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Short Good Night Poems

Short Good Night Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Good Night by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Good Night poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Good Night poem by James Fraser| Details | |

Ibiza Boys

Find babe Get laid .

Short Good Night poem by Grace Faolian| Details | |

Haiku 2

Wherever I am
Your breath on my neck
Feels like home

Short Good Night poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |

Good Night

in the midnight hour
all is quiet and so dark
good night to the rest

Short Good Night poem by Ingibo Benson| Details | |


at last, the scorching
sun says a good night, like the
stormy seas of life.

Short Good Night poem by Katareina Vincent| Details | |


With shades of orange.
Shining right above the ocean. 
The sun says good night.

Short Good Night poem by Tony Driskell| Details | |

Circle City

Daytime brings picnics 
Pimps talking and thugs walking
Nighttime just got hear

Short Good Night poem by Sidney Hall Mad Poet| Details | |

Good Night Out

Dead drunk
Partied all night
Tequila and women
Vomiting all over the place
Good night

Short Good Night poem by jayachandran chakrapany| Details | |


She said a good night 
And cut off the phone 
How this night is a good 
It is a horrible one

Short Good Night poem by Ammy Avocet| Details | |

I Lost You That Day

I lost you that day 
when it was 

And drops 
of your face 

r o l l e d away.

Short Good Night poem by Parissa Joukar| Details | |


Stare into my eyes and make me lose my train of thought.
Kiss my lips good night with all the passion that you've got.


Short Good Night poem by Dimitrios Raptis| Details | |

Dream Cake

Good night dream cake…a taste of you is all I crave
Stave off this want and find your way to my lips
Sweet dream cake

Short Good Night poem by Paulette Wilson| Details | |


Let the world turn out right
As I say 'good night'
Let news tomorrow be great
And clear all slates
Forgive and forget
Never regret

Short Good Night poem by Casarah Nance| Details | |

Fantasy Footle

 My Tongue  
Freak Speak
Knees Weak

 My Body 
On Top
Don't Stop

Sweet Dreams 
Fits Right
Good Night


Short Good Night poem by Ryan Emerald| Details | |

Vampire fun facts


whatever you say

do you know what you said? 
Oll Korrect means O.K.

now you know a little more.
good night all and don't let me bite...

Short Good Night poem by Samantha Dexter| Details | |

Dream Poem 1

I close my eyes.
Haunting the corners of my mind,
I feel them there,
waiting to strike.
My dreams lurk around the edges,
pulling me under,
Good night.

Short Good Night poem by Jaime Ferreyros| Details | |


Scratched my head,
Must allow 
To write.
Why nuisance the world?
I’ll go to sleep
Get it right
Good night
Make a difference
Then awaken.

Short Good Night poem by shantae longmore| Details | |

You And I

You are not me,
And i am not you,
But nonetheless
I wish you well and all the best.
You are yourself
And that is that
And i,
good day and good night.

Short Good Night poem by Ken Gillespie| Details | |


So good night mama,
We're burying our dead
Another generation
In long neat rows
Of chipped, hard stone reflecting.
Their lives are gone.

The bankers live on.

Short Good Night poem by jeffry cohan| Details | |

FREE CEE because i dead so that is die


Simply because I have the right to the right of having a right
And so drown out the light and good night!
© 2009… cee!

Short Good Night poem by Skyy Allen| Details | |

Summer youth

Running barefoot across the water
Spinning 'round into the sun
Laughing at the stars
Smiling at the moon
Blanketed in green grass
Closing my eyes
I whisper good-night.

Short Good Night poem by Autumn Rose Wood| Details | |

Five minutes

How long does it take to change a life?
She wondered to herself while she washed the dishes
Splash, the glass broke the plate
Shattered in her face
Blood everywhere, good night.

Short Good Night poem by Brandee Augustus| Details | |

A Father's Grace (Englyn)

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Death is not a true win
unless He's taken your sin
and then true life can begin.

(Dylan Thomas' Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night)

Short Good Night poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Incomplete Day

My days not complete,
never kissed my sweet good night.
I can't sleep without.

2nd version

I can't sleep tonight,
never kissed my sweet good night.
My days not complete.

Short Good Night poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details | |

A Good Night's Sleep

I gather my dreams Place them under my pillow Drift out of this world Sleep softens the rough edges Awake with new day's promise
For Brian's contest

Short Good Night poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


we got it on
mabe it was wrong
it was at the fire place
sitting face to face
than we kiss nuthin we miss
we started to do more
as we begin to go
we had 

Short Good Night poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

When Day Chooses Night

When ambient 
Spirits surrenders
They fade unto night
Heavenly stars remember
Then, we breathe 
This good night
The deep-red thrush
Shall bring us new light
When day chooses night

Short Good Night poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


 it  was at night
big city light
as we rode and drove
we got this feel
had us reeling
it was out of control
we got bold
thats right  it happin next
you ca n bet

Short Good Night poem by Afolabi Taiwo| Details | |


Wishing you all the love
And friendship that is in the eyes of an infant,
The laughter in the pure spring that sprang in the noonday,
And special warm hug of affection in an aftermath of a long good night.

Short Good Night poem by BL Devnath| Details | |


                                            Smiling expression 		
                                Two hearts dream love at first sight  		
                                       Sweet good night lasts long	

Short Good Night poem by Bonnie morawa| Details | |


Halloween night 
All is right
Love trick or treaters
Listen to the wind howl
October 31st
Walking through enchanted trees
Every child smiling
Eve of the Jack o lanterns
Naughty or nice

By willow moon

Short Good Night poem by john bernard| Details | |

Step forward

Smell this
Smell that
Look thin
Feel fat

Breath in
Breath out
Drop in
Fall out

Step forward
Step back
Pull out
The tack

Clean wound
No scar
Move fast
Go far

Good day
Good night

Short Good Night poem by Leon Stacey| Details | |


I said good-bye to say hello.
I said good night to let you know
That morning light's tomorrow's glow.

