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Short England Poems

Short England Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about England by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short England poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short England poem by Smail Poems| Details | |


sand burns on the skin but you
find relief nearby

Short England poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


you were in my mind
the whole time
hope i see you again
you are deep in
the plane  in motion
there was tears of fears

Short England poem by Nicole Rodriguez| Details | |

What Does the Fox Say

Creeping slick as silk
Crimson foxes scour the night
Like screaming banshees.

Mom and pups scatter
Like fluffy roaches fleeing
When we peek outside.


Short England poem by arthur vaso| Details | |


They say I am insane
They wish to lock me up
Toss the keys in the river

I know I am being watched
They are all fools if they say not
I see the eyes watching me
Do not you?

Short England poem by Stephen Honor| Details | |

A Knights Tale

Tension rises
Feel the heat beneath the visor
A swing, a duck, a roll to safety
The is not the place to be hasty

Can not faulter
For death awaits who is not wiser
A hit, a plunge, a source of pain
Who is the one that will remain

Short England poem by Peter Dorr| Details | |

Rutland Water

The water, sandy shore, lush hills, swaying trees, the smart lakeside houses and 

boated fishermen in the breeze from the Spit of the largest reservoir in England's 

smallest county completed our beautiful Spring day in the Midlands. 

Short England poem by Margaret Bonnette| Details | |


By twilight we shall reach Torchwood
to spy on an insane time lord
let's delete him
then send him
straight to Mt. Erebor
then knock out a lowly hobbit,
kidnap him
and toss him in the Tardis
Once he wakes up
we take a step back
to see what happens next!

Short England poem by Leslie Philibert| Details | |


The beer cans are almost esoteric
Banging down the trash shaft

As boots slide over dog`s pavements;
Tunnels clatter with horseshoes

And piss, an estate with no state;
A simian face against a growler;

I`m sorry for the sorry, skins,
But my stomach turns with Angst.

Short England poem by Pyrolun Lun| Details | |

Kyle the Child Vagrant

Eldest oak in the grove, let me scramble through your earthly bindings
Allow me to traverse your knotted limbs, until the top is conquered 
No other place is greater than here, so warm amongst these scraggly boughs 
I wish only that my roots were as critical as yours, that I had somewhere to belong.

Short England poem by Sergio Silveira| Details | |

Ravelston Hall's Gardens at Night--from The Secret of Ravelston, a novel

The gardens’ magical beauty comes to life 
in the dark of night.  
The large treetops seem to float right up above you 
and merge with the open sky.  
The flowers seem forbidding in the dim light of the night,
but as you look at them for a while, 
they glow to you, 
and are more radiant than at daylight.

Short England poem by Peter Dorr| Details | |


Overnight rain hangs wetlights on the twigs of the autumnal hedges, 

as the light blue sky is ploughed by diagonal yellow furrows to remind 

farmers to finish their ploughing in this 'Yellow Belly' county, the most  

               the most farm favoured in all England.  

the blue sky ploughed by diagonal

Short England poem by Harika Diaz| Details | |

my own

I prefer to receive my own
Purchased by the clinking of keys and a 
Blister forming on the thumb.
I prefer to find my own
Among the twisted branches and bleeding berries.

The coat with the mended sleeve dangles by my head 
as we find the sleeping bears above us.
He laughs as his becomes a possum
And mine a mountain top.

Short England poem by Bev Smith| Details | |

To Beckon's Call

            What say you ? Standing there. Take these ribbons from my hair.

            Take these ties that bind me in . No worries govner 'tis ain't no sin.

            Remove these stockings , oh so high . Place your hand upon my thigh.

            Lords and Dukes and Earls is all , brings once a lady, to beckon's call.

Short England poem by arthur vaso| Details | |

Siana of Cymru

From far away
Does she breathe
A life into this broken heart
For simply being a star above

Her soft spoken ways
Her voice so sweet
She has become
Heavens treat

I wish one day
To kiss this soul
Hand in hand
Walking through the knolls

Flowers surround this lovely tale
Of my dream, built on white wide sails
For oceans away, I must go
To kiss a lass, I cherish so

Short England poem by Ngoc Nguyen| Details | |

Queen Elizabeth I: a condensed sonnet

O most feared Belovéd,
how bloodthirsty you are!
Your might is exalted,
for you I'd go to war,
pillage and conquer. Men
worship you as do I.
All, Christian and pagan,
swear unto you fealty.
So, grant me, my Daughter,
this one wish. Knight me now
with blood and holy water
on my shoulder and brow;
     for you are England's Queen,
     and your kingdom's foreseen.

