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Short Eulogy Poems | Short Eulogy Poetry

Short Eulogy Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Eulogy by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Eulogy short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Eulogy poem by Smail Poems| Details |


sand burns on the skin but you
find relief nearby

Short Eulogy poem by Stephen Parker| Details |

Weeping Cherry Tree

delicate, pale plume
weeping branches bow to earth
winter's eulogy

Short Eulogy poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details |

Unknown Soldier

Here lies a soldier,

no one on earth knows his name.

Hes in Gods arms now.

Short Eulogy poem by Duke Beaufort| Details |

''Sicilia'' your breaking my heart OR his final ''hit''

Filled plate of grilled tortellini 
Killed the great James Gandolfini
This star's carcass heavy  
A Ford or a Chevy
Should have been a Lamborghini

Short Eulogy poem by Sara Zahed| Details |


G ray garbles glowed genealogy

R ays retain reminiscence royally

E mber emancipate ebullient eulogy    

E missaries embraced equity 

N ations nullified necromancy

Short Eulogy poem by saintlukaz Blaqlegend| Details |

Say me well to Bolo

Say me well to Bolo
say me well to Bolo
say me well to my father's pride
say me well to my father's paradise.

Tell of my admiration
tell of my eulogy
tell of my songs
tell of my supplication

Short Eulogy poem by Suyash Saxena| Details |

Final Adieu

Final Adieu

Let another sun set,
Let another flower wilt,
Let another autumn cast its gloom,
Let another tear role,
As ye part, and bid
The final adieu.

Suyash Saxena
St. Stephens college

Short Eulogy poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details |

Throwaway Child

Nikki was an illegitimate child.

She grew up fast, she grew up wild.

She ran away from home at age sixteen.

A pimp killed her when she turned eighteen.

This is a cautionary tale of a throwaway child.

Short Eulogy poem by shadab shaikh| Details |


How can I tell you?
I can't stay with you.

Neither I can give up on you.
Fear of losing you is losing me.
It feels like slow death every night.

But we are just stuck in our spaces!
Unable to connect from two feet distance.

Short Eulogy poem by Kirin Lawrence| Details |

Harbinger Waves

He brings a companion
 Shouts this clear:
"The day is yours."

The Harbinger waves 
What do the faux prophets say?

 We were talking.

Days were aging

  and settling;

    birds resting.

      We were at rest. 

Short Eulogy poem by Syed Imon Rizvi| Details |

Martin Luther King Junior

Martin Luther King, Jr.

When innocent dies,
Whole universe cries,
Even of dear earth,
We can hear, outcries,
But selfish human being,
Never even sighs.

All rights are reserved. Syed Imon Rizvi
From a book "Outspoken" - 2012
Available at

Short Eulogy poem by Nancy Jones| Details |

My Uncle Died Today

My uncle died today
I don't know what to say
He was my fave.

Full of vim and vigor
Didn't need gun and a trigger
To have his say.

Slightly misogynist
But ain't the best of us
Flawed in some way?

I'll miss Abbott.
Has been my habit
To love him every single day.

Short Eulogy poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |



As bereavement cries death's eulogy,

Faithfully God hones ideology.

Just keep love's miraculous notions. 

Overcoming perilous qualms.

For God's assurance shall see thee calm.


© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen

    January 17, 2010

Poetic form: ABC

Short Eulogy poem by Miche Ulman| Details |

Family Matters

In the attic, above wooden floor,
through the hallway of psychotic, locks upon my door,
near the broken window and glass of the sore,
hiding in the shadows,
bloodstains on the wall.

 Number nine,
house at the end of the street,
where lights are low,
where silent never sleep.

Short Eulogy poem by Miche Ulman| Details |

Charon's obol

In the shadow, behind the tree, 
on the meadow, bend your knee,
down the valley, up the stream, flat bedrock,
hear me scream, bellow the heavens, toward hell,
dark tunnel, wishing well; fellow traveler listen well,
no chance given, could you tell, 
on a knife-edge, head or tail?

Short Eulogy poem by Joseph May| Details |

midnight bells

The bells tolled till midnight
another soul lost the fight
At the wake many tears were shed
funerals are for the living, not the dead
the eulogy was done by Pastor  Fred
who spoke of fire and brimstone instead
At the cemetery  we bid our last goodbye
and laid him to rest under a sad gray sky

Short Eulogy poem by JoAnn Zachary| Details |

Little Mermaid

I float
dance along
the ocean floor
I glide
move along
my aquatic hell
I gasp
float along
as I try to inhale
My lungs fill
I struggle
I flail 
The light dims
I sink down
Into the cold
Into the deep
where little fishies
will gnaw and nibble 
at me

