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Short Hockey Poems | Short Hockey Poetry

Short Hockey Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Hockey by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Hockey short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Hockey poem by Honestly JT| Details |

USA Vs Canada

I watched the USA beat the USA today,

Losing a winnable hockey game.

We had a great defense, but then 

Chose to give the gold to Canada again.

©2014 Honestly JT

Short Hockey poem by Kory Calhoun| Details |

You Arrogant Puck

There was a tall brute who played hockey

Whose actions were deemed as quite cocky

His opponents saw red

So they stomped on his head

Now the twerp earns his keep as a jockey!

Short Hockey poem by Duke Beaufort| Details |


Hyperbole is a spots cast
Announcers have egos so vast
My ears must have rest
From this lambasting pest
Collection of morons amassed

Author's note: Is it getting worse, or is it just me?

Short Hockey poem by David William Breidenthal| Details |

Like a Boss

LOL (Laugh out loud) xD
I love your effort
Kangaroo hops 
Easy and hard hits 

A little better than before

BAM (Be a man) o.o
Owning the Hockey Game
sssssslither like a snake
Sam! You're like a boss - Ooh! Like a boss
(hey man...sorry for my loss)

Short Hockey poem by Miss Wattle| Details |


<center>THE GOALIE

There's a young hockey player whose mask is all holey

When the puck slaps at his face he's glad he's the goalie

But he ducks and he weaves

And he falls to his knees

The young player then yells, "I've got it - holy moley!"

© ELR 2013</center>

Short Hockey poem by robert johnson| Details |

Hello I must be going

I'm watching hockey, working hard.

Not much time to be a bard.

I have situations that take up my time.

Another venue that needs my rhyme.

What is important simply does change.

In life we have no choice but to rearrange.

Between periods is over so I have to go.

It's game 7, do or die, you know.

Short Hockey poem by Teresa Harr-Pena| Details |

If Curiousity Killed The Cat...

I don't get the expression

There's cats everywhere

That was the only dumb cat

To which the world compares

Mine are in the cupboards

Closets they can perch

Diving under my sheets

Curiousity is what makes them search

Unwrapping to toilet paper

Hockey with anything on the floor

How come they're still living

I'm using that expression no more

Short Hockey poem by Satish Verma| Details |


It was coming up, the politics

like dirty sex

in tall Parthenium grass.

The panther was hiding on a steppingstone

watching the hot, field hockey

played with skulls of peers.

Mauled, the peach skin was

entertaining sunlight in

the metaphoric village.

Prisoners of false ceilings,

we sing the anthem with

the crowd of wolves.

Satish Verma

Short Hockey poem by Marie Harrison| Details |



Im that shameless child

Riddled with ADD,

Born to be wild and free.

My name is Tanya, but

My middle name is Marie,

Im comfy in running

Shorts and a tee.

My favorite color is blue,

My eyes are that color too.

Im terribly afraid of donkeys,

But Im great at air hockey!

I love the humid summer air

Its great for my curly hair

Being married is my worst nightmare!

Short Hockey poem by Joseph Sergi| Details |

Hey Johnny

Hey Johnny can you hear me way up high,

I still have a tear in my eye.

Remembering things and what used to be,

talking about music ,watching Jeopardy.

The Flyers are playing there's a game tonight,

I hope you can see it through that light.

Your Mom and sisters miss you,

and hey Johnny I do too.


*Flyers - Philadelphia Hockey Team

In Memory of Johnny Wallis my brother-in- law.

Short Hockey poem by Veronica Joseph| Details |

Done Yet?

the house is busy

in and out

shopping errands lawn garbage

cars shifting, boys shouting

basketball, baseball, dog leash

hockey skates




how many for dinner?

laundry dishwasher soap


ah bleach

ice tea on the porch

dog at my feet

newspapers on the table

later, maybe later

grocery list

drug store

exhange shoes

oil change




are we done yet?

Short Hockey poem by FATHIMA DAWOOD| Details |

The Bustle

Quickly wake up, shower and shimmy

You're late for work and kids for school!

Eventually arriving, settling into the routine

Suddenly you realise you forgot something at home!

All's a mess, again you overslept!

Traffic's just crazy, your hairs a disaster

Barely time to breathe, let alone eat!

Afternoon pickups, late for hockey practice

Its  homework and laundry, then off to bed

Awaiting the bustle that's sure to aggravate!

Short Hockey poem by Amanda Sullivan| Details |

senorita senorita

Señorita, señorita, curveous, saliente, sassy lady, con su vestido de flamenca rojo brillante, lleno de vida, llena de carácter, vistiendo mi 'manton' para alejar el frío de la noche, ha decidido llevar goyesca estilo esta noche, listo para una corrida de broche.

España es deportivo, womens deportes son moneda corriente, 
fútbol, balonmano, baloncesto y hockey, puede vencer a los 
hombres españoles con todos allí podría, infierno dan un susto,

Short Hockey poem by Steve Michael| Details |

My Passion

My passion is sports, always has been, always will be...

Be it, pro football, college football, baseball, college basketball, pro basketball,

hockey or soccer, I love it all...

I live and die by my favorite teams, be it the Braves, Cowboys, Penn State or Flyers, I'm

a passionate and emotional fan...

I cheer loudly when they do good, and yell even louder when they screw up...

I love my teams, and, I'll never apologize for my passion for them....

Short Hockey poem by Darrell Hoover| Details |


Maybe I'll go to the driving range this afternoon. Hit a few. Oh that's right. I have a chronic pain in my back... Maybe I'll go home and have a beer; maybe watch a hockey game. I keep forgetting the storm knocked out the cable last night. Maybe I'll get into a profound conversation with the wife. I keep forgetting she's not happy with me. Maybe I'll die in obscurity. Maybe I'll just fade away... I guess I'll postpone the golf game... Save it for another day...

Short Hockey poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Bad Ice


What a disappointment, and not very nice,

when a hockey game is cancelled for bad ice.

For some reason, the refrigeration unit goes on the blink.

Because of it, there is rough and inconsistent ice on the rink.

There will be no slap shots, checking, and scoring of a goal.

Its just like getting a Christmas stocking full of coal.

There will be no lights and sirens, and not even one fight.

The teams will have to give it a go on another night.


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