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Short Grandson Poems

Short Grandson Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Grandson by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Grandson poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Grandson poem by LEON WILSON| Details | |

Grandson (footle)

 Great fun

This is dedicated to our grandson Owen who's six

Short Grandson poem by john o'brien| Details | |


I have a grandson 
His name is Henry
He’s smart
He’s loud
He’s very friendly
That’s my grandson,

Short Grandson poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

our grandson

our grandson goes off to college to study... wild life management
Click on "About This Poem"

Short Grandson poem by Mansur Aziz| Details | |

Fraction- six

Some files are deleted
Faith, Values??, integrity, respect ...
These are now in recycle bin
I do not need
Advice to Grandson 
you will restore these.

Short Grandson poem by Virginia Mitchell| Details | |


Pieced together
Inscribed detailed pictures
Interlocked with the family

*This poem is by my grandson, Joshua.

Short Grandson poem by Randy Steele| Details | |


My grandson just loves to make noise
The louder the better his toys
His batteries I hide
The noise still resides
Turns out that I hid his decoys

Short Grandson poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details | |

It's In the Numbers - Andrea - Hyrum

Lively “five” he shares with me,
so we get on splendidly!
Also shares my awesome “one”:
Hyrum, my grandson!

For Linda-Marie's "Magnet Marvel" Contest

Short Grandson poem by harry horsman| Details | |

Getting it together

Hate bedewed with youth
power to impair one’s kin,
grace in growing old
a time to regret, lament...
grandson, reflection of time.

© Harry J Horsman 2012     

Short Grandson poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

Harvest Perch

Man in the moon is
Fishing for seasonal fish
From the harvest perch

(My grandson who lives with me said that he saw a man fish in Raul's "Reflections" picture.)

Short Grandson poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details | |

The Hunter

The Hunter

Preparing the feast, grandson, ho-hum.
Slayer of beast, possum, ‘yum-yum!

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
March 16, 2010
Poetic form: Tyburn

Short Grandson poem by John Fleming| Details | |


        fingernails cut
     with pocket knife
        dirt too deep
          to scrape
       his grandson
       his thumb
         like a warm
               wooden toy

Short Grandson poem by Susan Gwynne-Galfe| Details | |


B eautiful boy 
R ough at play
Y oung and curious
C uddly and loving 
E normous energy


A ngel from heaven
L oving and loyal
I rresistibly  huggable 
A dorably cute
N eat and outgoing
A  pple of our eye

Short Grandson poem by Catherine French| Details | |

A Fan Letter

My little grandson Noah,
You're growing up so fast
Seems yesterday you
Were a tiny babe
Time is rushing past.

Now you're almost one year old!
You're such a little man
With brains, looks, personality
And I'm your biggest fan.

Short Grandson poem by janetta harrington| Details | |

A history of mysterys

You sleep with your eyes open
Your memories showing
Your mind is racing
Your imagination roaming

Leave your reality
And you will soon find
That you'll never have answers
Or understand mankind

By Janetta's Grandson Mac

Short Grandson poem by Elly Wouterse| Details | |

Memories and Yuletides

on the little farm 
lots of young rabbits conquered
grandsons' heart and soul

grandpa and grandson
spoiled them up to winter's end
while the years passed by

a cherished flashback
excluding grandson's Yuletides 
when rabbits were gone

© Ellie Daphne

Short Grandson poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details | |

Following the Dinosaur Trail

babysitting Ricky
he shows me books on T-Rex. . .
ancient history

years later. . . watching
Jurassic Park on TV. . . 
my two kids and I

games played on a screen
my grandson plays the hunter. . . 
I’m the dinosaur

For SKAT's Dinosaurs Haiku Contest

Short Grandson poem by Anthony O. Mitchell Jr.| Details | |

Dear Jonas 2K12

Oh! Dear Brother, dear Cousin, dear Father,
Dear Friend, dear Grandson, dear Son, dear Jonas.
When rendered sullen, our strength is one another.
Let the sacred songs be your journey's compass.
For therein the sunshine of many hearts
Shall you bask, thence it love never departs.

