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Short Emo Poems | Short Emo Poetry

Short Emo Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Emo by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Emo short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Emo poem by Broken Lyndsey Gaurkee| Details |

Six Things About Me


Short Emo poem by JADE EXIT| Details |

my emo hair

Some call me emo
Thing is I dont cut or cry
Maybe its my hair

Short Emo poem by Laura Castillo| Details |


I am Emo it's no game,
I cut myself to ease the pain,
the pain you made me feel,
but the scars you left in my heart will never heal.

Short Emo poem by Jessica Crudup| Details |

Inside The Young Emo Heart

Black tears
Dark years
Many fears
No cheers

I am sad
I am mad
Things are bad
Haters are glad

Cold nights I wept
Hoping secrets we’re kept
The wind often called
But I always stalled

So depressingly here I lay
So ready to pass away.

Short Emo poem by Gary Bovett| Details |

I may be an Emo

I may be an Emo
 Although I've never been in to self harm
 Other than eating and drinking a little too much on occasions

 When I was 18
 A bunch of my friends ambushed me
 Put makeup all over my face
 Planted the seed 
 So a late starter
 Emo at 53

Short Emo poem by Samuel Durant| Details |

Human Taxidermy

I'd like to be stuffed when I die 
Then, when I say I feel hollow 
and soft 
and dead, 
I won't be some emo tw*t 
crying about nothing. 
It'll be true. 
I'll be the scarecrow, 
chillin' in the corner 
of my moms bedroom.

Short Emo poem by Brock Gamble| Details |

Gothic Kids

Were basically the muscle of the emo kids we dont cut we fight we dont cry we just live and die, hardcore music tht you cant understand was always our master plan, dancing in the dark youll soon see the spark, after the flaming heart we shall never depart, through your eyes i see nothing but glee

Short Emo poem by alexis olmstead| Details |

The Lost Emo Girl

There she goes,
The one with the short hair-
Dyed black.
Some call her goth-
But she's emo.
Lost in this world full of happiness,
All she can find is her own heart of hate.
Holding her candle,
Up to her face,
Crying her tears.
Tears of blood that she's shed all these years,
Just a lost Emo girl
Looking for Love.

Short Emo poem by Christopher Ferguson| Details |

Gothic Stiletto

The kids in the class
Grew up to smoke grass
Look at how much they’ve changed

The girl who was shy
Fell in love with a guy
Then she found gothic ballet

The emo stilettos 
And the gangs from the ghettos
Gambled and rambled away

Now instead of a geek
I’m a psychotic freak
Yet we’re all still slightly the same

Short Emo poem by Yanny Widjanarko| Details |

Sorry For The First Fight 2013

Nervous in my sleep
Passed the year with boiling heart
Pushed down the anger

Hide in detention
Feel moody in the morning
I know you are mad

Feel sorry to hear
The things you try not to say
But slipped already

We drown on emo
But hurry stood on our sane
Forgave each other

I'm glad it was you
Person who chased on my days
The love of my life

Short Emo poem by Leigh Nickolyn| Details |



Hiding under this mask is a beautiful young girl,
Hiding her scars,
Hiding her pain,
She will never reveal.

Everyone teases her,
Calling her 'emo' and 'weird'
When all she wants is someone to understand her,
Someone to be there for her.

Hiding as she passes everyone,
No one can see her beautiful face
Or her horrid scars.

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details |

Day One

Day one
Next to come
I remember this day like a house of fun
This was the day when I changed
Everything around me still stood the same
Everything was a shame

soon enough they judged me by the way i looked 
Emo,scene,death or dark
I'm still me
Emo is what I might be
But please don't judge me
This is what been haunting me forever for everyone to see

Short Emo poem by Leigh Nickolyn| Details |



I am not
What you call "emo",
Black is what I always wear
To cover my past,
Music blaring in my ears
Keeps the world out,
Hair in my face
Stops the images appearing.

