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Short Homework Poems | Short Homework Poetry

Short Homework Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Homework by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Homework short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Homework poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |

Monday morning Blues

Books, homework
Don't make me go!

Short Homework poem by Tei Mickey| Details |

stress on paper

urgh! bleh! School is not 
any fun whatsoever.
Homework calls to me.

Short Homework poem by spandan karmakar| Details |

Finish the Verse

Roses are red
violets are blue
homework or poetry
which one to do?

Short Homework poem by Tei Mickey| Details |

More Randomness

Must finish homework
Bio, hard Math, and German 
Ooh! Look! Butterfly...

Short Homework poem by Rhonda Osheim| Details |


Talking, screaming, busy,
Homework, school, tests,
Boring, angry, yelling, time, 
Slow, fast, not enough.

Short Homework poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Hurtful and Depressing Homework

To a vast degree
I have difficult homework
Destroying good grades

Entrant into Joe Fach's "A Dilemma" contestl

Short Homework poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

All Due at Once

Schoolwork might be the death of me yet, still
Everything comes to a close
Homework due all at once

Russell Sivey

Short Homework poem by Amanda Hay| Details |


hours sitting at the computer 
typing typing typing 
where has my life gone?
No friends no Siblings 
 just homework.

Short Homework poem by Ruben O.| Details |

Summer Onions


At five o'clock rush Summer onions in the train Eyes cry at armpits.
Raul's Homework.

Short Homework poem by Jesse Jones| Details |

Untitled #174 / A spaced-out moment

A spaced-out moment playing calculator games
in our calculus class, returned to infancy
within the boredom of checking homework

Short Homework poem by Jesse Jones| Details |

Untitled #256 / Less and more

More scrawny, more quiet
longer hair, less homework
less liberal, more open
more listening, better

Short Homework poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Conquering Homework

My school is so hard
The homework unbearable
It puts me down, down
I’m resilient
I beat this teacher’s demands
Homework is finished 

Russell Sivey

Short Homework poem by Nick Bagnall| Details |


Teacher of manners
Healer of knees
Catcher of broken hearts
Finder of keys
Helper with homework
Wiper of sneeze
Mums do the lot
With what seems like ease

Short Homework poem by Kimmy Holmes| Details |


Who is JACK?
i've not done my homework
so like me
I just SLAcK


I'm reporting that I'm blind
this is an eyewitness account
I can't see

Short Homework poem by Mohammad Yamin| Details |

Video Games Played

Eyes glued to screen
Ignore homework of teacher 
Down load video game 
Some rich becomes a tycoon 
Cost younger generation

For the Video Game Played contest of Yasmin Khan

Short Homework poem by Maylin Wongjarupun| Details |


F orever friends
R epeat that I'm your friend
I care for you
E ternity
N obody but friends
D o homework
S ay sorry
H olding hands under the sky
I n class together
P eaceful

Short Homework poem by Bri Brown| Details |


Games before homework,
Going to bed after twelve,
pop before breakfast,
turns to drugs at twenty-one,
sex before marrige,
and acohol at thirteen.
Tonight rebelions unite!

Short Homework poem by Rhonda Osheim| Details |


Numbers, symbols, lines,
Words, thinking, looking,
Problems, homework, symbols
clogged in my head.
Taking up space not knowing
When to pull it out in the future.

Short Homework poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |


Going to school is so much fun
But can't wait until homework is done!
For every class hope for an "A"
And on the honor roll:  Hip-hip-hooray!
In the game of life I can say I've won!

Short Homework poem by Angela Yousef| Details |

Bertha Bea

Bertha Bea
Barbara Bathwork
will not do her 
because she
wants to do nothing
but play all
day and not sleep
at night either.
So do not even 
bother her for

Short Homework poem by chamonique knowles| Details |

my new love

I walk around
head in the clouds
eyes on my phone
constantly texting you.

you're always on my mind
always in my dreams
name doodled on my homework
you're gaining a spot in my heart

Short Homework poem by Merle Manu| Details |

Can I go home now

That's all I really wanted
And you were there too

And who did Gdm damage?

And who did not give a fuck
And who would like to play 
baseball again

You MUST do your homework 
This time

Short Homework poem by Priscilla Cruz| Details |


                                                  My desk is a mess
                                           My homework papers are gone
                                                  How well can I do?

Short Homework poem by Rachelle S.| Details |

The Gift of a Friend

A close confidant
someone to trust
Always there for you
more than enough

Homework buddy
playdate partner
and much more

Best friends forever
Friendship for life
There till the end
The gift of a friend

Short Homework poem by Miroslaw Eric Sulkowski| Details |


Gabi wakes up with a frown,
Gabi drags her feet around,

Gabi’s room’s a real mess,
Gabi cannot find her dress,

Gabi’s lost most of her toys,
Gabi has a squeaky voice,

Gabi’s homework may look shabby,
I cannot live without Gabi.

