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Short Ballad Poems

Short Ballad Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Ballad by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Ballad poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Ballad poem by Raul Moreno| Details | |

After the Rain

Amorous sunbeams,
Dance among the verdant hills.
Ballad of the sun.

Short Ballad poem by J B| Details | |

a promise

my heart hears your song
a whispered ballad of love
a promise to keep

Short Ballad poem by Ruben Hernandez Diaz| Details | |

Tonight's Dance

In this world we lie,
In the shining moon tonight,
Dancing this ballad.

Short Ballad poem by Rick Parise| Details | |

Rain Song

rhythmic dance of rain
a soft ballad enthralls thee.......
grateful performance

Short Ballad poem by Raul Moreno| Details | |

Spring Tango

The soft, gentle breeze,
Dances with the fresh new leaves;
First ballad of Spring.

Short Ballad poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


of mood swings-
a sonnet that

The Poetry of Moonlight by E Blakelock

Short Ballad poem by Rick Parise| Details | |

My Flesh -Old Applause

my artist crave rapport
as I wait ,  a ballad
my mind pondering , remembering..
my soul it bleeds within-
do you love me ?

Short Ballad poem by Andrea Dietrich| Details | |

Charlie's New Ballad - no more Chicken of the Sea

The lawsuit by StarKist is valid.
Their long time promoter’s new ballad
warns fish to stay clear
of fisherman’s pier,
or end up in somebody’s salad!

Short Ballad poem by Justin Debrosse| Details | |

Writing Muscle Boot Camp

10 reps of Haiku curls
10 reps of Irish Ballad presses
3X5 paragraphs of trenchant prose
5X Lyrical lunges
Last 5 minutes: Free range editing gut check

Short Ballad poem by Abraham Tor| Details | |

The Harrowing Ballot

They built an abattoir for man                      
In the heart of the land                          
Where rythm of catridges played ballad      
To hapless P.O.W. of the ballot.

Short Ballad poem by Brian Strand| Details | |


of mood swings-
a picture of

The Poetry of Moonlight by Ralph Blakelock  called  the American Van Gogh

Short Ballad poem by Steve Eng| Details | |

Barbed Wire Ballad - (3)

Rusted wire against a tree, year by year recedes
The countless rings of outer bark enwrap the wire within.
I mark the circles choking me.  I’m taut, stretched thin.
Thus Time is so absorbing me. Consumed. The oak tree feeds.

Short Ballad poem by Arnold Mutugi| Details | |

The Art of Trying

Unless you are a god
And are guaranteed to succeed
In every trial on deed…

Take heed
And try today.
With speed,
Forget the way
You failed
And then retry. 
Unlike like chorus from a ballad
Just strife to retry in-differently

Short Ballad poem by Jared Pickett| Details | |

Her Songs****The Modern Cinquain Game****


wind songs,
branches dancing
to an epoch ballad
Such an inspiring event.
Her songs.

This, my submission into the "Modern Cinquain" game... Thank you James Goff for your

Jared Pickett

Short Ballad poem by Laura Mckenzie| Details | |

Dawn's music

Behind sheer curtains
Golden rays sing the day’s pulse
Grandeur to the beat of life

The ballad bows proud
Whistling in rhythm tango
Bird’s susurrant calm weeping

Hills and valleys hum
Sweet fields in lavender shades
Under a blue canopy

Short Ballad poem by RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY| Details | |

Prince of sweet songs


"Prince of sweet songs made out of tears and fire......" ( A Ballad of  François Villon:Envoi-A.C. SWINBURNE)

The prince showed up in the terrace

Looked skyward a bird falling down a shooting star

The prince called his lyricist and a hangman

Short Ballad poem by Liza Salmon| Details | |

A Ballad from the Far East

Going to war, give 'em hell
Oh what what you gonna do, problem, problem
Dragons sleeping in my veins

It's just too damn long that's all, yeah
There's nothing special about the road

There's nothing special about the road
Rest assured these things I know
Until all is lost
Endangered species, caged in fright

Short Ballad poem by Amanda Sullivan| Details | |

Simply poetry

Whether it's acrostic, limerick, ballad, ballade, or autobiographical,
Keats, Byron, Blake, or Heaney,
that is just a tiny,
part of the magical, mistical, phenomenal world of poetry and prose,
you won't be able to get your nose,
out of our great poets poetry or prose,
join our magical world of the great unknown.

