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Short Valentines day Poems | Short Valentines day Poetry

Short Valentines day Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Valentines day by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Valentines day short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Valentines Day poem by SillyBilly theKidster| Details |

Valentines Day

On Valentines Day I buy every card on every rack,
then I watch all the boyfriends and husbands get panic attacks.

Short Valentines Day poem by Gregory Golden| Details |

Happy Valentines Day Darling

On Valentines Day
The manaquine
Brought a dozen
Wild Irish Red Roses
For his sweet heart,
Standing in front
The department store 
Display window

Short Valentines Day poem by Paul Curtis| Details |


My wife told me to be more romantic
And to book a table for Valentines Day
When we arrived at the snooker hall
I can tell you there was all hell to pay

Short Valentines Day poem by Charles McDauel| Details |

Valentines day

Hearts to you-hearts to you
What can be said about
Valentines day that's not
been said before?

Only to say that I 
love you so much that I
gave up my whore.

Short Valentines Day poem by Joe Flach| Details |

I Am Happy and Gay

There once was a man from Bombay
Had a computer matched date on Valentines Day
When his date did arrive
He was shocked and surprised
Misunderstood the American meaning of “gay”

Short Valentines Day poem by shane solomon| Details |

Love is a another name for debt

Where is fat baby cupid?
I hope he knows I think Valentines day is stupid
Buying expensive gifts at Walmart
Overweight babies shooting love darts
Honestly the whole holiday is simply putrid

Short Valentines Day poem by Rick Parise| Details |

Valentines Day

I'm absent of love this Valentines day
the clouds above have all turned to gray
I guess I"ll  dine alone
for you won't answer the phone
I promise this year I will pay


Short Valentines Day poem by Linda Terrell| Details |

Linger not

Linger not lazily upon the hot sand
venture forward that you too might see
Love and passion in ones' heart's sea,

Linda Terrell
Feb 14, 2010

Valentines Day is for all to experience love.
Happy Valentines Day to all!

Short Valentines Day poem by jezabella singe| Details |

anti-v day

love is dead,
and come undone,
people steal hearts,
just for fun,
rip them out,
and let them bleed,
no more tears,
there is no need,
for a day,
to sit and cry,
for the lost love,
we all let die.

happy valentines day. bwahahahahaha

Short Valentines Day poem by Connie Gildersleeve| Details |

From My Hands

i carved out a heart
from an old red envelope 
be my Valentine

* Because of surgery I couldn't leave the house to buy a Valentine's Card for my husband so I had an old red envelope and cut out a red heart then Wrote, "Happy Valentines Day, Be Mine Darling"

Short Valentines Day poem by christopher parris| Details |

valentines day

On this valentines day let the sun be blocked out by cupids arrows 
let them fall creating new love and re energizing the seasoned on 
this cold dreary day allow the heart to be triumphant and winters 
bitterness be forgotten in the heat of loves tropical oasis

Short Valentines Day poem by Ed Ebbs| Details |

Mrs Ebbs

When I look in your eyes,
I see a beautiful sky.

When our lips meet,
my heart skips a beat.

When we hold hands,
I know you understand.

And, when you are near,
problems disappear,

my heart sings,
for you are my spring.

I love you!

Edward Ebbs - Valentines Day 2009

Short Valentines Day poem by william krichbaum| Details |


              Valentines day:

A month and a half after december,
A special day for mates to remember,

With a gift their hearts, they surrender, 
It's all good till after next december.

Now keep in mind if you forget, 
You'll be deemed a big dip shit!

Short Valentines Day poem by Jackie Adams| Details |

Valentines Day

Broken souls,
Hopeless people,
walk the streets of my city.
Decorations lay on the ground,
decorating the streets instead of the signs.
They are scorched and black.
There is no celebrating to be done here,
For this is the lonely city of my heart.
And Valentines day is not welcome.

Short Valentines Day poem by Ed Ebbs| Details |

My Flower

You are the flower that
brightens my spring.
You are the summer that
warms my soul.
You are the autumn that
brings color to my life.
You are the winter that
brings calm to my spirit.
You are the inamorata that
has renewed my life.
You are my loving wife.