Short Grandson poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

Silver Springs

Silver Springs
Spring break 2009

Devastation by
Hurricane strong winds
Totally shocked when
Eyes viewed the scene
Water still ran clean

Wanted to share joy
Of the fun zoo
With my grandson
And you, grand day

Day saved
Jeep ride

Eggs eggs


Short Grandson poem by DON JOHNSON| Details | |


if i was born a girl next time, id be chasing lovely women fine, androgenous right here don't fit, since god separated adam from eve a bit? as i tell my ex grandaughter, my new grandson....wrong body hun:) SO MAKE THE BEST OF IT... Don re: Therese Bacha "A to Z"

Short Grandson poem by Ruben Ramos| Details | |


The one who made my mother
The one whos there for me when no one else is
The one who brightens up my day everytime I see him
The one who can put a smile on anyones face
The one that is funny
The one who makes Grandma mad
The one that I love.

Sincerely, Your Grandson. ?

Short Grandson poem by T Wignesan| Details | |

Limerick: Once the Great Grandson of Queen Victoria

Limerick: Once the Great Grandson of Queen Victoria

Once the great grandson* of Victoria
Heir to the throne of tsarist Russia
Saved by “Doc” Rasputin
Killed by Lenin-Stalin
Lo! Heir to Queen Vic’s haemophilia!

    *Tsarevich Alexei of the Romanov royal house.
© T. Wignesan – Paris, 2013

Short Grandson poem by Phyllis Babcock| Details | |


Today you are three
Still love to climb on the knee
Love the little twinkle in your eyes
Like stars in heaven's skies
You are growing up so fast
Moments in time do not last
So our Aaron is three today
Love and kisses coming your way

for our grandson Aaron on his birthday

Short Grandson poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |


Red-headed, brown sugar drops on nose
Taller, taller, taller he grows
Big brown eyes, braces on teeth
Wax in ears, boots on his feet

(Observing my grandson sitting in the ENT office to be told that he has some 
hearing loss from constant allergy, infections, and middle ear infections.)

Short Grandson poem by Al Parry| Details | |


Teenage Girls clad in the latest fashions,
Do it whenever they meet,
Grown men aren't afraid to show some passion,
When their team's comeback is complete,
They can say hello, they can say goodbye,
And anything inbetween,
If you open your arms and crack a smile,
There is nothing that a hug cannot mean.

Short Grandson poem by ilene bauer| Details | |

A Tower of Books

There’s a tower of books
Building up on my shelf
And most of them titles
I’ve picked out myself.

A couple, non-fiction,
My husband has read.
Perhaps, between novels,
I’ll try one instead.

My grandson loves knocking
Down towers completely;
I’ll do the same here,
But a bit more discreetly.

Short Grandson poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

Grandma Rocking

Needed at least one hug today
Validation needed in something you might say
God help my grandson be okay
Reach down and heal his broken spirit if you may

Agony being felt by me
Longing to hold him on my knee
But the time is gone it can no longer be
How can I help him recover to be able to see

Short Grandson poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details | |

It's All About The Ring Tone

I'm afraid of my cell phone I confess
"Someone" changed the ring tone to cause me stress
While I took a  nap
He switched it to rap
Now when my phone rings I'm really a mess

"Someone" being my grandson Jordan..
 I finally got him to change it

For the Techno-Limerick contest

Short Grandson poem by Phyllis Babcock| Details | |

Welcome Aaron

Just want to shout it from the roof top
The special news that came our way
A new grandson arrived yesterday
His name is Aaron Alexander
Our second grandson has come
And now that today is done
I want to say the heart is glad
Our first son has now become dad.
We are very blessed 
to have this new bundle of joy.

Short Grandson poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details | |

Not to Be Forgotten

Our grandson (then age four) trailed behind his parents as we stood by our door. At their car, he turned. . . Something was amiss. He bounded back, climbed our porch steps (with my husband's aid), then reaching up to me, said, "I forgot the hug and kiss!" For Black Eyed Susan's "Forgotten" Contest

Short Grandson poem by harry horsman| Details | |

My old Gran

When you hit life’s low
in deep confusion
of which it seemed no end,
I recall you thanking God
for one’s family also I
your grandson a very good friend.
Whilst your body racked with pain
torment you could not hide
an instance of loving charms,
when from your heart
a welcome sincere
within ever open arms.