Short Homework poem by Christy Hardy| Details |

One Day

I watched as his tiny hands held the crayon,
first time homework, and I wanted to help,
but I knew this was his challenge, not mine.
In time he would figure things out on his own,
and one day, he would be a daddy, with children
of his own.

Short Homework poem by Alli B.| Details |

Deep Down it's Truly Amazing

Being a girl teen is hard
The drama never ends
There's girls who spread rumors
And dreaded boyfriends
There's cramps and body aches
Lot's of homework, cruel teachers too
But at the same time being a teen is great
You can realy discover the real you.

Short Homework poem by Christina Beeler| Details |

Cleaning my Closet

As I clean my closet,
I find:
3 homework assignments
10 rubberbands
5 dirty socks (were is the sixth)
8 unhung shirts
6 pairs of pants
9 magazines
1 pair of glasses
3 unpaid tickets(jail time there)
1 broken camera
and the reason it's all still in the closet

Short Homework poem by Tiffany Demske| Details |


the life of a student doth do well
the jargins of homework feelith like hell
so big my brain, filled to the top
too much, too much, pop pop pop!!
save me! Oh this poor wreched soul
cast me away, I'll take the north pole
hell shan't find me out there
so cold and lonely nay a soul anywhere

Short Homework poem by jeff eklund| Details |

Autumn Colors

Gold bedazzled leaves rimmed in crimson
Squirrels, bunnies forage for acorns and berries
Crisp air beckons to don a favorite sweater or fleece
Children lament shorter days and homework soon
Sights, smells, attitudes beckon us 
As nature changes her wardrobe 

Jeff Eklund
Autumn Colors

Short Homework poem by Glaze Twist| Details |

Dear Mrs Brown

 Dear Mrs. Brown

Mrs.Brown my dear Teacher 
You kind of creep me out
With your smile and your hair
That secretly comfort me with in
Mrs. Brown O, Mrs. Brown
My dear teacher, Mrs. Brown
Your sugar rushes scare me
Then your homework does not!
Mrs. Brown O, Mrs.Brown your my favorite teacher
Dear Mrs. Brown

Short Homework poem by Joel Yeap| Details |


Head buried in work, 
He could have gone berserk. 
How he sat and read, 
He is a wonderful lad. 
He is knowledgeable, 
Has he eaten vegetables?
Howls, groans, whine. 
He does not seem kind of fine. 
Homework formed a hill, 
He had totally no time to kill. 
Hands are always filled, 
Holds a pen found on the field. 

Short Homework poem by Jesse Jones| Details |

Untitled #51 / "You guys are full of excercise"

“You guys are full of exercise” – nonsense
even after she has finished
scolding Kyle for laying down his head
“Not bored, just sleepy”
I don’t blame him,
Calculus sucks
and now CRAZY Mrs. Howe walks in,
crowing, breathless, sharing new information
buying me time to record the events
but alas! even now we check homework.

Short Homework poem by Rhonda Osheim| Details |

More School

Eyes tired,
Sitting in class,
The end is almost here,
I want to go but then, I don’t,
Work and homework,
Life is hard, and it sucks,
Wanting and wishing,
Hoping and dreaming,
Writing and imagining,
Thinking and sleeping,
Life and death,
Love and laughter,
Fun and ever after,
Hopes and dreams,

Short Homework poem by David William Breidenthal| Details |

Morning Arrives

Embedded in bed
Covers put its weight on me
Morning's greeting me!

Today, I must flee
Don't take this to heart, dearest
Must do some errands!

I'll do my homework soon, mama! 
I'll do my chores later, papa!

The dawn dawns upon me
I must do something productive 
The sun smiles at me happily

I must fulfill my tasks...and be active!

Short Homework poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |


Miranda is quite a girl
Intelligent and quick wit
Really steady
And quickly does her homework when she sits
Never forgets to respect her mom
Daddy's girl cause she's got charm
Athletic loves to play

New friend
Interesting too
Open warm
Entertaining, she's a charm

Blonde straight hair
Accepting, affectionate

Short Homework poem by MERCEDES MCILHENNEY| Details |


It starts when we are young
carrying on to school
moving fast and furious in your lif
just vwhen you bthink its about to end
it slaps you in the face once again
if you haven't figured it out
let me go right ahead and give it a shout

Short Homework poem by Jacob Cramer| Details |

I Didn't Do My Math Homework

I didn’t do my math homework!
I watched T.V instead!
I better come up with an excuse... and quick!
Or else I’m surely dead!

My brother tore it!
It’s in the garbage!
Mom says it causes brain damage!

My power was out!
I had the flu!
I was having trouble excreting my poo!

You know, why even bother?
My excuses are so lame!
I know! My dog ate my homework!
Now to find a dog I can blame...

Short Homework poem by Felicity Deverell| Details |

"I can't write poetry"

"I can't write poetry-
  why do I try?
I could just as well
  grow wings and fly!"

We all say that
  when we're feeling blue,
It's just one down day-
  or have you the flu?

If you stay awake
  to the day's stark facts,
Poetry won't come
  'cause imagination lacks.