Edward J Ebbs - Valentines Day 2008

Short Valentines Day poem by Angela Yousef| Details |

Strawberries and Daisies

How romantic can you get
with regards to that Special
Someone? To lead them into 
constant love letters as to 
being your lover without the
pressures of everybody
starring at you while he's
starring into your eyes.
Why not be treated 
with Strawberries and Daisies
for a change and have a Happy
Valentines Day.

Short Valentines Day poem by Frank Penicaro| Details |

Be careful where you spit

it's more than holding hands,
remembering birthdays
sweetest days
Valentines day
new years eve
her birthday

it's more than vacations together
or other displays of public affection,
or even those thoughts that count.

the answer if there is one is the sacrifice 
and the selfless. 

Short Valentines Day poem by Jody Miller| Details |

My Valentine

A heart I give to you My Love
A heart that’s true blessed from above
 God smiles upon us this beautiful day
He knows my hearts true and will never stray
 On this day I give the greatest gift of all
The gift of love I give to you; my valentine
 To share with God and all
Happy Valentines Day My Love
 We are truly blessed from the heavens above

Short Valentines Day poem by T.A. Skyles-Theoklapoet| Details |


Entered in Francine Roberts"Valentines day limericks"contest

                      Valentines day is my favorite holiday of the year.
                      Filled with hugs,kisses,love and the perfect day
                      I'm so happy for our Valentines day.
                      A day of love is here to stay.
                      Valentines day for lovers.

Short Valentines Day poem by Enrieta Sina| Details |


All mimosa is in bloom 
For the Saint Valentines Day
Deep in my heart still remains a branch
That never dried through the coldest winter
It dangled bringing waves to my eyes
Of a memory that from sleep wakes slowly…

I break the glassy eyelashes
And turn your head around for a moment
Dangle it as I do with the wave in my eyes
So it won't break
So it can follow us…

Short Valentines Day poem by Robin L. Gass| Details |

Your Love is Like a Gentle Breeze

Your love is like a gentle breeze
it sweeps away my pain
you fill my heart with sunshine
and dry up all my rain.

Your love is like a gentle breeze
caressing me so tender
with the love you give to me
it is my heart you render.

Your love is like a gentle breeze
warm and soft and sweet
with your love you fill my heart
until it is replete.

Happy Valentines Day!

Short Valentines Day poem by Mariam Traore| Details |

Happy Valentines Day

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Happy Valentines day to all of you
Enjoy all those chocolates,
and share a moment with your loved ones,
Be happy, share that laughter
Share those chocolates, when time comes around
Say I love you to friends,
and family
But most importantly that mate that adores you
Happy Valentines Day once more
Enjoy it this year we have plenty more. <3

Short Valentines Day poem by Christy Hardy| Details |

That Special Day

That special day, 
is almost here,
you know the one,
dedicated to our dear.
The one where flowers,
show how much you care,
don't forget candy,
eat if you dare.
Hearts of red,
hearts of pink,
or maybe a diamond,
wink, wink, wink.
Cash in a card,
or perfume is nice,
just get something,
avoid the fight.
Valentines Day,
is sweetheart day,
get your gift early,
be safe.

Short Valentines Day poem by John Heck| Details |

Uncage the Songbird

Foregoing the fool
A tattered heart slept
In a reticule.
Two drawstrings pulled tight
To obscure the light.

Emotions fraught
With second thought
Perfected a
Silent reply.

With clipped wings
Rarely sing.

Free your
Soul and


Dedicated to my wonderfully terrific Father: 
Happy Valentines Day, Dad.
Miss and will always love you, Johnny.

Short Valentines Day poem by Lauren Cavanaugh| Details |

A Valentines Day to Remember

You were my first,
First real boyfriend,
You meant everything to me,
I even introduced you to some of my family.

You were my first kiss, 
That really made me, 
Fall head over heels for you.

And now you leave me here,
Here in the dirt,
Wondering what I ever did to you,
To make you do this to me.

I am still waiting,
Waiting for you to take me back,
Back into your arms,
So you can hold me tight.

Short Valentines Day poem by Edward LaMarre| Details |

A Valentine From the Heart

They say that love must be true and come from the heart,
and I know with each and every passing day love was never the 
issue from the very start.

Your love is sacred and unconditional, and so very true.
This is why its almost impossible not to fall in love with you.

So my love this special poem to you on Valentines Day,
because there can be no other reason I know of to make me feel this way.

