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Short Emo Poems

Short Emo Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Emo by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Emo poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Emo poem by Ileane Ogilvie| Details | |


You are very sweet
You are my treat

Short Emo poem by Broken Lyndsey Gaurkee| Details | |

Six Things About Me


Short Emo poem by JADE EXIT| Details | |

my emo hair

Some call me emo
Thing is I dont cut or cry
Maybe its my hair

Short Emo poem by SKAT A | Details | |

Letter to my Jailor

-The Jailor-

a light darken 
jailbird misery
What does freedom feel like?


Short Emo poem by DaQuan Bowrin| Details | |

I Hate My Life

I hate my life,
Because of all this
I just wanna take a
And end this life,

Short Emo poem by Gabbi P.| Details | |


My only thought
Under the blackened moon. 
As I sit alone in silence, 

Short Emo poem by Ryan McNabb| Details | |

Think about it

            A shaking razor
      A hand full of pain killers
            A life we will miss

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |

Walking in Tears

You cry and scream nobody seems to care
Nobody would even dare
Should i just cry here?
Or die and end it with fear

Short Emo poem by Laura Castillo| Details | |


I am Emo it's no game,
I cut myself to ease the pain,
the pain you made me feel,
but the scars you left in my heart will never heal.

Short Emo poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


this day i will say
I was the lords way
bring us together
it for the better
how we met face to faces

Short Emo poem by Israel Curtis Cantu| Details | |

Candy Crush

Candy Crush!
 fired on the first day
Must you be addicting
Candy Crush
Let's play again

Crushing the screen

I win!

Short Emo poem by Aiyah de Torres| Details | |


                            sparkling brightly ,
                       chinky-eyed pretty lady
                        tearful eyes last night.

Short Emo poem by M.P. Faries| Details | |

No One Knows

No one knows how she envies
Those who live their dreams.
No one knows how her mind
Overflows with envy and sorrow.
No one knows how she truly feels…

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |

Out Of Breath

Other people sinks me in there words
So have you heard about that nerd?
I sure did
 It was meant for me
so let it be
I'll just die here for everyone to see

Short Emo poem by Aryain Price| Details | |

Rain Fall

thunder rolls,
 and my hear soars. 
my love for you grows each time i get a new message.
 my eyes are bright, the rain falls. 

and i fall along side with it.

Short Emo poem by Mana R.| Details | |


I'm writing.
I'm writing very fast.
There is no paper.
There is a hand.
There is no pen.
There is a knife.
I'm carving a story.
I'm carving my own story.

Short Emo poem by Caitlin Feely| Details | |


The sky is black as the night when the stars do not show,
Black as the feathers of a somber crow.
Black as coal when the firelight dies,
Black as life dying from a sick one's eyes.

Short Emo poem by Jim Cross| Details | |

mystery guest

desire sans obligation
inspires a vivid imagination,
imagination sans desire
lies dormant against my will,
awakening sans vision
empowers my senses,
and i, i ascend to know you -

Short Emo poem by Zak Blixrud| Details | |

it hurts

all these things inside of me want to burst out

i hold them in constantly


from inside


until something has to get let out

i dont have a choice

Short Emo poem by Tobi Osunkoya| Details | |

Wasted Thoughts

I spend mindless weekends 
Trying to make mends 
To a future thats already gone 
Tell me, where did it all go wrong 

I spend weekdays 
on pretence 
leave my soul to defend 
cause the mind will never mend 
This will never end 

Short Emo poem by James Kelley| Details | |

Chianti Dreams

I wrote my dreams on the back of a paper bag.
Stuffed them down inside an empty bottle of Chianti 
and threw it into the ocean.
The tide rolled it right back to me,
with words as wet as my eyes.
-James K 2013, All rights reserved.

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |


Lies and mistakes 
Is the only way
to die in fear for your heart to ache
Blood covered your fate
How dare you change your fate this way

Days past by
Times flies
Time dies..
Drugs and hugs
kills you all
Don't try to fake the smile of love

Short Emo poem by kennith stomps| Details | |

Pill after Pill

Pill after pill
The pain still remains,
Night after night
Glued to this haze 
thinking of you
emotions spread
love, hate, everything between
covered in shade
after slowly going insane
this blade,
allows emotions to escape through my veins.

