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Short Symbolism Poems | Short Symbolism Poetry

Short Symbolism Poems. These are the most popular short poems on or about Symbolism by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for Symbolism short poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Symbolism poem by shane solomon| Details |

Talking in circles

No symbolism
Just straight talk of Mother-Earth
And her sacred womb

Short Symbolism poem by Joshua Outwater| Details |

Jesus Plastique

Does the Holy Ghost
in the walls 
of blinking light chapels?
Or in some type
of bobbing
dashboard symbolism?

Short Symbolism poem by Rick Parise| Details |

Rain (The One)

Thy living water
a infinite gift , divine
cleansing all to pure....

symbolism of the One , a life of spirit , a thought , a word , a downpour

Short Symbolism poem by JAMES B. MORRIS JR| Details |

THE APOCALYPSE- mourning for Egypt

Your Government was never meant to last
Your Kingdom, soon to be forgotten
Didn't you know?
How would you have been a fool?

The last days symbolism has eaten you up like Tasmania Red Devil, Plucking what he never planted...

Sooner or later, you'll be signing your death warrant before the Competent Court of Jurisdiction.

Too bad, too bad
Her leaves has finally wither---

Short Symbolism poem by Glenn McCrary| Details |

A Red Minute Deux

Invested was what seemed like infinity
There I was peering at such iconic symbolism
Indefinite filaments of unprecedented passion ascend
I battle to suppress said ardor though perpetually it heightens
Each time her face shall surface in the sanctuary that comprises my reveries
Sacrificed I am to perish within her sexy, inviting aroma
That illustrates my voracious carnality

Short Symbolism poem by Justin Debrosse| Details |

Savage Poets

Lacerated tongue, lilted symbolism
Hearts wrenched in pain
Fever eclipsed, words remain
Darting in the dead of night

Some flat, some bubbling
Bitter, bled, absorbing, churning
Never accepting the day's images
Exactly as they sit

In careful wording, a poet's mind exhibits
Transformation of common currency
Full of grace, full of venom
Seeping where other talk just explains

Short Symbolism poem by John Goodman| Details |

whitman escapes me

i wish i could write a poem utilizing symbolism

it escapes me

it escapes me amidst the din

it escapes me amidst the clamor

it escapes me against racing bipolar mind

racing thoughts of self esteem

of crushing sense of sensibility

of world feeling crushed

i wish i could write all these things

i wish i could write like lorca

lorca escapes me

whitman escapes me

neruda escapes me

all i have left is me.

Short Symbolism poem by Samuel Durant| Details |

Craving Blindness

She says I'm perfect 
to some degree. 
Doesn't really sound 
like me. 
Too much symbolism 
gonna give me an embolism 
Or something similarly severe. 
Ain't it clear exactly how 
badly I need a beer? 
I stumbled up here from the rear. 
Lemme tell ya: 
it's pretty fair back there. 
But, these damned sharers 
of air have proven to be 
quite the snare. 
Punish them or wilt in  
comfortable obscurity? 
Doesn't really sound 
like me.

Short Symbolism poem by James Fraser| Details |

Blue in Surround

Well, let me introduce me
I'm a colour as you will read
You'll find me all around
Everywhere, on every street

I can be found in National Colours
Mysticism, Politics
For being one of the spectral colours
In many, believe me I tick

Religions I have even influenced
Symbolism is another I've entered
Many Sports have adopted me
For every day I'm centered

Even in our mother nature
I'm blessed with fantastic bliss
My advice to any new colours
Being me, I bet you wish

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