Short England poem by Al Parry| Details | |


Grasp the anguish, of the dank do-

Gooder, bursting across

The local track.  Kids bored silly

Outside the school, sneer as

She slips past.  The brassy broad clings

In the wind to her hat,

As shoulder straps preclude her sack

From sinking, she is an-

chored by her leather bag, the last

Treasure she can hold fast.

Since the rain washed away the mirth

Of the carnival day.

Short England poem by Anna-Marie Docherty| Details | |

Great Britain

Royal family, regal, royalties,
England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are part of GB, Europe
Army, Air force, and Naval support
Treasures, tutoring, training

Buildings and gardens of significance
Rivers, rail and roads
Islands surrounded by sea
Territorial forces, tax tea and traffic
Archaeology, history unveiled and preserved
National pride, National Insurance, National Health Service

Short England poem by nick armbrister jimmy boom semtex| Details | |



Swing me out in a gravitational arc into 
the ether way out fast, reach my apogee 
start my descent back to earth. Bit rough this time, 
turbulence shakes me, back to the dump joke shop joke shop. 
Sign on the line, give me my giro. Yeah, I’m part of the jump 
in unemployed figures! No future, no job, no mortgage. 
Held in place by gravity skull moon eclipse of unemployment. 

Short England poem by Gordon McConnell| Details | |

Summer in UK 2013

This summer's been great
plenty of sunshine bright
best Britain's had
for a while too right

We tend to complain
if it's dull wet or cold
but 2013 we cannot
for it's a climate gold

Even now in late August
it's still pretty hot
shorts and t shirt are the gear
as boots and jumpers are not

Let's be thankful for it all
it makes you feel so tall
you really feel so good
oh give me that beach ball!


Short England poem by Mark J. Halliday| Details | |

Call La Manche

Dover’s high
Cliffs reach towards the sky.
William the Conqueror breached the wall;
Spain, France, Germany…these waters held back them all.
Drake, Nelson, and Spitfire pilots in turns stood tall.
What do you call this battlefield trench?
The English Channel; French
Call La Manche.

Short England poem by Dan Keir| Details | |

Nepotism's Only Kin Deep

Chip off the old block;
        It runs in the family.
This all needs to stop
        In our meritocracy.

Titles through ages;
        A generation’s game.
Lordships by bloodline,
        Some things need to change.

Birth won’t denote skill;
        It keeps people out.
Mobility’s lost
        When money they flout.

James Caan can shove it,
        And let workers in.
Nobles move over,
        Let our time begin. 

Short England poem by Leslie Philibert| Details | |

My Heart Is As Big As A London Bus

My heart is a big as a London bus
Some buy a ticket; some travel free
With luck there a place next to me
My heart is as big as a London bus

Some buy a ticket;some travel free
You can travel alone;or as two or more
Carry your shopping home from the store
Some buy a ticket;some travel free

With luck there is a place next to me
So ring the bell and off we go !
Our big bus won`t ever go slow
My heart is a London bus, you see !

Short England poem by Al Parry| Details | |

Frozen Out

Housemothers twain, swaddled in sorrel fur

And bustled skirts, walking ‘tween the parklands.

Brilliant cobalt sky, above cawing birds,

Who demand substance, with their harangue?

So the fostering queens proffer their alms.


The badelynge of ducks, on polished ice,

Lambently advance with feral affray.

As morsels of cardinal fare, entice.

The attending dames in their tender, urbane way,

Have rescued these birds from another wintry day.

Short England poem by Harika Diaz| Details | |

The Weight is Lifted

The weight is lifted 
and there rests a wooden beam, a bar, a balanced space between 
A morning and a night.
A sleeping hand lays exposed on its battered frame
and a body is hidden as
Wisps of hair attempt to run along the field by a winded saddle.
Parts never moving and others never there.
Always able and flirting with waiting here in-between,
while the yellow paint chips stick and scatter on a sleeping cat
you overfeed this morning.

Short England poem by Christopher Flaherty| Details | |


England at night
Is not like South Africa
In England you don't watch Thunder storms
As grey skies and rain are more the norm
And the Sun over here
Does rarely appear
Even in summer
Its a real bummer
But what England has
Is a piece of my heart
That with which
My birthright bough
I dare not part
And even though
South Africa at night
Is not like England
Its a playground for children
With awe to see
And wall to wall sunshine
It will never be mine

Short Poems