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Short High school Poems | Short High school Poetry

Short High school Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about High school by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for High school short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short High School poem by Jacob Cramer| Details |

High School in Vers Libre

Make it

Or Break it

That's High School for Ya'

Short High School poem by karen croft| Details |

the blue collar worker

forty-four years after high school
before one can 
retire and enjoy life

Short High School poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

What Happened?

In high school did I die?
Oh but to give life a try!
Is it all part of God's dream?
Or should I just croak or scream!

Short High School poem by Selena R| Details |



Young, Innocent

Laughing, Playing, Smiling

Preschool, Middle School, High School, College

Working, Working, Working

Serious, Tired


Short High School poem by Reason A. Poteet| Details |

UFO Drama Group

Universal in high-school theater groups-
Final call  from their coach, “Kids, go break a leg!”
Overanxious blonde runs to get the cast.

Short High School poem by Colin Amato| Details |

Trying(Poem#10-High School Years)

It burns like the sun 
Heating all who see its wrath 
Without it, darkness 

Insanity, me
Scratch at dark walls of small box 
Lord, help me now please

Short High School poem by Joe Flach| Details |

Naked Dreams

Fifty years old and back in high school
Standing here naked like a total fool
No one seems to care
That I am totally bare
Not noticing me is much more uncool

Short High School poem by Chris Matt| Details |

High School Football-Favorite Sport

Under the lights on Friday night.
High school football starting to ignite.
Merciless to everyone.
This is war, not for fun.
Winning state is a beautiful sight.

Short High School poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


it was in class
we had note's pass
won't to talk
we met at the side walk
it was a feeling that got reeling
like  no other
it was my frist 

Short High School poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Not Quite Defeated

Bump in high school LIfe cesspool? Learning hazy Mind crazy? Dare not be fool! Counsilor be Hearts happy Alive Power to thrive God's light through me

Short High School poem by brittany knight| Details |

senior year

Stepping out in the real world
End of high school drama
Never going back after this
In a race to make all our dreams come true
Off to college we get ready for
Running our own lifes

Short High School poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Pain's Phases

I am my own hero
Life is not a zero!

Still thinking it as weird?
I'm over what I feared!

Think I passed the worst 
Was high school cursed?

Get past the pain
Grow a new brain!

Short High School poem by Monique Glover| Details |

A Proud, Black, Young Lady

I should be holding my head up high
because I'm a young, black lady
who graduated high school
and is now going to
college. I make good
grades and have a
job that God's
blessed me

Short High School poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


those were the dayes
i had thoses wayes
good and bad
but am glad
that i choose
to stay in school
it was cool
on guitar i played the blues
there was game cheers

Short High School poem by Charles Sides| Details |

February Funny Bone

I once met a guy by the name of Mort
By his record he must be very smart
At five, High School complete
College at six; a feat
A leaper; birthdays are four years apart

Submitted by Charles Sides

Short High School poem by Emma McLaughlin| Details |

I want to see you

I would transfer just to see you
You would be the highlight of the day!
Your smile makes my Sundays all better 
You're my high school rival
But I love you and I will always love you
I want to see you today!

Short High School poem by Courtney Dyer| Details |


always there for me
He's my junior high school sweetheart
He's my soul mate who bestows his forgiveness on me
His dedication and devotion is so beautiful, so true and everlasting

Short High School poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


 my mind goes back
to school racks
 we were over in class
i was fast
 like my friend
that was only way to win
i had to be apart
to make thing smooth as lard
 my bubby was name al
he was my

Short High School poem by gen cacho| Details |

artificial beauty

i have this friend back in high school
she was known to be one of the most beautiful
people didn't notice it's just her make-up
and when a sudden rain came and wash her face up
poor creature, she was laughed by all

Short High School poem by Robert Heemstra| Details |

Writing on

Poetry and me
it’s not new to me
I was taught haiku
been with me since than

learning more here
and loving it
I always wrote
not in high school

I write now
Some may rhyme
Some may not



Short High School poem by Monique Glover| Details |

Bellowed Words

Do your best,
Is what people
taught me when I was
growing up.  Continue
your education after
high school.  Don't stop and never give
up.  I hear those words bellowing in
my ears.  That's why I have not given up.

Short High School poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

High School Existance

The dream is still within
How painful high school has been!

Should I drop out? Scream and shout?
What in the world is life about!