Short Eulogy poem by TOM GREEN| Details |

Goodbye Tina

I've been waiting
 For who?
 You. Miss Tina
 The pain
 What can I do?
 Make me feel nothing
 That's what I do
 You make me wanna touch them all without a worry!
 I'm glad I can help
 Then I come down..
 I'm tired
 I'm sorry
 Why are you sorry?
 Because I am see
 Goodbye miss Tina 

 By TG Green

Short Eulogy poem by Brian Strand| Details |


William,lived and died in Perth

Buried now in Scottish turf-

Diarist,poet extraodinaire

I do declare...lived a life of pain

Yet..lasting fame lies in his cinquain

tribute to my favourite Scottish poet -William Soutar note 

my book of over 100 of his cinquains FLOWERS OF LIFE (isbn 1 903203 473) 10$ remain available to buy

Short Eulogy poem by Trevor McLeod| Details |

War And Fleece

The governments are fighting.
They're handing us their guns.
Which one will we call evil
and will ours be the ones?

Our enemies a soldier
who's married with a child
who's fighting for their country
for fear that it has riled.

Their leader is a danger
of everything we know,
but when they start to mimic;
we'll shoot them full of CROW!

Short Eulogy poem by Bob Quigley| Details |



<center>Granite blocks of stone
Stand vigil all alone
Lean as if in prayer
Where seldom footsteps tread
Here among the dead
Memories interred

Faithful through the years
Where long bereft of tears
Remnants of a past
Lay silent

A lifetime etched in stone
Name and date alone
In loving memory of

Short Eulogy poem by SKAT A | Details |


-Eden's Ending Eulogy-

Proceed here today, Eden's Ending Eulogy 
Gentle gracious her garden, the guidance 
I can't recall what was with the warm, sincere smile, and sunrise 
Lost at ease and clarity.......I Sleep! 
Forever In Peace, this dark, damp den, coffin will do
at last, a parting powerful, reunion and resting resort


Short Eulogy poem by Adam Lefaivre| Details |

Under the Tall Trees

Of dust, of dirt;
suspended, lost, remarkable.

Of no merit;
forgotten, under the tall trees.

And bury him;
No accurate history serves.

Under cross;
buried in sand,
buried in dirt.

His face will carry forth,
past this miserable state.

To birth,
to die;
forth not.

of man, 
of earth.

Of dust, of dirt;
suspended, found, 
frozen in time.

Short Eulogy poem by Douglas Dicketts| Details |

Sarah's Song

The tree was here

For a hundred years

Of sun and rain and snow

I need not guess

To know for sure

Its stump has told me so

As a very young tree

It withstood a disease

A fire and drought long ago

It must have felt

Itself near death

It may have longed to go

But life won out

And the trees here about

Are here because

This little tree

Wouldnt let go

Short Eulogy poem by Goode Guy| Details |

ooooh Marian

your sultry voice
your gentle laugh
those warm notes
welcome me in
how long has
this been goin' on

I've been around
and so have you
your soul touches
your fingers dance
gnarled with age
yet light on keys

across a wire
across the sky
clear across time
we say goodbye
how long has
this been goin' on

© Goode Guy 2013-08-21

eulogy for Marian McPartland 1918-03-20--2013-08-20

Short Eulogy poem by Robin Brown| Details |




Short Eulogy poem by Eugene Harvey| Details |

Spirited Away

silence cries

as time

stands still

as thoughts 

ever brief

passing forth

one breath

yet away

from death,

in an instant

at once

life flashes by

as yesteryear

ever frail

light fades

one heartbeat

yet away

from death,

till breathless 

life ends

spirited away

as a promised

soul dreams 


one memory

yet away

from death.

© Eugene Harvey

Short Eulogy poem by Judy Oketch| Details |

The missing part in my Eulogy

That the truth to what I am writing is bare

Is a fact you will determine when you find the missing piece. 

This eulogy is long overdue. 

Then again, even you reading this yet to be told story, 

Even you have words for my corpse then. 

Nonetheless I would not want controversies during my cremation 

So I will tell it in writing...

 Only read my eulogy when the time comes.

Short Eulogy poem by gregory ramos| Details |

i am dead

 lay on my bed

 eyes still to red 

 nevermore a word to be said

 and now I am dead

 say a prayer

 make my eulogy 

 in my favor

 not that it would matter 

 the words that all would savor

 something that would make the 

 people in the back stop their chatter

 rest is all I need 

 and tomorrow you will see

 after the dirt is over me 

 your life will be

 one without we

Short Eulogy poem by Chase Turk| Details |

imminent, dismal

repitious symphathy bracing graffiti upon the walls i animate

elegiac words morphing into their stark existance

inanimate figures peel away to shade the world gray

their vows spoken through echoes of blood screaming out my eulogy

reiterating their prevarications which induce the opaque starlight

the contours emit a reflection deceiving the effigy

singing vacant pantomime to the adorn imperfect perfections

Short Eulogy poem by ifediora okiche| Details |


Cemetery souls hang

Creative mind dies

Colourful dreams hang

Wonderful! Nature cries

Insane creative act

Inside white paper

High mental rate

Gives no water

Twenty-many souls wonder

Dry, rainy session

Mutilate fleshy under

Sensitive smiling session

Lustful eyes below

Pregnant, Insane carry

Young life below

Mans baby carry

Eulogy shook infant

Cry, Joy sings

Fate stood erect

Creative mind sings.

