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Short June Poems

Short June Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about June by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short June poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short June poem by Wm Paul| Details | |


May is gone
And June is here
This time of year.

Short June poem by Dave Will| Details | |

Far Away

far away awaits
follow season's longer days
river flows to north

Short June poem by Lynne Hanson| Details | |


dark sky spits fury 
water pounds relentlessly 
summer heat broken

Short June poem by Matthew Horstkotter| Details | |

June Day Haiku

Sun shining so bright
Birds singing a summer song
A splendid June day

Short June poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


ihen its hot
am a a beach lot
as they walk by
it catches my eye
thats make me aware
its a

Short June poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


kids love to play
summer its everyday
making sand ball
near the ocean fall
they love the beach
holding hands

Short June poem by Milan Georges Burovac| Details | |

Paris my prison

another world for me
a soul that I be
a freedom for life
free by love for liberty
for living — Paris my reason
Paris my unfulfilled desire
Paris my prison

Short June poem by Milan Georges Burovac| Details | |

Solstice 19439,11

possibly later in the street 
my sad voice by the symphony of Paris 
because I sing the loneliness 
and meditation on the long days 
with the holy hope 
for universal peace 
for eternal liberty

Short June poem by Sarafiel Light| Details | |

Winter Rose

Just as innocence  
Stolen far too young  
A rose blooming in winter  
Is sweeter than one in June 
Its novelty lasts forever  
Though its life ends far too soon 
Just as her innocence 
Stolen far too young

Short June poem by Brandi Elizabeth Brown| Details | |

The Daisy

A single daisy grew along the fence
Standing tall and happy
Among the weeds and scattered yard waste
In the strong sun not yet of summer
And I offered a silent salute
As I sauntered by
Because I daresay
I envied its resolve

Short June poem by Denise Hopkins| Details | |


written 22nd Oct 2013

Even after sixteen years
 still I cry your daughters tears
Every year on this day, will always be sad
 known only as the date, God took my dad

    1st June 1954- 22nd Oct 1997
         Allan Thomas Holmes

Short June poem by Bruce Coates| Details | |

Daydreams of Snow

As I’m pushed away by summer’s breeze
Flakes of white fall upon my brow
I wish for the earth beneath to freeze
To shield me from how days are now

These months have been so long and cruel
I’m ever so blind while the sun reigns
Therefore, I’ll dream of winter’s cool
To take away my summer pains

Short June poem by Faith Elizabeth Brigham| Details | |

between the two

one man wanted my heart
the other made it bleed
one man made me smile
the other made me plead

one took me for granted
while the other was fair
one man kept me crying
the other really cared

one man hurt me badly
the other made me blue
one left me in april
the other left in june 

Short June poem by kash poet| Details | |

Wine of a different kind

Drink a wine of different kind a wonder drink healthy refined no need of old wine new is rather fine drink the wine of your lover's mind. © kashinath karmakar (20th June 2011) ===============00================ Date:20th June ,2011 Contest:Bottle of Wine,(Fruit of the vine,when..) Sponsor:Francine Roberts

Short June poem by Elmer Candol| Details | |

Fathers Day

Every June it happens,
Big celebration that never ends.
This is their sunrise-to-sunset,
Should us to commemorate.

An attendant at night,
Attentive parent at light,
Presence never leave us,
In every challenges we have.

Greatest gift of all,
A huge thanks for all,
You're our and my loving father,
And I must say I love you.

Short June poem by Melody Coster| Details | |


Once a naughty cupid elf
 slipped upon me unaware
took June from my heart
 and instead, put December there!

Now cold December loved me
 but with furry lent from pain
strove to drive June from my heart
 and reigh again instead!

But what the Gods' have given me
 I will not let depart
and June shall live forever
 enshrined witin my heart!

Short June poem by jody mckinnon| Details | |


A renewal of the space,
Of gravity, time, allowance,
New creations, new life.
Revival spread through the lands and the hearts.
This is our father’s creation,
The beauty, mind boggling.
The air fresh, crisp, sweet,
The beginning, the end,
New paths, new walks.
Roads . . . they end.
They wind.
Animals, people, 
All things breathing.

Short June poem by Olive Eloisa Guillermo| Details | |


come, speak to my heart
say: "we will not depArt"
you are only mine
and i am ONLY yours

perceive any other woman
they maybe prettier
yes, they maybe richer
even exudes sexier

the hell, i mind
as i know im not behind
as in to your eyes
as cold as eyes, unto heights

i am the only one
as i'm no other woman
possessing, keeping you
denying you all from blues

Short June poem by Elmer Candol| Details | |

The Tribute

Day of bearing is happening,
In every year you're celebrating,
Another sunshine of your being,
That everybody will commemorating.

You're a lion in everything,
On your family shooting.
In GOD we express gratitude,
A gift that never be dissolve.

A big thanks we express on you,
A big smile we do on you,
We never leave beside you,
And we keep loving you

Short June poem by Joyce Johnson| Details | |


The month of June has just arrived.
How many Junes to be?
A month received as precious gift
And guarded jealously.

Each day of June a jewel in
The crown of the speeding year.
We mourn its passing in advance
As each June grows more dear.

Paused between spring and summer
As Heaven’s sweet preview
The number of Junes allotted
In the longest life too few.

Short June poem by J.R. Dawson| Details | |

dinner in the wind

The wind chimes ring to a summer’s breeze,
        With the fragrant smell of hot chicken baking
                Wafting around, setting hearts at ease—
        As wind chimes ring to a summer’s breeze
—The rain falls gently on the growing trees. 
        The old couple waits with bodies aching;
Hearing wind chimes ringing to a summer’s breeze—
        With the fragrant smell of hot chicken baking

Short June poem by Michael Williams Danso| Details | |

The End


A stolen glance 
A sincere smile
A confused stare
A returned smile
...........................The beginning 

A sincere heart
Seeking TRUE love
But a friendly stare
Sincere chat
None would dare 
............................The Continuation

A rise in emotions
Distant communication
Sincere feelings
A sincere smile
A sincere heart
Vanishes to thin air
Just like that...
.......................The End

Short June poem by Brian Otoole| Details | |

My love

        My love, is you 
       My love is pure of heart
     And with my love I give you my all
    With my love I won't shed tear to the cloud 
My love is everlasting can't you understand me
My love is like some roaring ocean just to have you near
  And with loves grace I abide by you
  My love will go on as long as you will stay
With the stars that shine for us as long as you'll accept
                   My love

Short June poem by Cynthia Jones| Details | |

And Heaven Smiled

I looked into your eyes and knew we were meant to be, God brought our souls together forever, it's you and me. The Angels danced with joy our hearts are now as one, the love we feel for each other has only, just begun. Just for you, only my dear I'd walk a thousand miles, to feel our hearts, beat as one above us, God and Heaven smiled. Copyright © Cynthia Jones June.12/2009

Short June poem by Mike Samford| Details | |

Rondeau for June

 It's June, my fields of Poppies grow
Covering weeds and grass, and so
To fill my eye with colors as such
It gives to the heart a sudden rush.
Waving as His wind will blow.
In June we see the sunset glow
We see the heat in wavy rows
We swim and fish and play so much
It's June.

Baseball games we love to go
All the grass we hate to mow
In the evening falls a hush.
In June we feel our lovers touch
In our heart we forever know,
It's June.

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