My existance may seem
To be but a dream

But still have love's light
I won't give up this fight!

Short High School poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Go-Figure, It's God

Memory sometimes blank
Point of work? Almst crazy!
Wish to talk; somehow aggrivated
What love, peace?
Damnation constant rain

God working 
Fight confusion, sin
Accept high school D's, F's
Open gift within
Love splashing onto life

Short High School poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Education is Worth Fighting For

An education To all those in school right now High school and college Is what I believe is worth Fighting for, wholeheartedly
Russell Sivey Entrant into FRANK H.'s "WHAT I BELIEVE IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR!" contest 3/2/2012

Short High School poem by Michelle McDermin| Details |

Please come around

I try, and I try, and I try
but it seems like
I'm still where I always was
in High School

All my comments
and reaching out
are invisible
and get no response

I still try
because I feel I should
I know now
one day they may just turn around

Short High School poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

On Fire!

My life; my mission; God's decree
How could only games possibly be!

I made at least high school
Yet somehow let Satan rule

Going to write a poetry book
Somehow I can really cook!

My worst enemy? Could have been
Will let myself at  life win!

Short High School poem by Daron Long| Details |

Purity (High School is Lacking It)

I’m about to explode
Can’t take it anymore
I look around and I’m surrounded by a mass of people I can’t stand
All the stories about all the whores
All the guys just looking to score
I am encompassed by immaturity
Is there any innocence? Any purity?

Short High School poem by Junice Lanza| Details |

Senior year

It's my last year of high school
I'm finally a senior
I will cherish my senior year
I know I will miss being a senior
I will miss my friends that I had made
I will always keep the memories of my friends

It's my last and final year
This is my senior year

Short High School poem by Judy Riley| Details |

American Beauty

American Beauty can do everything,

from graduating High School,


Judge kindly, 



never overlooking passion.

Qualified referee,

singing tolerance.

Universal value,

warmhearted Xanthippe,

yapping zealously!

Short High School poem by Cathy Ncube| Details |

Rewards of College Education

in grade school
he heard about it

in high school
he prepared for it

in his first year
he explored it

in his second year
he focused on it

in his third year
he felt part of it

in his fourth year
he graduated from it

Now, he has a job
because of it.

Short High School poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

Regrets From My Youth

Everyday they would encircle and torment me.
I was the victim of every elementary and high school bully.
Eventually however they would come to accept me,
then altogether we would torment the victim that came after me.
Regrets From My Youth. I owe so many an apology.

Short High School poem by Taylor Graham| Details |


Here’s her picture: 
black as Bucephalus with a graceful 
crest, ears pricked to a skyline
outside the frame.
My first love in high school,
sold for college. 

I keep the photo close.
Forever lost like lovers
gone, a horse runs 
just beyond the dream’s

Short High School poem by randy johnson| Details |

August 29, 1986

(This poem is true)

Twenty years ago today was the last day I went to school.
I was fed up with taking the students and teachers bull.
I dropped out in the 9th grade but years later I graduated high school at the age 
of twenty-three.
I hope other kids don't drop out like me.

Short High School poem by Ali Matheny| Details |

Little Jimmy

He's made fun of for the last time.
Tied a rope up.
Walking through the halls of high school.
The rope is swinging from the stairwell.
He jumped on the railing, Head inside the rope loop.
He jumps and gets choked.
That was in 1930.
He was never nerdy.
He just wanted to be FREE.

Short High School poem by erica buckner| Details |


I think I messed things up between us,
and I really don't want it to end. 
you made really happy,
you accepted me for who I am,
 I wanted us to last but high school is so crazy.
Hear one thing and I tend to overreact.  
Now i know I'll have to try my best to take those words back.

Short High School poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details |

The first dance

A wistful wallflower
And a painfully shy boy
At a high school dance
Both out of fear stood in the rear
And would share an occasional glance
Both hearts ached , as if they'd been staked,
And it seemed love had no chance
'Til the nights chaperone saw them alone
And insisted they both dance

Short High School poem by Josey Portas| Details |

Leave me out

Move on. 
Take a step.
Make someone proud.
Follow your dream.
Learn to dance.
Meet someone great.
Stop using drugs.
Don'y cheat.
Join a band.
Graduate high school.
Write a book.
Be happy.
Forget about
What you did.
Whatever you do, 
Do it, 
But leave me out of it.