Short Valentines Day poem by cecil hickman| Details |


Several weeks of flirting,
Two back massages,
Asking for a date,
Trip to dinner and Wal-Mart,
Sneak of a kiss over shoulder,
Asking for a second date,
Several dating times,
More kisses and hugs,
Flowers on birthday,
Remembering date of first date,
Valentines Day flowers,
Special poem for her,
Asking for hand
Wedding day,
Remembering special dates,
Saying those words,
I love you!

Short Valentines Day poem by Russell Sivey| Details |

Wild Passion

She’s wild, a passionate heart of love inspired Playing a violin, masterful and free So fast and fierce, her every lust is desired Violin sparks aflame burning intensely She screams with pleasure of the fire’s indulgence Peak of passion has reached beyond innocence Her mouth open with flames entering inside She loves her tremendous trek, her awesome ride Russell Sivey Happy Valentines Day

Short Valentines Day poem by Jean Bonella| Details |



You came into our lives 
Rather fragile
A new cocoon 
So very delicate
 In need of love
And room to grow
Like A 


Everyday you grow
You are changing right before our eyes
And while in our hearts you will always be 
A little girl
In the blink of an eye
You will grow up and spread
Your wings and fly
Like a beautiful 


By: Jean Shular

Happy Valentines Day Kourtney

Short Valentines Day poem by Ed Ebbs| Details |

It's Valentines Day Baby

You are the center of my universe. When I look over at you, I smile. A friendship that bloomed from patience, A friendship that started a fire... A love with an eternal truth of love, Holding hands as we walk through life. The magic of passion to know you are... I love you for you always and forever, Your husband heart and soul. Edward J Ebbs - Valentine's Day 2012
Entered: Olajide Adelana's - Story of Valentine

Short Valentines Day poem by Margeret Bailey| Details |


Valentines Day is associated with a massacre,

Yet, somehow the day got translated into a holiday

for lovers,

The association seems vague and strange,

perhaps it is because love can become a plague and emaciate

the heart, making it immobile as if pinned with darts,

Valentines' all over the world succumb to to the commercialism

of one day, when kindness, love and appreciation should exist


Short Valentines Day poem by Michael J. Falotico| Details |

Valentines Day Times

Roses are soft and red..
I scatter a few over our bed..
We lay together in lovers light..
Two hearts up and in flight..
Fingertip caresses to a beat..
Chilled outdoors to an evening of heat..
Now we sleep on sheets of peace..
We share pillows of love that will never cease..
Then wake in a shower of passion to the sun..
There is no other way for us to run..

Happy Valentines Day Rosanna
Your Always the Best part of me....

Short Valentines Day poem by Phong Nguyen| Details |

Valentines Day

Valentine Day is arriving soon
And your smile is as bright as the moon
So why don't you give me a kiss
Because this chance we cannot miss

Don't be wrong this is not some cheesy hook up line
Perhaps we can also go out to dine
Because your smile is a crime
Even when your face is covered in grime

So what do you have to say
Won't you be mine on Valentines Day
You and I cannot let this chance pass
Especially when you are one fine lass

Short Valentines Day poem by Kyle kriticos| Details |

Happy Valentines Day Laura

You  give life a better meaning
Each day when I awake 
The truth that I'm a lucky man
Is yours to give or take 

The days are long without you
More time then I can take
In my head I look into your eyes 
And I ache to see your face

When again you're in my arms
I am settled by your kiss
I used to search for something
Now I know that it was this

You are the greatest treasure
That ever could exist 
I think of you and smile
And I feel like I'm rich

Short Valentines Day poem by myishia williams| Details |


This month This day

Is our time to show

The universe our love

How much were embraced by each other

The intensity of our feelings for one another

How our lives were meant to some way intersect

We was We were

Always meant to be

What we have

Has already stood the test of time


In This month on This day

I say to you….

That I Love you

And Happy “ Valentines day”


Copyright ©2008 Myishia Williams 

Short Valentines Day poem by Kelsey Kopec| Details |

Without A Lover

On valentines day, 
I am isolated from the world.
Not in a relationship, 
But standing here as a lonely girl. 
As I watch lovers kiss romantically,
I wish to myself,
That there was someone like that
There for me.
I ask questions like,
'What's wrong with me?'
And 'What have I done?' 
I wonder why, I do not have someone.
Surrounded by love in the air, 
I stand here alone in despair
And look for a valentine,
That someone special I can call mine.