Short Eulogy poem by ifediora okiche| Details |



Cemetery souls hang

Creative mind dies

Colourful dreams hang

Wonderful! Nature cries

Insane creative act

Inside white paper

High mental rate

Gives no water

Twenty-many souls wonder

Dry, rainy session

Mutilate fleshy under

Sensitive smiling session

Lustful eyes below

Pregnant, Insane carry

Young life below

Mans baby carry

Eulogy shook infant

Cry, Joy sings

Fate stood erect

Creative mind sings.

Short Eulogy poem by Dan Keir| Details |


The fox gnaws flaking muscle
From speechless rabbit, cold
In mind and body. Men shiver
As bodies dry, spat from river.

Rings of globes circle hands
Of the thoughtless, so beaten
From paths to be told of Him, 
Waiting until eyes grow dim.

Walking among us is plague,
Standing above us is but love,
These winds will claw our youth
While faith entraps this truth.

Winter comes but we survive,
Breath and bones, colonies thrive.

Short Eulogy poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details |

Blood Moon

end time harbinger, blood on the lunar tides,

how you threaten mortal men and their earthly brides

the cool blue of death masks the lip of starless sky

reeking hellish revelations fearfully implied 

four horsemen gallop through the sea of blackest night

pestilence, famine, war, death bring the Blood Moon's bite

full blown the iris of the eye, no white is left 

life will end in bloody light leaving all bereft

Short Eulogy poem by Tirzah Conway| Details |

I waited

I never told you how I felt,
When I had the chance;
I hid my welled up feelings,
Never gave a second glance;

I stowed away my longing thoughts,
You weren't right for me;
But all I ever wanted,
Was to let you see;

I let slip through my fingers,
My one and lingering shot;
And allow that one brief moment,
Slither away, I cannot;

I waited too long to show you,
How much you meant to me;
And now youre gone forever,
As gone as you can be.

Short Eulogy poem by Maz Zie| Details |


I know now, what it's like

To feel deep Love and deep Sorrow.

To know that, some things will remain Forever unsaid.

Perfect memories, Only in your mind

Shared with One that is no longer on this Earth.

The long walk, like a flash-bulb image in my mind,

To a wooden bed with a ghastly occupant.

My hands shook as I placed a gift on your chest.

I felt there was nothing more could give you,

You took so much, already.


Short Eulogy poem by Bakari Matano| Details |


Mind full of wisdom, strength, hope and encouragement

Always gave inspirational talks and speeches 

Yielding a transformed generation

And we shall forever treasure her contribution

A poet, actress, author, dancer, and singer

Never gave up on her dreams and ambitions

Getting through with her desire and aspire 

Eternity In heaven

Like all others who left a mark on this earth

Oh God grant her

Ultimately for a life well lived 

Short Eulogy poem by Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu| Details |

Your Kiss From Heaven

My heart longs to hug

and to snug

In ur warm arms.

Not to be left in darkness.

We used to snog

On the large log,

Feeling ur tenderness

And every sweetness

Of yours lips.

Your swaying hips

Astounded my senses.

There are no pedestals

Reserved in the heavens

For girl wit such outlooks.

You exist in my fantasy

Visiting in my fantasy,

For a gem I have lost.

Heaven's taken my best.

I need no other kiss

But your kiss

From heaven.

Short Eulogy poem by Anthony Slausen| Details |

Somewhere to Somewhere

      Driving from somewhere to somewhere

I ran over cardinal;

birds are crafty, usually get out of the way

but this one posed in the road

hardly moved as I approached,

paralyzed by its presents(sic) 

i never slowed.

Thought it would fly away

like a thousand had done before

but it didn't.

I only slowed after the crash,

in the rear view mirror

I could see it tumbling

like a blood drop 

rolling down the black mask of

a gray-gray day.

Short Eulogy poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details |

Ad Infinitum

Little Bro drank some booze

and danced a little jig.

Little Bro smoked some marijuana

and danced the boogaloo.

Little Bro snorted some coke

and danced the light fandango.

Little Bro injected some heroin

and danced the night away.

Little Bro ingested some crystal meth

and danced joyfully into oblivion.

