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Short Confusion Poems | Short Confusion Poetry

Short Confusion Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Confusion by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Confusion short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Confusion poem by Joel Hunt| Details |


Allusion to confusion.
Better to allude,

Short Confusion poem by macy southern| Details |

The Meeting

I will meet my dad.
I feel confusion and fear
underneath my joy.

Short Confusion poem by Joshua Adam| Details |

Cries of Despair

An empty feeling
like confusion would compare
cries, my world called fear

Short Confusion poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Still Upbeat


What happened...

Still laughing!

Short Confusion poem by Robin Maughan| Details |

May 4th

May 4th is still alive.

Short Confusion poem by Kristin Baker| Details |


Heartbeat out of tune
Tears of confusion take over
Heartbeat has flat lined

Short Confusion poem by Jessica Spiegler| Details |

still hot

it is still hot in this heat

Short Confusion poem by James Marshall Goff| Details |

Turkey Vulture

Turkey Vulture

Covered in road kill
Winners and losers in life
Confusion is real

Short Confusion poem by Patrizia Cohen| Details |


Caress the surface of the reality
Momentarily confusion
And immediately is revelation.

Short Confusion poem by faleshia murphy| Details |

The Journey Continues

Lost in confusion
Blurry passage of hope waits
Journey on hault


Short Confusion poem by Christian Guild| Details |

Gibberish Notes

I love to confuse people
Only I understand 
Through random letters
Confusion at its finest.

Short Confusion poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Sudden Change Compares

Sudden change compares
Good, evil, both enlighten…
Confusion therein

Russell Sivey

Short Confusion poem by kristen bruni| Details |


"Life should be comprehensible 
There is too much confusion in it. "

Kristen Bruni

Short Confusion poem by CLAIRE BURKE| Details |

Black Blood

Creeping in tunnels of red
Dramatic scream raging raw
Confusion weakens flesh
Echoes no more

Short Confusion poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Calm the Mind

Get the confusion out of me!
Only darkness I seem to see
God made a rational mind - let me be!

Short Confusion poem by Cynthia Alvez| Details |

Dreaming Inside A Dream

Pouted dreams
Fall apart at the seams
Seems my dreams are
Illusions of confusion...


Short Confusion poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Flight of Dire Loss

I flew the stubborn plane, in confusion
The craziness comes with it
I flew away again

Russell Sivey

Short Confusion poem by Lisa Green| Details |



Short Confusion poem by William Masonis| Details |

Political Dodoitsu #2: Town Hall Meeting

Nothing prevails like falsehood;
Confusion conquers reason.
Hyperbole kills debate -
Is decency dead?

Short Confusion poem by Bishop Ezeh| Details |

Ray of Hope

In this age of confusion, greed and self-indulgence 
A pope for the poor we behold
Great hope for humanity 

Short Confusion poem by Alozor Michael Ikechukwu| Details |


You mask your emotion
It locks you in confusion
It's a good thing you are confused
Love is never understood.

Short Confusion poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Change to Jesus!

Let confusion dissipate
No longer want to just hate
Focus on Jesus - the only one
On true love you will hone!

Short Confusion poem by Jacob WÖLF| Details |

My What If

My life is full of confusion
My love is always open
My fear has made me stiff
And SHE will always me my "what if"

Short Confusion poem by Joseph Spence Sr| Details |

The Rush Job

emergency room such doctoral confusion medication goof © Joseph, 4/20/08 © All Rights Reserved

Short Confusion poem by HOLLY MOORE| Details |

Too Loud

too loud
mass confusion
i sit there silently
just a blur, no words heard really
it's you

©Holly P. Moore
   November 2012

Short Confusion poem by Bishop Ezeh| Details |

Nigeria Police

Naija police
Political partisan
Soul as tattered as vestment

Lost in country confusion
Kill to eat
Cannibalism of self

Short Confusion poem by Adeleke Adeite| Details |

tempter's tales

the tempter hides in the reality of illusion
dancing to the music of clear confusion
pride and passion of devilish dellusion

Short Confusion poem by jay del fierro| Details |

Seasonal Migrations

                Confusion abounds

       rain commingles with sunshine,

            winter greets the spring...