Short Ballad poem by Sebastian Aaron Baez| Details | |

a professional fool

simple ballad
like a
simple salad
rabid love habits causing havoc
chopped carrots 
shredded cabbage
rapid passion squirted on a blank canvas
diced asparagus 
crisp lettuce    ranch classic
a little rhyme
a little thyme
a squeeze of lime
    poof, presto, magic
lovers eating salad fornicating like rabbits!

Short Ballad poem by Debbie Guzzi| Details | |

Finnegan's Break!

There once was a lawyer named Finnegan
who fought in the court of Lord Sinagain
his fervor it seems
gave judges bad dreams
so they threw HIM in jail to begin again!

*Finnegan's Wake is an Irish drinking ballad 
about a drunkard brick layer. (Layer? Lawyer oops! ;) 
Do a jig!

Short Ballad poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details | |

The Ballad Of Billy The Kid

The Ballad of Billy the Kid
is a song Billy Joel composed and did.
Not one part of that song is historically accurate.
He has the Kid robbing a bank and killing the teller too.
The Kid gets captured and hanged for the public to view.
Mr Joel, where in the hell did you get your information from?
It's guys like you who give the Kid a bad reputation.

Short Ballad poem by Johnette Loefgren| Details | |

Lost in the Mail

I wish to spend one day with you 
but frenetic fears prevail
All the things I'd love to do
but they would only fail
for I am only mirrored  lights
of other days and other nights
and I could never make it right
my heart is sick and pale
I write a ballad and a dance
I sing about a lost romance
but we would never have a chance
and so I just E-Mail.

Short Ballad poem by Johnette Loefgren| Details | |

Write something for me.

      I wrote you a sonnet 
you yawned and you sighed,
      I wrote you a ballad
you tossed it aside
    I wrote you a senryu
you said ,"Much too short!"
       I wrote you a cinquain
       you had no retort......
So I wrote you a check for a million and five,
you said,
     "That's more like it,
     your talent's 

Short Ballad poem by Lena Townsend| Details | |

Ocean Waves

In perfect rhythm
A gently flowing ballad
Perfect melody

Tugging at my heart
Softly lifting my spirit
Tickling my senses

A song of beauty
Calling to the universe
To maintain all life

Everlasting tune
Beckoning for all to see
Shimmering with hope

Singing out for peace
In harmony with the wind
Conducted by God

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

Short Ballad poem by Valerie Sherman| Details | |


Before we met didn't know where I belong

Amidst my familiar..I didn't feel at home.

Just as Dorothy.. I could click my heels

Or prepare a ballad to sing how I feel.

Before we met Myself I couldn't express

All that I felt though I did my very best.

Now all I have to do is pick up my pen

Write on my paper what I couldn't say then.

Thank you, fellow 'penners'

Short Ballad poem by Kathy Guerra| Details | |


I kiss it as it kisses me back....from my red hair...once dry now soaked... to my clothes... playin in it...listenin to the melody as it slashes the it tickles the it makes its way...for it attention it calls...RAIN ballad to the soul who cant speak just yet times come that experience wont let u forget... symphony so bold...its like a whisper untold.... RAIN

Short Ballad poem by Derek Chos| Details | |

Perfect Lonely World

Hold me like you used to
Comfortable warmth in the summer inferno
Soft pressure all around
Meld it into one point and 

Drift into another world
Completely black, without a sound
A feeling that vanished as soon as it arrived
Before I taste your cool breath

A silent ballad weaves between us
What should leave us breathless only keeps us breathing
Under the guise of smelling flowers
In our perfect lonely world

