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Short Business Poems | Short Business Poetry

Short Business Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Business by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Business short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Business poem by theresa stephens| Details |

Quinzaine Contest

A table setting for two

Business meeting, or
tete -e- tete

Short Business poem by Atef Ayadi| Details |

Business Card

I gave her my business
For any comment
About my

Short Business poem by chris bowen| Details |

happy halloween through a haiku is the same
love them veins
they taste regular to me

Short Business poem by Neelam Sangawai| Details |

Spring in Yard

Target not yet met
So prolonged business tour
Spring arrived in yard.

Short Business poem by chris bowen| Details |

the business of jack the ripper

the knife,as it cuts
spills guts,who share their secrets
living in someone

Short Business poem by Ernesto P. Santiago| Details |

Let No One Curse You

Let no one curse you,
By loving someone like you;
None of their business!

Short Business poem by William Masonis| Details |

The Bulldog Does A Shot

Showed her the Chocolate Cake Shot.
She downed it like Life:
All business with her pleasures.

Short Business poem by Atour Tamrazov| Details |

If Your Business...

If your business - not simple work,
Do not often smoke and talk,
Drink and dream about tender love!

Short Business poem by Daniel Corcoran| Details |


i enjoy killing shepherds and invading countries i have no business being i
joined the army

Short Business poem by Duffy Laudick| Details |

A Business Trip

Another fabulous trip we have taken
Marvelous food we have consumed
Directives and well wishes we shall bring.

Short Business poem by Atour Tamrazov| Details |

Thank You, Robert!

Thank you, Robert for your great pedagogical
Business saving our souls:
Library is a defender from a black hole

Short Business poem by jayachandran chakrapany| Details |


Flourishing business of 
Unique standards 
For the modern youth. 

Short Business poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


you never know
its not all show
no matter if you dance
or sing its a chance
i have did all this

Short Business poem by Mohammad Nashir| Details |


Dizzying alcohol
What is the sense
I believe
Une, deux, trios
What’s your problem
Business my friend – business 

Short Business poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details |


to be on stage
no matter what age
the dream
have a act team
dance sing and prance
its a fact 
you must have a

Short Business poem by Nigel Fox| Details |


God ! you call yourself god !
If you wanna play god and call yourself god
That’s your business
But you’re no god to us mister !

Short Business poem by dakarai cobb| Details |

POLITICS: Business As Usual

This one called that one a crook;
That one called this one a dud.
Neither could be clearly seen,
Once they were done slinging mud.

Short Business poem by Robb A. Kopp| Details |

Daily Business

Sun breaks ridge like bell
 Squirrels scurry like stock brokers
 Leaves like orders fall

By Robb A. Kopp
All Rights Reserved © MMX

Short Business poem by Marlene Murray| Details |

Name Fame

Two brothers of stature and wit
A business to start, they'd commit.
The desire for fame
Was in their last name
Now Two-Morrows a work in profit!

Short Business poem by Michelle Edwards| Details |

u know

you know it's sexual
now it's political
dont make it bad 
before it gets critical
sex business
thats what i do
if you dont like it
 well fuc you too

Short Business poem by Sean Dunlap| Details |


American clothing,
American wear,
American business,
American hair,
Culture so vapid,
Culture so strong,
Why does this make,
My culture wrong.

Short Business poem by C. L. Thornton| Details |

The Amoeba

Lamented one amoeba to another:
I find clonal reproduction
crude, narcissistic, and one-sided.
This business of mitosis
leaves no one else to be desired.

Short Business poem by Harpreet Kaur| Details |

Stop Dowry

Marriages are made in heaven,
but dowry has made it a business transaction,
Tears roll down from my eyes,
When i think about the burning brides,
Stop dowry,stop dowry...

Short Business poem by John Smith| Details |

Person from Porlock

A person on business from Porlock 
stopped by Nether Stowey for to talk.  
He there spoke with a man 
who told him, "Kubla Khan, 
but right now he is out on his walk."

Short Business poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |


Ghost Business

Car keys disappeared.
“House Ghosts” working overtime.
Are they with the socks?

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
January 22, 2010

Poetic form:  Haiku

Short Business poem by Haldor Paulsson| Details |

Love for one billion

Love for one billion
Marry and then divorce is a bit of a gambling
but the rings can be good business
what does it matter if you're in love
waiting may make a billion.

Short Business poem by Alisha Bradley| Details |

I Was

I was just just minding my own business when it happened 
I was a teenage girl with problems and had nobody to talk to
I was so depressed, sad, and unhappy.

I was........

Short Business poem by Joshua Lacey| Details |

So Long Death, Welcome Jesus

Is one to burn in hell?
Say business of sin owell!

God is holy; God is good
Rescues like Red Robbing Hood!

So let Jesus into your heart
And from spiritual death depart!