My dark thoughts
Always appear on paper,
Never meant for anyone to see
So I am not humiliated,
Don't make fun of me
Or how I feel,
I am a regular person
Not a freak.

Short Emo poem by Junice Lanza| Details |

Does he like me?

Does he like me for me?
Does he like me for my personalty?
Does he like me as a friend or a girlfriend?
Does he like me for how I look?
Does he like me for how I sound?
Does he like me for how I act?
Does he like me ofr my smile?
Does he like me for being myself?
Does he like me for being gothic and emo?
Does he like me for being different from other girls?

Does he like me?

Short Emo poem by Jay Loveless| Details |

Here I Am

Here I am the freak
"That girl"
The class skipper
The “other” one when someone else has my name
The quiet one
The writer
The listener
That weirdo
The depressed girl
That goth girl
The emo child
The loner
The solitary worker
The geek or nerd
The zoned out one
The bad attitude
The intruder
The loser
The outcast
Here I am the freak
Here I am misunderstood
Here I am alone

Short Emo poem by Kristen Wallen| Details |


Don’t label me,
I’m not a freak
I’m not an anorexic that doesn’t eat
I’m not a “Lesbo”
I’m not a slut
I’m not an emo girl that cuts and cuts
I’m not a prep
I’m not a Goth
But please don’t go thinking I’m soft
I’m not a geek,
I don’t attention seek
So, what if I’m black?
I don’t do crack
I’m just me
And that’s all I’ll ever be
Don’t like it?
You’ll be working for me one day,
You just wait and see.

Short Emo poem by sofia Aguilar| Details |

How I Feel

The way i feel is weird 
I feel death coming very near 
I feel this dark feeling 
I think i stop breathing 
When I cry it rains blood 
But my pain feels like mud 
I feel sad 
But at the same time I feel mad 
I don't know what to do 
I feel like a foo 
i feel black
I think i stared bleeding from my back 
I feel dead 
I just want to get blast in the head 
The way i really feel is emo 
And my emotions won't help it

Short Emo poem by shannon lotterer| Details |

Emo Teenage Soul

So cold
So sad
So broken and alone
Just wondering
If I'd ever be in your arms
Still wondering
If you are too
Do you miss me as much as i miss you
I think the permanent damage done to my skin
Will convey the thoughtful sin
Depression stuck to me
With super glue
Does anyone know
What I am about to do
No, no one does
I don't think they ever will
What does it matter
I'm just another emo teenage soul

Short Emo poem by breanna pogue| Details |

Me and My Razor

when i slide the razor
down my wrist
i start to feeland see
a red mist.

when i put the razor down
and look at myself bleed
i suddenly start realize
that i cannot see.

whenever it gashes open 
i see all the blood
it was a puddle 
and suddenly became a flood.

i love seeing the blood
run straight down my arm
people always told me
cutting wouldn't be any harm.

whenver people see me 
they call me an emo kid.
if they only knew,
everything that i've did.

Short Emo poem by Chelsea Stufleben| Details |


Where has the time gone,
in these past three years.
You've always been there through dark times,
Been there to dry my tears.

You've not once let me down,
I love you super much.
We always have some strange way out,
All that we do's a rush.

Us crazy lil kids,
We love to scream at squirells.
We'll walk the wrong way down the road,
and spin around in swirls.

Oh hannah how I love you,
you've always been my friend,
We'll be these crazy emo girls
we'll stick until the end.

Short Emo poem by Jacqulynn Sigworth| Details |


Having your heart broken isn't like breaking a bone.
It hurts worse 
You open your heart for one guy and he hurts you
To the point where when the next guy comes around 
You don't know how to act. 
Should you open your heart and get hurt again??
Or should you just give up???
Well I'm tired of no good guys who call you names like 
Fat, Ugly, nerdy, preppy, gothic, emo, whore
Just names that put you down
And make you want to change yourself for some total jerk 
That even isn't worth it

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