Always walking ahead of me

Never afraid to take any test

Papas pride, his little princess

You loved a brave as wild as you

And to this day you still do

But there was another who loved you so

And he stepped aside and let you go

You never looked back to see

Another loved him it was me

And now after all this time

The wolf has his doe

And the hawk is mine

Short Little Sister poem by Raymond Ngomane| Details |

Defied Kisses

Blasting sounds of tears
Fears are doomed to be passing
Mountain of affection provoke fake emotions
Raining thoughts of tress grow broken branches of feelings
Tribulations and trials in court cases
When Species promise you kisses
From the roots of hatred
Growing fears of affection
Its a sip of a pois0ners kiss
My words avenge my time of death
Its a kiss from the pois0ners snake
Never mind my brains
I am the prisoner of hate
You owe me a healthy kiss

Short Little Sister poem by DON JOHNSON| Details |


<center>Robert H

The twists n turns, the fire that burns,
 in lifes sweet meditations,
 Patience saw ol Rex did squirm, 
did she did him in, the lation:)

Shivers here babe,
emotions slave,
but in the mind we often grasp,
the tender words, the little laugh,
when love was sweet n brave :)

An it flows n flows n on it goes,
great verse here little sister,
yes you are right,
 the Lord the light,
the ever glowing Mister:)</center>

Don Johnson 12-aug-11

Short Little Sister poem by arzoo akbar| Details |

shoo-- there is some one at door

shoo ------ there's some one at door 

but why so ? so late night ?

is there any post man or any grocer ....

noooo it can't , any one who works at day but knock the door at night 

it is a ghost ? oh it seems 

it is a GHOST !!!

 a big horror !!

yaa iam going t open the door

slowly , slowly , slowly 

but , but who's there ?

yep its seems i had some dreams its no one

its my little sister who slept on the bed and had fall,

and made a big noise!

Short Little Sister poem by Kushal Poddar| Details |

to one who was never born

to one who was never born 

I cannot fit you amongst dead sisters; 

put you to sleep with humming lullaby.

I cannot, for you 

have never been born.

Mapping a womb sometimes reveals you, 

coiling, illusory and innocent.

Just any womb 

carrying a girl.

You seem iridescent midst mothers warmth; 

it means nothing to you, if you may

never be born as

my little sister

whom I have not put to sleep with a song.

© 2009 - All Rights Reserved Kushal Poddar

Short Little Sister poem by John Monteblanco| Details |

You didn't Realize It

The place to be can be called my home.

Shall you take my hand or shall I take yours?

You stabbed me in the heart but you never realized it.

An olive and an arrow to show me your love...why isn't it here yet?

Can you tell me how many children we're gonna have?

Can I tell you anything as if you were my little sister, Jennifer?

Please return my heart.

I need it so I can move on but you're always in the back of my head.

You're all I ever think about, you're all I really need.

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