Short Grandson poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details | |

Florida Mosquitoes

Florida Mosquitoes 

A boy stayed with his grandma one summer.
Mosquitoes loved him; it was a bummer!
They liked to drink his blood.
It never was a dud.
They lined up to slurp him for dinner.

Co-written by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen and her 6-year-old grandson who said that the mosquitoes lined up to 
eat him.

Short Grandson poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details | |



Jacob was my second grandson
And has been a “Mama's Boy” since birth.
Cute expressions and cuddly disposition captures hearts.
Observes everything and starts the “brain wheels” turning.
Barely “knee-high-to-a-grasshopper”… but power packed!

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 1, 2010

Poetic form: Name

Short Grandson poem by janetta harrington| Details | |

Fitting in.( by mac, my grandson 16 y/o)

Spray paint your grass!
Tofu all meat!
Borrow their cash!
Glue on eyelash!

Generic every brand!
Plastic = plant!
Top soil your land!
Fake bake Tanned,

Zirconium your diamond!
Wig your head!
Fuel you've siphoned!
Use product then refund!

By Mac :]

Short Grandson poem by janetta harrington| Details | |


When we touch
I feel something happen
When we breathe
All the world is humbled
Stay with me
As my heart surrenders
Comfort me
As I fall apart

When we flee
Darkness brings us release
All you need
You can find it in me
Stay with me
As my heart surrenders
Comfort me
As I fall apart

Written by Janetta's Grandson Mac.

Short Grandson poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details | |

Safe In My Arms

On quiet rivers may you  ride,
Knowing  I'll be there at your side.

Dream your dreams oh so sweet,
For there my love were sure to meet

Wake with smiles for each new day,
Your morning prayers I'll help you say.

Lull-a-bye my little one.
Sleep now, this precious day is done.

For My Grandson and for Catie's contest

Short Grandson poem by Francine Roberts| Details | |

For Shae

He has the cutest grin
    That I have ever seen.
And the way his eyes sparkle,
    So lively and so keen.
He has my heart wrapped
    Around his little finger and
He knows he has me easily
    In the palm of his hand.
I fell hard and I fell fast
    For this handsome one.
This charmers only six years old
    And he is my grandson.

Short Grandson poem by James Foulk| Details | |

Quiet Little Child

Quiet Little child, so at peace

you are as you sleep on,

such dreams you must

be having.

Watching you lying

there without a care

in the world.

Waiting until you

awake, so I can

see your beautiful smile

that you always give to me

and to tell you how much

I love you.

written 4-17-11

For my grandson Brandon

Short Grandson poem by Phyllis Babcock| Details | |


 What a blessing a new baby boy
 May he bring you lots of love and joy
 May he be blessed by the Father above
 A small bundle of pure heavenly love
 A grandparents smile of delight
 As your eyes focus on this sight
 We wish you  both a lifetime of joy
 On this your first new grandson--a boy.

Congratulations to Peter and Sharon on their first grandchild.

Short Grandson poem by David De la Croes| Details | |


You are the newest thread in the tapestry of my life - once neatly-patterned, but now criss-crossed and sig-zagged with the vibrant strands of your sister. You, too, will be interwoven into the fabric of my life and be interlaced through its brightness and hues and be intricately entwined and securely knotted with one golden thread - Love.

Short Grandson poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |

Boil On__Uh Tailbone

My grandson who lives with me
Has a boil on his __Uh tailbone
He is in terrible pain because
He is all alone ...can't sit at 
The computer or sit to talk 
On the phone..can't go anywhere
For he would have to lie down
In the back seat in the car
He's moaning and groaning
And ill as a trapped cat
But don't call or come over
For he wants to suffer alone

Short Grandson poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details | |

Gummy Worms

Gummy Worms

Everybody likes me.
Nobody hates me.
Because I share my worms –
Yummy, yummy gummy worms
Sour and sweet yummy worms
Sitting in my kitchen, sharing worms!