Short Confusion poem by jay del fierro| Details |

Let Loose Confusion....

       What is the nature
                    of a confident heart
                                 shrouded by insecurity....

Short Confusion poem by Michelle McDermin| Details |


I opened my eyes
to a new world
a world of loss
and confusion
how can I free myself
and save what is left
what is left of me

Short Confusion poem by Jesse Jones| Details |

Untitled #148 / Shirt of M.C. Escher paintings

How fitting that today I should don
the shirt of M.C. Escher paintings
shirt of confusion
shirt of the void
shirt of the self

Short Confusion poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |



Truth and allusions,
When meandering hand in hand,
Can cause confusion.

©  Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
    1/ 5/ 2008

Short Confusion poem by Robert Pettit| Details |

Mumbo Jumbo

It’s mumbo jumbo, the language of confusion. Nonsensical words that communicate nothing. They have no value at all.

Short Confusion poem by Jean Marble| Details |

Numbered Sheep (tanka)

Corkscrew through depths of
aquatic oblivion
whirls of confusion.
Numbered sheep blaat in cyclones
and wake my unconcious mind.

Short Confusion poem by Shishir Gupta| Details |

The Collapse

Mind busy and spinning
  body parts still
confusion prevails
  mental energy heats
as they send commands in frenzy
  and I collapse.

Short Confusion poem by Cameron Hartley| Details |


He is both clarity and confusion
My conscience... and my temptation
My greatest virtue is my dearest sin
My stength and weakness: my love of him

Short Confusion poem by Jenna Butts| Details |


A space you once filled 
Now darkening with a storm 
Rain dwells with lightening 
Confusion plays with my tears 
Where does love go when its gone?

Short Confusion poem by Tom Wright| Details |


 As a young man,
before Christ, came into my life.
I had traveled to many states,
but the state I spent the most time in
was the state of confusion.

Short Confusion poem by John Weber| Details |


Fumbling in the dark
sometimes kicks a spark
like a flipped illusion
bending with confusion
to stretch that inky void
with whispers once enjoyed.

Short Confusion poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Color Confusion

A heart that's made of yellow Secures confusion within Want-to-be purple daisies Can’t shift their colors
Russell Sivey

Short Confusion poem by Lizzie Treetop| Details |

Come Fly with Me

Come fly with me on eagle wings
Forgetting all pain and life’s confusion
And I will show you wondrous things
Not marred by present or past pollution.

Short Confusion poem by Russell Sivey| Details |


Mixed up Unraveled here Scattered around Confusion about him A man looks towards defeat All twisted
Russell Sivey Form Vignette

Short Confusion poem by Margaret Bonnette| Details |

Never getting married

I quit the dating life
it's full of confusion
and too much strife
as much as I search
and as far as I wander
Mr. Right is a myth
no longer to ponder!

Short Confusion poem by sima mittal| Details |

Black is to Blame

Death, Depression, Doom
Destruction leading to Hell
Vampires with Witchcraft
Smelly rats and bats, rotting
Confusion, Chaos, Wolf Howls

9th May 2013

Short Confusion poem by Annie Brittle| Details |

00:22 - Gem in Eye

Thank you, sorry, maybe neither,
I am the altered, for better, for worse.
Lovestruck, hateful, always either,
Confirming confusion: whichever comes first.

Short Confusion poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


its torn  
when your born
its world of lustion
lots of confusion
makes you debate
is this for me
than began to see
its all in faith

Short Confusion poem by Chelsea ...| Details |


Im numb and can no longer feel pain, my heartache has gone away, the floods in my eyes no longer come 
about, and the confusion in my mind has all poured out.

Short Confusion poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

Fear vs Secure

Fear stings
Distant from love, self
Wreck, confusion
Last high on life?

Love's blanket
No worries
Positive thinking

Short Confusion poem by Christine Wessels| Details |

Dream interupted

Painful nightmares demand abandonment,
 trapped in this maze of confusion.
Forces engulfing, enveloping,
I am safe now.

Short Confusion poem by Canny Amah| Details |

A Cracked Wall

Many kids are in a rush again:
Confusion rejoices in their voices,
Stones splash in sacrifices –
The ancient wall has cracked:
The flames burn beyond control.

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