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Short Fire Poems

Short Fire Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Fire by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Fire poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Fire poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details | |

Did you fire too


Short Fire poem by Donna Golden| Details | |



On Fire

Short Fire poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details | |


Gift or dread
Do fire

Short Fire poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details | |

Put up

Bad if too old
Fire up

Short Fire poem by karen croft| Details | |

magnetic poetry I

those who play with fire
pee beds often

Short Fire poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details | |


Are you holding my fire?

Short Fire poem by Patricia Sawyer| Details | |

Second Man

the second man
stepped over
the fire ant mound

Short Fire poem by Dom- X-| Details | |

senryu 2

walk on fire
too many nights alone
i'd rather fly

Short Fire poem by cecil hickman| Details | |


My love
Your kisses
Sets my soul on 

Short Fire poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details | |

I if you don't

I fire or you fire
Did you know?

Short Fire poem by Latasha Lee| Details | |

Finish Line

With fire behind me
I'm speeding to the
finish line

Short Fire poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


fire my mind-
burning to be penned.

Short Fire poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |


score shots
then reload
aim and shoot more

Short Fire poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


fire falls-
ignite from top down

Short Fire poem by Smail Poems| Details | |


Abundance of life
Home to extinction

Short Fire poem by Rebecca Lynn| Details | |

vue de la lune

Galaxy of dust
Balls of infinate fire
Glowing on velvet

Short Fire poem by Patricia Sawyer| Details | |

Enchanted Cottage

Wood smoke
rocker near the fire
Grandma's winter house.

Short Fire poem by Tirzah Conway| Details | |

The Moon Burns

above the moon burns
sets my blood on fire,
unknown desire

Short Fire poem by Charles Henderson| Details | |

day 5

fire ants the size of a gnat -- t.n.t.

Short Fire poem by Anthony Mathias| Details | |

Burning water

Sunset over sea
Fire dances over water
Until it is gone

Short Fire poem by Uwe Stroh| Details | |

world wearied grace

Still comes to me
Sitting by the fire
Lamenting my regrets

Short Fire poem by julie heckman| Details | |

Poem of Love

sent you a poem
my fire of love for you 
just can't recall it

Short Fire poem by Anthony Souls| Details | |

To Destory or Save

Memories burn deep
engraving us with fire
To destroy or save

Short Fire poem by Jeremy henderson| Details | |

rage burn

the rage of others
i sate even this fire
but burn myself too

Short Fire poem by Gun Poet| Details | |

The Phoenix Raven

semi-auto gun
second nature second hand
born in fire to fire

Short Fire poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details | |

Time Out

time out, my love
fire is everywhere…
our safety first

Short Fire poem by Sara Kendrick| Details | |


Igloo of ice gives
Light from warm fire, Aurora
Borealis out

Short Fire poem by olusegun Arowolo| Details | |

New Legumes

desert flowers bloom
as fire consumes crops--
new legumes rise

Short Fire poem by Gregory Golden| Details | |

Template of Fire

Template of fire
Chariot run chariot
How close to the moon

Short Fire poem by Justin Johnson| Details | |


Stick the ichor in my ire!
And burn me, then,
on my own fire.

Short Fire poem by cecilia cortez| Details | |


The big ball of fire
Energy giver to earth
Billion miles away

Short Fire poem by Deneen White| Details | |


smouldering flame...
   ignites a...

Short Fire poem by Robert Heemstra| Details | |


playing with fire
can be many things
what does it mean to you?

Short Fire poem by Kolapo Olapoju| Details | |


The loss of reason
fuels the fire of violence
And society Sobs

Short Fire poem by Gabby Justice| Details | |

Winter Time

Chestnuts a roasting
By the fire crackling 
Winter time is here

Short Fire poem by Nigel Fawcett| Details | |

The Spy Who Came in from the Cold

A log for the fire
Landed heavily on toes
Scorpion turned tail

Short Fire poem by Tara Andre| Details | |


Bones seeped in acid
Muscles burning like fire
World weary body.

Short Fire poem by Kellen Davis| Details | |


a polar bear cub
stranded on a frozen pyre--
fire damp explosion

Short Fire poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


your game
have fame
also has a name
your so cool
and very

Short Fire poem by kristen bruni| Details | |


A fire that sustains time.
How can you be sure?
Through the eyes?

Short Fire poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

---a coal fire smokes

coal fire smokes
as a bloody steak sizzles ---
pop-fly ball

Short Fire poem by Melissa Ross| Details | |


Taming the fire,
I throw myself upon you
And hope for the best.

Short Fire poem by Alli B.| Details | |

Glistening Waters

Glistening waters
Purple fire setting slowly
Taking breath away

Short Fire poem by Melissa Ross| Details | |

On Fire

I am on fire,
My soul pumps inside my form,
What a lovely day.

Short Fire poem by jun-jun villanueva| Details | |


Bloody red apples
mouth-watering oranges-
gleaming fire-combined

Short Fire poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

Almighty Beauty Overcomes Man's Blasphemy

Seared shadows fall
cascading retinal fire
chrysanthemums bloom.

Short Fire poem by William Masonis| Details | |

Pagan Devotional for Noonday

Bringer of day,
Lord of Fire
Help cleanse my ways
O noble Sire!

Short Fire poem by Effie Blake| Details | |

Behind The Skunk DIsplay

polecat on front paws
a cross readdy to fire
run before discharge

Short Fire poem by Matt Caliri| Details | |

Champagne Skies

Champagne skies arrive
Fire over white choral
Grace rippling over

Short Fire poem by Ingibo Benson| Details | |

Silent Times

Drops of cold ice, hit
umbrella, coat and gloves
A man by a fire.

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