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Short Absence Poems | Short Absence Poetry

Short Absence Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Absence by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Absence short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Absence poem by Dan Ravasio| Details |

no data

a brief moment of absence

no words

Short Absence poem by Tim B| Details |


Cry out repentance
Or forever hold your peace
Absence of hatred

Short Absence poem by dennis lee| Details |


Darkness in my room.....

the pain of your absence

suddenly vivid.

Short Absence poem by kash poet| Details |

after the rainbow

after the rainbow

its lingering absence---

her eyes so blank

Short Absence poem by Black Eyed Susan| Details |

glad you're gone

storming away

your absence leaves me

reaching for rainbows


Short Absence poem by Raul Moreno| Details |

Conscious Pain

Everywhere I go,

I am plagued with thoughts of you:

Your absence haunts me.

Short Absence poem by jan oskar hansen| Details |



He didnt attend 

But we sensed his presence 

Power of absence?

Short Absence poem by Cynthia Alvez| Details |

Joy of Snow Days

snow blanket on pond

your absence all too present

joy of snow days gone


Short Absence poem by manel gunatillake| Details |


Run down the tears
A weeping  mother
In  absence of her son Sun 
Never ending  sorrow 

Short Absence poem by Erin S| Details |

The Bliss of Solitude

I bathe in silence
Let it engulf me in absence

Layers soak into my skin
Open, to devour me within

Short Absence poem by mary garden| Details |

Morning Sorrow

I woke up at daybreak

to find a stranger's face beside me

after another night of your absence.

Short Absence poem by Jacqueline R. Mendoza| Details |

What is hell

A condition of everlasting separation from Eternal God
The absolute absence of Eternal God


Short Absence poem by Kevin Stock| Details |

Teardrops On A Rose

<center>Absence pains the Heart

Teardrops on a rose glisten

Until you return

© 2011 Kevin Stock</center>

Short Absence poem by Elektra Real| Details |

between deja vus

awaken by the absence of light
tormented by the pain in my heart
I was blinded by the illuminance
of your face.

Short Absence poem by Dalila Agtani| Details |



I am inspired being loved

My poetry continue

Despite absence and longings

My heart throbs for you!

Short Absence poem by Brandee Augustus| Details |

His Screaming Silence

<center>The absence of him speaking cries aloud</center>

<center>Hearts can bleed when there's no sound</center>

Short Absence poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

The Vacancy

<center><b>The solidarity of a dark sky
Absence of the torrid light
Coldness into the eyes</b></center>

Russell Sivey

Short Absence poem by Guy-Adler Dorelien| Details |

The Absence

My nightmares are not nightmares,

But the absence of fear and the reminder of sweet demons inside,

Which I control.

Short Absence poem by Benedito Silva| Details |


I am not without  suffering the pain

Snatching my being.

The pain of his absence,

Complete the existence of my life.

Short Absence poem by Sharon Ruebel| Details |


An empty pillow

she awakens to absence

one of many days

never to feel his warm touch

a kiss shared only in dreams...

Short Absence poem by ryan kelly| Details |

simple realization

As the bleeding hearts blossom 

In a garden that is no longer mine,

My absence of her hits home

And rings of true, painful reality.

Short Absence poem by Fatima Nusairat| Details |

My pencil busy

My pencil busy in..

Counting minutes that..

Slip a away from my hands.


My fingers baffled; 

How can I count your absence? !

Short Absence poem by richard ferry| Details |

In the gloaming

In the absence of moonlight          Beyond midnight        Making love      In the gloaming      For an eternity         Hopefully Heaven

Short Absence poem by Tanya Harrington| Details |


Silence can never truly be found

In a world where there's no absence of sound.

Perhaps only in death, the hush abounds.

©   08-14-2012

Short Absence poem by Dewey Thompson| Details |

to one away

in your absence we wilt 

like desert flowers 

in hollow canyons

blown by the wind to tilt 

and scatter our essence

amongst unholy sands

Short Absence poem by Ediruma Edward Eric| Details |

Full command




Short Absence poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details |



Your absence,
A howling silence,
Amplifies the feeling of 
your loss
In my aching 

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   02 March 2013

Short Absence poem by Dr.Ram Mehta| Details |



The earths yellowness

             Is autumns blunder

And the yellowness of my heart

             Is the burden

Of my beloveds absence

Short Absence poem by Charmaine Chircop| Details |

just a verse--Gentle Ghost

i feel your absence yet your presence never leaves me


Short Absence poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details |

Your Absence

<center><em>hear me call your name
a hushed love song on the breeze
spring becomes summer
sun beams cause blistering pain
and shine light on your absence<em></center>

Short Absence poem by jayachandran chakrapany| Details |


The death is not an end
It is a final Exam
Evaluating the whole life
If win
Someone realizes 
The depth of absence
If fail
Just become 
A framed still picture 
On the wall .

