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Short Fathers day Poems | Short Fathers day Poetry

Short Fathers day Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Fathers day by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Fathers day short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Fathers Day poem by Nathan Leccese| Details |

Little Gifts

Rubbing sleepy eyes,
Children smiling on my bed,
Father’s Day blessings.

Nathan Bane Leccese
©All Rights Reserved 06/21/09

*I wrote this for fathers day and never got a chance to post it until now.

Short Fathers Day poem by diane christian| Details |

father in heaven

Father in heaven
we Love you
we come today to lift your name on high
father in heaven we Love you
we come today we lift our voices up to the sky
you are the dad above all dads, the greatest friend anyone ever had
  the father who is loyal through and through
fathers day would not be fathers day
dear Lord if it was not for you
we thank you for this special day
and all our praises come your way Amen.

Short Fathers Day poem by Jeremy henderson| Details |

todays prayer

for goodness sake. i sleep and wake
and only think of you
i know this life is give and take
but are these visions true?
i put you first to quench my thirst
and longing in my world
but can i please down on my knees
just SEE my baby girl?
i guess that is too much to ask
when her mother is fit
but lord i swear it isnt fair
i cant let go of it.
i hope and pray shes safe and sound
since we can never speak
so answer, lord, this one request
it's fathers day... the peak...

Short Fathers Day poem by tracey mcdonnell| Details |

To a father on fathers day.

To a dad we all adore no matter if rich or poor a gift you have for us all of love and 

To you we show no appretiation yet you must know we love you more than words 
can say no matter night or day.

Thank's for being the dad we all need and for standing by us whenever we grive.

Thanks for keeping up our smiles knowing here give's us the strenth to succeed.

Thank's is a word that can't describe what we want to say but you get the drift we 
love always.

Tracey McDonnell.

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