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Short Sweet Poems

Short Sweet Poems. Below are the most popular short poems on or about Sweet by PoetrySoup Members. You can search for short Sweet poems by poem length and keyword.

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Short Poems
Short Sweet poem by Thabang Ngoma| Details | |

Life's bakery alarm

What life offers
A sweet confectionery
Decide the glazing

Short Sweet poem by Crystal Mosier| Details | |

A Fond Memory

A dream on my mind.
A far distant memory.
A smile on my lips.

Short Sweet poem by Rick Zablocki| Details | |

Ice Cream

Ice Cream



Short Sweet poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


i love to cooke
on that am hook
what i do not fake
i love to

Short Sweet poem by Van Yan| Details | |

Cheap Cigar

A cheap cigar
vaporized to coffee black
under the eave of Starbucks.

Short Sweet poem by Nathan Karczewski| Details | |

Summer's on it's way

The Hellebore stood strong
The gentle breeze blew, We knew
Summer's coming

Short Sweet poem by Marty King| Details | |

sweet silence of night haiku

sweet silence of night
feels good sunk in a pillow
getting that GOOD SLEEP!

Short Sweet poem by hija de la luna| Details | |


Cold steel loosely hanging
Spirit wind passes by ---
A warm melodious song.

Short Sweet poem by josh torres| Details | |

the smell of spring

How sweet the spring is
The sweet smell of flowers of
Spring the best of all

Short Sweet poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

Passion Like This

With passion like this
I asked her for a sweet kiss.
Dreams sometimes come true.

Short Sweet poem by Marissa Faries| Details | |

Forget Me Not

Fine with thee
Forgetting all of our memories,
As long as thee
Always remember me.

Short Sweet poem by Cameron Hartley| Details | |

When You Hold My Hand

White lily embraced by the rich brown earth
Tenderly, like night pressing against pale ocean surf

Short Sweet poem by James Horn| Details | |

Dear Lovely Little Doe

Read more at:

Short Sweet poem by Charles Melody Lightning Ink| Details | |

A caring One

A caring one is more 
Than sweet fragrance,
Even when sweet fragrance ends,
The caring one remains...

Short Sweet poem by Ashley Conte| Details | |

Juicy Orange

flesh of orange pulp
bursting on juicy glasses---
to quench summer's heat

1 Senryu Except Love Contest

Short Sweet poem by Warner Baxter| Details | |

alabaster skin

~*~ alabaster skin her body pale perfection she smells like cookies ~*~

Short Sweet poem by LEON WILSON| Details | |

Taste Buds

Thick chocolate with a cup of tea

          A silk river of milk
   Exploding in my mouth so smooth.

Short Sweet poem by nick faber| Details | |


Awaken with her in morn
So sweet her face angelic
Her emerald eyes set jewels
Her sweet pose traps me

Short Sweet poem by Angelita Becerra| Details | |


Here I sit with thoughts of you.
As you sink deeper into my heart,
You are forever entwined in my heartstrings.

Short Sweet poem by Muhammad Safa Thajudeen| Details | |


Full of oil in sweating Muscat,

But a little oil in their sweet muscat!

(Muscat is also a popular sweet meat)

Short Sweet poem by kurtis scott aka curtis futch jr| Details | |


we had no money
our boby was like honey
no hotel
needed sex like hell
and it was after dark
so we had

Short Sweet poem by Jerry Stevenson| Details | |

Cinderella Redux

Sweet Cinderella
Met a young fella.
He was quite charming,
Not at all alarming,
Definitely not a stone cold killa.

Short Sweet poem by Verlena S. Walker | Details | |


zing dynamism relish
bikini suit slim and thick
a favorite time of the year
PENNED ON JUNE 15, 2014!

Short Sweet poem by Katrina Monique Cayanan| Details | |

Long Way

Long Way

Red lights
Green lights
Head lights
Strobe lights
Long way
Long ride
Pull over
Just right.


Short Sweet poem by zarah-malika Preston| Details | |


When I look at you
its: twinkles, shinning, sparkles
perfect little boy center>

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