Short Valentines Day poem by verlecia fields| Details |

"Mr.Valentines Day"09'

hinged on wooden,  loved starved, designs  
are my  "Sailor's Valentines" 
floating a drift with sentimental love's gifts
just to wait for love's Sweet souvenirs
to float a love shells this way...
to be redeem by love, given with faith 
this is but, one of many  "Coupon of love" 
to be opened at love's heavenly gates

for on this "Black Day" i do wait 
for this romantic Jajangmyeon 
spread no longer between 
two broken plates 


Short Valentines Day poem by Erica Gould| Details |

Valentines Confusion

I never quite know how to feel.
It used to mark a day of sweets
A day of cards and laughter.
At 10, my views were changed.
The phone call came
And even though it was a blizzard,
We were left at the sitters.
Hours went by.
They picked us up at midnight.
I knew something was wrong.
My father kissed my forehead,
Something he had never done.
It's hard to be happy on Valentines Day,
But I try to find comfort knowing
You left us, 
To be with your Valentine

Short Valentines Day poem by nana ayisha yakubu| Details |


It is Valentines Day
Time for pay
Come under the palm tree
We may be two, not three
Then we can lock lips
You have great hips

Kisses, they may be gentle
I will wear a mantle
Some may be soft
Who is in my loft?
It’s just a rat
I love a gay hat
I will wear one
I have an uncle called Juan

Kisses, they can be angry
I am very hungry
Others may be passionate
Yet still, there is the compassionate
You can get the wild
But I give the mild
I love chocolate
And don’t be late.

Short Valentines Day poem by Allison Unknown| Details |

Bullet For My Valentine

The time of love
Valentines Day
Questions being asked
All over the world
Will you be my valentine
Answers being said
Yes or No
What do you say
People carry around guns
Wanting to claim
There valentine
They have a love of there life
What will they do
To get the other person
To love them back
They shoot them
Into there hearts claiming
This is my valentine
No one can do anything
About it
That is why
Im giving you
This year
A bullet
For my valentine

Short Valentines Day poem by Rhonda Johnson-Saunders| Details |

Do Not Send Me Roses

Do not send me roses
roses do not surprise
lavish me with sweet hydrangeas
their delicate bunches a feast for the eyes

Do not send me roses
roses have become so cliche
lavish me with joyful daisies,
azaleas, or fragrant lilac bouquets

Do not send me roses
God's garden grows many flowers
tall sunflowers bursting with seed
will brighten my day at any hour

Valentines Day has come and gone
my love, remember these words I say
do not send me roses
create a masterpiece for me to display!

Short Valentines Day poem by connie mccracken| Details |

love of lost pieces puzzle

to the one i love your my life,my strength,my skin upon my body you think fr me you see for me your my everything i love you so i dedicate this poem to you here goes  my baby,you came into my life picked up the missing shattering pieces of my heart,and soul you slowly but truly put them all together again i was at the point of giving up on finding the lost pieces but u did so !and for that i will always be with you in mind and soul i love you honey soooooooooo much happy happy valentines day!

Short Valentines Day poem by sekitto kisakye| Details |


One funny man,
he told his friend
that today is a good day
because it's a VD.

What his friend did,
he bought every thing,
sugar and soap to visit his son,
who was at school.

When he reached at the gate,
the gate keeper asked him,
where you going man?
The funny old man answered directly away,
i want to see my son.

He told him once,
what a foolish man you're!
Today is valentines day,
but not a visitation day.
Pick up your things,
and go back home to wait for another day.

Short Valentines Day poem by Amanda Bone| Details |

To my valentine

I love your face,
eyes so deep,
a smile so bright ,
lips so sweet.
You have a big heart,
a beautiful soul,
such a handsome man,
who i'm lucky to know.
You've changed my life,
in such a drastic way,
you make me happier,
each and every day!
You've shown me light,
in this cold dark town,
you lifted me up, 
when i was down.
You've made me better, 
shown me how to be strong,
you gave new meaning,
to every love song.
So thank you my dear,
in my heart you will stay,
I love you,
Happy Valentines day!

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