Short Ballad poem by Matthan Atherton| Details | |

Empty (Lyrical Ballad)

The flame that I once held
The one that shone bright
Within the ground will meld
On this merciless cold night

The empty night
Will flood with rain
Tonight I fight
Just to stay sane

Dimensions of pain
Will fill the sky
Within this rain
Hear my feint cry

The mistress will fade
The skies will cry
Diamond to jade
Ambition to die

Within that lost soul
Resides a key
Within her
I find me

Short Ballad poem by Michael J. Falotico| Details | |

Sounds of Rain

On this cool March afternoon the
sounds of rain play songs in my head..
Some are upbeat and set the scene
for a smile and something sweet to be said..
Other drops of rain play a chorus of 
faded dreams and missed open doors..
And yet another ballad could be heard
as the splashes dance on the floor..
On a late winter day in March where only quiet 
can be found , I sit and watch the sky and here
music all around..

Short Ballad poem by shacorrie harvey| Details | |

Ballad of a black slave

This is the ballad of the black slave, Who has been beaten and disgraced, Who has been called the n word, Who has recieved no pay. This is the ballad of the black slave, Who prays for freedom every night, Who is going to rebel, For what he think is right. Now this is the ballad of the freed slave, Who has seen much blood shed, Who has fought for equal rights, And who has won his freedom.

Short Ballad poem by J B| Details | |

Sing to me a love song

Sing to me a love song
A ballad that is true
One that’s about loving
One about me and you

Sing to me a love song
That comes from your heart
Filled with all our memories
From our very start

Sing to me a love song
One you wrote for me
Filled with passion and longing
From the feelings that I see

Sing to me a love song
About how much you care
About now much you miss me
Whenever I’m not there

Sing to me a love song

Short Ballad poem by Michael J. Falotico| Details | |

"Without Music"

Come to me baby, walk across the floor...
Take my hand my love and just close the door..
Move towards me as I start to dim the light..
Pressed against each other we will slow dance the night..
Chest to chest our hearts play a song that only we can hear..
The beat so soothing , a ballad we hold so dear..
The music will play like a love story that never ends..
Till our eyes close and we slip away, as the music continues to blend..

Short Ballad poem by J B| Details | |

open door

love left an open door
to let the breeze blow through
after days of rain and darkest nights
my dreams are coming true
I find what I am looking for
what once I thought was gone
all I see reflected 
what I hear in your song
sing to me a ballad
of all it is that you feel
dance with me a long slow dance
so I know it is real
what grows in my heart
after days of endless storms
this love that I now feel
when I wake in your arms

Short Ballad poem by Cheryl Eldridge| Details | |

Psalms Wind

As artifacts spill amidst initial drama,
daylight grind builds away haunting spirits.
An angry insight grants a crystal supply,
fishing sin in a tasty auras birthing stand.

Applying truth will burn nights taunting,
luring dismay and fright in lights trails.
My pain will cut in half drastically,
as manic blasts multiply within stagnant

winds classic hymns ballad playing psalms,
a lyric that says I will finally win my dignity.

Short Ballad poem by Walayee Poet Lay Whitlock-Ishway| Details | |

Poetic Cries Cured

Lain in bed dreaming of hallowed whispers spoken in baritone harmony Mind manifesting cries in instrumental song that sing soothing melodies to my wailing heart I'm held by a symphony of falling teardrops that dance to a love like ballad of drunken romance, while hymns I pen, and my crushed comforts are captured by cracked stanzas... My poetic cure will forever be tuned in chords of expletive love Lay

Short Ballad poem by Charles Henderson| Details | |

Oyster Roast

The clumps are placed atop the grate
And fire is lit below.
Soon steam will form in empty space.
The process seems too slow.
While tender morsels slowly roast
The beer and coke flows free.
Camaraderie is displaced,
when open shells you see. 

common ballad
alternating between Iambic Tetrameter and Iambic Trimeter
only line 2 and 4 have to Rhyme in each 4 lines.