Short Absence poem by Anthony O. Mitchell Jr.| Details |

I Without Love 2K12

I'd pitifully be of loves absence.

No hugs warmth, and soft kisses awaits naught.

Walking about endless paths of nonsense.

Seeking therein a world wherefrom time waits not.

Short Absence poem by Stephen Petluk gentle fury| Details |

the joy of nihilism

to be truly free

requires a studied absence of care

living to truly see

a world through open eyes aware

unencumbered by belief 

or sentimental grief 


Short Absence poem by Yara Rouhana| Details |

Dwindling Hope



Changing course

Of time and space

With glacial winds suffocating my whole

And absence of color within the snow

With the harshness

Of yearning



Short Absence poem by Shane Cogan| Details |


                       Absence by Shane Cogan

                      Lost at summer clock
                       Insomnia blue skies
                       Absent minded bliss

Short Absence poem by William Ward| Details |

An Act Of Brevity

Penicillin quailing child; 

Peculiar eyes, charcoal ides, 

Distance drawn upon denial; 

Penicillin quailing child. 


Sincerity is the absence of imagination. 

Short Absence poem by sidewalker 1| Details |

Roses Aspirate

Roses aspirate.

In your absence, their presence.

When breathless, inspire.

*The is a rewrite of another haiku (Roses), for Charles Henderson's "The Natural Thing to Do" contest.

Short Absence poem by Wilma Neels| Details |

Reality Bites!!!

You said you would go the distance

I never anticipated it to end so abruptly

I could sense your absence

executed, so artfully 

I have to move on and I am doing it prudently

Short Absence poem by Nancy Jones| Details |


Fear causes

Paralysis results in the absence of
feeling anything even 

Fear not hurt.


PS, this is not a Choka in it's literarily accepted sense, just so ya know

Short Absence poem by Karin Rodriguez| Details |


The absence of heart

Gone with you

Like shattered glass tearing through the fabric

of an opaque canvas


Beliefs are lost, amongst others, 

beliefs are empty

Nothing is real.

Short Absence poem by Ashley Daly| Details |

An Absence of Time

An absence of time

That is what I desire

A place where moments pass

But hours do not

Where memories are created

But eras are not

A place where I can be

And you can be

Ceaselessly connected

Short Absence poem by Jon Sledge| Details |

Life and Purpose

A man of faith was asked why, after such contradictions, he held tight to his belief. His

response was, "What is life without purpose?" To which a man, absence of faith, replied,

"Life yet still..."

Short Absence poem by Anita Lovelace| Details |

LOVE (a riddle)

The absence of it

Can make you blue.

The presence of it

Sure can, too.

It can break your heart,

Or lift you up.

It makes the world

Go round and round.

Only in a heart

Can it be found.





Short Absence poem by Amin Tres| Details |

Not at all

not at all 

we seek for sadness

but in the absence of happiness,

the is a facial without a smile.

not at all

we live for ever

but in the absence of breath forever

the is a future without a mile

Short Absence poem by Demetrios Trifiatis| Details |



As I saw you coming,
A smile dared to walk hastily across
My lips, 
Erasing thus, in its passage, the grim 
Caused by your aching absence.

© Demetrios Trifiatis
   27 APRIL 2013

Short Absence poem by Kenny Loy| Details |

Going the distance for Love

Gradually making my absence

And eventually losing presence

From the world i erase my 


Waiting alone in patience

Giving you the time, space and 


I'll hope, believe and pray in 


Short Absence poem by Daniel Corcoran| Details |

no-one will read this so i don't no why i even bother when no-one will read this so i don't know....

words can from nowhere

nowhere feels like home

home is an absence

absence makes the heart grow cold

cold winds bite at emotions

emotions make us weak

weak people die in fear

fear consumes all that i create

Short Absence poem by Johnny Sumler| Details |

The Wise Bird

Those eyes

Of the old owl

Open when stars awake

Tarry in peace in taproot trees

Around the absence of colorless nights

A warble of the question whooo...

Solemn and wise thinking

Nocturnal thoughts


Short Absence poem by Brian Strand| Details |



yet translucent

positive negative

or solid with stillness and


Ekphrasis on work of Simon Hitchens sculpture -Reality & Absence

 see more @  simon hitchens

Short Absence poem by Joseph Silva| Details |

come back

These cold chills you give 

They send all warmth away

They tend to lack all that is love

Because this chill you give 

You only give in your absence

They never leave, never ever

Never ever ends with your return

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