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Short Fathers Day Poems

Short Fathers Day Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Fathers Day by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Fathers Day poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Fathers Day poem by HGarvey Daniel Esquire| Details | |


Happy Father's Day DAD wherever and whoever YOU are LOVE YOUR Son...HARRY

Short Fathers Day poem by Judy Konos| Details | |

Thanks Dad

Dad you brought me up 
    and you never let me down
        Happy Father's Day

Short Fathers Day poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


he was  gold
very bold
 spoke the truth
tell your youth
put him under there belt
follow in his

Short Fathers Day poem by alan coulson| Details | |


my father's bo0k by name visions was about s. african poetry in 1948. his name was charles walter coulson.

Short Fathers Day poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


he is alway there
always awhere
shows us love and care
this i won't to share
am so glad
i got 

Short Fathers Day poem by Liza Salmon| Details | |

He is

He is peace! 
He is love!
He is Gentle!
He is Kind! 
He is Faithful!
He is Merciful!
He is my DADDY forever!

Short Fathers Day poem by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu| Details | |


Pillar of the home, backbone and strength
Astride, sitting on mama's needs
Providing, caring for the kids
Always working, caring less for rest.

Short Fathers Day poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


 your wear 
you look like a bear
you walk and talk
 shop   and hop
kiss hhug in aparking lot
and have  acuor soup bold

Short Fathers Day poem by Nathan Leccese| Details | |

Little Gifts

Rubbing sleepy eyes,
Children smiling on my bed,
Father’s Day blessings.

Nathan Bane Leccese
©All Rights Reserved 06/21/09

*I wrote this for fathers day and never got a chance to post it until now.

Short Fathers Day poem by Tim Smith| Details | |

A Poem From My Daughter

Daddy, I love you
For all that you do
I'll kiss you and hug you
Cause you love me, too
You feed me and need me
To teach you to play
So smile cause I love you
On this Father's Day


Short Fathers Day poem by erica buckner| Details | |

Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day Dad,
I love you!
You're the greatest father ever,
In the history of Dads!
Lynn the Lou Lou Loves you,
Forever, plus more,
I'll meet you at the gates of Heaven,
To live with you forever more!

Short Fathers Day poem by Adam Hapworth| Details | |

Fathers Day

We are cool and calm
protecting our families from harm.
Holding little ones close
while each of them grows.
Showing them the way
to treat everyone each day,
with the respect they deserve.
This is what fathers preserve.

Short Fathers Day poem by Warner Baxter| Details | |

Everyday is father's day


You are my Days my glowing bright Daze You are my Night my shining armored Knight You are my Son my daily rising Sun You are my Peace you are the final Piece Every Day is Father’s Day

Short Fathers Day poem by HOLLY MOORE| Details | |

A Father's Day Nonet

The sun shines on you, a gracious smile.
And sends to me a gift from you.
Hugs were never missed from time.
Laughter abound, tears dried.
A glow in your eyes
that all is well.
I’m so glad
you’re my

Happy Father’s Day!

©Holly P. Moore 5/16/2013

Short Fathers Day poem by Dylan Wong| Details | |

Life in 4 stanzas

With each life
Comes mouldable clay
Make it, break it
Or do okay

With each day comes
A slice of joy
Simple pleasures
Make our stay 

With each light
Comes a shining beacon
That beckons wisps
To come its way

With each will
There is a way
We'll then do more
Than just okay

Dedicated to my father on Father's Day :)

Short Fathers Day poem by Charlie Murder| Details | |


HARK! speak up, any man who wants to hear it.
we honestly dont know what it is, 
but we have our own problems!
call me a hypocrite, but isnt everyone?
we complain of the things we dont wanna hear
then of things we didnt hear when its too late.

tell me then...can a million men allbe wrong?

Short Fathers Day poem by John Pittl| Details | |


As a boy I looked up and their you stood, Guru-like
larger than life, headstrong Jack-of-all-trades
respected by peers, adored by wife
if only I half the man
once lured by your beliefs
just didn't understand
so I'm different, gone another direction
life on the road, a wandering poet afoot
size twelve's adrift

Short Fathers Day poem by Elmer Candol| Details | |

Fathers Day

Every June it happens,
Big celebration that never ends.
This is their sunrise-to-sunset,
Should us to commemorate.

An attendant at night,
Attentive parent at light,
Presence never leave us,
In every challenges we have.

Greatest gift of all,
A huge thanks for all,
You're our and my loving father,
And I must say I love you.

Short Fathers Day poem by Chuma Okonkwo| Details | |


Time ticked fast…..
Good bye never came
Heavens gate he stood.

Words unspoken
Dreams not lived
Eternal he sleeps.

Exists in frames
In silence we speak
His memory is my keepsake.

Memory waters brain
As I skim memory library
With unending love........

© Happy Father's day to all fathers living or dead........

Short Fathers Day poem by John Monteblanco| Details | |


25 years from Father's Day we'll look back and laugh 'cause that's our "anniversary."
Do I want to spend the rest of my life in your hands?

No doubt I love your Mexican and Peruvian background but I forget everything, including my
name whenever I see you.
My answer to I.S.T.O, is yes she is. From now until I reach my "final" destination.

Short Fathers Day poem by Scribbler Of Verses| Details | |

One Billion Rising

Today we rise.

No more hiding in the shadows,

of culture,

No more silent complicity,

defensive arguments,
sickening pretences,
shabby excuses,

for the actions of men,

brutal and coarse and vulgar and obscene and murderous and abusive.

Today, we rise,

as one.

Today the change starts,

with me,
within me.

Today we rise.

Short Fathers Day poem by Abdulhafeez Oyewole| Details | |

As in WE

As in WE

Me, my father and my mother---
Talk of love, think of my brothers
And sisters like father and mother.
We're one happy adult tree.

In pairs we came, together we work.
In pairs we home, together we walk.

For little wonders world,
Further happier our bonds.

We are doves of one feather:
A flock we are together. 

A.O, 6/4/2014

Short Fathers Day poem by Wm Paul| Details | |


It’s been a while since I’d been there,
Yet my first sight is old acquaintances in the air,
Their wheeling and turning brings delights of
Graceful thoughts,
And takes me on a windy wing,
As I close my eyes to dip and sway,
Hoping “twirl always be that way
The hawks move out of sight
And I to another place,
I no longer fear their plight
As I watch the humans race.

Short Fathers Day poem by Susan Gwynne-Galfe| Details | |

What is a Father

What is a Father?

A Father is a man
with patients

A Father is a man
who loves unconditionally

A Father is a man
who stands by you

A Father is a MAN

A Father is a man
who holds you when your sad

A Father is a man
Who tells you it will “Be Okay” even if he doesn't know it will

A Father is a man
who's not prejudice about age

To a Father,
you will always be his “little girl”

Short Fathers Day poem by Raymond Ngomane| Details | |

Sins of my father

His sins are heavy/
He stood there silent/ 
Sweat dripping down his armpit this sins r heavy/
Victims see a savior sent from heaven his sins r blurry/
His sweat tastes no salt secrets hidden behind doors glued in bolt they worship his father/
Zip down unzipped to keep his zip down and never spit zip/
He is an experiment a doormat of his Father's zip/
He weeps but nobody speaks/
His father's sins are heavy/

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