© Oct 10 Charles Henderson
For Brian's "up to 10 lines" contest

Short Ballad poem by Keabetswe Molotsi| Details | |


Today became another yesterday:
A tired, worn ballad of blues that never ended. 
Yesterday seemed better, a blurry vision of dreams, 
today is no longer in itself but a shameless replica of yesterday. 
Tomorow needs to come today, because yesterday can't be bared again. 
But as i sit and contemplate, i know i see another today 
Around the corner, 
          a second yesterday, 
          perhaps a better tomorow
But only perhaps...

Short Ballad poem by Deb Wilson| Details | |

Itty Bitty Garden In The City

Oh tiny tomatoes
I love you so!
I never thought 
I'd ever grow
Enough to even
Make a salad
But there's a few
To inspire this ballad
The planting season
Is nearly passed
It seemed to come
And go so fast
I don't have much
Of a bumper crop
My plants they sway
They droop and drop
But there's enough
To make me proud
Don't have a green thumb
For crying out loud!
My neighbors do
They're country bumpkins
Perhaps I'll try
My luck with pumpkins

Short Ballad poem by Cierra Turks| Details | |

God of Music

The evening's rain
To the east constellation
Melodies merged and grew 
A mellower noticed
Soothing song
Blindly improvising
Gods summoned music
A ballad of his projected time
Aesthetic potential and 
Too enticed to hear
A showing
Bright musical performances
Through the drizzle, with eyes
He qualified his love for reality
The soulful voices sounded like 
a poem
Instrument of the beholder

Short Ballad poem by Patrycjusz Kopec| Details | |


Like eagles that among clouds dance
Like wind singing primordial ballad in the expanse
Like two souls burning as they kiss in romance
The essence of life they define not just enhance

Like discovery that fate can change
Like central most important page
Like defining factor of a mage
Like all the wisdom of every sage

Like true purpose in divine majesty
Like eye that can clearly see
Mesmerizing like self connected destiny
So is pinnacle of philosophy

Short Ballad poem by Johnny Rhinem| Details | |

Get It Right Johnny Bright

Those rulers which be amid their unison as glee, wished
A little more of thee so I thought that we, would give it to them ?
A bit in the writ with a slit for the kit and a number one hit; and they cried aloud
Another of these their, encores; while love upon the shore strung her light's down 
Low as I with the mic aside a midnight tide reached for the sky above this their, power...
Ballad chord baby boomer slang in a round about thang thus we sang, another kongo bang.

Short Ballad poem by June Fone| Details | |

My Birthday Garden

In a corner of the garden
where the honeysuckle blooms,
where the air is sweetly scented
with a mixture of perfumes,
High above me in the willow
sits a snow white turtle dove,
who sings his wife a ballad
to celebrate their love,
I watch the evening sun create
such colours in the sky,
almost as if to imitate 
the rose trees just nearby,
In this corner of the garden
all my birthdays should be spent,
for the gifts that live around me
are most truely heaven sent.

Short Ballad poem by Jemmy Farmer| Details | |

Spirits Meet (Ballad Meter)

In circle centre spirits meet
above, below, within,
with age old words I call and greet
and will they enter in.

In scented air, purify me
to serve at her command,
in flames of fire, sanctify me
may I meet her demand.

Fresh waters of the mountain stream 
to wash away my fear,
the Earth beneath my feet redeem
my heart with loving cheer.

Their power surges through my soul
and bless this sacred place
in union with gods I'm whole
their love a blissful grace.

Short Ballad poem by DON JOHNSON| Details | |

flows like a ballad

If it flows like a ballad ,
you could sing it babe,
once i was 9 foot tall,
5 foot strides,
big feet had i've,
but time it took away it all ...

Like many poet's who never wrote a word,
just thoughts, n comedy,
without a computer, i'd be that bird,
no words 4 the public feed...

Situation normal all stuffed up, 
man is a useless dude,
his brains fall with his trousers,
booze n women n interlude,
thoughtless brain he houses...
is that really me?

Don Johnson

Short Poems