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |

Behind My Shadows

You see me so cheerful
But behind the screen
I'm full of tears
How would i bare my face just for a hiding place
As days goes by
My life stays behind
I'm still here
BUt i'm nowhere to be found                            
I'm bound to be dragged down

Short Emo poem by Jessica Crudup| Details | |

Inside The Young Emo Heart

Black tears
Dark years
Many fears
No cheers

I am sad
I am mad
Things are bad
Haters are glad

Cold nights I wept
Hoping secrets we’re kept
The wind often called
But I always stalled

So depressingly here I lay
So ready to pass away.

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |


When will they notice me?
I'm sitting here all alone in the rain
I'm all wet
I'm all sad
I looked up the dark sky
I rise up with all my might
My hands touched the bars
Than another
Soon my legs jumped me off
Will they notice me now?
Now that i'm gone?

Short Emo poem by Gary Bovett| Details | |

I may be an Emo

I may be an Emo
 Although I've never been in to self harm
 Other than eating and drinking a little too much on occasions

 When I was 18
 A bunch of my friends ambushed me
 Put makeup all over my face
 Planted the seed 
 So a late starter
 Emo at 53

Short Emo poem by jigyasa makkar| Details | |

Run away

Not that I would 
Actually run away. 
Not that I would 
Even think that way. 
But knowing that I can
If I need to be
Having just the liberty
Essentially to be free,
Makes my heart wonder
Where I would go?
Just to stay sane now
I really need to know.

Short Emo poem by Katie Miller| Details | |

The Calling

I am calling out the coward...
 Do away with that disguise!
 I cannot breathe, My body shakes
 Don't wait 'til patience dies!
 I'm well aware- you have no soul
 Still, I wish that you were dead
 I bite my tongue, My stomach bleeds
 I kill you in my head.

Short Emo poem by Morgan Jay| Details | |

The Blood

I cut to see the blood.
To bring colour to my life.
Because life has turned so dull and gray...
Just grays and blacks and whites... 

I cut to see the blood. 
To remind me that I'm still alive. 
I forget my body is still here...
because my soul has long since died.

Short Emo poem by Samuel Durant| Details | |

Human Taxidermy

I'd like to be stuffed when I die 
Then, when I say I feel hollow 
and soft 
and dead, 
I won't be some emo tw*t 
crying about nothing. 
It'll be true. 
I'll be the scarecrow, 
chillin' in the corner 
of my moms bedroom.

Short Emo poem by Hope Diamond| Details | |

My Wrists

A story is told 
Just by the look of it
You see it starts to unfold 
It's hard to take in just a bit

So many memories
I take them all with me
I pull at my sleeves
So that no one see

I don't want to hurt anyone
Even when they've hurt me
I'm fragile
Yet they still break me

Short Emo poem by DaQuan Bowrin| Details | |

My Room, Dark and Black

My room, dark and black,
My nightmares come back,
My past, won't leave me,
I need someone to free me,
Deep hurt, my pain,
All the regret makes me insane,
My eyes, wet,
The reasons why, I'll never forget,
My arm, bloody,
My heart, broken,
On each breath, I'm choking,

Short Emo poem by DaQuan Bowrin| Details | |


The darkness surrounds me,
It's getting so cold,
I'm all alone,
With no one to hold,

My world is so empty,
All thats left is pain,
No sunshine to light my way,
Just neverending rain,

I drown in tears,
My heart is crying,
No one seems to notice,
My soul is dying,

Short Emo poem by Kenny Loy| Details | |

Beneath that smile

I hide and cry silently
Beneath the smile I show
Time and space I give willingly
The pain continues to grow
Walking this path lonely
Hopes, faith and love as my 
I hope and pray solemnly
With promises made to follow
As long as you are happy
That's all I need to know

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |

Dancing With Heartless Memories

Rain, rain fall all day
Ill just be here regretting my fate

Step 1 to 5 for more to come
I'm just here dancing with the devil all day long
With some crazy song
But i'm all done here
There no reason to fear

Is all on me
I'm the one that dancing with the devil here, not you at least... 

Short Emo poem by Emilee Linthacum| Details | |

My Knife

Black eyes.
Black heart.
The pain hits me like a dart.
I'm lying on the floor.
I can't handle this pain anymore.
I take the blade.
I press it to my skin.
I know its a sin,
But this pain will never end.
My mind is empty.
I'm filled with misery.
I hate my life,
But I love this knife.