Little Bro was buried in the paupers cemetery

and the devil danced on his grave.

Saucy Miss drank some booze

and danced ad infinitum.

Short Eulogy poem by Albert Ahearn| Details |


The poplar trees stood like sentries

Standing on one leg in their green

Uniformed grandeur. Beyond their

Phalanx could be seen a stately

Manor whose imported marble

Pillars were more decorative

Than utile. Not unlike the sole

Inhabitant who lies dying

In his magnificent antique

Breton bed. He never married-

Im too busy for such nonsense.

Consequently, no progeny,

No living relatives, no one

Only a dreadful eulogy:

Alone died a poor man, indeed!

Short Eulogy poem by Albert Ahearn| Details |


<center>I have been dead for many years;

entombed in a mausoleum

of viscera and rigid bones.

There were no prayers or eulogy

spoken on my worthless behalf.

Within the tomb lies a stone-cold,

dead heart and a extinguished soul.

Both suffered a long, lonely death;

its cause was flagrancy and strife;

until one day she came along

with an amorous kiss of life

that resurrected my remains

infused them with vitality

and a different man was reborn.</center>

Short Eulogy poem by Tom Valles| Details |

Last Time Home

A spontaneous engagement

Of body, soul and mind;

To take you by the hand

Then turn as one entwined.

A flood of fond emotion

Compelled my heart to move,

And all within a second;

All distraction was removed.

It was you and me together,

Floating lighter than a dove.

Letting turns and smiles beguile:

A dance of family love.

Since I left and you were taken,

And I wont get another chance;

Im glad I seized the moment.

Im glad I stopped to dance.

Short Eulogy poem by Anthony Slausen| Details |

out of keys

pages turn in blackened winds
time looks on and shares a grin

pinwheel spinning silent songs
of endless nights of endless loss

a tear conceived -unrecognized
a trail of salt on keyboard vines

starlight paints frosted eulogy
white roses whirl in arctic seas

suffer through bluing ecstacy
sparkling pinnacles of heart valleys

skipping stones over diamond shoals
kissing perfumed nape while breaking bones

when {grave} becomes the home
a star paints out of key


Short Eulogy poem by Dave Wood| Details |


I was not there for the date on the right of the stone
That's just the reason I'm wearing this suit
I was not there for the date on the left of the stone
That was before my life had even taken root

I was there today with a tear in my eyes
To honor the dash between those two dates
For that small line on your headstone represents all
Your living, your risking, your loving... So great!

I love you and our earthly separation will never change that!

Dave Wood

Short Eulogy poem by nathan martin| Details |

inanimate praise

cold has no time,  motion has no voice

 and it has been so long since the stones

 cried out in the open fields.  hardened 

 still cold stones whose only reflection is

  to bruise all flesh.

  graveyard vulgar granite lips have little faith.

  so the eulogy goes something like this. 

 he was always such a good drunk

 when empty bottles around him went clunk.

 happy as piss in a jar that is a wishin

 some raise a bottle others just miss him.


Short Eulogy poem by Gary Fields| Details |

No Doubt

                  He, who question's
                         His Own
                 Perceives' His own
                            -And -
                    Reverts' to that
                Classical nothing - Ness

Gary Fields

Featured: "The Cross"  book #106627
                  Xlibris Publications
                  Rev. (NOV2013)

Short Eulogy poem by gregory ramos| Details |


 when we know it is the end 
 when the crying never stops
 when is the tear seen from
 the depth of the soul
 how do we see the fruitfulness 
 of our loved one ? 
 a eulogy ,of family and friends
 pour it in us 
 reminds us of the great love 
 and the cherished memories 
 thou our hearts ache and the 
 river of tears flow 
 we are reminded of a promise 
 Jesus said " because of your faith
 today you will be with me in paradise!

on 11 feb 2014 my sisters momma passed away

Short Eulogy poem by brittney lopez| Details |


They say the sun shines on the skin of a goddess her hair dark filled with flowers and her skin of silk,
When you see her don't let her go she will treat u like a god and run her silk hands against the ruffness of your skin she will show u the right way to enlightenment her eyes golden brown so deep you can get lost she can see right through you and know the depth of your soul she will speak words so smooth softer then the wind 
Skin so smooth the sun follows her every move.

Short Eulogy poem by DEBASISH MISHRA| Details |


Devils don't die....
Devils don't stop....
At times,they may cry...
But never give up !

At times,the Devils succumb...
To forces strong and divine....
To glorify Godly charm....
In the sands of eternal time...!

This eulogy in its every word
May seem to be sheer nonsense;
But a Devil is also a secondary God
Who invites the real Providence...

As long as Godly power lives
The Devils will exist too...
Like branches attached to leaves....
Doing things which we should not do....!

Short Poems