Short Business poem by Sallam Yassin| Details |



            Some keen to keep
     The hunger 
                At the house 
As their business 
               Hunger based 

Short Business poem by Vennie Burns| Details |


Fulfilling the request 
From years past
Things old 
In the mix 
No tricks
Strides painting 
Inroads business
The battle in drift
Step by step 
Convincing roads 

Short Business poem by Barbara Gorelick| Details |

Avoiding the IRS

There once was a woman  named Roxanne
Who had sex with many a fine man
She charged a big fee
And made them agree
To never disclose the business she ran

For Deb's contest...

Short Business poem by Joseph Matose| Details |

Hollow Reed

Hollow Reed

My problem with a hollow reed
Is that, through its emptiness,
‘Nother man pipes his own creed
To promote his own business!


14th March 2014 

Short Business poem by Esther Waringa| Details |

I am who you thinkl i am

Not a few have i known,
They have all come and gone,
Minded their business leaving me drawn,
Contemplating deals long gone,
Between infamous and renown,
And now am tired and worn.

Short Business poem by Brittany Reynolds| Details |


The bosses are not here today.
Do I have to work for my pay?
Ceiling tiles need counting.
They are in Florida for 'business.'
I've a week to clean up this mess.
We work hard, partying.

Short Business poem by Glen Enloe| Details |

Spring Rites

peeps tiny
green helmets
from brown beds, 
looking this way,
to a spring sun
that has come again
like the vultures
to Hinckley,
Texas, settling
to business.

Short Business poem by iolanda Scripca| Details |

Woman-Owned Business Maker

Self-employed and partner in life
He "hired" some other guy's wife
Making golfing balls
Now he has two holes
My new business ?...Surgical Knives...

for Carolyn Devonshire's "Horrible Bosses"

Short Business poem by Nicole Sharon Brown| Details |


Awesomely correct
Can you make the 
Chemistry goal
Uncertainty is not 
Real factor in this
Also it is like hitting
Complete bull’s-eyes after 5 tries
Yeah accuracy is real business.

Short Business poem by Nicole Sharon Brown| Details |

God's Business

Away the pain goes.
This is so unbelievable.
Behold finally writing,
About happy things.
Finally confessed my wrongs ,
Along with his.
On my way,
To do God's business.

wrote 7-31-09

Short Business poem by Nicole Sharon Brown| Details |

It’s Finally Over

I can’t handle being whatever I was.
I don’t want to be whatever it is,
No more.
You have closed the door.
We are out of business,
A business never legit.
I won’t handle it.
It’s finally over.

Short Business poem by Sharon Morken| Details |

I Smile and Frown When

I smile when-
Woman has strange men over
You laugh and mind business
Married to your asshole neighbor

I frown when-
Man wants medicine for kid,
Clinic shut down,
Alcohol delivered a government payout

Short Business poem by Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen| Details |



Big business
Buying and selling
Dispersing desirable goods.
Wise, active, successful appreciated

© Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen
February 22, 2010
Poetic form: Cinquain

Short Business poem by Doris Culverhouse| Details |


Whirlwind terror
Away to face the eternal.
Loved by family and friends but
Lost to us now.
Always remembered, taken too quick.
Clever fox left unfinished business
Ending life's journey too soon.

Short Business poem by Ashley Abel| Details |

What if

What if the sun was to not rise
What if the world would not turn
What if today was our last
Would you have regrets
Would you have unfinished business
What if you had one day left
How would you finish

Short Business poem by Carol Register| Details |

Leave Me Alone.......You don't know me

So you think
My job is beneath me
Only business matters
In your warped minds
Educating little ones
Is where my heart is
 Leave me alone...You don't know me
If you did
Your opinions would not be voiced

Short Business poem by Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton| Details |

Land under Wave

 business or pleasure:
  freedom or slave.
   land under water:
    wind over wave.
      mythical or magical:
       sale or return -
        are false gods and white lies
	 that bind us to save

Short Business poem by bl devnath| Details |


                                             Ups and down is must		
                                         Not the cash cow business 		
                                               Enjoy the life well		

Short Business poem by Clay Young jr.| Details |

At Peace -unfinished-business-

At peace

When i'm gone
Bury me in the forrest
Where i can feel the Earth
Where i can feel myself

Plant a tree as my tombstone
So i can grow to touch the sky
Let the leaves blanket me
For the long winter night

Short Business poem by Brian Strand| Details |


nature starts
to sit out winter
winging off
to a warmer clime,
tempers the
shutters down-
closed for  business.

Short Business poem by Clay Young jr.| Details |



there is unfinished business in my dreams
there is much longing without sleep
i'm always late
but still you wait
there is unfinished business in my dreams
and this is the ecstasy of a poem unwritten

Short Business poem by Spanish Rose| Details |


The day is long
My attention's short
I've no energy to cavort

Business isn't done
I'm ready to quit
Time feels like a bottomless pit

I'm physically here
Mind - absentee
I shouldn't have drank the caffeine-free

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