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |

Blind in my Sight

As I looked out my window
Nobody was there
Is no mystery I think I just disappeared

I walked towards the creek
As I stood there, I saw a cascade
It was a passage to a cave
A place where I can change my fate

As I seek for a destination
To lead me free
Nobody come to help as I thought it will be

Short Emo poem by Brock Gamble| Details | |

Gothic Kids

Were basically the muscle of the emo kids we dont cut we fight we dont cry we just live and die, hardcore music tht you cant understand was always our master plan, dancing in the dark youll soon see the spark, after the flaming heart we shall never depart, through your eyes i see nothing but glee

Short Emo poem by DaQuan Bowrin| Details | |

Darkness Descends

The night falls with
a silent sigh,
Soulless are we.
The salvation for
which you pray,
Flares once, then
Swept away by a
velvet ebony
All hope must surely
Your soul thrives no
How could you tear
us asunder?
Lost souls surround
us, crying,
We have lost our

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |


People judge from their hearts
I'm telling you, she not who she was from the start
I opened my eyes
I had a box of stares
Nobody would even care
People walked by as if i wasn't there
Push and kill all the way through
Slices and dices on my skin as a grew
As i got pushed,
My soul just wanted to die behind that bush

Short Emo poem by Ag Ki| Details | |


If I hold on to strings,
That tend to slip away,
Does that mean I love things,
That I know will never stay?
If I hang on to a love, 
that just holds me down,
Does that mean that my wings,
Won’t get me off the ground?
If I hold on to lies,
That I only half believe,
When I look in your eyes,
Will you look back at me?

Short Emo poem by Mike Conway| Details | |

Dribble A Drop

Let it trickle
Dribble a drop
From the Tip
Of the Top
Till it sits
on the rocks
a little sip
then it flops
another is sick
Hit up Doc
here's another hit
Hear it pop
Pills will slit
Big willed thoughts
Like a wrist
Do not watch
the skin split
Like gymnasts' crotch 
Sorry a bit
Going for shock
Not even wit
Just mental block

Short Emo poem by alexis olmstead| Details | |

The Lost Emo Girl

There she goes,
The one with the short hair-
Dyed black.
Some call her goth-
But she's emo.
Lost in this world full of happiness,
All she can find is her own heart of hate.
Holding her candle,
Up to her face,
Crying her tears.
Tears of blood that she's shed all these years,
Just a lost Emo girl
Looking for Love.

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |

Dead Smiles

Melt the love
Melt the smile
Melt the heart within

If your happy most time,
Ill turn it upside down
I envy people who smiles,laugh,giggles with other's

All i have is my soul deep inside
Nothing else....
My smile betrayed me long time ago
This is the end of my fate
Dont try to change my hatred against others that I had made

Short Emo poem by DaQuan Bowrin| Details | |

Absence of Tranquility

In the absence of tranquility,
Bewitch me in nights embrace,
Grace thy beauty by candle light,
By silence of sentimental night,
Dreary shadows cast upon thee,
Possessing my souls captivity,
Gentlelady speak not of thoughts,
Nor of the flame you hold so dear,
Gothic beauty of the night,
Bewitch thy soul by candle light,

Short Emo poem by DaQuan Bowrin| Details | |

Abtruse Psyche

In the midst of
Searching through

Playing with

Living with
Addicted to
Slave of

Short Emo poem by Yanny Widjanarko| Details | |

Sorry For The First Fight 2013

Nervous in my sleep
Passed the year with boiling heart
Pushed down the anger

Hide in detention
Feel moody in the morning
I know you are mad

Feel sorry to hear
The things you try not to say
But slipped already

We drown on emo
But hurry stood on our sane
Forgave each other

I'm glad it was you
Person who chased on my days
The love of my life

Short Emo poem by Leigh Nickolyn| Details | |



Hiding under this mask is a beautiful young girl,
Hiding her scars,
Hiding her pain,
She will never reveal.

Everyone teases her,
Calling her 'emo' and 'weird'
When all she wants is someone to understand her,
Someone to be there for her.

Hiding as she passes everyone,
No one can see her beautiful face
Or her horrid scars.

Short Emo poem by Skyler Swan| Details | |

Day One

Day one
Next to come
I remember this day like a house of fun
This was the day when I changed
Everything around me still stood the same
Everything was a shame

soon enough they judged me by the way i looked 
Emo,scene,death or dark
I'm still me
Emo is what I might be
But please don't judge me
This is what been haunting me forever for everyone to see

Short Poems