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Short Fear Poems | Short Fear Poetry

Short Fear Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Fear by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Fear short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Fear poem by Kelly Zakerski| Details |


Much fear
Ghost near

Short Fear poem by Guy-Adler Dorelien| Details |

The Ride

Love sometimes ride with fear.

Short Fear poem by Charmaine Chircop| Details |

Last Stepping Stone..

Hope is the Closest step to fear


Short Fear poem by Dana S| Details |


Must escape
The fear of his

Short Fear poem by Sharon Ruebel| Details |


The fear,
I run away from
is from me

Short Fear poem by James Marshall Goff| Details |

PS... Robert Mapplethorpe..Carecare

fear within

Short Fear poem by aida melesse| Details |

Call out

We call out
but still fear someone 
will hear it

Short Fear poem by Toquyen Harrell| Details |

You will

You will find time to do My work
Never fear

Short Fear poem by Desiree M| Details |


Breezy Friday morn
I fear your colors
A heart is dusty

Short Fear poem by Ndaba Sibanda| Details |

l shall not fear

Yes, my pen
Is in my den
It is my spear
I shall not fear

Short Fear poem by john beharry| Details |


in the midst of despair, have no fear, hope is always there

Short Fear poem by Annalise Brigham | Details |

Fear is no option

Formidable feat
the power lies within all
fear is no option

Short Fear poem by Syed Imon Rizvi| Details |

Life for once

All of us get a life for once
So why live in a fear for months.

Short Fear poem by macy southern| Details |

The Meeting

I will meet my dad.
I feel confusion and fear
underneath my joy.

Short Fear poem by Christie Jones| Details |


I do not fear death
I am almost certain that
I have died before

Short Fear poem by Tim Smith| Details |


Darling ease my fear
As I get so close to you
I won't disappear

Short Fear poem by Zach Aurel Henderson| Details |


You left me with Fear
Not knowing if your coming
To see me today

Short Fear poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

Sheparding Sky

Sheparding sky
Why do 
You have
This fear
In your 
Blue smile

Short Fear poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Grow with God

Good fruit Devil gets boot With God no fear Has to scoot!

Short Fear poem by Sara Kendrick| Details |

The Fear

Facing the fear of the horizon
Entering the terror of the open sea

Short Fear poem by Malcolm Dyer| Details |

My Fall

I fear not the night
for I believe in the day
I fear only my fall

Short Fear poem by Edward Orozco| Details |

Will you be saved

Repent of thy sin
Fear my God; just and loving
Confess He is king

Short Fear poem by Christian Crosby| Details |

The all mighty

You may not believe 
But I am always with you
And yet you fear me

Short Fear poem by Jon A Cavanaugh| Details |


The fear a claustrophobic faces
Is being trapped within tight spaces

Short Fear poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

Of Losing Him

tears quietly bridge
the creamy skin delivers
her liquid of fear

Short Fear poem by Andrew Crisci| Details |


Many fear loss,
I fear death indeed...not knowing
when it'll come.

Short Fear poem by JSLambert Chinaski domo-MR.ROBOTO| Details |

Accidentally Fearless

Fears only one thing;
Scaffolding came down-
Nothing left to Fear.

Short Fear poem by Kelsey Marie Wren| Details |


a hidden tear,
a hidden scream.
full of fear,
yet full of dreams.

Short Fear poem by catia davis| Details |


to cower in fear is to lose all strenghth so cower in fear of me....

Short Fear poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |

Systematic Desensitization

Skate the razors edge
I do so solemnly pledge
Never fear the ledge

Short Fear poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

Fear Not The River

fear not the river
bridge, if, you do want to go 
to the other end

Short Fear poem by Jeremy henderson| Details |


so like the matrix
people ask for truth but fear
freedom is not free

Short Fear poem by Ross Thompson| Details |

A prison

A prison of fear
Walls pretty, safe and glass clear
Still a prison here

Short Fear poem by Joe Flach| Details |

Nature's Revenge

hurricane arrives
mystical dragon dream I
angels fear it, too

Short Fear poem by Mike Long| Details |


i had a daughter
fathers love from fear and hope 
i learned to pray 

Short Fear poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

To Fear God

Healthy, wise
Sin won't compromise!
And living lies?
Want real highs!

Short Fear poem by Eileen Ghali| Details |


The wound starts to heal
Fresh and raw the gnawing fear
Will it reopen?

Short Fear poem by Cyndi MacMillan| Details |


Is He really there?
You’re only human, fear not,
HE believes in YOU.

Short Fear poem by Gert W. Knop| Details |

Black Cat

A black cat crossing
in no fear of speeding cars
symbol of good luck

Short Fear poem by Sue Mason| Details |


Don't be fear-full Child.
The Universe holds you in
Love and Lavender.

Short Fear poem by Edward Orozco| Details |


A feeling of fear
Mixed with tears and joy, and pain
And a racing heart

Short Fear poem by Carolyn Devonshire| Details |

Ocean Swimmers' Fear - footle

Big bite

   Great white

*Entry for Brian's footle challenge

Short Fear poem by Dave Vincent| Details |

The On Coming Storm

mad man with a box regeneration is life enemy's fear him

Short Fear poem by Sherene Jervis| Details |

Human Trafficking

Hear them cry for help,
Traded to an unknown world
Faces filled with fear.

Short Fear poem by Margaret Foster| Details |


Fear of love came before understanding. Why?

Short Fear poem by Patricia Sawyer| Details |

No Swimming!

weightless in water
all fear overcome by glee~
ignore not the sign

Short Fear poem by Mandy Tams The Golden Girl| Details |

The Notebook - Memories

Hope, reminders, try
Fear, loss, love forgotten now.
Memories bind lives	

Short Fear poem by Leon Stacey| Details |

Comfort Without Fear

Comfort without fear
Is love without respect and
Peace threatened by war.

Short Fear poem by Joshua Adam| Details |

A Murder

A body gone cold
dread, fear has now taken hold
one precious life, sold

Short Fear poem by binibining p.iNk| Details |


cold fear grips my heart
   icicle fingers dig deep...
frozen by doubt

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