So forget tomorrow is Monday
  (homework can wait)
Capture that magic moment-
  before it is too late!

Short Homework poem by Amy Merrell| Details |

What I Will and Won't Miss

What I will miss the most,
Is seeing my friends everyday.
Not being in the  same class,
Not being able to even say, "Hey."

I won't miss seeing some of the jerks. 
The people will not be named,
I won't miss all of the homework though,
I think that it's pretty lame.

I don't mean to offend anybody,
But seriously, I AM DONE!
7th grade, I'm on my way,
So watch out here I come!!

~Alexis R.

Short Homework poem by heather medina| Details |

Cant someone get me out of here

Can't someone get us out of here?
Were afraid
Will "she" get mad?
Will "she" hit us?
We were all just sitting there
Peeling the crust off our bread
"she" screamed at me first
I wasn't her favorite
Then "she" threw a glass of milk at me
I cried
She lied
Just doing my homework
She got mad
Punched my face
Nose bleeding
Black eye
All i could think was why can't someone get me out of here!

Short Homework poem by Amy Merrell| Details |

Summer is Great

School is now over, homework is done,
Now I am ready for summer fun!

I lay in the shade under a tree,
There are so many cloud shapes to see.
Spending my days on amusement park rides,
Spending my nights at a campfire outside.
I just can't wait for the memories I'll make,
Especialy when I go to the lake.

Summer night are long, I stay up late,
This is why I think Summer is great!

By: A.D.K.

Short Homework poem by mostafa zaki| Details |

Why school is not cool

At 6 AM the alarm clock screams interrupted from beautiful dreams A frowning teacher screaming in your face shouts with anger and says "you're a disgrace" no free time at home , there is homework to do teachers inventing new ways to torture you at the end of the day ,if you learned nothing you're a fool this is why a school is not cool
BY: Mostafa Zaki 8 line challenge poem 10/10/2011

Short Homework poem by Angelica Grier| Details |

Inopportune Poems

Poems tend to invite themselves to my mind
When I’m supposed to be doing other things
Like homework, driving, or paying attention in class
My creativity flourishes 
The need to write consumes me
I can't let the perfect palabras
Waste away simply because I'm on the clock
My inner poetess would be pissed
I must give in to her and these poems
They are the only things keeping me sane
In this dry, monotonous routine

Short Homework poem by KYLE PLATT| Details |

LOOK you Schnook!!

there is beauty before your eyes
blue as white clouds that touches the outer skies
there is none of where I look between the fragile line
open for the first time,clear away the cobwebs dirt
which covers every crevice of this old floor of mine
the air up there
it is breezy of this I swear
close the homework ma thematic book
and take a look,you,a little child..a shying
and retiring schnook

Short Homework poem by RALPH TAYLOR| Details |

The Perfect Woman

She nurtured us thru thick and thin.
She kept us safe and strong.
She was our nurse, when we were sick.
She taught us right from wrong!

She helped us with our homework.
She cured our pains and aches!
She was always there, when needed!
Her main concern, was for our sakes!

So, what is a "Perfect Woman?"
To us, there's no surprise!
For all that, our Mom, did for us,
she was "Perfect", in our eyes!

Ralph Taylor

Short Homework poem by FATHIMA DAWOOD| Details |

The Bustle

Quickly wake up, shower and shimmy
You're late for work and kids for school!
Eventually arriving, settling into the routine
Suddenly you realise you forgot something at home!
All's a mess, again you overslept!
Traffic's just crazy, your hairs a disaster
Barely time to breathe, let alone eat!
Afternoon pickups, late for hockey practice
Its  homework and laundry, then off to bed
Awaiting the bustle that's sure to aggravate!

Short Homework poem by Adrienne Gresham| Details |

The Love of My Dad

The Love of My Dad

When I was a child, you combed my hair for school

I never played hooky, because that was your rule

You helped with my homework

Math was a trial

But you stuck with me, because I am your child

You never gave up, no matter how long it took

You taught me to clean, and also to cook

You’re my dad and I am so proud

I love you, and I say it out loud

LaCont’e Gresham

Short Homework poem by Grobb Johnson| Details |

Just Because

I used to pick on
some of the other kids in school.
Now, I didn't do it to show of
or just to be cool.
It didn't make me happy
to make them hurt.
And it wasn't because I was angry,
that I made them eat dirt.
Never was I jealous,
or thought it was funny.
Never did I do it
to take their lunch money.
Not even did I do it,
for their homework to copy.
I really only ever did it,
because there was nothing
they could do to stop me.

Short Homework poem by Sierra Biersack| Details |

Do you like to see me cry

We wernt arguing,
I got a boyfriend,
and a wonderful boyfriend he is,
but then,
after a week of me being actually happy,
I guess you must have hated it,
Becasue again,
You went,
And ruined my life,
You started back up the arguments everyday,
Your making my life about homework and nothing else,
You yell at me about nothing.
Your never fair. 
Its like you love to see me cry.
Its like you hate to see my happy,
And you just love to see the pain..

Short Poems