With new mercies each day will show
That I said good night to let you know
The last good-bye's for the next hello.

Short Good Night poem by nikhileswari swaminathan| Details | |


in the cool air of the spring time late evening
the night sky was ink black
as the lights went off , 
the  university ground was in great commotion,
shimmering sparkles of phosphorous,
we thought the forest was on fire

Short Good Night poem by Merle Manu| Details | |


Happy birthday

And then some

And filled
 with forgiveness. 

You may never know
How much i love ya!

Stone soup
& antipasto

To you i say
good day

good night 
Food fight 
Hasta mañana!

Short Good Night poem by John Wilkinson| Details | |

How very sociable

My daughter Joan is not at home
so do not call again.
She will not speak to anyone,
especially to men.
She says that she's a different girl
that she's no longer free,
and if you want a good night out
she's recommending me.

Short Good Night poem by Ovidiu Bocsa| Details | |


Pope Puiu was an innocent  friend of my  childhood:
Sometimes ,violent and rude;
Sometimes, tender and mild;
Watching the gates of the church and of the pub ;kind of Falstaff priest…
He waves his hand from the good-night mist.

Short Good Night poem by HaiAu Chu| Details | |


clouded by
careless bravado
i say 
too much
this good night

clouds have gone 
and I am
in the spotlight
of moon shine

loose lips
break the silence

but no one hears
the confession 
of a fool
the influence
of you

Short Good Night poem by Jada Myricks| Details | |

Saturday Night

Saturday Night. 
Toothpick body strippers tip toe the 3am stroll
Glitter, nines, lipstick, grime 
Time catches the last hours of the night
Heads lay in the treasures of dreams and slumber
A troubled world in sweet tranquility 

Short Good Night poem by Scott Jordan| Details | |

At night

When sleep evasively denies
and slumber slips from tired eyes
I think upon your fair facade
and quietly I thank my God
For blessings of thy tender lips
which oft I think upon and drift,
Down into dreams so softly kissed 
By you my love

Short Good Night poem by Melanie Palmer | Details | |

Angels From Up High

Angels from on high
So very close by
Protecting us 
Wherever we may be
Guide us down the path 
Just you and me
As we lay down at night 
Covered up so tight
Wonderful dreams 
For you and me, too
So we can get up 
Feeling so anew

Short Good Night poem by kristi hayner| Details | |

Wrenna lll

Where did you go play
on this fine hot summer day?
Been swimming lately?

Bet you're getting good!
Wonder 'bout you all the time
Wonder 'bout a lot.....

Your silly sweet smile
and how does your garden grow?
Need a good night hug?

Short Good Night poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

I Tell My Story

Let me tell my story
My word is my bond
The truth is my glory
This world is my kingdom
This earth is my home
My life is this journey
My heart is this soul
I thirst for this love
I kiss this good night
Well, this is my story
My life shall not end

Short Good Night poem by gary bechter| Details | |

For all the writers on the Soup

 So drained our-selves
 We have so
 Within our daily ways,
 Tired heads rest
 Upon feathered pillows lay...

Thanks to all here for all the fine words to read.Good Lord,there are so many of them !

 Good night,Gary...

Short Good Night poem by Gene Bourne| Details | |

Bedtime At Grandma's

Small one
Playing is done
And your bedtime has come.
Wind is moaning
rafters shifting.
Inside closets 
ghosts are sniffing.
Dare not move. Dream you fly.
Sun in your eye

Butterfly Cinquain

Gene Bourne.


Short Good Night poem by Christian Guild| Details | |

Relationship of Lies

'Good Night'
I say because it’s the proper thing to do while dating.

'Sweet dreams'
Is said, though I really don’t mean it.

'I miss you'
I said to make you happy, even though I don’t.

'Your eyes are pretty'
They really are, just not the eyes my heart longs for.

Short Good Night poem by carl dunford| Details | |

Summer sun.

 Summer sun,
 warm my skin.
 summer sun,
 warm me within.
 Set my emotions
 so all can see,
 the glow in me.
 Summer sun,
 It's you I see,
 when my girl,
 smiles at me.
 And when you
 set at night,
 I see you again,
 when she says,
 good night.

Short Good Night poem by Asantewa Darko| Details | |

Goodnight, sweet dreams

Goodnight, sweet dreams
Are the last words I hear from you before I sleep

You toss 
I turn 
Can’t get you of my mind to fall asleep

I call
You call
The lines jumble
And we try to go back to sleep

Good night, sweet dreams
I hear your voice ringing once more before I sleep

Short Good Night poem by Julie Hosier| Details | |

Longing, Missing, Wanting You

Long for....
Your hugs
Your kisses
Your smile
Your snuggles
Your :3
Your <3
Your hello's
Your good night's
Your passion
Your embrace
Your heart

Miss your...

Want you
Need you
Miss you
Love you

Short Good Night poem by Rick Zablocki| Details | |


I'M wanting a sleeping fairy
NOT pills but somnolent fairy dust
SLEEPING all night would be a dream
OVERNIGHT rest would calm my memories
MORNINGS well rested, luxurious fantasies
NEVER take a good night's sleep for granted
IMPROVE yourself, manage stress and relax
AT ALL times

Short Good Night poem by Darlene Gifford| Details | |

God's, Good Morning

God's, "Good Morning!" 

can be seen,

in His wake up 

sunrise beams.

He sends His smiles 

to us each day, 

with His flashing 

silver rays.

And in the evening, 

the sky He lights,

with His stars all blinking, 

Good night!

Good night!

Good night!

Short Poems