Short High School poem by Ali Matheny| Details |

The Loser

I walk the halls, 
Of my old high school
When then I remember
That awful December.

His name was Josh.
He was lost inside
His own mosh.

Josh was always 
So rude.
Always in a bad 

One day he
Said "I just
Wish that you were

And I told him
That I already

Short High School poem by Colin Amato| Details |

Empty(Poem#2-High School Years)

Everything no longer matters 
Everything has lost taste 
I breath, emptiness enters, air does not 
Exhale, still empty 
Loneliness fills my days, as soup fills a bowl 
All over, right to the brim 
Smoldering hot and steamy 
Just want to empty the bowl, but fear grips me
For then I will be truly empty

Short High School poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Snapping Point?

Did mind so snap
Over Satan's rap?

I could've been in or out
In high school could scream and shout!

Oh my gosh I'm singed with pain
Constant mark upon my brain

But you can't just give up dreams
No matter how cracked the mirror seems!

Want to give in to being a fool?
Please don't let the devil rule!

Short High School poem by Jessica Wong| Details |

Just Me

I don't want to be lost forever
In the high school sea
This clique or that one
Which should I choose
Preps, punks, goths, 
Every possible type is here
But I don't want to be any of them
I want to be myself
The kind of person that's
Not accepted in high school
But I can make it on my own
This is it, just me

Short High School poem by Sheila Kathryn Barrera| Details |


(My very first poem) 

I used to hide
In my pine tree
I could feel safe and big
Sitting in my monkey fort.

Now I can't
They say I'm too old
Instead I sit in the cafeteria
Eating my bananas. 

(C) 1971, 1998 RosaSheila Barrera

This poem was published in "LA FONT" a high school literary collection....

Short High School poem by anita shirk| Details |

Secret Love

We always want the one
We can't have, right?

When in grade school
Popular boy, cute and bright

On to high school and
No one I wanted did I land

Then to college men
For several had a yen

Even to this adulthood
Wanted someone I shouldn't 

I would really like to see
Someone who feels the same about me

Short High School poem by Shawn Smeltzer| Details |

Me And Mom

Years have come and long gone past
But here we are again at last
Back together, me and mom
Close like lovers' high school prom
Standing strong, two peas in pod
A gift reclaimed by faith in God
No more tears or lonely years
Nothing left but laughs and cheers
From here on out it's her and I
Me and mom until we die

Short High School poem by Nigel Fox| Details |

Cherry blossom

I find my pillow wet with tears 
and discover that I have been biting my lips
Our piddling worn-out planes
Did we think we could win with these toys
how stupid
and there the high school girls waving our farewell with cherry blossom branches

Imagination a Hayabusa III taking off towards Okinawa on April 12, 1945

Short High School poem by Michelle Edwards| Details |

Dangerous Games

Dangerous games
misusing my name
you always play
these high school games
giving you pleasure
you giving me pain
no wonder why 
women goes insane
dont never come home
staying away
cheating on me
day after day
my head messed up
thinking all men, all the same
people get killed
for playing this
dangerous game

Short High School poem by Courteney LeVan| Details |

High School

Waking up as the sun rised,
Driving down the road hurrying to get there,
Running in the door out of breath,
The bell rings,
People run down the hall,
Scared to be late,
The bell rings again,
People run down the hall,
Yelling friends names,
Having fun all day long,
Total chaos,
But total fun,
High School,
It's amazing.

Short High School poem by Eve Anderson| Details |


I had a friend in high school
Which she was cool
We did a lot of things together
No matter the season or the weather
I saw her today
When it's been a very long time i say
We talked a lot
And we never forgot
I get to have her back in my life
Which fills me with delight
High School friend
Whom i want to have until the end

Short High School poem by Michelle McDermin| Details |

New days

It's not high school anymore
There's not a constant environment
where you need to make an impression
There's only a slim change now
that someone will ask what is wrong

It's an empty feeling
cause you don't know where to go now
The months are the same year by year
and leave you stuck in the same place
wishing it wasn't so

Short High School poem by Betty Gail Wood-Rush| Details |

Than-Bauk 1

To feel superb,
use a verb in

I teach English/Writing classes at the high school level.  Am doing poetry in 3 classes right now and decided to try a new style.  Than-Bauk is kind of fun once you get the hang of it. One class really got into it and we wrote 6 poems in less than 30 minutes! Love it when the muse hits!!!

Short Poems