Yummy, yummy gummy worms!

Collaboration by Dane Smith-Johnsen and her 6 year old grandson
Inspired by the Childhood song, “Sittin’ in the Garden eatin’ Worms”
June 13, 2010

Short Grandson poem by janetta harrington| Details | |


When I jump into your shoes,
And see what you see,
You feel warm inside,
And I see you kissing me,

When I jump into your shoes,
And feel what you feel,
Your hurting inside,
And I see you can't finish your meal,

When I jump into your shoes baby,
I see what you see,
Now something feels cold inside,
And I no longer see me.

By Janetta's Grandson Mac

Short Grandson poem by janetta harrington| Details | |

Gamble it away, it's okay...( by mac my grandson and kimmy holmes son)

Just call me Mr. Ruffle,
Because I'm stacking my chips,
One more roll of the dice,

One more lick of your lips,

Just call me Mr. Lucky,
Because I'm supposedly clever,
One more flip of that card,

One more pull of that lever,

Just call me Mr. Broke,
Because I took that last chance,
One more failed attempt,

One more empty pocketed pants.

By Mac

Short Grandson poem by janetta harrington| Details | |

This poem

This poem could have healed,
Could have done anything,
If it had been revealed,

This poem is lost,
Between two pages of an unknown book,
Maybe indefinetly tossed,

This poem is constricted, binded by society,
Yet freely sways like the tree it once was,
And its open minded artist bursting with variety,

This poem is me.

By Janetta's Grandson Mac

Short Grandson poem by ilene bauer| Details | |

Down the Road

You won't remember that you slept
All curled up on my chest;
Or how you smiled on seeing me,
Which made me feel the best.

The hours that I held you,
Fed you, burped you, changed your clothes
Will surely be forgotten
As they should be, I suppose.

Your babyhood will disappear
Before I've had my fill
And you'll remember none of it
But my sweet boy, I will.

Short Grandson poem by Tshifhiwa Given Mukwevho| Details | |

I stand puzzled

Jail was the land of my sojourn
for a decade

Now out of it all
building my life anew
I meet you dear woman, woman of the green breeze

Your mom is so illogical, thoughtless and heartless.

She pours a bucketful of human excrement
on my face, and expects to hold
the child of my blood in her arms
calling him her grandson 

I am left grappling
with tremors of prejudice. 

Short Grandson poem by Phyllis Babcock| Details | |

A Perfect Bundle of Joy

A new little bundle of joy

A brand new grandson ,the cutest boy

We are as proud as proud can be

It's our first grandchild you see

Rylan, Micheal, Kilo is his name

Our house will not be the same

Smiles, laughter and the joy

When we first saw our little boy.

Sharing the news , giving you the scoop

To all my friends here on the soup.

Short Grandson poem by Elton Camp| Details | |

Windows Frozen

Windows Frozen

By Elton Camp

It was a cold, blustery winter day
Granny texted her grandson to say

“Windows frozen, won’t open.
You can help, I was hopin.’”

“Pour warm water I recommend.
Your problem, that should end.”

Granny did just as he had said
Then her next text to him read:

“Do you think I should pour more?
The computer’s worse than before.”

Short Grandson poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details | |



Hunter was my first grandson
Undeniably he stole my heart the day he was born.
Notices needs and cheerfully helps his younger brother and others.
Terrific at the many things that he does... everyday!
Energetically, enthusiastically expresses love and entertains.
Really enjoys the outdoors and learning. 

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 1, 2010

Poetic form: Name

Short Grandson poem by ilene bauer| Details | |


My shirt is splotched with spit-up,
Though my shoulder sports a burper.
My clothes are like a kingdom
And my grandson's the usurper.

He drinks his bottle, gives a burp
And then, without a doubt,
A quarter of what just went in
Comes, like a fountain, out.

I really do not mind, but learned
My lesson, truth be told - 
When I'm with Henry, what I wear
Is faded, frayed or old!

Short Poems